Best Oud Perfume in UAE

Looking for the best oud perfume in UAE to match you and your personality can be difficult. And you sure don’t want to go wrong with this slightly expensive perfume. Hence, we’ve done the needed research and finalized on a variety of oud perfumes in UAE for all sorts of personalities. Making sure to have popluar brands like Creed, Gucci, Tom Ford, Comme des Garcons and many others added to the list. So, what are you waiting for get discovering which one of the best oud perfume in UAE is the right one for you.

Best Oud Perfume in UAE – Quick List

PerfumeQuantitySuitabilityCheck Price
Comme des Garcons Wonderwood50mlMenPrice on
Royal Oud by Creed120mlUnisexPrice on
ATKINSONS The Other Side Of Oud100mlUnisexPrice on
ACQUA DI PARMA Colonia Oud100mlMenPrice on
Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Intense100mlUnisexPrice on
Les Absolus d`Orient Oud Essentiel by Guerlain125mlUnisexPrice on
ORMONDE JAYNE Nawab Of Oudh120mlUnisexPrice on
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Oud70mlMenPrice on
Gucci Intense Oud by Gucci90mlUnisexPrice on
Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud50mlUnisexPrice on

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What is Oud Perfume?

Oud is actually an ingredient which is added to the perfume. Since oud has a strong yet pleasant fragrance. Which blends well with almost every ingredient in scent making. Furthermore with this ingredient you can make and have some of the best oud perfume in UAE. Moreover, they are not limited just to a particular gender. As they can form the basis of some of the richest unisex perfumes. Therefore making oud or oudh is one of the most desired perfume ingredients in the scent making industry. But what really is this oud?

Generally you will find the use of this ingredient by the people of the Middle East but now, everyone wants a bit of it. Oud is actually the scent made from the tropical tree of Aqar or Aquilaria. Originated from India’s Assam region and other parts of Southeast Asia. This wood has a powerful fragrance and is even used as incense and in religious worship. If you are new to the oud perfumes you might initially feel that it is too strong or even bad smelling. But once you do get used to it you will never want to switch to any other perfume . Therefore making oud perfumes are not prefered by the light fragrance lovers.

The tree bark alone has a strong fragrance to it. But only when this tree is infected with a parasitic mould it begins to react. And inturn creating a resin which has a greater fragrant odour. In some parts, this resin is known to people as liquid gold. But technically this resin is what you would call oud. And is the ingredient used in the making of the perfume. After knowing all this, we would advice you on trying one of the best oud perfume in UAE. Because after all they are really long lasting and has a dept to it. Giving you the elegance and grace to your whole personality. So read on to know which is the best oud perfume in UAE.

1) Comme des Garcons Wonderwood

All thanks to Antoine Lie for this Wonderwood perfume by Comme des Garcons. Making it one of the best oud perfume in UAE.

  • Type: Eau De Parfum.
  • Speciality: Designed with the perfect blend of woody essence to uplift and evolve your mood. As opposed to the usual Comme des Garcons this new fragrance has a strong aromatic odour.
  • Suitability: This Eau de Parfum gives you the touch of luxury with its woody combination to bring the masculinity with elegance and sensuality out of you.
  • Top Notes: It has Madagascan pepper, bergamot, Somalian incense and nutmeg with woods.
  • Heart Notes: The heart note includes Cristalon, Cashmeran, GaĂŻacwood, Cedarwood, Carvi Graines.
  • Base Notes: Furthermore the base notes comprise of javanol, sandalwood, vetiver & agarwood (oud).
  • Price: This Comme des Garcons oud will cost you approximately AED 700.

2) Royal Oud by Creed

On popular demand, this perfume had been brought into being. As Oliver Creed personally adds only the best and purest elements into his perfumes. And is put before you to enjoy.

  • Type: Eau De Parfum.
  • Speciality: To give you that hint of Persian palace luxury with items like woody, leather, marble and gold. Enabling you to show your style and spicy warmth. All mixed together to give you that perfectly balanced fragrance.
  • Suitability: The Persian palace inspiration behind the making of the perfume is the reason why this oud perfume is suitable for both men and women. And the rare materials used makes it a prized possession to have.
  • Top Note: Including scents of lemon, pink berry and bergamot as the dominant fragrance.
  • Middle Note: Cedar, galbanum and angelic roots consist of the mid-tone.
  • Base Note: Whereas the base note is with Regal Indian oud, sandalwood and Tonkin musk.
  • Price: Spend almost AED 1290 for this Royal perfume by Creed.

3) ATKINSONS The Other Side Of Oud

Bringing to you the new and a reinterpretation of oud is Atkinson’s The Other Side of Oud. Stepping away from the typical fragrances. Thus revealing a different contrast of the oud. The nose behind this perfume Maurice Roucel and Pierre-Constantin GuĂ©ros. Launching this new blend in 2019.

  • Type: Eau De Parfum.
  • Speciality: Giving you a blended fragrance of roasted and fresh ingredients. Furthermore inspired by the cardamom coffee of the Middle-East. Therefore making it truly enchanting.
  • Suitability: Generally, woody spices would be a men’s perfume but since the presence of the strong oud it makes it unisex. Furthermore, it can be addictive and mystical in a good way. With the just enough amount of everything to make your personality stand out in the crowd.
  • Top Note: Ginger, cinnamon and cardamom are a part of this note
  • Heart Note: Geranium, coffee blossom and oud nuances make the middle or the heart note.
  • Base Note: Lastly, vanilla absolu and roasted coffee are present in the base.
  • Price: This spicy blended oud costs around AED 360.


You can trust the Acqua Di Parma fragrance as it stands for a symbol of stealth Italian luxury. Right from the beginning of its existence in 1916.

  • Type: Eau De Cologne.
  • Speciality: This perfume has a crisp, spicy, earthy, vibrant, warm and has a captivating touch to it. All spelling out the elegance associated with perfume.
  • Suitability: Designed especially for the masculinity of men. Leaving you feeling completely fresh and smelling fresh as well.
  • Top Note: The top note includes Bergamot and Orange.
  • Middle Note: Whereas the middle note has Haitian Amyris Oil, Russian Coriander, Agarwood Oil (Oud).
  • Base Note: And the base note comprises of cedarwood, Leather accord, Patchouli Oil, Sandalwood, Musk.
  • Best for: This aromatic fragrance is perfect for all occasions.
  • Price: This oud perfume will cost you around AED 700.

5) Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Intense

The Private Blend collection by Tom Ford is the first and exclusive bunch of fragrances by them. Made up of all original fragrances and breaking away from the mainstream scents. The three words used to describe this blend of perfume are “Unrestrained. Lavish. Intense”.

  • Type: Eau De Parfum.
  • Distinct Feature: This oud wood intense leaves a lingering distinctive and exotic fragrance behind wherever you go. Not a single ingredient is a dublicate with any of their collection. But there are a plenty imitations by many other scent makers.
  • Speciality: In the making of this perfume the usage of only the rarest, expensive and precious ingredients, to give you the perfect final result of this fragrance.
  • Top Notes: These notes are the first you can smell in the blend which consist of piquant cypress, juniper and angelica roots.
  • Heart Notes: This note includes ginger and oud.
  • Base Notes: Finally, this note includes castoreum and Tuscan leather.
  • Original: The makers that is Tom Ford originally came up with the whole idea of the bold and intensified saturation of this blend.
  • Suitable for: You can use this perfume solely or even in combination with other fragrances in the collection of the Tom Ford Private Blend. Furthermore, anyone can use it irrespective of gender as it is a unisex perfume.
  • Price: Get this Tom Ford oud Wood perfume for approximately AED 980.

6) Les Absolus d`Orient Oud Essentiel by Guerlain

To create this Oud Essentiel from the Les Absolus d’Orient collection line Thierry Wasser work hard for it. Launched in 2007 and since then this perfume has been a great success. Making this perfect olfactory blend of the ingredients from the East and the West.

  • Type: Eau de Parfum.
  • Fragrance: At first whiff, you will get the faint fragrance of leather and wood. Only to later realise the actual notes.
  • Inspiration: The inspiration for this perfume is the oud wood itself. Since it is a rare and precious material hidden in the Eden like forest. As described by Thierry and is nothing short from mystical and magical.
  • Top Notes: This includes Saffran notes, Pelargonium.
  • Heart Notes: Whereas this note comprises agarwood (oud), rose, Atlas Cedarwood.
  • Base Notes: Following the base of leather note, incense and GaĂŻac wood.
  • Fragrance Structure: You wouldn’t be able to resist this oriental woody fragrance as it would bring out your personality quite well. With the lingering sumptuous, charismatic and seductive aroma everywhere you go.
  • Suitable for: All these features of this perfume makes it one of the many genderless ones to hook you to it.
  • Price: The Oud Essentiel by Guerlain is available for around AED 410.

7) ORMONDE JAYNE Nawab Of Oudh

The nose behind the making of this perfume was Geza Schoen. This being an improved 2015 blend of its successor with the same name.

  • Type: Eau De Parfum
  • Inspiration: The originality of this Eau de Parfum has been derived from central India and the Nawabs (Rulers) of the country.
  • Distinct Features: The combination of rose and amber with a hint of oud makes this perfume stand out from the other perfumes. While putting it on the edge.
  • Perfect Blend: The perfume makes for the perfect blend as not a single note or ingredient overpowers the other and they mix together so well.
  • Portrayal: Every perfume of the collection is inspired by different parts of the world; and this on is inspired by India. With the touch of pulsating pungency, brooding and hauntingly beautiful all in one bottle.
  • Top Notes are: Green notes, bergamot, orange absolute, cardamom, aldehyde.
  • Middle Notes are: Rose, magnolia, orchid, pimento, bay, cinnamon, hedione.
  • Base Notes are: Ambergris, musk, vetiver, labdanum, oudh.
  • Price: Nawab of Oudh by Ormonde Jayne cost around AED 670.

8) Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Oud

This is one of Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s successful blends especially made by Viktor and Rolf. Giving a fresh touch to the oud category in the year 2018.

  • Type: Extrait De Parfum.
  • Suitable For: This oriental woody fragrance suits best for your masculine personality.
  • Top Notes: Here you have ingredients like saffron and elemi resin from the Philippines.
  • Middle Notes: These include Cedarwood from Morocco, Ambrettolide (vegetal musk) and Sweet vanilla accord.
  • Base Notes: Finally the base is made of oud from Laos and patchouli leaf from Indonesia.
  • Portrayal: This oud perfume’s Orient ingredients is the portrayal of mystery and sensuality. Whereas the Laos ingredients are a sign of purity and refinement.
  • Inspiration: The original inspiration is a dream. Where it is inspired by supremely elegant, precious and rare natural ingredients.
  • Price: For the olfactory pleasure of this perfume you have to pay almost AED 1200.

9) Gucci Intense Oud by Gucci

This Eau de Parfum is one of the star perfumes of Gucci. Moreover, it was brought into existence by the popular perfumer Aurelien Guichard in 2016.

  • Type: Eau de Parfum.
  • Suitable For: Intense oud has no specific suitable for gender. As it is universally appealed by both the genders.
  • Top Notes: Simple top notes of pear, raspberry and saffron.
  • Heart Notes: Further alluring you with Bulgarian rose and orange flower.
  • Base Notes: Followed by the scent of natural oud oil and patchouli.
  • Prime Fragrance: With a tempting hint of refreshing elements like accords of incense, woody notes, leather, and amber. You won’t be able to resist the perfume.
  • Perfect Blend: The perfect composition of every ingredient will leave your impression everywhere you go. So much so you could even charm your way into any situation.
  • Aroma Effects: Not only does this perfume rejuvenate you but also leaves around a lingering pleasant aroma making your presence welcomed.
  • Price: This Intense Oud by Gucci well cost you around AED 440.

10) Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud

Launched in 2013 this perfume will leave you wanting more. Or in Domenico Dolce’s words “Nothing is more exciting than the chase”.

  • Type: Eau De Parfum.
  • Fragrance: The fragrance is described as the breeze through the dunes of a desert.
  • Fragrance Effects: The Velvet Desert Oud once used floods the air with the powerful scent quickly making you feel that comforted and fresh.
  • Top Note: The scent comprises a top note like classic Middle Eastern incense.
  • Heart Notes: Heart note made with a dash of the mysterious oud and sweetness of amber. 
  • Base Note: Which is then followed by the base of a light musky note.
  • Olfactive Family: This Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana belongs to the olfactory family of woody spice.
  • Price: Get this perfume for about AED 670.

Why is Oud Perfume so Expensive?

Oud is also known as the “Wood of the Gods”. And this ingredient has a variety of uses one of which is that it is used in the most extravagant perfumes only. And you might know that this oud is as expensive if not more expensive than gold itself. Making it a pricey commodity. 

Oud or oudh is made from the Agar tree found in Southeast Asia. The whole process of making and extracting this oud is a long process which can take upto a year for distillation. Whereas to get the perfect oud resin the Agar tree has to be infected by the parasite for about 8-12 years. Making it a lengthy process. And because of this, the oud is a rare ingredient.

Since not more than 2% of the agar trees become suitable for the process. Furthermore, most people believe that the older the tree the better the oud. This makes the suitability of the tree even scarce. Because of its extensive use and felling of the trees in some places of India where the Agar tree is grown it has been banned from cutting these trees. And to top that, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) has declared the Agar tree as an endangered flora. So now you can just imagine why the oud perfume is so expensive and is a luxury to own.

Heaven on Earth

Now that you have it all before you. Go ahead and choose the best oud perfume in UAE to suit your personality. Experience the “Wood of the Gods” right here on the earth. And leave your mark and best impression wherever you go with the finest oud perfumes for you. If you think that the oud perfume isn’t for you, you can also check out some of the best perfumes for men.

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