Best Stand Mixer in Saudi Arabia

Looking for a perfect blender for your kitchen? But dont know what are the specifications to look for and which brands are good for you? You can relax up because you are here at the right place for all your questions. The best stand mixers in Saudi Arabia in price, functionality and design are here for you all in one place.

Quick List

Stand MixerBowl CapacityMotor PowerSpeed SettingsCheck Price
HYPER Stand Mixer
7L1200W6Price on
Moulinex Malfunctions Robot Compact
3.5L700W4 Price on
KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer
4.8L300W10 Price on
Black & Decker Stand Mixer
4L1000WVariable Speed Control
Price on
Kenwood Prospero Stand Mixer
4.3L900WVariable Speed Control Price on

Important Features to Consider

Here are some important features that you should consider before buying the best stand mixer in Saudi Arabia,


Usually, the size of a stand mixer is measured by the number of quarts that the bowl will hold which varies from 4.5 to 6 quarts, generally. However, the commercial ones are as high as 60 quarts, means about 8 cups of flour, can be mixed and beaten in a 4.5-quart mix.


Most standing mixers will come with a paddle, whisk, and dough hook attachments.

Paddle/Flat Beater: The flat beater attachment is for cake batter, cookie dough, and mashed potatoes.

Whisks: Also called a balloon whisk or wire whip, these attachments are useful for making whipped cream, frosting, and meringues.

Dough Hook: C-shaped or spiral, this attachment is used for bread and doughs that require kneading.

The design of the beaters also contributes to their overall performance. Old-style beaters were made with a thick post down the centre, while the best modern models usually feature two slender beaters of thin, stainless steel wire. The new design options work better and are easier to clean.


Power consumption is an important factor to take into consideration, especially for professional home bakers who get a lot of baking orders. Minimum power should be 175 watts for a hand mixer. However, you can find mixers with higher wattages reaching anywhere from 550 to 1000-watts. If you invest in a more powerful mixer, food preparation tasks such as kneading dough or mixing dense ingredients can be done in record time.

Speed Settings

Stand mixers offer up to 16 speeds, while hand mixers offer up to nine speeds. The slowest speed is essential for adding dry ingredients without creating a dust storm or splattering. Some hand mixers offer an ingenious “soft” or “slow start” feature in which the selected speed is gradually attained. For professional home bakers, the best stand mixer in Saudi Arabia would be the one with 12 to 16-speed settings. Nevertheless, a stand mixer with less than 8-speed settings is proper for domestic use. And those who bake occasionally should opt for a stand mixer with 6-speed settings.

Rank 1: HYPER Stand Mixer

Model No: JN1211

  • Weight & Capacity: The entire set of the mixer weighs about 7.68 Kg and the mixer has a power capacity of 1200W which is high and efficient for its holding capacity.
  • Steel Make: The bowl is made of Stainless steel with a capacity of 7L allowing you to make large amount of food at a single go. It is durable and sturdy and easy to clean
  • High Class Blending: It has 3 different blades to process different types of food quickly and efficiently. You can blend anything from coffee to making dough all you can do it using this mixer.
  • Speed Settings: With 6 speed settings and pulse you can adjust your blending speed according to your food type and texture required.
  • Best Design: The detachable blades, anti slip feet and space saving size makes it the best pick in the category. It also comes in multiple vibrant colors adding color and life to your kitchen top.
  • Attachments: Beater, Balloon Whisk, Dough Hook – all are detachable and washable.
  • Price: Of many reasons, price is another for it being on top. Its priced at SAR 566

Rank 2: Moulinex Malfunctions Robot Compact

Model No: QA200110

  • Pulse action: It has 4 speed settings with the pulse action for quick and hassle free blending of all types of food.
  • Capacity: With a mixing bowl of 3.5L you can easily make any kind of dish for a medium sized family without having to do multiple rounds.
  • Anti-Slip Feet: It has the anti slip suction cup feet to have a firm stand on your kitchen top. It can withstand the pressure and force during the blending.
  • Powerful Performance: It has 700W power of the motor which is quite powerful for the capacity it holds and hence has a very efficient blending in short time
  • Attachments: Stainless Steel Stranded Whip, Shredder/Slicer, Beater, Dough Hook
  • Price: SAR 649 . It is placed at a decent price for the offerings.

Rank 3: KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

Model No: 5KSM150PSBPT

  • Dimensions & Power: It comes with a mixing bowl of 4.8L and motor power of 300W. The dimensions of the mixer are 36 x 22 x 35cm.
  • Planetary Mixing: It has the patent planetary mixing technology with 10 speed direct drive motor making it the most efficient and high performance blender. It can handle both heavy and large quantities and at the same time also smaller batches with same efficiency and ease.
  • Ease of Use: The intuitive controls makes it easy for new cooks and give the power to the cook with convenience.
  • Retro & Classy: It comes in classy design with a retro look and also has an ergonomic handle. Pistachio is the most picked and the classiest color of the lot.
  • Attachments: Stainless Steel 6 wire whisk with aluminium head, Detachable one piece pouring shield, aluminium dough hook with nylon coating, aluminium flat beater with non stick Nylon coating and a multitude of optional attachments for your use.
  • Price: It is a high end stand mixer priced at SAR 4250 preferred generally by Chefs, experienced cooks and high lifestyle kitchens.

Rank 4: Black & Decker Stand Mixer

Model No: SM1000-B5

  • Mixing Bowl: It has large sized geared Automatic Rotating Mixing bowl with holding capacity of 4L to meet your all types of needs.
  • Minimalist Look: With simple design and white color it has a very minimalist look yet classy and trendy perfect to suit any kitchen top.
  • Performance: It has the planetary mixing action for the blades and has about 6 variable speed settings with a powerful motor of 1000W.
  • Splash Guard Equipped: It ensures splash free kitchen top and keeps your kitchen area perfectly clean without any spill.
  • Large Capacities: Allows upto 600 gms of dough mixing and 750 gms of pasta mixing which is perfect for a family of 4.
  • Low Noise Operation: It almost doesn’t make any noise giving you a peaceful cooking experience
  • Accessories: Transparent Bowl lid, Dough Hook, Beater and Whisk
  • Price: It is a budget choice with price of SAR 599.

Rank 5: Kenwood Prospero Stand Mixer

Model No: KM240

  • Safety Interlocking: It has the feature to interlock components to ensure safe blending and allows a perfect fit to your kitchen area.
  • Stainless Steel Make: Easy to use and clean with capacity of 4.3 L strong enough and ensures durability.
  • Robust Performance: Gives you end results never seen before with its motor of 900W and enabled with variable speed control with pulse function .
  • Capacities: It allows upto 1.6Kg of cake mixing, 500gm of dough making and 450gm of pastry flour and upto 8 egg whites.
  • Attachments: Dough Hook, K-Beater, Bowl Attachment outlet and all are dishwasher safe .
  • Price: This comes at a price of SAR 1600.


Are Stand Mixers Dishwasher safe?

Not the complete stand mixer is dishwasher safe. The bowl, coated flat beaters, and coated dough hook can be put in a dishwasher but the wire whips, dough hooks and beaters should be washed by hand. That too with hot water and dish soap. Moreover, they should be rinsed well and dried thoroughly to avoid smearing.

Do bowls of a Stand Mixer come microwave safe?

Yes. Stand mixer bowls are usually microwave safe. Still, to be on the safe side, you should always check for the “microwave-safe” tag on the appliance as most of the plastic models aren’t microwaveable.

How much does a stand mixer weigh?

A stand mixer normally weighs around 20 pounds. However, some may weight more or less than this. So, if you’re going to move the stand mixer all the time then it’s better to purchase a lighter one.

Are Stand Mixers useful for non-bakers?

Yes. Though baking is the primary use of a stand mixer, it can be used for various other kitchen tasks too. Attachments like the juicing attachments such as the citrus juicer and juicer accessory, chopper, pasta shaper, grinder, slicer, and grater are useful for a non-baker.

Cook with Ease and Love!

I hope this article was helpful for you to make a decision. The best stand mixer in Saudi Arabia should fit your needs and budget. Remember, that the best stand mixer in Saudi Arabia is not only for bakers but also for all those non-bakers who have a passion for cooking too. Consider reading the best dishwasher in Saudi Arabia to clean your dishes easily.

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