Best Super General Water Dispenser in UAE

Consuming 10-12 glasses of clean water every day is of utmost importance and purchasing the best Super General water dispenser in UAE can help you achieve this target without any hassle. Since you know that a water dispenser stores clean water, it facilitates the supply of safe drinking water. Moreover, a water dispenser can be a real-life saviour, especially in public places like hospitals, clinics, gyms, restaurants, and, outdoors. Thus, water dispensers are valuable. What makes this appliance even better is that it can supply hot as well as cold water besides moderate temperature water.

Best Super General Water Dispenser in UAE

Before we proceed, let us read about the brand Super General. Well, this brand has proven to be reliable in several million households worldwide. It has 30+ years of experience in selling electronic household products in more than 50 countries. Super General’s main focus is on practical devices that will help customers save time and money. With the help of an internationally certified quality and customer-oriented support team, Super General strives to make their customers’ lives easier.

Best Super General Water Dispenser in UAE – Quick List

Super General Water Dispenser ModelTypeNo. of TapsCup StorageCheck Price
SGL-2020-BMBottom Load3 Push Button TapsNoPrice on
SGL-1831Top Load (Counter-Top)2 Push Button TapsYesPrice on

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Bottom Load

Super General Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

  • Maximum Flexibility: You can enjoy instant hot and cold water with this space-saving, practical, and efficient water dispenser. Besides the kitchen and pantry, this water dispenser is also a perfect fit for apartments, large rooms, and studios.
  • Three Push Button Taps: You can easily access hot, normal, or cold water through this efficient and practical water dispenser because of the three push button taps. You will be glad to see instant coffee, tea, milk, or fruit powders. This factor makes this Super General water dispenser one of the best options in UAE.
  • Elongated Cable: The elongated cable is 135 cms in length. Therefore, you can place it anywhere around your home, office or even the gym.
  • Aesthetics: Since this water dispenser features a compact design, you can place it in any corner of your kitchen.
    • The best part about this water dispenser in terms of aesthetics is its two tone (black and silver) semi-glossy design which provides a modern touch. Additionally, it has a Super General brand logo printed in black.
    • Besides the above, the brushed silver stainless-steel panel and door panel also adds to the modern look.
  • Easy Re-loading of Water: A big thanks to the removable tray, it has wheels which, in turn, ensures easy reloading of water.

Additional Features of Super General Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

  • Water Tank: The high-quality, bottom-load water tank makes it very easy to load as well as unload.
  • Indicator Lights: This power-packed water dispenser is equipped with 4 practical indicator lights for cooling, heating, power and water shortage.
  • Ultimate Child Safety: For the purpose of providing ultimate child safety, the on/off power switch for hot and cold water is placed at the back of the unit.
  • Ensures Ultimate Safety During Usage: Protection of anti electric shock and red-child lock for hot water ensures you ultimate safety when using it.
  • Price: Bring home the Super General Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for an estimated cost of AED 600.

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Top Load (Counter-Top)

Super General Counter-Top Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Model: SGL-1831

  • Cup Storage: Next to the two taps of this water dispenser, there is a practical area to place/store cups. This enables you to fetch the cup instantly and drink water whenever you want to. Note that the water dispenser comes along with the first ten cups.
  • 2 Push Button Taps: The fact that this water dispenser is equipped with two push button taps i.e. one for hot water and the other one for cold water respectively.
  • Easy to Operate Push Buttons: A big thanks to the two push buttons that help you easily access hot or cold water. Therefore, you can enjoy tea, coffee, milk, or any fruit powders instantly.
  • 3 Indicator Lights: Equipped with three practical indicator lights for heating, cooling, and power respectively.
  • Sustains your Body’s Nutritional Needs: This water dispenser enriches the water with quality calcium, magnesium, and bi-carbonate ingredients in order to provide the body with essential minerals.
  • Child Safety: Since most of the kids tend to be a little mischievous and play with the water dispenser, it is necessary to offer utmost child safety. Therefore, the on/off power button to get hot and cold water is placed at the back of the unit.
  • Ideal For: Well, this water dispenser is an ideal option for warehouses, shops, co-working spaces, gyms, as well as home and offices.
  • Long 3-pin Cable: Featuring a long 3-pin cable that helps you place this water dispenser easily around your home, gym, as well as office, or shop.
  • Price: You can purchase the Super General Counter-Top Hot and Cold water dispenser approximately for AED 350.

So, you decide which one you liked more. Don’t forget that convenience should be your topmost priority. This will make your buying decision easier. Lastly, invest in a water dispenser that will help you in the long run.

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