Best Power Bank in Saudi Arabia

Looking for good power banks ? This article provides the best power bank options available in Saudi Arabia. Everything from capacity, charging ports to the safety options is explained in detail for you here. Know your device before your purchase. The best brands, the prices, the specifications of best power banks in Saudi Arabia are all there in this article.

Quick List

Power BankBatteryWeightCheck Price
Anker PowerCore 10000 mAh181 gmsBuy on
Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank 20000 mAh420 gmsBuy on
Huawei Powerbank 13000 mAh 400 gmsBuy on
Samsung Fast Charge Power Bank 10000 mAh 220 gmsBuy on
ROMOSS Portable Charger 10000 mAh 249 gmsBuy on
GOUI MBaLa Qi 3 in 1 Power Bank 8000 mAh368 gmsBuy on

Power Bank – Important Specifications to Consider

Before we jump into the list of the best power banks in Saudi Arabia, let’s go through the features that you need to consider before buying one.

Dimensions & Weight

The next specification is the dimensions (size) and weight of the power bank. A power bank is ideal when it is compact in size and also when it features a powerful charging capacity. For sure, I know that nobody wants to carry a heavy power bank along with them. Situations such as while travelling or when you have many things to take care of. Usually, people put their power bank in their backpack on a vacation. Many times people are seen carrying it in their pocket. Therefore always check for the dimensions and the weight before purchasing a power bank.


Capacity is the most important specifications of a power bank. This is because capacity is the key indicator of the amount of power with which your portable power bank can charge your devices. It also tells how often you need to charge it. The capacity of the power bank is measured in milliamp-hour (mAh). A good power bank comes with a capacity ranging from 6000mAh to 15,000mAh. Now, if a smartphone’s battery is 5000 mAh it means that the battery can supply 5000 milliamps of electric power in an hour and hence if the circuit consumes 1000 mAh, this means the phone battery will last for 5 hours that too at its best performance.

So, higher capacity means more power to charge all your devices and also means that it can be used multiple times. Normally, 3 or 4 times before you recharge it. Further, power banks that have 2 ports can charge 2 devices at the same time. But there are also a lot of external factors that affect the life of the battery which are voltage and circuit resistance.

Hence, take a proper decision whether you require the power bank daily. Or, just once a week or only for emergency back up. Besides this, ask yourself if you need the power bank for charging only 1 device or more.

Number of Ports

Now let us discuss another important specification which is the number of ports in a power bank. The number of devices that the power bank can charge at the same time depends upon the number of ports it has. Most of the latest power banks have 2 output USB ports. But, some have just 1 port.

This means that if you want to charge 2 devices together, then you need a power bank with 2 ports. There are some power banks that can also charge 3 devices simultaneously. Since you can charge 2 devices by connecting it to both the ports of the power bank. This is possible with the USB Type C cable (wired connection).

Note that not all USB ports are always the same. They can have different values of power. An example is 5V can be one of these i.e 1A, 1.2A, 2A or 2.4A where “A” stands for Amperes. Higher the “A” value of your power bank, the faster the charging of your device. Therefore, before purchasing the best power bank in Saudi Arabia, make sure that it is compatible with the requirements needed for charging your device.

Quick Charging

Quick Charging (QC) is another specification to consider. This term means that the power bank can charge your devices at a quick pace. Such a high pace that it charges your devices while you take a shower. Or, by the time you are done with your meal. Fast charging makes use of the maximum wattage which is in the internal circuitry. This is done by adjusting the amperage and voltage to an extent supported by the technology.

Nevertheless, the battery life may shorten if this entire process is not well planned. The reason is the production of excess heat. Besides, when the battery is almost dead it is the most beneficial. It is also beneficial when you need to charge a part of it to keep it lasting for a little longer.

Best Power Banks in Saudi Arabia

You are all set to choose the right power bank that can suit all your needs. Let’s have a look at the best power banks in Saudi Arabia.

Rank 1: Anker PowerCore

  • Faster Charging: Anker Power core is equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 of 24 W along with PowerIQ and Voltage Boost Technology delivering fastest charging to any USB device. It has capacity of 10000 mAh.
  • Ultra Capacity: It can provides 3.3 iPhone 7 Charges, 2.3 charges of iPhone 7 Plus, 2.5 charges of Samsung S6 and 2.5 charges of iPad Mini 3.
  • Advanced Safety: The power bank provides maximum protection from over heat through its patented heat protection technology.
  • Pocket Friendly: It is very small and fit your purse simply and weighs only 181 gms.
  • Price: This piece costs just SAR 149

Rank 2: Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank

  • Two Way Charging: Xiaomi Redmi Power bank comes with Two USB ports for faster and quicker charging to two devices simultaneously. One is micro USB and other is Type C to allow variety of devices to charge up.
  • High Density Batteries: It is made of Lithium ion Polymer batteries compatible for usage with smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and handheld gaming devices.
  • Large Capacity: This offers the highest battery charging capacity of 20000 mAh of all the best options in this article. Thus ensures a large number of devices and quick charging to you. This weighs 420 gms which is slightly bulky but cant help because of the high capacity offering.
  • Price: This is the cheap and best option available with highest capacity offering. It cost just SAR 99.

Rank 3: Huawei Power bank

  • Dual USB: Huwaei Powerbank has the dual USB ports enabling two devices to be charged simultaneously.
  • Safety: The over heat protection, over charging and over discharge protection system is in built protecting the power bank and your devices from any damage. Its perfectly safe to use.
  • Capacity: It offers the decent offering of 13000 mAh which charges your device up to 6 times with a full charge of power bank. It is bulky for the capacity weighing 400 gms.
  • Metallic Body: The metallic finish in colors like gold, grey and silver is a huge attraction. They look stunning.
  • Price: This would cost you SAR 85 which is good price with the 6 month warranty.

Rank 4: Samsung Fast Charge Power Bank

  • Higher Capacity: This has the capacity of 10000 mAh and takes precisely 220 minutes to fully charge using the fast recharging mode. It also charges up your device very quickly and efficiently with the two USB ports it possess.
  • Sleek Design: The slim, sleek ergonomic design is suitable for you and weighs just 220 gms which is a advantage for this device compared to others which offer almost the same capacity.
  • OCP Functionality: Over Charging Protection is take care by the Samsung Power bank and lets you charge up your devices hassle free.
  • Price: This falls in same price range at SAR 85.

Rank 5: ROMOSS Portable Charger

  • Chargeable Capacity: ROMOSS offers huge capacity of 10000 mAh which can charge an iPhone or Samsung device up to 2.3 times full charge.
  • Dual Input: Lightning cable 5V 2.1A or Micro USB cable 5V 2.1A to give a full-charge within 6 hours . You will have to purchaser the lightening cable separately.
  • Automatic Voltage Detection: This has the capability to detect the voltage and current of the devices and charge up according in most efficient manner to two device simultaneously.
  • Longest Warranty: This offers 12 month warranty which is very long of all the best options available so you understand the quality its providing.
  • Price: Cheapest of all priced at SAR 62

Rank 6: GOUI MBaLa Qi 3 in 1 Power Bank

  • Low Capacity: This offers comparatively lower capacity of all options of just 8000 mAh and is bulky for the capacity offered weighing 368 gms, so you choose this option only if you need 3 charging ports otherwise go for the previous options.
  • Three ports: The special feature of this device is that it has not 2 but 3 charging ports which enables you to charge up all your devices at a single go useful especially when you are travelling.
  • Quick Charging: The power bank is equipped with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 hence charges up your devices instantly. It precisely takes 35 minutes to charge up the device totally.
  • Wireless Charging: The attractive feature of this is the wireless charging where you can charge up the device wireless from a certain distance without the use of cable. This is possible due to the possession of Qi Technology which allows the quick wireless power transfer.
  • Price: This would cost you just SAR 108

Additional Utilities Included with Power Bank

Read through the additional utilities that are included along with the best power bank in Saudi Arabia.

Speaker and Radio

There are certain power banks available which feature a built-in radio that offers you up to 24 hours of playtime. Besides this, there are some power banks that have a speaker on one end controlled by Bluetooth. The function of this speaker is to amplify the sound. It is enough for a small group of people who want to listen to what is playing on the phone.

Torch light

Nowadays, many power banks come with a built-in torchlight which is very handy. These types of power banks also play the role of a mini torch or emergency light. Amazing right?

Wireless charger

Well, wireless charging works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Coils of wire in the charging plate (base station) create a magnetic field where the current passes through. The magnetic field that is produced leads to an electric current without touching it in an adjacent coil of wire.

FAQs on Power Bank

How many devices is the power bank capable of charging simultaneously?

Usually, power banks are capable of charging 2 devices simultaneously. But, some of the power banks have got only 1 port. This means that they can charge only one device at a time. Note that the number of ports in a power bank tells you how many devices it can charge simultaneously.

In addition to this, there are certain power banks that can charge 3 devices at the same time. To a power bank like this, simply connect 2 devices with your USB Type C cable. You can charge the 3rd device wirelessly. Keep in mind all your requirements and then purchase the power bank.

Does a phone take longer to charge through a Power Bank?

No, normally it doesn’t take longer. However, if you want to charge your phone fully from the power bank, it requires more time and more effort to fill the last 10% or 20% of space. Therefore, stop using the power bank when a device is charged to around 80% to 90% to avoid wasting energy.

How will I come to know if my power bank is fully charged or not?

A power bank has small LED light indicators which give information about its various states. Mostly, a power bank features 4 small LED light indicators that are blue in colour. On connecting the power bank to a socket, you will notice that one of the LED lights start blinking. This blinking tells you that your power bank is getting charged. Each LED light indicate a quarter of charging state. First light blinks in the stage of 0-25%, Second one for 25-50% and similarly the others. All 4 LEDs stay lit steadily means that the power bank is fully charged and should be immediately disconnected from the power source.

Why aren’t power banks permitted in a flight?

Airlines don’t allow power banks in the cargo luggage for safety purpose. This is because power banks are batteries which make use of lithium cells. These are prone to combust i.e catch fire and destroy. Hence, as a part of air transport regulations, power banks are prohibited for cargo transport.

Keep your Devices Charged

Now that you’ve seen the functions and importance of the best power bank in Saudi Arabia, I believe you can purchase a power bank that is durable, high quality, and lightweight. It is better to purchase a power bank of capacity ranging between 10,000mAh and 16,000mAh.

Additionally, don’t drop your power bank down. Be careful not to drop it on the road, floor or any hard surface. Make sure you handle it with care. Doing this will help you charge your devices easily wherever you go. Since the iPhone 12 is launched, consider taking a look at this complete review for Saudi Arabia. Also, consider reading about the best WiFi Extender in Saudi Arabia. If you face WiFi dead zones in your office or your home you need a WiFi extender. Check out the article for all the information you need.

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