Best Steam Iron in Saudi Arabia

Laundry and ironing are tough jobs to be done. Having a good iron is very important especially if you are someone who does ironing by themselves on a regular basis. The steam iron is something which is very useful and most efficient in ironing compared to a regular electric iron without steam. The crease removal is far far better in this than the regular ones. While a lot of brands offer steam irons, Philips, Black & Decker offer the best ones in the category. Want to know more about the best steam irons in Saudi Arabia? You are at the right place.

Steam IronPowerCheck Price
Black & Decker X1600 – B5 Vertical Steam Iron 1750 W Price on
Philips Steam Iron
2000 W Price on
Tefal Ultimate Anti-Cal Steam Iron 2800 W Price on
Philips Aqua Pro Steam Generator Iron2000 W Price on

Rank 1: Black & Decker Vertical Steam Iron

Model No: X1600 – B5

  • Vertical Steaming: Black & Decker steam iron uses a vertical steaming technique best suits for ironing curtains, suits and dresses.
  • Steam Options: You could adjust among the multiple steam options available like dry, spray, steam, and burst,Ā  which allows you to iron any kind of cloth/ fabric at ease.
  • Overheat Protection: This device is completely safe to use and doesn’t let your cloth to suffer damage from burning.
  • Self Clean Function: This enables cleaning of the inner and the water cup present neatly without having to worry.
  • Design: The 1750 W steam iron has the non stick sole plate preventing the fabric from burning. It has the spray option before ironing.The ergonomic handle is easy to handle and slide.
  • Warranty: It comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Price: It comes at SAR 69 which is a very affordable option.

Rank 2 : Philips Steam Iron

Model No: GC1432/20

  • Triple Precision Tip: The Philips steam iron comes with a 3 way precision tip that is pointed, with a button groove and a sleek design at the nose. This allows smooth ironing and clean and crease less results.
  • Steam and Spray Function: The spray function lets a fine mist all over the fabric moistening it and easing the entire ironing process. It leaves continuous steam at 25 mg/min rate allowing good crease removal. The 200 Watt steam iron is quite powerful in that sense.
  • Calc Clean Slider: You can simply use normal water to fill the 200 ml water tank and the calc clean slider will remove any scale from it. So each time you don’t have to worry about putting fresh water.
  • Price: This would cost you SAR 96

Rank 3: Tefal Ultimate Anti-Cal Steam Iron

  • Fast Heat Up: The 2800 W powerful motor enables instant heating with continuous steam of 55 g/min for high efficiency ironing and 230 g/ min steam boosting for stubborn creases.
  • AutoClean: Durilium Autoclean soleplateĀ keeps itself clean over the long period without having to regularly clean and glides superiorly and maximum steam distribution.
  • High Precision: The automatic steam function lets steam by adjusted linen selection using the 350 ml water tank giving comfortable ironing experience. It doesnt need refill immediately, lasts long and irons more clothes in one go.
  • Calc Collector: The steam iron comes with an exclusive calc collector to collect all calc particles keeping the iron clean and neat.
  • Price: This is slightly pricey compared to others , with a price of SAR 430.

Rank 4: Philips Aqua Pro Steam Generator Iron

  • Optimal Temp Technology: It lets your iron jeans to silk any cloth with same temperature settings without having to change each time the fabric changes. This technology provides optimal temperature and continuous steam for effective ironing without any burns to the clothes. You can also leave it on the ironing board without worrying to burn it up.
  • Ultra Fast Ironing: Any tough fabric and thicker surface creases can be instantly removed using the powerful motor and high water tank capability of 2.5 L water. It has up to 450 gm of steam boost for stubborn creases. You can start using in 2 minutes after switching it on. It can provide up to 3 hours of continuous usage fulfilling needs of your entire family.
  • Carry Lock: This high end steam generator iron comes with safety carry lock which fastens securely the iron to the stand without slipping.
  • Light Weight: The steam iron generator is built with the light weight technology which makes it easy to carry around without much effort. And it is equipped to make no noise while steaming and ironing.
  • De Cal Plus: Improve the lifecycle of your steam iron generator using the de cal plus feature which removes the lime scale. It reminds you when to remove and descale with audio and light indicators. It is easy to descale too due it s ergonomic design.
  • Price: This is a high end product with a great functionality priced at SAR 994. I would not suggest this unless you need the ironing on regular basis and a very stringent requirements with costly branded clothes on regular basis. Otherwise you could go with the before mentioned brands which are really good and affordable options.

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