Best Treadmills for serious runners in UAE

For all the serious runners in UAE who are looking forward to getting fitter, or get back in shape, purchasing one of the best treadmills will help you build a better body. Improve your fitness levels with these sturdy treadmills. You can purchase these to workout at home or even in the gym. Each of these treadmills varies in terms of their motor power, speed, maximum user weight capacity and levels of incline. Therefore, you need to go through the features and specifications mindfully before making your purchase.

Best Treadmills for serious runners in UAE

We have penned down all the features and specifications of each treadmill for you here itself so that you won’t have to hunt for it anywhere else. Thus, saving your time and effort.

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Best Treadmills for serious runners in UAE – Quick List

Treadmills for Serious RunnersMaximum User Weight CapacityNumber of ProgramsSpeedInclinationCheck Price
NordicTrack Treadmill
T 7.0
125 Kgs2020 Km/hr10%Price on
PowerMax Fitness Treadmill
150 Kgs1218.8 Km/hr15%Price on
NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill
136 Kgs4022 Km/hr15%Price on

Budget-Friendly Option

NordicTrack Treadmill T 7.0

  • Digital Display + Touch Controls: The NordicTrack T 7.0 treadmill features a 5-inch digital display with touch controls. Its user-friendly design allows you to set the speed and the time of your workout as per your preferences, easily and conveniently. Additionally, you can view the distance covered, number of calories burned, and heart rate on the digital display.
  • EKG Grip: The EKG grip pulse does a great job by monitoring your heart rate continuously. Hence, you get to know whether your heart rate is in the normal range or not.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Due to this treadmill’s maximum weight capacity of 125 Kgs, even an obese person will be able to use the treadmill to lose weight. You can walk, jog, run and run easily. This is one of the main reasons behind this masterpiece being one of the best treadmills for serious runners residing in UAE.
  • Built-in Speaker + AUX Music Port: Play your favourite music while you workout and keep yourself energized and motivated to exercise. This treadmill’s built-in speaker plays the music from your phone. The AUX music port helps you to hear the music from your phone coming through the built-in speakers of the treadmill.
  • Long and Wide Belt: The long and wide treadmill belt offers you ample of space to workout.
  • Compact and Foldable: Being compact in nature and easily foldable adds to the reasons of purchasing this treadmill. You can store it aside wherever you want to once you’re done with your workout. Thereby making it an excellent home workout system.
  • Price: Treat yourself the NordicTrack Treadmill T 7.0 for an estimated cost of AED 4,500.

The specifications are as follows:

Maximum User Weight Capacity125 Kgs
Speed0-20 Km/hr
Treadmill Belt46 x 140 cm
Motor2.75 CHP
Decline and Incline0%-10%
FoldableYes (Easy Lift Assist)
Number of Programs20 Workout Apps

Mid-Range Option

PowerMax Fitness Treadmill

Model: TDA-595

PowerMax Fitness TDA-595 treadmill in UAE - One of the best treadmills for serious runners in UAE
  • Multifunctional: Loaded with multifunction utility, this treadmill includes powerful massager for hips, dumbells and sit-up bracket.
  • Auto Incline: Offering an auto incline comprising of 15 levels that you can adjust as per your preferences. Note that as you increase the incline, the efficiency of your workout improves. Auto incline benefits the users as they utilize less time to achieve better fitness results.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation: Using the FAT function, you can calculate your BMI and keep a track of your body condition.
  • Auto Lubrication: With the press of a button, the auto lubrication feature makes the maintenance job extremely simple, easy, and clean. If you ask, what makes lubrication an important feature? Well, that’s because it ensures zero friction of the running belt as well as smooth movement while you use the treadmill. Additionally, it also helps to increase the life of the motor and the running belt.
  • OLED Touch Screen Display: Featuring an 18.5 inch full HD OLED touch screen. Its display is uniquely designed and provides you with an easy to read experience. It keeps a track of your heart rate, speed, time, distance covered, calories burned, and more. And you can view all of these on the OLED screen.
  • Wi-Fi: Check the news, watch sports highlights, read your emails, browse through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more by connecting this treadmill to your home’s wireless network. It features a browser, multimedia center, user center and more powered by Android.
  • Target Based Modes: One of the best features any treadmill could have as it allows you to customize your workout depending upon your specific criteria to achieve your fitness goals. For instance, it enables you to set the time duration you want to workout, distance to cover and calories to burn during your workout session.
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Mainframe + Quality Paint: Along with the heavy gauge steel mainframe, 3 layers of quality paint prevents corrosion and also ensures longer life of the treadmill.
  • Stronger and More Reliable: Since this treadmill utilizes tough iron alloy for its frame, it is stronger and more reliable.

Additional Features of PowerMax Fitness Treadmill TDA-595

  • Hydraulic Soft Drop System: The exclusive hydraulic soft drop system supports the weight of the treadmill as it is lowered and lifted. This folding system is easy to use and enables you to unfold the treadmills by simply kicking the yellow tube and then lowering the treadmill.
  • ComfortTech 6-Point Commercial Grade Damping System: This system provides an impressive impact absorption, unparalleled support, and a softer landing.
  • Boost your Cardiovascular Performance: Besides the 15 levels of adjustable auto incline, the treadmill features a top speed of 18.8 Km/hr. Additionally, it is also powered by a 4.0HP Green Efficient motor. All these features collectively help to boost your cardiovascular performance. Your workout gets all the more challenging too.
  • Dual Shock Spring Absorption: The dual shock spring absorption immediately adjusts the speed of the belt to match the slow and accelerating natural movement of your feet while running and walking. Thereby, reducing stress on your hips, knees, and ankles.
  • Upgraded Comfortable Running Track: This treadmill’s running track has a surface area of 1380 x 560 mm, therefore, providing you with a spacious running environment. So, you can workout comfortably with the feel of running on an actual outdoor track.
  • Built-in Auto Stop Safety Function: Simply attach the safety clip to your clothes while running and then run as normal. Just incase if you drift back or are about to fall from the treadmill, it will auto stop, thereby reducing the risk of injury.
  • Steel Crowned Rollers: The steel crowned precision-machined rollers with dynamic balancing not only keeps the running belt centered but also ensures smooth movement of the belt. Additionally, it also increases the life of the bearings and the running belt.
  • Price: PowerMax Fitness TDA-595 treadmill is available for a price of around AED 5,030.
PowerMax Fitness Multifunction Treadmill  TDA-595

The specifications are as follows:

Maximum User Weight Capacity150 Kgs
Speed18.8 Km/hr
Motor4.0 HP (6.0 HP) DC Green Efficient Motor
Running Surface Area1380 x 560 mm
Auto Incline15 Levels
FoldableYes (Hydraulic Softdrop System)
Number of Programs12 pre-set programs

High-end and Advanced Option

NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill

Model: 2950

NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill 2950 - One of the best treadmills for serious runners in UAE
  • 22-inch Touchscreen: Featuring a 22-inch touchscreen that acts as the control center for the NordicTrack Commercial 2950. The high-definition display immerses you in scenic iFit Coach workout programs. Due to its updated graphics processing, the display is crisper and more refined than ever before thus making it one of the best treadmills in UAE for serious runners.
  • iFit Coach Workouts: This is one of the best features any treadmill could have. The NordicTrack 2950 Commercial treadmill supports iFit Coach workout programs with overwhelming views.
    • Firstly, these programs control the speed and incline of the treadmill to copy landscapes.
    • Secondly, they help you reach specific workout goals.
    • Besides the added options and choices, you can choose from an infinite variety of Google Maps workouts. Additionally, you can also choose from a robust collection of HD video workouts. These enable you to exercise virtually with the help of expert personal trainers. Some of the programs are only cardio while some combine treadmill workout with strength training.
  • Speed and Motor: This NordicTrack treadmill supports a maximum speed of 12 m/hr. Therefore, it can power through sprints, interval training and long runs easily. Additionally, it is also equipped with a 4.25 CHP motor by DurX.
  • WhisperQuiet Deck: Wow, amazing! The treadmill deck actually absorbs the sound of your footfall which, in turn, won’t cause unnecessary noise or disturbance to the others. Thus, making this quiet fitness machine a great choice for home use.
  • Incline and Decline: The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill features a workout surface that can power adjust between -3% (decline) and +15% (incline) slope.
    • Incline training on the treadmill naturally boosts your metabolism and recruits your muscles in different ways for a better definition.
    • Moreover, it is fun and exciting to use along with iFit Coach Google Maps workouts and personal trainer video workouts along scenic paths.

Additional Features of NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill

  • Balanced Non-Flex Rollers: The size and the quality of the rollers of the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill reduces the wear and tear on both the track and the motor.
  • Quiet Drive Incline: A new feature that enables the users to experience more realistic terrain simulation that is quieter, faster, and smoother.
  • Advanced Cushioning: The reflex suspension system allows you to choose between a road-like workout surface or a cushioned-deck. Simply flip a lever to make the switch.
  • Tread Belt: The tread belt is 2-ply for quiet operation and durability. Also, the area of the belt is long enough for a running stride and it is 2-inches wider than the normal to allow extra elbow room.
  • Triple Fan Power: Three built-in workout fans help you to stay cool throughout your workout. Since these are AutoBreeze, they can automatically adjust to your pace. Moreover, you can also set the speed of all the fans yourself. Out of the three fans, two fans point towards your face and one fan helps to cool down your body.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: Monitoring and tracking your heart rate while working out helps you to exercise efficiently.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Chest Strap: This treadmill is also bundled with a Bluetooth wireless chest strap to offer you a continuous readout. Furthermore, the chest strap also works with iFit wearable devices. This is of great help as you get to know your pulse readings even when you are away from your treadmill.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: All thanks to the treadmill’s Bluetooth speakers, you can listen to your favourite playlist from your smartphone and enjoy music while working out.
  • Foldable: Folding and unfolding the treadmill is much easier due to the Hydraulic shock-assist. With the help of it, you can fold the deck upwards to save floor space. And you can also drop the deck back to the floor when you it is time to workout again.
  • Price: Bring home one of the best top-notch treadmills for serious runners available in UAE i.e. the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill for a price of around AED 22,500.
NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill in UAE

The specifications are as follows:

Maximum User Weight Capacity136 Kgs
Speed22 Km/hr
Motor4.25 CHP Drive System
Running Surface Area22 inches x 60 inches
Incline-3% to 15% (Decline and Incline)
FoldableYes (Hydraulic fold-assist)
Number of Programs40

Run Hard!

Workout on these treadmills like never before. Remember, there is no one size fits all. Serious runners should always prioritise the motor power, quality of the track, as well as speed which is why you should choose from these 3 best treadmills available in UAE. Look out for the specifications to make an informed decision. Ensure you keep these treadmills in a clean environment so that dirt and dust don’t deposit on the outside as well as inside the parts of the treadmill. If you’re looking for something better, then do take a look at the best high-end treadmill in UAE.

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