Best Vacuum Cleaner in UAE for a Spotless House [2023]

Getting home the best vacuum cleaner in UAE might be the best thing you do. With dust constantly showing up in your home all over the place, making you do a bee-line for a mop and broom ever so often. However, with the best vacuum cleaner in UAE, you can make cleaning much easier and fun. For which brands like Black + Decker, ECOVACS, Deerma, Philips, Roborock, and many more have made the cut. Furthermore, for your convenience, we have taken the liberty to give you a wide choice and types in your options. Therefore make sure to check it all out.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner in UAE – Quick List

Vacuum CleanerTypeCheck Price
DeermaStickCheck Price Here
BissellStick Check Price Here
Black & Decker StickCheck Price Here
Ecovacs DEEBOTRoboticCheck Price Here
Roborock S6RoboticCheck Price Here
PHILIPSCanisterCheck Price Here
HooverCanisterCheck Price Here
Black+DeckerMini Check Price Here

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Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are different types of vacuum cleaners for different areas that may otherwise be difficult to reach. This buying guide will make your job easier to find the best vacuum cleaner in UAE. Go through various types of vacuum cleaners in UAE and learn each one’s benefits and drawbacks before you make a decision.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

The Canister vacuum cleaner is the most commonly used in UAE. It is a versatile appliance capable of performing various cleaning jobs such as cleaning floors, sofa upholstery, ceiling fans, and staircases. This multi-purpose vacuum cleaner does not make much noise. It comes with different attachments to cater to various uses. What’s more, the vacuum moves easily courtesy of wheels that allow you to drag this equipment around the house. However, it is a little bulky too.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner in UAE

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner:

If you feel the need for a lighter model that is capable of moving easily then the handheld vacuum cleaner is a suitable option. It also caters to the task of cleaning car interiors and other tricky locations. Comparatively inexpensive, however, this piece of equipment is not as powerful as the Canister model.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner in UAE
Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

This is one of the best vacuum cleaners in UAE to clean halls and large carpet areas. Compared to the canister model this one is easy to store. The flexibility of the hose and the upright nature of the machine make it versatile. However, this heavy cleaner does not offer much mobility. Also, it can’t clean under furniture items, sofa sets & other places like curtains and ceiling fans that are hard to reach.

Upright vacuum cleaner in UAE

Stick Vacuum Cleaner:

The biggest advantage of this equipment over the upright ones is that it is easily movable and can be used to clean areas where the upright can’t. Cleaning beneath furniture, staircases, and interiors of cars become simple using this piece of equipment. The lightness of this vacuum cleaner makes it easy to clean curtains and even the top portions of cupboards. There is no need to bend over thereby making it a great option for senior people and those with back problems.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

Robotic vacuum cleaners function as the most advanced type of vacuum cleaner available in UAE. They are compact and easy to use. The machine enables you to clean the house even in your absence. You can set the timer for the machine in order to start on its own. Before this ensure the battery power is sufficient so that cleaning does not halt midway. It can clean the floors below the furniture and cover multiple rooms by itself. However, the machine is unable to clean stairs and large piles of dirt.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in UAE

Which Vacuum Cleaner is Best for You?

Vacuum TypeProsConsBest For
Robotic Cleans without you
Does Mopping
No multiple floor access
May get stuck and fall over
Handheld Cord-free,
Lower power output
Short battery life
Car or Small Home
Stick Longer reach
Stand upright while cleaning
Heavier for your hands
Harder to move around if wired
Small/Mid Family
CanisterMore PowerWire Tangles
Not Very Portable
Large Family

Here you can view the best vacuum cleaners in UAE offered by various brands. The specifications, cost & so on have been taken into consideration to help you make an informed decision.

Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner in UAE

Before we proceed to the best stick vacuum cleaner options in UAE, you need to know if it is right for you or not. The following section will determine the same.

Is Stick/Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Right for you?

Read through to know if a stick/cordless vacuum cleaner matches your requirements or not.

Good for you if:

1) Live in a small apartment

Consider purchasing a stick/cordless vacuum cleaner if you live in a small apartment or house. That is because there is no cord involved thus making it comfortable and easy to use in a small area. The reason why cordless vacuum cleaners are not recommended for bigger homes is that they don’t have enough run-time in a single pass. Since there is no cord that will get caught in any corner of your house it is much easier to vacuum a house that has a cramped floor plan with the help of a cordless vacuum cleaner. Additionally, they are also light and easy to steer. Thus, serving you uninterrupted cleaning. They are also easy to carry around and can even clean carpets.

2) Don’t want the hassle of a cord

As mentioned above, it offers you the uninterrupted cleaning of your home. Absolutely no excuses and no obstacles. There’s no cord that will come in between, unlike corded vacuum cleaners. It just takes a few seconds to get started. Simply grab the cordless vacuum cleaner and begin cleaning the house. Also, note that cordless vacuum cleaners are small in size but they are power packed and get the job done perfectly and rapidly.

Not Good for you if:

1) You don’t want to pay premium

Cordless models are expensive as compared to the corded ones due to their ease of use, portability and convenience factor. They are also less bulky. A stick/cordless vacuum cleaner is not the right option for you if you don’t want to pay a premium. In other words, if you want the most value for your money then don’t opt for a stick/cordless vacuum cleaner.

Rank 1: Deerma Vacuum Cleaner

Model: DX700

  • Multifunction: This 2 in 1 cleaner can be shifted from vertical to handheld in no time at all. Which makes it easier to work with and reach all those tough spots in no time.
  • Capacity: The storage capacity of this device is ‎0.8 liters Which is a lot for the dust box.
  • Application: The use of this device is suitable for hard floors. And can be used to clean hardwood, carpet, tile floor, bed, and even car.
  • Filter: The presence of the filter allows you to have a thorough cleaning. Furthermore, you need not replace the filter but simply clean it. Since it is made of cotton it is durable and will last you for a long time.
  • Suction Airflow: With this device, you have a suction power of 15 kPa.
  • Portability: To ensure you can cover a large ground area this device has a cord of almost 4.5m.
  • Power: This corded device works with a power flow of around 220V.
  • Price: This device can be yours with a down payment of almost AED 144.

Rank 2: Bissell Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Model: ‎2024e

  • Multifunction: Since this device converts into a lightweight handheld vacuum. Which is great for your upholstery, curtains, and even your car.
  • Portability: Since this device is only 2kgs this makes it lightweight to carry around the house even while you clean. Furthermore, it has a 5m power cable in addition to the 1m vacuum’s reach.
  • Capacity: Having a capacity of around 0.5 liters for the dust collecting tank.
  • Filter: Besides that, there is a filter that ensures that the floor is 97% dust-free. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about replacing it as it is washable.
  • Power: Since this device is corded the power wattage is around 230 Volts.
  • Price: This Bissell Vacuum Cleaner is available for around AED 260.

Rank 3: Black and Decker Cordless

Model: SVA420B

  • Type: The plastic-bodied Black and Decker appliance is a cordless vacuum cleaner. It weighs a mere 3.9kgs making it easy to move around your home.
  • Airflow: The stick cleaner has an airflow of 660l/ min.
  • Mode: A 2 in 1 device which lets you cover a wide area with this single device. Where you can dislocate the vacuum from the stick and have a wide mouth option to clean up large debris with ease. This is besides the stick, where it features a slim nozzle. Therefore enabling you to reach every nook and cranny of the house.
  • Dustbowl Capacity: The dustbowl capacity determines how much junk your vacuum cleaner can hold before you have to clear it. This stick cleaner has a capacity of 500ml ensuring you can clean a fair amount before having to clean it.
  • Battery Energy Capacity: The battery comes with a 28.8 wh capacity. This means you can comfortably finish cleaning in a single go.
  • Warranty: Covering a 2 years warranty by the brand allows you to be safe with your purchase.
  • Price: You can get this vacuum cleaner at the cost of AED 400.

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in UAE

Before you purchase the best robotic vacuum cleaner in UAE, you should know if it is good for you or not. So, below lies a section that we have put forth to keep you well informed.

Is Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Right for you?

Read on to know whether a robotic vacuum cleaner is a right pick for you or not.

Good for you if:

1) Home with Pets

Consider purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner if you have pets at home. Yes, robotic vacuum cleaners are excellent for pet owners. Most of the people in UAE don’t have time due to their busy schedule to cater to their pets especially the shedding which the pets create. So, if you belong to this group of people or just someone with pets at home then you need to grab the best robotic vacuum cleaner in UAE. A robotic vacuum cleaner will get the job done for you no matter how many times your pets shed their hair.

Without any delay or trouble, these robotic vacuum cleaners will pick up the pet hair almost as fast as it falls. Additionally, they help in keeping all the floors tidy. That too it requires very little effort and oversight on your part. Moreover, robotic vacuum cleaners are excellent at collecting junk. The higher-end models also feature targetted area or room-specific cleaning and even a self-emptying functionality.

2) Lazy to use Regular Vacuum Cleaner

If you simply don’t want to use a robotic vacuum cleaner be it the fact that you are lazy or don’t want to put unnecessary effort and get tired cleaning your house with a regular vacuum cleaner. Then you need the best robotic vacuum cleaner. A robotic vacuum cleaner will run for an hour or two every single day to keep your home much cleaner rather than you struggling to clean your home with a regular vacuum cleaner even if it is few times a month.

Not Good for you if:

1) Home has many robot blocks

Firstly, a robotic vacuum cleaner is not recommended if your home in UAE has many robot blocks. For instance, if there are dog turds, stray charging cables, tall thresholds, black rugs and any obstacles or general mess. These things will not let a robotic vacuum cleaner do its job properly.

2) You want control

If you or someone you know insists on watching the robot work, then you or that person are better off without one. This is because if you purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner then you will be least satisfied with it as most often it moves in ways that don’t make sense to human observers. Hence, you will feel that it is not doing its job properly or that something is wrong with it. So if you belong to this group of people who wants to understand the mechanism and each movement it makes, then you better not opt for one due to the trust issues.

Rank 1: Ecovacs DEEBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Model: ‎OZMO 950

  • Multifunction: This DEEBOT makes your cleaning work so much easier. As it simultaneously vacuums and mops to rid your floor of any sort of bacteria.
  • Smart Device: For your home, this device efficiently navigates through your floor plan as it notes it with the help of laser technology tracking it straight to your smartphone. This technology is called Smart Navi 3.0.
    • Furthermore, while mopping your floor this robot vacuum detects carpets and prevents mopping them.
    • Besides that, you can use and command this device with the help of Alexa & Google Assistant.
  • App Usage: With the App, you can control the way this device functions. That is you can schedule, get the status updates, cleaning modes, and direct control the way it functions leaving or including areas as you go.
  • Floor Mapping: The features of this device make it suitable for your home even if it has multiple levels. Since it can save different maps. Besides that, you won’t have to select a map it will automatically identify the same while cleaning the area.
  • Battery: Ensure that you have a long battery lifespan as you have around 200 minutes of runtime.
    • Moreover, when done cleaning or in case of lower battery, the device automatically charges itself.
  • Capacity: With this robotic vacuum you will have a capacity of 0.24 Liters.
  • Strong Mobility Performance: If you have small doorsills you wouldn’t have to bother about that as this device can cross over up to 20mm without any problem. All thanks to its low-profile design and improved wheel functionality.
  • Mopping Technology: OZMO Mopping Technology ensure that you have an electronic water pump and reservoir. Moreover, a reservoir with water levels controlled by you will mop and vacuum in one go.
  • Price: Available at the rate of almost AED 1300.

Rank 2: Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum

Model: S6P52-00

  • Visual Navigation: This device uses LSD and SLAM navigation mode which a precise system used for navigation. As it spins at 300rpm with each map of every room of your home.
  • Faster Results: The use of adaptive algorithms analyzes and calculates the most suitable and efficient route to clean your home. This is done by judging the shape of your home, obstacles, and restricted areas as well. Therefore cleaning any area much faster than it would take you.
  • App Control: With this device, you can control a robot vacuum cleaner setting boundaries and virtual obstacles.
  • 2 in 1 Cleaning: Get your home sparkling clean in no time as this device cleans as well as mops at the same time.
    • This mopping feature can allow 1610sqft of cleaning in one go. With the adjustable water flow to ensure your getting the best cleaning.
  • Battery: With one charge you can clean your floor for up to 3 hours. Therefore within this time, the device can clean up to 2152sqft of ground.
  • Suction: With a suction power of 2000Pa which effectively cleans hard floor surfaces. Moreover, when the device detects that it is on a carpet it will maximize the suction levels to the maximum. Therefore ensuring deep clean.
  • Noise Control: All this cleaning without you realizing that the device is on. TAs the device works at the volume sound of 69db.
  • Voice Control: Another great feature is that your device works just as well if it is controlled by your Alexa, Siri, and Google Home commanding devices.
  • Price: You can make this Roborock Vacuum cum mop cleaner yours at the approximate price of AED 2,900.

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners in UAE

When it comes to purchasing one of the best canister vacuum cleaners in UAE, you should know whether it is suitable for your home or not. And also if it matches your requirements and fulfils your preferences.

Is Canister Vacuum Cleaner Right for you?

The following section will determine whether a high-end canister vacuum cleaner is good for you or not.

Good for you if:

1) You want a long-lasting machine

Consider purchasing a high-end canister vacuum cleaner if you need something that will last for several years to come. Yes, canister vacuum cleaners might be pricy but they serve you for several years to come with no change in performance. You will only have to pay for fresh bags and filters in the run. Thus, if you are willing to pay a little extra, then get yourself this masterpiece as it will last a decade or even more and will keep your floors very clean. Although it is a big investment, it can pay off in the long run.

2) You want great performance on all surfaces

High-end canister vacuum cleaners are some of the best vacuum cleaners available in UAE. All thanks to their powerful motors, tightly sealed ductwork and adjustable cleaning heads. This makes them perform well and in a great manner on any surface, be it delicate floors or high-pile rugs. These vacuum cleaners can suck all the fine dust out of any rug including high pile rugs. So that it will look, feel and smell better for longer.

3) Indoor Air Quality is a priority

If indoor air quality is a top priority then one of the best canister vacuum cleaners in UAE is what you need to purchase for your home. These vacuum cleaners perform an excellent job of maintaining great indoor air quality. This is due to the canister vacuums’ bags and tightly sealed airways which excel in removing allergens and irritants from your home. You also have an option of adding a HEPA filter to the canister vacuum cleaner if you wish to.

Not Good for you if:

1) You don’t want future costs and lock-ins

As mentioned above, a canister vacuum cleaner will last for a decade or two but you will have to purchase at least a few fresh bags and filters every year. That’s compulsory. Secondly, you should be ready to carry the canister vacuum cleaner to the repair shop or service centre at least once a decade or maybe twice if required for maintenance and if you need to repair it. Thus, if you don’t want future costs and lock-ins and the hassle of carrying around the appliance for repair/maintenance then don’t opt for this.

2) You have hairy pets

Suppose you have hairy pets in your home then don’t opt for the canister vacuum cleaner. This is because the fur fills bags quickly. So, if you are worried about the extra cost of bags or bags getting out of control, then get a bagless vacuum.

Rank 1: PHILIPS Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Model: ‎FC9570/62

  • Motor: Having a powerful motor of 2000 Watts gives the overall device greater cleaning power.
  • Design: Sporting the PowerCyclone 7 design which maximizes airflow. Therefore further enhancing the capabilities of cleaning. The presences of the steps in this design to enhance it is:
    • With the straight and smooth air inlet, the air enters faster into the PowerCyclone.
    • Furthermore, it has a curved air-pass that helps the air upwards towards the cyclonic chamber.
    • Lastly, here at the top of the chamber, the exit blades remove out all the dust and particles from the air.
  • Nozzle: With the TriActive nozzle ensure that every surface is thoroughly cleaned. By simply dusting the surface then sucking up all the. Be it big bits and small particles.
  • Suction Control: The suction pull of this device is strong and can be adjusted depending on the cleaning task at hand.
  • Dust Tank: Besides the dust tank having large storage. It is also easy to empty out without creating any mess.
  • Filter: Moreover, to ensure that the dust stays in the vacuum you have a filter that seals and captures almost 99.9% of fine particles. Which might include pollen, pet hair, or dust mites. The filtration process is as good as the HEPA filter.
  • Portability: Keeping portability in mind you have a soft bumper and rubber wheels which makes it easy to move around with as also not damage your floor. Besides that, you have top and front handles that make it easy to store and carry as well.
  • Accessories: Additional accessories include a soft brush and furniture nozzle which can be attached to the handle so it’s always at your disposal.
  • Price: Available for almost AED 750.

Rank 2: Hoover Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Capacity: The huge 4-liter capacity drum design enables you to clean for an extended period with fewer pit stops.
  • Powerful Performance: Hoover gave this machine a 2400 watt motor that provides increasingly effective cleaning.
  • Flexibility: With the combined 6.7-meter stretch hose, you can clean areas that are further than your arms reach. While the 8metre cord allows you to connect to a single power outlet and not having you jump from one outlet to another.
  • Cyclonic Technology: Alongside the Single Cyclonic Technology, this separates the dust from the air. Thus it collects it in the container.
  • Filter: Equipped with a HEPA media filter Which can be rinsed clean under running water.
  • Accessories: With the purchase of this vacuum cleaner you will get accessories like a combination floorhead, metal telescopic tube, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool.
  • Price: You can buy this cleaning gadget at the price of almost AED 400.

Best Car or Mini Vacuum Cleaners in UAE

Rank 1: Black+Decker Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Battery: Running with a 14.4V lithium-ion battery technology. Which gives it the necessary boost for getting your home sparkling clean.
Design: Having a patented design of the motor in the filter provides you with a device that is small and lightweight to roam around with. Moreover, easy to roam with it as it is cordless.
Filteration: As you have the cyclonic action as well as the triple action filtration all work together to give you the best cleaning session you can have.
Nozzle Rotation: Along with the design even the way the nozzle is designed is patented. As the nozzle can rotate 200 degrees. Therefore helping you to reach around in tough angles.
Warranty: If you do purchase this hand vacuum cleaner you will get a 2 years warranty on the product.
Price: You can get this product for around AED 230.

Points to Consider for a Vacuum Cleaner

With so many types and options to choose from you might not be sure what are the key points for you to consider while purchasing. Therefore here are a few pointers that you can consider and get you back on track to selecting the best vacuum cleaner in UAE.


Now with the best cordless vacuum cleaner in UAE, you will have much more reach as compared to a corded one. You will not have to run back and forth straightening the wire out in case of any tangles. Therefore making it much more convenient. Furthermore, you can also consider if you would like to have retractable power cords. As then you won’t have to remember to charge the device before every use. Besides that, retractable cords are easier to handle and store as well.


Another factor that makes the best vacuum cleaner in UAE is the attachment. Attachments and accessories are a big plus point. As they can help you clean more than just your floors but other surfaces as well. This makes it a multi-functional device. Therefore allowing you to have a fast and thorough cleaning session every time.


Having a constant hurling buzz can be annoying. This is why you can consider one which produces little to no sound at all. The cyclonic feature in a vacuum cleaner mostly creates more sound. Keeping this in mind you can consider where your priorities lie.


Portability is considered in terms of weight and whether or not the device has wheels or a handle. For this, you would consider the areas where you are going to clean. And with that consider the moving around factor.


The type and the filter is another factor for you to consider if you are getting the best vacuum cleaner in UAE. The best you can get is the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. This filter ensures that it removes out any microscopic particles from the air.

This filter consists of a glass fiber which is used to make a mesh. Furthermore, if you have added other filters with this you are sure to be safe. Besides you can also look for a washable filter that won’t cost you too much as well.

Bag/ Bagless

In most cases, if you opt for a canister vacuum you will have a bag inside the container. For any other type, you can have an option of a reusable bin (bagless) or a disposable bag. keeping this in mind, if you get a bagged one you can dispose of it easily. But the downside is you can’t know when the bag is full unless you take it off. On the other hand, you have bagless ones that are cost-efficient as well as you can see and clean out the dust bin when it’s full.

Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

What is a bag-less vacuum cleaner?

Bagless vacuum cleaners instead of having the traditional replaceable bag use filters to trap dirt and debris. It is collected in a dirt cup or chamber that you need to empty later on.

What is a cyclone vacuum cleaner?

A cyclonic vacuum cleaner mimics the movements of a tornado the way a washing machine does. There is a fan and a bin, with continuous rapid movement it extracts dirt from the air and surfaces.

Can vacuum cleaners do mopping?

Vacuum cleaners are more efficient at removing dirt from corners and cracks than mops. When damp, residue becomes mud, so removing fine soil with a vacuum reduces the effort required when mopping. As a bonus your bucket wont get dirty that quick.

Does vacuum cleaner help with allergies?

It is no secret, vacuuming regularly can improve allergy symptoms. This is because when you vacuum you get rid of certain allergy triggers such as dust mites and pollen. On the other hand, sweeping stirs dust up and therefore worsen allergies.

How many amps does a vacuum cleaner have?

For the most part, upright cleaners are seven to 12 amps. Canister models are usually 12 amps. The maximum allowable amps that can be plugged into a household outlet is 12 amps

What is a bar beater?

A beater bar is a rotating brush attached in front of the intake area from where the air gets sucked in. The bristles of the brush go deep within the carpet fibers to drive out the dust particles trapped within. 

Do vacuum cleaners work on carpets?

Vacuum cleaners can be used on carpets, however, steam cleaners work better to deep clean carpets.

Keep Your Surroundings Spick & Span

Now you are ready to purchase the best vacuum cleaner in UAE suit your cleaning needs. Choose a vacuum cleaner that ensures all the dust and pollen from your house is eliminated. Also, consider buying one that is cordless and can clean your car. With multiple options performing similar functions choose one that also fits within your budget. Hold on, if you are looking out for more options then consider checking out an in-depth review on Dyson vacuum cleaners. Also, you should know the 5 innovations that have made vacuum cleaners better. Take a look here.

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