Best Water Dispenser in UAE – Water Coolers for Office & Home [2022]

A water dispenser or a water cooler is a machine that dispenses clean and cool water in public and semi-public places conveniently. You do not need staff serving water. You patrons can just walk up to the cooler, grab a paper cup and just pour out the water for themselves. This is a must for your office, clinic, spa or shop because of the hot climate of UAE. Especially with parking woes in Dubai, it is possible that your customers have walked a few blocks in the hot sun. They will need a chilled glass of water pretty often.

Based on our research, we got to know from people residing in UAE and across the world that bottom loading water dispensers save time and are much more convenient than top-loading water dispensers. Come, let us take a look at some of the best water dispenser options available in UAE. If you are a doctor by profession or if you own a hospital or a clinic, ensure you pick one of these. But first, read through the features, functionalities, and technologies of each of these dispensers.

Best Water Dispenser in UAE – Quick List

Water DispenserTypeCapacityCheck Price
Bottom Loading4L/Hr – Hot Water
2L/Hr – Cold Water
Price on
Bottom LoadingFits standard 3-5 gallon jugsPrice on
Bottom LoadingFits 5 gallon water bottlePrice on
Bottom Loading4L/Hr – Hot Water
2L/Hr – Cold Water
Price on

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Choose the Right Water Dispenser for you Small Business

Companies advertise of various different features, but here are a few which are relevant for your water dispenser or water cooler. Choose for these features and you will never go wrong.

  • Cold Water & Hot Water – The most common use case, especially in the hot climate of UAE, is for a water cooler. But, you might have staff that might need to brew a tea bag once in a while. Hot water dispensing is a good feature to have.
  • Output Capacity – If you have busy times, you do not want your customers to not get cold water. 4 litres per hour for cold water is a good output capacity to have. A paper cup usually has 100ml to 150ml capacity. That means, it can serve 30 to 40 such paper cups per hour without compromising the coldness. Hot water output capacity is 2L per hour, but that is a rarer use case.
  • Single Faucet – Top loading water dispenser are a thing of the past. Similarly, people do not prefer dispensers with three different faucets for hot, cold and room temperature water. It is useful to have a panel where the user can set the temperature and the single faucet just gives out that water.
  • Build Quality & Aesthetics – Water dispensers are usually put in semi-public areas where your customers visit. You spend a lot in to make such areas aesthetically pleasing. You don’t want an ugly water dispenser being an eye soar at your reception area. But, this machine deals with heavy loads. It needs to be sturdy. We recommend stainless steel body.
  • Empty Bottle Indicator – The only time you need to worry about the water dispenser is when the 20L bottle is running out. Most modern ones have an indicator so that you can glance from afar and change before any customer is inconvenienced.

Rank 1: Sure Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Model: SBL70W

One of the best water dispenser in UAE
  • Cutting Edge Technology: With the touch of a button, this hot and cold water dispenser enables you to stay hydrated. Since the hot water capacity is 2L/hr and cold water capacity is 4L/hr, you can customize your drinking experience. Notice how you obtain a perfect glass of water every single time you use this water dispenser.
  • Unmatched Quality: Certainly, this water dispenser’s quality is incomparable and you will experience this when you purchase and use it. This water dispenser’s anti-bacterial stainless steel tank, highly efficient compressor, and elegant sleek finish is highly impressive.
  • Convenient Bottom Load Access: Since this water dispenser is a bottom loading type, it simplifies the bottle loading process. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spillage or lifitng heavy bottles.
  • Single Faucet: Without moving your glass, you can consume water of different temperature i.e. hot or cold, thus making it one of the best water dispenser options in UAE.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: You don’t need any special cleaning solution to help keep your water dispenser operating in its best/top condition. Additionally, the touch control panel is also convenient to clean and sanitize.
  • Easy to Control Water Temperature: Regardless of whether you want hot water or cool, room temperature water, you can get this at the touch of a button.
  • Child Safety Lock: A very beneficial feature, the child safety lock safeguards you and your children against accidents such as unintentional pouring of hot water.
  • Price: Treat yourself the Sure Bottom Loading Water Dispenser for an estimated cost of AED 800.
Sure Bottom Loading Water Dispenser UAE

Rank 2: Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser


Avalon bottom loading water dispenser in UAE
  • Empty Bottle Indicator Light: This indicator light is a saviour since it alerts you when it is time to change your bottle.
  • Built-in Night Light: You won’t face any issues while using the dispenser at night because of the built-in night light. This feature makes the water spouts clearly visible at night.
  • Bottom Loading: Being a bottom loading water dispenser, it is easy to change the bottle or even refill it. It fits standard 3-5 gallon jugs.
  • Consistent Water Temperature: Thanks to the three temperature settings. Regardless of whether you want piping hot/cool/crisp cold water, this water dispenser is at your service. The easy-to-use push button spouts are a saviour. All that you need to do is press the respective temperature button. There you go, the water will flow from that particular spout. Experience consistency in water temperature everytime you use this dispenser.
  • Safe Hot Water Flow: In order to ensure the safety of your children as well as yours, this water dispenser is equipped with a child safety lock on hot water. This will avoid burns resulting from spillage.
  • UL Listed: Avalon manufactures and designs water dispensers keeping safety in mind. This brand is UL listed and complies with all standards of Energy Star.
  • Stainless Steel: Well, this water dispenser is made with an innovative stainless steel cabinet. The main advantage of a stainless steel water dispenser is that it doesn’t leave any sort of taste or odour. On the contrary, plastic not only retains the taste but also allows the bacteria to set in. Another advantage of purchasing this water dispenser is that it is BPA-free since it is made of stainless steel.
  • Price: Avalon is an ideal water dispenser for offices, clinics, hospitals, salons, and homes available approximately for AED 1,680.

Rank 3: Midea Bottom Load Water Dispenser

Model: YL1844S-IR

 Midea Bottom Load Water Dispenser YL1844S-IR in UAE
  • Touchless Water Dispensing Function: The Midea bottom load water dispenser is not only elegant but also provides touchless water dispensing for cold water.
  • Sensor Control: All thanks to the sensor control. Simply hover the palm of your hand 2-inches over the sensor to activate the desired water flow.
  • Bottom Load Design: Its bottom load design makes it very convenient for you to change the water bottle as well as refill the bottle.
  • Aesthetics: Besides being innovative, this water dispenser’s stunning black colour makes it look rich and also blends well in urban homes. Additionally, if it gets dirty, the stains won’t be that visible since it is black in colour.
  • Water Temperature: Get water of the temperature of your choice i.e. hot/ambient (room temperature)/cold.
  • Hot Water Faucet: The Midea water dispenser is equipped with a child safety lock for the hot water faucet. Children tend to play and experiment with appliances and other things in the house. This lock is a saviour as it prevents spillage and other accidents resulting from hot water.
  • Double Safety Device: Since this appliance is equipped with a double safety device, it prevents overheating.
  • Filter Life Indicator: The filter life indicator will light up at the end of the filter’s lifetime.
  • Built-in UV LED Bacteriostatic: This ensures not only safe but also clean water.
  • Price: The Midea Bottom Load Water Dispenser is available for an estimated cost of AED 810.

Rank 4: Electrolux Bottom Loading Water Dispenser


Electrolux bottom loading water dispenser EQAXF1BXWG in UAE
  • Stainless Steel Water Tank: This water dispenser by Electrolux offers greater resistance to cavitation, crevice corrosion, as well as wear and tear in pure and contaminated waters. Well, a stainless steel water tank doesn’t get affected when exposed to harmful radiations since it is heat resistant. Moreover, stainless steel tanks are also less likely to rust, crack, or freeze.
  • Easy and Convenient: Since this Electrolux water dispenser is a bottom loading one, it is easy and convenient to use. You don’t have to stress your body over lifting heavy bottles or any spillage.
  • Hot/Normal/Cold Water Anytime: Hot water capacity is 4L/hr and chilled water capacity is 2L/hr. So, you have access to sufficient water (hot/normal/cold) anytime.
  • Separate Tap for Hot, Normal, and Cold Water: Yes, simply place your glass or bottle under the respective tap. No confusion and no delay. Sip in water of the temperature of your choice anytime you feel like.
  • Child Lock: The child safety lock is a very useful feature that not only safeguards you but also your children from accidents and unwanted circumstances. This includes unintentional pouring or spillage of hot water.
  • Ergonomic Control Panel: The control panel creative design makes it as easy as possible for accessing. In other words, Electrolux has mindfully considered the ergonomics factor.
  • LED Indicators: Another factor that adds to your convenience are the LED indicators that contribute to
  • Bottle Cap Sealer: The bottle cap sealer is extremely good and helps to seal the bottle.
  • Price: Get the Electrolux bottom loading water dispenser for your home/office/clinic/restaurant for an estimated cost of AED 690.

We hope you enjoyed reading as much as we loved researching and writing about the best water dispenser in UAE. Ensure you purchase a good quality one. Also, don’t compromise on the features and technologies to save costs.

Useful Accessories with your Water Dispenser

Water Cup Dispenser/Holder

  • Keeps your water dispenser area neat and tidy
  • Premium durable plastic
  • Easy to wash
  • Adheres to your water dispenser

Paper Cups Bundles

  • Disposable cups, but completely bio-degradable
  • Can serve hot and cold liquids
  • Rolled rim provides rigidity

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