Best Television in UAE – Smart TV, UHD, OLED Explained [2024]

Getting the best television in UAE to suit your home can be a stressful task. But here is the guide on which is the best television for you and your home in UAE. After doing the tough work of researching the topic for 100+ hours. We have shortlisted a few in each category including brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony. So, read on to choose the best one for you and your home.

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Screen Size – How big should your TV be

Getting the best television in UAE, which is the perfect match for you is what you need. But while deciding on the screen you have to think of the size which would be suitable for your home. And not just base it on ‘because you feel so’. If you have the right size you can have the cinema-type experience at home. Otherwise, if the screen size is too big it can cause neck pain or even can cause a decrease in the clarity of the picture. But on the other hand, if you have a too-small screen this could lead you to squint at smaller details.

So while you are deciding on your screen size make sure to identify two major factors. Especially to make sure you are making the right choice. First is the distance from where you sit and watch the television. So, that becomes the distance from your sitting area to your television screen. And secondly, it is necessary to decide on the resolution size of the screen. For you to identify the best television set in UAE, check out the following table.

Display Type – LED Vs QLED Vs OLED

The display is a part which would be the most important for the best television in UAE. Deciding on this is crucial before you go ahead and finalize your TV set. Within the display, the main thing for you think about is the display type. Display type has a variety of types like LED, QLED and OLED. All of these are technologies used to produce better picture quality by the TV. You can also have LCD or Plasma TVs but these are older technology which was used and is not popular anymore. Hence to make this choice easier here are a few comparative features among the display types.


These are the most popular type of TV displays. This display type uses LEDs on the edge as well as is backlit. Besides this, they are a better option as they are slim so they consume less space. And another point for you to keep in mind is that this television is best for daytime use and/or in well-lit rooms of your UAE home. Also, you can make sure to check the feature of IPS which is only available for the LED screen TV as an option.

IPS is an abbreviation for in-plane switching which in simple words is a technology used in the screen to let you comfortably watch the TV from any angle of the room. So basically they allow you a higher viewing angle which is up to 178 degrees. So now you can watch TV from any part of the room and not have any colour changes or brightness issues. Also, take note this technology feature is only available for LED screen TVs as the QLED and OLED both already have good viewing angles.


With a QLED you have a chance of having a better quality picture output. As it offers a great range of colours and better brightness levels for you to have a good watching experience. This TV display uses quantum dot technology which lets you have a variety of colours that you see. This is because in the quantum dots technology, the TV produces its own red, green and blue lights. This can make up the whole spectrum of colours.


This TV uses pixels to recreate the image on the screen. And the recreation is done in the same colour as the original. Therefore you have great picture quality in comparison with LED TVs. And you will have no more off-shades of black and a blurred picture. To top it off you also have a good viewing angle range.

Screen Resolution – HD Ready Vs. Full HD Vs. 4K or Ultra HD

Another important aspect for you to watch in the best television display in UAE is the resolution. The resolution determines the quality, clarity and sharpness of the image displayed. So, if you are looking for a better quality make sure the resolution is high and the quality will follow. The resolution is made up of pixels which are scaled in both the height and width. And so with the advancement of technology, there are types of resolutions too. HD Ready which is 720p, Full HD is 1080p and the 4K which is made up of 2160p or UHD (ultra-high-definition).

While you are considering to buy the best new television in UAE why would you even think of downgrading from the product you have. So, if you have the bulky CRT TVs consider a budgeted HD TV. With which you will have a better quality than your previous TV. But If you own a Plasma TV or even an HD TV then better if you consider a 4K TV, QLED or either an OLED TV. It would be advisable for you to get the best 4K television in UAE as the future has 4K written all over. As even the phones these days shoot in 4K. Now if you are considering the 4K TV you might come across a 4K Ready TV which is nothing but a TV which can play any 4K content but doesn’t give you the quality of the actual 4K content.

Smart TV – How to choose the right one?

A smart TV would be considered the best television in UAE right now. It is one which connects to your internet connection – your WiFi. And with this, you can have access to any video-on-demand apps. And that’s not it, you can even have access to the games with the help of their apps. Surfing on the internet has never been easier as you can stay connected to your social media site too with this TV. And lastly, you can even cast your photos and videos on the smart TV with the help of the internet connection. So, therefore it is necessary for you to think about all the factors needed to be considered while choosing the smart TV to suit your home needs.

Operating Systems

The operating system (OS) is the whole outlook and the way in which your smart TV will function. This also enables you the ability to determine which all app will you be able to use on the TV. If you are planning to stream videos via Netflix, Hotstar or Amazon Prime then consider the smart TV which has these apps preloaded on it.

There are various OS available like Google-certified Android TVs. This one is considered as a good one as you can use any apps available on Google Play Store. Secondly, you have Android-based smart TVs. These are the ones which have their own preloaded apps and interface. Although this a popular type of interface, it allows a limited number of downloadable apps on it. And lastly, TVs with their own OS. Like Samsung who have their own OS Tizen or LG uses WebOS. Check out the available apps and consider buying the product if it is suitable for your needs.


RAM is the random access memory of a device. This, as you might know, is the way in which you can have quick access to content on the TV like apps and files. Therefore if you have more RAM the better, as it will facilitate towards the fast and smooth functioning of the overall TV performance. The minimum of 2GB RAM would be sufficient enough for a lag-free functioning of the TV.


This would be no brainer as a better storage would be a good thing to have. With this, you will be able to store and download more content on to the smart TV. So, for this, the most prefered storage range would be around 8GB storage. As this will let you store and content be it apps and movies onto your TV for usage whenever convenient.

Remote & Navigation

Consider the method in which you would prefer to operate the TV set at your home. As the most common commanding functions are with voice control, remote control and even mobile phone led control.

For the voice control, you would be given with a special type of remote where you would have to speak into it to open any app or play anything on the TV. As for the remote control one, it would work as an air remote or air mouse. In which you would only have to point onto the TV and you will have a moving cursor which follows. And finally, you have the mobile phone led control. For which you would have to download an app and make use of the app remote. This is done to get rid of the remote control which the company would provide.

Phone Mirroring

The ability to cast or duplicate your phone screen onto your TV screen is a plus point. As with this feature you can play videos and put up images right from your phone straight to your TV screen. There can be a feature where this is in-built into the TV and in other cases, you would manually have to download a mirroring app from the respective app store. Only after this would you be able to use the mirroring feature.

With all that said and done and dusted. We can’t go preaching to you about what to buy and not. But suggestions are always welcome, right? So, here are a few suggestions on what all are the best televisions for you to consider. Starting with the best smart television in UAE.

Best Smart TV in UAE

Rank 2: Xiaomi Mi Smart TV

Model: 6971408151035

  • Dimensions: A 124.2 x 24.5 x 78 cms product dimension and 55 inched screen TV what else would you really want?
  • Technology Used: This smart TV uses Android 9 technology and operating system. So you can browse through and have some of the best features of this operating system.
  • Display: The 4S UHD LED TV allows you to have a rich and vibrant colour experience and 60Hz refresh rate for a smooth watching experience.
    • 4K HDR resolution lets you watch every detail clearly. As you have a sharp image quality.
  • Storage Capacity: Allowing you a storage capacity up to 8GB allows you to store apps as well as movies for quite a long time without having a full storage space.
    • Also, you have a RAM of 2GB allowing you seamless usage off all the apps and usage of the TV.
  • Sound: Firstly this TV is equipped with two 10W speakers which allow Dolby audio and DTS. Which enhance your listening experience and allows complete clarity of every sound.
    • Secondly, you can connect the TV with any external audio Bluetooth speaker and still have the best audio without interruption.
  • Compatibility: This smart TV is smart as it is very much compatible with Google Assitance and Google Play so you can download any applications you like. Furthermore, it also has a Chromecast. So, you have everything you need with this TV.
  • Connectivity: You are going to connect the internet to this TV. But it doesn’t matter what broadband technology you use as it works on 2.5G up to 5G. So, even if you upgrade to 5G you won’t have any worries.
  • Control: Working your way around with this TV has been made easier as you can control it with the help of a remote. But the speciality is that the remote also works on voice commands.
  • Price: This Xiaomi Mi smart TV will cost you approximately AED 1300.

With that, we reached the end of the list of some of the best televisions in UAE. That too in every category for you choose the best for you. But we are not done just yet here are a few more details for you to look into while purchasing the best television suited for your UAE home.

Why we don’t recommend buying 8K TV in 2020

While we are still in the mid-era of the whole best television type in UAE being the 4K technology, the next big thing is already into existence that is 8K television for your UAE home. Which are a good upgrade to a higher-resolution product and a better advancement to the 4K. But still, the whole 8K phase isn’t here yet. In the terms that if you are one of those people to get the best off the market before the others do it will come to your notice that there isn’t too much of variety in the market yet.

At most, you will have around five products on the shelves yet. And if you do not have much of variety you can’t really have the best as per your needs. While you are talking about the few options available and the 8K is a comparatively newer technology. Thus the prices too are a bit on the expensive side. So much so in the sense that you could get the same size LED TV for a 4 – 5 times lesser to the price of the 8K. And all the expenses you need a special converter box to handle the various video formats and codecs to convert the non 8K contents. The fact that you need special and additional technology to view other content says a lot about the TV.

With that, we come to the main problem with getting an 8K TV. That being that there isn’t much 8K content generated in general. You might find a few 8K contents on YouTube and come Japanese content. But other than that you have nothing yet and it’s not guaranteed when will the content popularize either. Since this is the case it is better for you to get the best television in UAE in the 4K compartment. Therefore, you are recommended not to get an 8K TV just yet and wait it out. So, that technology can develop and you can have better, cheaper and more variety in the future.

Television FAQs

What is the difference between OLED and QLED TVs?

Although they might sound the same, both of these TVs are different. QLED stands for Quantum Light-Emitting Diode which means these TVs are close to LED TVs. The only difference is that it uses tiny nanoparticles which are known as quantum. These particles are the reason why you get the brightness and colour that you do with the QLED. Even after this the Tv still uses LED lights hence the name QLED.

Whereas OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. Even if this might sound the same but it isn’t as these TV use LED but not as a backlight as QLED. But in a way that there is thin and tiny LED which forms each pixel in the TV. Which produces its own light as also gives off the colour all in one. So, for any darker scenes, the OLED simply doesn’t turn on some of the LED light while the QLED dims the lights. This makes OLED TV much more flexible.

Can I project my phone or laptop to the TV?

Yes, you can easily project your laptop as well as phone onto your TV screen. This is done with the help of wires but why use wires when you can do it wirelessly. With the help of several mirroring apps and Google Chromecast, you can easily [project audios, videos and images from your laptop or phone onto the TV.

What is the difference between HD, 1080p and UHD?

HD, 1080p and UHD are all the resolutions of an image to be displayed. The number of pixels in an image define the resolution. Therefore higher the better. But it is better for you to stay informed about the technology available. HD also referred to as High Definition or uses 720 rows of pixels to reproduce the image you see. The 1080p often referred to as full HD. So, this formate uses twice more the number of pixels. This format is the standard format used in the media industry nowadays. And lastly, the UHD (Ultra High Definition) also known as 4K. Where it produces 4 times more the number of pixels in 1080p. Which is becoming much more popular among the industry.

What is HRD?

HDR or high-dynamic-range is a feature which gives the range of colour and also brightness highlights better than before. This is a common feature in most of the recent TVs. So with this, the TV allows you with more contrast and depth in the image. Therefore, HDR is a feature which gives you better image quality and is advisable to get a TV with this rather than not.

No More Confusion

Choosing and getting the best television for your UAE home can be a stressful task. With so many models available in the market confusion is surely what you feel. Therefore this guide on the best television in UAE. So, don’t be confused and get on purchasing and having real-life TV experience. If you wish to have a complete cinematic experience you can check out how to set up a home cinema in Dubai here.

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