Best Samsung Washing Machine in UAE

The best Samsung washing machine in UAE adds more efficiency to your washing experience. Samsung is universally known for offering more love and comfort with its front load and top load variants. Firstly, the front-load washers are a power pack of innovations to make washing smarter, easier and faster. Additionally, they have a sleek design. Therefore they save space while stacked with your dryer. On the other hand, the top loaders feature meaningful innovations and contemporary design. Hence, making them highly efficient.

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samsung washing machine in UAE

Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate. It is headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Further, coming to the history of Samsung. It was founded by Lee Byung Chull as a grocery trading store on 1st March 1938. Later, Lee Byung Chull expanded his business to other categories and excelled in electronics. Also, Samsung being the largest subsidiary produces a huge range of consumer electronic products. These electronic products include a wide range of home appliances such as washing machines. Besides these, Samsung offers TVs, ACs, tablets, smartwatches, home theatres, and security monitoring systems too. Here, in this article, we are focussing only on Samsung washing machines. Without further ado, explore the best Samsung washing machine in UAE. I’m sure you won’t regret.

Best Samsung Front Load Washing Machines

Samsung’s slogan “Imagine the amazing things we can build” is pretty awesome and holds true. Therefore, let’s head down to some of the best washing machines in store for you. Also, select one depending upon your family size, requirements and budget. I have broadly classified the two categories of washing machines Front Load and Top Load below. Firstly, let’s check out the best front loading washing machines. The ones mentioned below are the best-recommended options for a small, mid-size, and large family respectively. Thus, ensure you check all of them for a better idea and for making the best decision.

For Small Family

Here lies an ideal Samsung washing machine option for a small family in UAE consisting of 2-3 members.

Samsung 7Kg Front Load Washing Machine

Model: WW70J4373MA
Washing Machine Type: Front Load

  • Eco Bubble Technology: Due to the eco bubble technology. It’s possible to save huge amount of energy by washing large loads at lower temperatures.
  • Removes Dirt Easily: Through the eco bubble technology, the bubbles activate the detergent. This, therefore, quickly penetrates the fabric in turn and eliminates the dirt easily. The best part is that it can do so even in cold water (15 degrees Celcius).
  • Intensive Stain Removal: Since the clothes are thoroughly soaked in bubbles, the stains loosen up from the clothes. With the touch of a button, the Bubble soak technology thus removes a variety of stubborn stains effectively. Therefore, you can save time and effort.
  • Elegant Design: Transparent Crystal Gloss Door offers an elegant and aesthetically pleasant look. Hence, this washing machine will blend seamlessly into any modern home.
  • Easy Trouble-Shooting: Firstly, Smart check automatic error-monitoring system is well known for detecting and diagnosing problems. Besides this, it provides easy troubleshooting solutions through a Smartphone App. Thus, it saves you time and avoids spending on engineer callouts.
  • Chemical-Free Drum Sanitization: For ultimate convenience, Eco Drum Clean technology keeps your front load washer fresh. Moreover, it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals while doing so. Furthermore, it can notify you automatically when it requires cleaning.
  • Quick Wash Programme: Additionally, this quick wash programme is a perfect solution to your hectic schedule. The reason is that it cleans lightly soiled clothes quickly and efficiently, thus saving you time and effort.
  • Diamond Drum: The Diamond Drum has a unique soft curl design with smooth, diamond shape ridges. It is therefore supremely gentle on your clothes because of this design. Hence, it is also known for providing gentle fabric care.
  • Not Ideal for Mid-size & Large Families: Although this power-packed washing machine contains all the features. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for mid-size and large families. This is due to its 7Kg capacity which is ideal only for small families consisting of 2 to 3 members.
  • Price: Samsung 7Kg front load washing machine is available approximately for AED 1,171.

The specifications are as follows:

Capacity7 Kg
Spin Speed1200 rpm
Dimensions (W x H x D) cm60 x 85 x 55
Loading TypeFront Load

For Mid-size Family

With a capacity of 8Kg, this washing machine is the best option for a family of 4.

Samsung 8Kg Front Load Washing Machine

Model: WW80J4260GS
Washing Machine Type: Front Load

  • Bubble Soak Technology: The Bubble soak technology provides intensive stain removal. It, therefore, eliminates a variety of stubborn stains with the touch of a button. The stains loosen up when the clothes are thoroughly soaked in bubbles. They are therefore removed effectively.
  • Quick Wash Function: Be it mud stains or pickle stains. This 8Kg washing machine gets rid of stubborn stains easily and effectively. Moreover, it does this job within 15 minutes only. Hence, the quick wash function is a great solution to your busy schedule.
  • Last Memory Feature: It ensures that you don’t have to change the settings if you’re going to wash one load after the other. This is because it restores the last setting. Hence ensuring convenience.
  • Diamond Drum: Now, you don’t have to worry about damaging your clothes in the wash process. The diamond drum technology enables washing all your clothes whether it’s daily wear, sports or party wear. Since it features a unique soft curl design with smooth, diamond shapes ridges.
  • Digital Inverter: Firstly, experience superior, long-lasting performance with minimal noise. All thanks to the digital inverter feature of this washing machine.
  • Volt Control: Now, you don’t have to worry about the frequent voltage fluctuations or power cuts. This is because the volt control feature stabilises fluctuations of up to 25%. Also, it automatically restarts the machine after a power outage.
  • Ceramic Heater: The ceramic heater prevents calcium compound build-up and heats up quickly. Hence making it energy efficient.
  • Eco Bubble Technology: The detergent you use in the washing process turns into bubbles and penetrates faster. Therefore, all thanks to the Eco Bubble Technology. Also, it enables the detergent to penetrate evenly throughout the wash load.
  • Stainless Steel: You need to be extra cautious with this appliance. Since this washing machine is made of stainless steel material. Thus, it’s a magnet for dust, dirt and smudges.
  • Price: Samsung 8Kg front load washing machine is available for around AED 1,400.

The specifications are as follows:

Capacity8 Kg
Spin Speed1400 rpm
Dimensions (W x H x D) cm 60 x 85 x 55
Load TypeFront Loading

For Large Family

The best and the most ideal option is here for all the large families. Its large capacity of 11.5 Kg makes it the perfect choice for heavy-duty washing of clothes.

Samsung 11.5 Kg Front Load Washing Machine

Model: WW11K8412OW/GU
Washing Machine Type: Front Load

  • Add Wash Feature: Forgot a shirt or jeans? Well, add wash feature lets you simply and quickly add forgotten clothes after the cycle has started. Besides this, it enables you to pop in hand-washed clothes that you just want to rinse or spin dry.
  • Smart Control: This feature lets you remotely monitor and control the washing process using a Smartphone App. Whether you’re inside or outside the house, instantly starting/pausing it is easy. Also, it enables you to monitor cycle selections, the time left and the finishing alerts.
  • Speed Spray Function: Speed spray function can complete your washing process in 59 minutes only. Firstly, it enables rinsing the clothes more powerfully. Secondly, it accelerates the spin speed to complete the washing in just 59 minutes.
  • Digital Inverter Motor: It delivers superior energy and long-lasting performance. Also, it offers a quick and efficient cleaning performance every single time.
  • Less Noise: This washing machine makes very little noise during operation. You can, therefore, wash your clothes peacefully, without disturbing anybody.
  • Eco Bubble Technology: This technology quickly penetrates the fabric for the purpose of removing the dust and dirt. At the same time, it keeps your clothes safe.
  • Add Wash Functionality: The innovative function lets you pop in your hand-washed clothes during the middle of the cycle. Hence, very advantageous as you can always add your T-shirt or pair of jeans if you’ve forgotten to do so.
  • Bubble Soak Technology: It thoroughly soaks the clothes in bubbles during the wash process. Which in turn helps in the elimination of a variety of stubborn stains.
  • Designed for Perfection: A complete package offering you both functionality and design. It’s constructed using high-quality metal, therefore, ensuring its long term use.
  • Large Capacity: With a washing capacity of 11.5 Kg. This washing machine is a perfect choice for families comprising of 4 or more members. Also, it’s the best Samsung washing machine in UAE useful for washing bulky items.
  • Price: Samsung 11.5 Kg washing machine is available for around AED 4,300.

The specifications are as follows:

Capacity11.5 Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) cm60 x 85 x 60
Spin Speed1400 rpm
Loading TypeFront Load

High-End Option

Samsung 9Kg Front Load Washing Machine

Model: WW90M64FOPO/GU
Washing Machine Type: Front Load

  • Quick Drive Technology: Also known as “half time washing”. This technology reduces washing time by up to 50%. Additionally, it reduces the use of energy by up to 20%, without compromising on the cleaning performance.
  • Eco Drum Clean+: It cleans the inside of your washing machine and eliminates 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria. Moreover, it does so without using any harsh chemicals. Additionally, the frictional force of a powerful water jet. And fast-spinning also removes dirt from the rubber door gasket. Furthermore, it notifies you when it needs cleaning.
  • Q-Drum: Unique Q-Drum technology has the “main drum” and a ‘backplate” that rotate independently. Hence ensuring the dynamic movement of clothes. Besides this, it ensures that the clothes are washed quickly, gently and efficiently.
  • Add Wash Door: Did you forget to add a shirt or a pair of jeans? But realized it after the wash cycle has already started? No worries, although the wash cycle has already started. Since the add wash door lets you quickly add forgotten clothes. Additionally, this feature enables you to pop in hand-washed clothes that you just want to rinse or spin dry.
  • Super Speed Wash in 39 Minutes: Superspeed feature completes your daily wash in only 39 minutes. It works along with the Quick Drive feature and the Eco Bubble Technology. Quick Drive feature saves time by moving clothes dynamically. On the other hand, Eco Bubble technology ensures powerful cleaning.
  • Less Rinsing Time: The rinsing time is shortened using a Speed Spray and Swirl + Pattern. Also, the acceleration of the spin speed contributes to this.
  • Intensive Stain Removal: The Bubble Soak Technology removes a wide variety of stubborn stains with one touch. Since the clothes are soaked in active bubbles, all the dirt and stains are loosened. Thus enabling the removal of these stains much effectively and quickly.
  • Hygienic: A powerful Hygenic steam cycle releases steam from the bottom of the drum. Thus, every item in the load is thoroughly saturated. Further, this removes ingrained dirt and 99.9% of bacteria and inactive allergens.
  • Silent: Digital Inverter Technology utilizes strong magnets. This contributes to silent & more powerful performance.
  • Less Energy Consumption: Also, it consumes less energy than a universal motor.
  • Durability: It provides outstanding durability, by eliminating the use of brushes.
  • Price: Samsung 9Kg front load washing machine is available for around AED 3,150.

The specifications are as follows:

Capacity9 Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D)60 x 85 x 60
Spin Speed1400 rpm
Loading TypeFront Loading

Best Samsung Top Load Washing Machines

Below lie the Samsung Top Loaded washing machines with advanced technologies. Top loading washing machines are an ideal option for aged buyers and those with joint problems. They’re a smart choice for your daily washing chores. Top load makes it the best Samsung washing machine in UAE when the area is small. Since they don’t swing or open the way front loading washing machines do.

For Small Family

Samsung 10 Kg Top Load Washing Machine

Model: WA10J5730SS-GU
Washing Machine Type: Top Load

  • Wobble Technology: This technology gently cleans the clothes without creating any tangles.
  • Magic Dispenser: It has a magic dispenser that dissolves the detergent and disperses it evenly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about detergent being left on your clothes.
  • Powerful Motor: This ensures the removal of tough stains and rinses thoroughly.
  • Digital Inverter Technology: The technology ensures less consumption of energy, making it highly energy efficient.
  • Dual Cluster Control Panel: The dual cluster control panel features control buttons with optimal space between each one. Thus, making it easy to operate.
  • Capacity: A washing capacity of 10Kg is capable of washing plenty of clothes in one go.
  • Scratch-resistant transparent glass door enables you to keep an eye on the ongoing wash process.
  • Price: Samsung 10 Kg Top Load Washing Machine is available for around AED 1,250.

The specifications are as follows:

Capacity10 Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) cm61 x 110 x 67
Load TypeTop Loading

For Mid-size Family

Samsung 12 Kg Top Load Washing Machine

Model: WA12J6750SP-GU
Washing Machine Type: Top Load

  • Active Dual Wash Function: Keep unwelcomed speckles off your laundry with this powerful feature.
  • Magic Filter: An innovative magic filter successfully collects all the dust and dirt from your clothes. This ensures top-class cleaning. Additionally, it prevents the drain from getting clogged up. This saves you the hassle of cleaning it now and then.
  • Innovative Wobble Technology: The technology produces a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow for keeping the clothes tangle-free.
  • Eco Tub Clean Technology: It performs the perfect job of keeping your washing machine clean. That too without using any harsh chemicals.
  • Magic Dispenser Functionality: It dissolves both liquid and powder detergent. Secondly, it spreads it evenly before the wash cycle starts.
  • Built-in Sink: Very beneficial in preheating heavily soiled clothes and hand washing delicate items.
  • Water Jet Functionality: This functionality starts and stops at the push of a button. Hence saving you the trouble of getting water from another source.
  • Dual Control Panel Design: It provides ease of use due to its strategically placed control buttons.
  • Price: Samsung 12kg Top Load washing machines are available for around AED 1,900.

The specifications are as follows:

Capacity12 Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) cm 63 x 110 x 63 cm
Load TypeTop Loading

For Large Family

Samsung 18 Kg Top Load Washing Machine

Model: WA18M8700GV
Washing Machine Type: Top Load

  • LED Touch Controls: Since the LED touch controls are located in the middle of the door. It’s easy to use as you don’t have to bend or stretch over the top to reach the controls.
  • Active Dual Wash: This includes a built-in sink and a powerful water jet. Providing a one-stop solution to pre-treat stains and hand wash the delicate items.
  • Vibration Reduction Technology: VRT technology reduces noise and vibration during the wash process. Moreover, it keeps the tub balanced even at high spin speeds, regardless of the load size. As a result, there’s very less disturbance.
  • Large Capacity: A large capacity of 18Kg indicates a washing load with more clothes at one go. Hence, it enables you to quickly wash more laundry at a time.
  • Magic Filter: The magic filter effectively traps the lint, fluff and particles that come out of your clothes.
  • Optimal Temperature Control: It helps in removing dirt and stains effectively. Sweat marks and soiling can be cleaned at 40 degrees Celcius. On the other hand, oil stains and other stubborn stains can be removed at 60 degrees Celcius.
  • Digital Inverter Technology: This technology delivers superior energy efficiency, minimal noise and long-lasting performance. Additionally, it utilises strong magnets for more powerful performance and provides outstanding durability.
  • Eco Tub Clean Cycle: This cycle keeps your top load washer fresh. Moreover, it does so without the use of any harsh chemicals. It makes use of a combination of soaking, pulsating and high spinning speed. Furthermore, it sends reminders to clean the tub every 20 wash cycles.
  • Smart Check: It’s an automatic error-monitoring system that detects and diagnoses problems. Besides this, it provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions through a smartphone App.
  • Price: Samsung 18 Kg Top Load washing machine is available for around AED 3,800.

Samsung: A Tradition of Quality Cleaning

Well!! Well. Samsung has come up with a lot of innovative features and functionalities. They are striving every single day to come with something impressive. Their slogan “Imagine the things we can build “stands true. Moreover, the specially designed washing machines depending upon the family size is much appreciated. Go ahead and purchase the best Samsung washing machine in UAE as per your family size, requirements and budget. Welcome to the Samsung family. For more detailed information, read the best washing machines in UAE. Also, consider reading the tips to prevent the washing machine from damaging your clothes. This useful detailed information will help you in using the washing machine in the right way.

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