Best Posture Corrector in Saudi Arabia

The current era has made us glue to computer screens and phones for long durations. Over the period this has an unrecoverable impact on the body especially to the back posture. Looking to the screen leaning for longer duration would lead to hunch backs, back pains etc. All of us need a posture corrector to keep it right and create a muscle memory to the back . This article discusses everything about posture corrector, the right brands for you and what to look for in a posture corrector. The best posture correctors are picked for you and explained in detail.

Quick List

Posture CorrectorFeaturesCheck Price
Honorall Posture Corrector Unisex and 3 sizes M, L & XL ; Adjustable Belts with soft cushionPrice on
Bestmaple Back Shoulder Posture Correction Unisex ; adjustable belts ; minimal design; Nylon Straps Price on
Brace Support Belt Adjustable Back Posture Corrector Unisex and Universal Size; Easy to Wear Price on
Lixada Magnetic Therapy Posture Corrector  Adjustable Adhesive Straps with removal shoulder pads made of nylon and polyster Price on

Rounded Shoulders: Why is it a Problem?

The rounded shoulder is a common problem seen in many of the individuals these days. Let’s discuss what is rounded shoulders for a better idea. It is a posture in which the positioning of the shoulders is more forward than normal or say it is a term for describing a resting shoulder position. Also, such people depict a forward head position. Rounded shoulders should not be taken lightly. Because apart from the visual element, it has adverse effects on your body. Furthermore, it worsens with age that leads to chronic pains or worse Thoracic Kyphosis.

According to research slouching forward in combination with rounded shoulders is extremely dangerous. It increases the weight of the head on the neck by as much as 30% which leads to enormous stress on the neck as well as the shoulders. It reduces the shoulder range of motion, causes pain, and numbness. Besides, it leads to loss of function of the upper body. Rounded shoulders obstruct the normal functionality of the muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. The back, neck and shoulder muscles are responsible for the body’s posture. They are responsible for controlling the way the body maintains its posture throughout the day. Therefore, rounded shoulders posture is a major problem that you can’t ignore as it leads to severe backache.

Types of Posture Corrector Available

Let’s look at the two types of posture corrector before jumping into the best posture correctors in Saudi Arabia. This will give you a clearer and better understanding.

Shoulder Belt only

This posture corrector comes with only a shoulder belt which is not too bulky and it fits under your clothes easily without being too noticeable. It has a wider span of material between the shoulder blades which, in turn, distributes better pressure. Because of the Velcro straps, adjusting the positioning and tension of the brace is easy. Plus, it is available in regular and extra-large size to fit different size frames. Moreover, it’s easy to conceal this posture corrector on the back because of its slim-fit design. Some people did complain about the straps rubbing the skin under the arms. But this is seen quite rarely and if this occurs with you then you can adjust the fit of the brace. Or you can add cushion to protect the skin.

Shoulder Belt with Back Brace

A shoulder belt with a back brace provides relief from back pain and helps in proper alignment of the spine. This braces gently pulls your shoulders back for better alignment which relives back muscles. Besides, the lower back brace offers support for relieving pain. Moreover, back braces are available in a wide range of sizes from XS to XL. It’s easy to find the right one since the brace is in combination with the adjustable straps. This combination makes it comfortable as well as beneficial for your posture.

Now let’s have a look at the best Posture correctors in Saudi Arabia

Rank 1: Honorall Posture Corrector

  • Benefits: Honorall posture corrector stabilizes and supports your shoulder , back and chest with the posture corrector support. It treats bad postures, back pains, hunchback and any pains. It corrects you posture in 3 weeks. The lower waist belt supports your waistline and lifts up the body in case of pull down of any parts.
  • Easy to wear: You can wear anywhere be it home, office, outings, even in cars. The adjustable belts allow it to be wearable to any waistline easily. It comes in 3 sizes M, L and XL , you can choose according to your body size.
  • Design: The belt is made of premium soft cushioning with a cross design. They come with the adjustable belts for added convenience. It is totally washable.
  • Price: This piece costs you SAR 76

Rank 2: Bestmaple Back Shoulder Posture Correction

  • Minimal Design: The bestmaple posture corrector daunts a very minimalist deign yet comfortable serving your posture correcting needs to on the point. The Nylon Velcron straps with embedded plastic hook gives you perfect fitting. The adjustable belt lets you adjust according to your individual waistline. You can wear under a jacket and non one would ever know it even.
  • Benefits: The posture correcting is the main function keep you in a healthy position and removing any kind of fatigue. It is useful for treating neck and back pains and even in alleviating the neck.
  • Usage: You could simply set it up in 4 simple steps and need to use it for 20-30 minutes in a day to get the correct posture. It naturally lifts the shoulder , neck area and keeps your back right and healthy. Regular usage will develop the muscle memory thus keeping the posture correct even without usage after few days.
  • Adjustability: Suitable for bust 70-120cm/27.56”-47.24” . The plus size fits everyone and the adjustable belt helps in correct fit based on the size.
  • Unisex: Suitable for usage by both men and women.
  • Ergonomic: It is made of premium neoprene material with anti slip, non tear and durable features. You can comfortable use it anywhere you go without hesitation.
  • Price: This is just SAR 60

Rank 3: Brace Support Belt Adjustable Back Posture Corrector

  • Easy to Wear: This piece offers you the ease to wear on any clothes and corrects your posture effectively. The adjustable belts lets you adjust according to your preference. Regular usage will give you effective results.
  • Invisible in Clothes: You can wear it under a jacket or shrug or any outer layers and no one would even notice this because of it thin structure.
  • Universal Size: This is available in a universal size which means any size person can wear it, the material is developed to fit any one and along with the adjustable features you can fit it accordingly.
  • Premium Fabric: This is made of premium material and Velcron straps easily adjustable and also washable at your ease.
  • Unisex: Suitable for both men and women
  • Price: This is the cheapest available at SAR 40

Rank 4: Lixada Magnetic Therapy Posture Corrector 

  • High Quality Material: Made of Nylon and Polyster Material is long lasting and durable and is breathable. The shoulder adjustment is also easy.
  • Removable Shoulder Pads: The shoulder pads are easily removable and washable. They could be chose to use only if required else they could be removed and used. Anything according to your choice and requirement.
  • Customization: With the adjustable adhesive straps you can customize the fit according to your body shape and size.
  • Benefits: This provides a magnetic therapy posture correction. It relieves the pain associated with the back, shoulder , neck. Lifts these areas naturally keeping it right according to the actual necessity.
  • Price: This costs you abotu SAR 102 slightly overpriced than previous options.

What is the right way to use a Posture Corrector?

Look at the below section to know how to use a posture corrector. Now, if you don’t follow the guidelines then it’s no use purchasing the best back posture corrector in Saudi Arabia. Hence, you should follow these Dos and Dont’s for perfect results.

On the first day of use, don’t adjust the posture corrector belt too tight. As wearing it too tight will make you feel uneasy and tired, as your body is not used to it. Also, the back posture corrector, if worn too tight, can lead to chaffing around the arms. Therefore, a better way out is to increase the tightness over the first week. This will provide you with better results and initially, consider wearing a shirt under the posture corrector to protect the skin.

Ensure you don’t wear the posture corrector belt the whole day. Utilizing it for long hours leads to back pain as your body is adjusting itself to a straighter back. It may also cause soreness and tenderness in the abdomen, shoulders and lower back. This device, in no way, is supposed to be your lifetime companion. It is just meant to be temporary in order to change your posture to normal. So, Wearing it for 2-3 hours daily will help you form a good posture habit. Hence, limit the maximum usage of this device to 2-3 hours every day.

Practising a posture corrector for over a month or two will make you habituated to using it. Hence, you should reduce usage after 5-6 weeks. Also, ensure you don’t rely on it for a prolonged period. Its purpose is to assist the weakened core muscles and not replace them. However, don’t stop using it completely after 2 months. After completion of 2 months, use it twice a week, for only 2-3 hours. 

Is the Posture Corrector Uncomfortable?

Yes, it is a bit uncomfortable. The purpose of the posture corrector is to change your slouching position, this can be annoying for a while. Especially during the scenarios include slouching positions such as tying shoelaces and bending to wash hands they may become uncomfortable at first. But you will automatically change your posture when you experience discomfort. Many times, we tend to bend down totally to tie our shoelaces, while standing or when we do the same when we have to pick up something from the floor. In most cases, it can have long term effects on our health and body. Bending too much while washing hands or washing clothes is another reason for slouching. Even though it’s a 2-5 minutes activity, it can affect you in the long run.

Also, using it in summers could make it troublesome for you as you may sweat more due to the excess heat while wearing the posture corrector. Nevertheless, this differs from individual to individual. So consider opting for a shoulder belt without a back brace for the summer which isn’t too bulky either.

Remember that the posture corrector belt can cause numbness in the arms if tied too tight. Along with discomfort in certain places, it can even reduce proper blood circulation. So, to avoid any troubles ensure you adjust it in a way that it’s neither too tight nor too loose. Also, it can cause chafing which is bad as chafing rubs off the outer layer of the skin which in turn, leaves the underlying skin red, raw and irritated.


Can The Posture corrector be used while sleeping?

Yes, you can sleep in a posture corrector, but, wearing it in bed can get really uncomfortable. It isn’t recommended to wear a posture corrector while you sleep. Posture correctors are usually designed to be worn in a standing and sitting position only. Hence, you may not avail the benefits while sleeping. It may even worsen the condition or cause neck and back pain.

Ideally how much time should one wear the Posture Corrector?

Initially, you should wear a posture corrector for 30 minutes and once you get used to it, you can use it for 45 minutes to an hour a day. The time is taken for developing a healthy habit usually differs from individual to individual. Therefore, some people achieve good results by wearing the posture corrector for around 10 minutes daily, some take longer. As this posture corrector works towards correcting your alignment and strengthening your muscles. Also, you can reduce usage and use less and less of the corrector. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to wear it until you develop good posture habits.

Does the effect stay after you stop using the Posture Corrector?

Yes, the posture corrector benefit lasts even when you stop using it. Its only purpose is to correct your posture as the name suggests and is not meant to be used for a lifetime. Hence, once your body achieves the ideal posture, the posture corrector has served its purpose. It aligns your spine and helps in curing Thoracic Kyphosis (rounded shoulders). It also relieves stress from the shoulder joints and using it for 1 or 2 months is ideal until your posture is back to normal. The best back posture corrector in Saudi Arabia will help you achieve all this.

Does it hurt when you use a Posture Corrector?

Yes, it hurts initially and you tend to feel a little uncomfortable as your muscles are not used to the corrector. But never adjust the posture corrector belt too tight on the first day. Slowly, your body will get used to the corrector and that’s when you can gradually start making it tighter. Seldom, you will experience pain or discomfort around the shoulder area which happens if the material is not of good quality. Moreover, it can occur if you’re using the wrong size.

Are there any effects of using a Posture Corrector?

Back pain is one of the most common side effects that occur since your body is getting used to a straighter back i.e its ideal position. Additionally, wearing the corrector too tight causes chafing around the arms. It is advisable to wear the shirt under the device to protect the skin. Besides, it may cause tenderness and soreness in the lower back, shoulders and abdomen. Note that if you recently underwent surgery on your neck or back, then you need to avoid posture correctors. Additionally, avoid a posture corrector if you face Scoliosis.

Good posture lowers stress and boosts confidence.

Make a Good Impression with a Good Posture

Maintaining a good posture can make an impression on people in your professional as well as personal life. We are told to correct our posture but it’s not that easy as we spend most of our time at the office desk. Hunching over the computer table will do you no good. But, the limited opportunities for exercise due to excess workload is also another issue, so, take a break. You can always stand or take a small walk to stretch yourself.Avoid using posture correctors that cause skin rashes or leave marks on your body.

The most critical things to look for in a back posture corrector are material, durability, quality and maintenance. Never compromise on these factors. The best back posture corrector in Saudi Arabia should have these factors. Consider reading the best foot massager machine article if you’re experiencing severe foot pain. Buy a foot massager at home to relieve foot pain and say bye to expensive therapists

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