Best Skyland Treadmills in UAE

Due to the ongoing pandemic, hitting the gym regularly is still unsafe in UAE, however, if you have one of the best Skyland treadmills at home then you need not fear. Yes, you can still burn all those calories, get rid of belly fat and maintain a healthy weight by using a treadmill at home. Skyland treadmills have proved to be worth investing in since the year 2003. Exercise in the comfort of your own home without disturbing anybody and watch your weight reduce. You are just a step away from bringing one of the power-packed machines home.

Best Skyland Treadmills in UAE

Before proceeding to the best Skyland treadmills in UAE, here are a few things you should know about this brand. Skyland is well known as a trustworthy brand for its premier quality, high-end products in sports and fitness equipment. Besides treadmills, Skyland also excels in exercise bikes, dumbbell sets, weight plates and bars, utility benches, barbell sets, abs machines, rowing machines, punching bags, and other home gym equipment. We bet, you will be greatful to the Skyland brand when you experience amazing toning results. Without further ado, let’s proceed to the three best Skyland treadmills in UAE.

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Best Skyland Treadmills in UAE – Quick List

TreadmillMax. Weight CapacityFoldableSpeedCheck Price
Skyland Treadmill (2 HP)
100 KgsYesMinimum- 0.6 Km/hr
Maximum- 14 Km/hr
Price on
Skyland Treadmill (4 HP Peak)
110 KgsYesMinimum- 1 Km/hr
Maximum- 14 Km/hr
Price on
Skyland Treadmill (5.5 HP Peak)
130 KgsYes (Hydraulic soft drop system)Minimum- 1 Km/hr
Maximum- 18 Km/hr
Price on

Budget-friendly Option

Skyland (2 HP Motor) Treadmill

Model: EM-1270

Skyland Treadmill (2 HP Motor) in UAE EM-1270
  • Comfortable to Use: By possessing an ergonomic design and structure, this Skyland Cardio + Fitness treadmill is ideal for a daily workout. The non-slip grip handles are comfortable to hold with your palms. And also provides you stability while running.
  • Incredibly Sturdy: Due to the steel frame and multi-layer shield design, this treadmill is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting.
  • 5-inch LCD Blue Screen: As you workout, you can view your speed, time, distance, calories and heart rate on the 5-inch LCD blue screen.
  • Heart Rate Sensor: When you start to workout, simply place your palms on the handles of this treadmill. The heart rate sensor will detect your heart rate and you can view it on the LCD screen. Therefore, you get to know whether it is in the normal range or not.
  • On-console USB Port: Charging your device is possible through the on-console USB port.
  • Powerful and Ultra-quiet Motor: This treadmill features a 2 HP motor that is not only ultra-quiet but is also powerful. Therefore, it is ideal for home as well as office use due to its disturbance-free functioning. Without causing disturbance to any of your family members or colleagues, you can walk or run on this treadmill at any time you want.
  • 12 Preset Programs: To enhance your workout and make it more challenging, it comes with 12 preset programs to offer you. Simply select the program button and then select the program (p1-p12) you wish to use.
  • Mobile/Tablet Holder: You don’t need to get off the treadmill to fetch your smartphone or tablet as this treadmill comes along with a mobile/tablet holder. So, you have your phone right infront of you.

Additional Features of Skyland (2 HP motor) Treadmill

  • Easy Transportation: All thanks to the 2 wheels attached to this treadmill, moving this treadmill is hassle-free.
  • Foldable: Through the knob, you can fold and unfold this treadmill and store it wherever you want to after you finish with your workout.
  • Easy to Install: You can install this treadmill all by yourself without professional assistance. Simply read through the user manual provided to you and follow the instructions while performing the installation.
  • Price: Bring home the Skyland treadmill (2 HP motor) for an estimated cost of AED 1,100.


Maximum User Weight Capacity100 Kgs
Speed0.6-14 Kms/hr
Running Surface Area1200 mm x 420 mm
Motor2 HP
Number of Programs12

Mid-Range Option

Skyland (4 HP Peak Motor) Treadmill

Model: EM-1261

Skyland Treadmill in UAE - 4 HP Peak Motor
  • 5-inches LCD Display: View your speed, time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate on the LCD display as you workout.
  • Convenient Buttons: The buttons to control the speed (increase/decrease) and the inclination (up/down) are conveniently placed on the right and left handles (handrails) of this treadmill respectively. So, you won’t have to pause your workout and neither do you need to get off the treadmill.
  • Hydraulic Unfold Assist: This is one of the most convenient features a treadmill could have as it makes folding and unfolding the treadmill totally effortless and stress-free. Neither will it strain your back, nor your neck and knees.
  • Heart Rate Sensor: The heart rate sensor is placed in the handrail (handles) of this treadmill, so when you grab the handles while exercising, it tracks your heart rate.
  • Safety Manual Lock: A safety manual lock and key provides you with an emergency stop feature. Once the remove the key out of its place, this treadmill stops immediately.
  • Cup Holder: 2 cup holders are built-in on this treadmill. These are right infront of you, so you can keep water or coffee in your cup and place it on the cup holder. Sip in water and stay hydrated. If not, juice, or coffee, anything you want to.

Additional Features of Skyland Treadmill EM-1261

  • Multi-function Design: You can walk, run, and jog on this treadmill with ease. Also, it comes with a massager to offer you several benefits. Sit ups is another thing you can use this treadmill for.
  • Easy to Move and Store: The wheels facilitate easy movement and storage. So, you won’t stress any of your body parts.
  • Price: Skyland 4 HP Peak Treadmill is available for an estimated cost of AED 1,600.
Skyland Treadmill EM-1261


Maximum User Weight Capacity110 Kgs
Speed1-14 Km/hr
Running Surface Area1250 x 420 mm
Motor Power4 HP Peak
InclineAutomatic Incline up to 12%
Number of Programs12

High-end, Advanced Option

Skyland Treadmill with Bluetooth Speaker and Massager (5.5 HP Peak Motor)

Model: EM-1276

One of the Best Skyland Treadmills in UAE - Skyland 5.5 HP Peak Treadmill EM-1276
  • Specialized Friction Coating: In order to ensure slip resistance, the running surface of the treadmill features a specialized friction coating. Experience a high-intensity workout session without any hassle.
  • Enhanced Audio Clarity: To make your workout less boring and more fun and exciting, the built-in music player along with the speakers play a big role. You can listen to music while working out as the built-in music player and speakers deliver enhanced audio clarity.
  • Accurate Incline Position: This treadmill is creatively designed with a 15-grade motor (electric ascension), it lifts the platform thereby offering an accurate incline position.
  • Hydraulic Soft drop System: To facilitate easy folding and unfolding of the treadmill, the hydraulic soft drop system plays a big role. Hence, you can fold the treadmill and keep it aside after you’re done working out. Thus, helping to save space in your office or home.
  • Superior Low-Noise Performance: Equipped with a 5.5 HP peak DC motor, this treadmill offers superior low-noise performance. Therefore, you can workout as and when you want to without disturbing anybody.
  • Wide Running Surface: A big thanks to this treadmill’s wide running surface, you can enjoy a full range of motion with a maximum running speed.
  • 18 Programs: Featuring multiple programs (total 18 programs) to make your workout challenging. So, you won’t have to stick to the same type of exercise/workout. You can choose from these 18 programs to suit your preference and personalize your running, jogging routine and more.

Additional Features of Skyland Treadmill EM-1276

  • Heart Rate System: The front crossbar handle has a heart rate sensor that keeps a track of your heart rate. Therefore, you get to know whether it is in the normal range or not.
  • Easy to Move: Since this treadmill has wheels, you can easily move the treadmill around the area without lifting it.
  • Console: As you workout, the treadmill tracks your heart rate, speed, distance, time, calories burned and more such details through the console.
  • Price: Say goodbye to the gym and bring home this Skyland treadmill for a price of around AED 2,500.
Skyland Treadmill in UAE EM-1276


Maximum User Weight Capacity130 Kgs
Maximum Speed1-18 Km/hr
Running Surface Area136 x 52 cms
Motor5.5 HP Peak DC Motor
FoldableYes (Hydraulic soft drop system)
InclineAuto incline (0-15%)
Number of Programs18

Building a Healthy Body Never Goes Out of Fashion!

With these power-packed Skyland treadmills in UAE, we come to the end of this article and we really hope you were able to select the best one for you. If you are still confused about which one to opt for, then read through the features once again. See which one fits your requirements better and then make your decision. A piece of advice, if anybody else besides you will be using the treadmill then pay close attention to the weight capacity of the treadmill. Also, you may need only the basic functionalities, whereas the other person might desire advanced functionalities and programs. Hence, don’t compromise on the features to save costs. Purchase a treadmill that you will be able to use for several years to come. Happy exercising. Lastly, you may also want to take a look at the best high-end treadmill in UAE.

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