Best Noise Cancelling Headphones in Saudi Arabia

Often worried about the disturbing voices around while you enjoy the music? Are you a music freak seeking to escape into another world? Your Headphones are the key to this. Want to know which is the best pick in Saudi Arabia? Here’s to the best Noise Cancelling Headphones explained in detail with good points and bad points and prices mentioned.

Quick List

ModelBatteryCheck Price
Sony Noise-Cancelling HeadphonesWH1000XM3B30 hoursPrice on
Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700NCGP700BLK40 hoursPrice on
TaoTronics Bluetooth HeadphonesTt-Bh08540 hoursPrice on
Razer Kraken Ultimate  HeadphonesRZ04-03180100-R3U1N/APrice on
SennheiserPXC 550 Headphones30 hoursPrice on
HyperX Cloud Alpha S HeadphonesN/APrice on

Functioning of Noise Cancelling Technology

If you want to escape the surrounding pandemonium and experience the highest quality audio, then don’t settle for anything less than the best noise-cancelling headphones here. Now, why should you go for a noise-cancelling headphone? Why are we recommending it so strongly? How is it different than the usual headphones or earphones? Well, the answer lies in its functionality.

Noise-cancelling headphones work in two different ways and can be recognized as an active or a passive noise-cancelling headphone. An active noise-cancelling headphone identifies ambient noise around you, then uses what’s called phase cancellation to effectively block your ears from hearing it with additional sound at an inverted frequency. Whereas a passive noise-cancelling headphone, with the help of a sound-absorbing material blocks out any sound up to about 15 to 20 decibels (dB).

Now for proper noise-cancelling, the headphone needs the following components:

  • Microphone – A microphone detects unwanted ambient noise after passive blocking. It is always placed on the inside of the earcups.
  • Noise-cancelling circuitry – This system receives the signals from the microphone and creates an indistinguishable ‘anti-noise’.
  • Speaker – The speaker receives the ‘anti-noise’ and plays it along with the listening matter without affecting the normal audio.
  • Battery – A rechargeable battery ensures a constant delivery of power for the active noise cancelling to work.

This system blocks out about 70 per cent of the noise, making it pretty effective for you to experience a sound audio quality even in the crowd in Saudi Arabia.

Difference between Over-Ear and On-Ear Headphone

Aside from the noise-cancelling abilities of your would-be headphones, there are other things to consider: Do you want on-ear headphones or do you prefer over-the-ear headphones? Both of which have their respective advantages and disadvantages. So before you purchase one, it is better to look into this.

Over-Ear Headphone

Over-ear headphones are also known as around-the-ear headphone for their structure that covers whole ears. These headphones phones are most suitable for home use and even studio.

It is very comfortable to use as it has big and comfy earpads around, have a fabulous sound quality and is easily tractable to any device, for its availability in various types and versions. It also has proper passive noise isolation because of the earpads attached on to the headphones, improving ones listening experience.

The disadvantages include that it is the least portable headphones for its bigger size and poor fit. It is not suitable for workouts as it is bulky. Though, there are a few headphones which are foldable or designed for sports.

On-Ear headphone

On-ear headphones are suitable for anywhere and everywhere be the gym, on the streets or any other place that you want to take it, as they are light in weight, smaller in size and if you buy a best one, it will provide the best hearing experience too. These are more desirable for sports and running too.

However, these have a few disadvantages too. Like these can be a little uncomfortable to use as they put pressure on the ears, and also they leak sound as they aren’t completely soundproof.

Both of them provide the ablest sound experience. The on-ear headphone is portable but has bad noise isolation and can be uncomfortable, whereas the over-ear headphone can have better sound isolation and is more comfortable, but neither portable nor suitable for sportive use.

Keeping these general points in mind let’s see the qualifications of the best noise-cancelling headphones in Saudi Arabia. Each of the following headphones is chosen based on their strong user and critics reviews, as well as our own hands-on time with some of the devices.

Rank 1: Sony Bluetooth Headphones

Model: WH1000XM3B

  • Digital Noise Cancelling:  Industry Leading ANC ( Active Noise Cancellation) provides personalized and virtually soundproof experience. Equipped with QN1 Noise-cancelling processor. It blocks all kinds of noise providing a pleasant listening experience.
  • Quick Attention Mode:  You can cover the right ear cup to turn down the music for having a very quick conversation.
  • Voice Assistant:  Simple Touch activation for your assistance in music, information and more
  • Smart Listening:  It automatically adjusts the ambient sound to provide active noise cancellation required based on your surroundings.
  • Touch Controls: Control music, adjust volume, attend phone calls and activate voice assistant by a single touch.
  • Compatibility:  Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer Battery equipped providing up to 5 hours of playtime in 10min charge. And it provides 30 hours playtime for a full charge
  • Price:  It is available for a price of SAR 1190.

Rank 2: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Model: NCGP700BLK

  • Battery:  It provides up to 20 hours of wireless battery life.
  • Adaptive Mic System:  It has a four-microphone system that handles your speech while cancelling noise around you efficiently. Hear and be heard like never before.
  • Bose Augmented Reality:  Bose AR provides you with world-class audio experience and maintains contact with the physical world at the same time.
  • Bose Music App:  You can keep updating your device’s firmware through constant updates from Bose Music App
  • Immersive Listening: An amazing and immersive listening experience at any volume with signature active EQ and high-end bass response.
  • Controllable Noise Cancellation:  With 11 levels of noise cancellation you can adjust your music according to your convenience. Three settings on Left ear cup and more customization available in Bose Music App
  • Price:  It’s available at a slightly higher-end with the price of SAR 1999.

Rank 3: TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones

Model: Tt-Bh085

  • Active Noise Cancelling: Enjoy your music anywhere in a busy subway, noisy street, flight, a bus with a roaring engine
  • Battery:  2 hours of playtime with only 10min of charging with USB-C connector. Very quick charging of about 45min for a 40-hour playtime. Turning of ANC when headphones are not in use avoids unnecessary Power Consumption
  • Crystal Clear Calls:  With CVC 8.0 Noise-Cancelling microphone you will be heard like never before. Wired or wireless, the unique experience is the same.
  • Sound & Bass: 40mm drivers providing rich sound and no delay in playing and deep Bass. With Bluetooth 5.0 enjoy an uninterrupted connection.
  • Accessories:  1 X USB-C Charging Cable 1 X 3. 5Mm Aux Cable 1 X User Guide 1 X Travel Pouch
  • Price:  All these are just for SAR 220.

Rank 4: Razer Kraken Ultimate

Model: RZ04-03180100-R3U1

  • Ultimate Gaming Immersion:  Full integration with popular games, Philips Hue, Razer Hardware and 30+ Partners. It supports 16.8 Million colours. A perfect pick for the gamers who seek uninterrupted audio experience.
  • THX 7.1 Surround Sound Capable: Spatial Audio information with an immersive gaming experience providing sound directional cues.
  • Comfortable Design: Oval shaped with cooling gel-infused cushions provide comfort for all-day use.
  • Compatibility:  USB connector; THX Spatial Audio available on Windows 10 64bit only
  • Audio Controls: volume up and down and THX Spatial on/off toggle
  • Price: Available at a reasonable price of SAR 441, best suited for gamers

Rank 5: Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphones

Model: PXC 550 Wireless

  • Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless: Wireless Connectivity with an ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Battery:  30 hours of battery life for a single charge via USB. If you forget to charge, can act as wired headphones with connection via cable for convenience.
  • NoiseGard Active Noise Cancelling: Noise level suppression for a peaceful listening experience with no noises.
  • Intuitive Control: Easier control with single touch and voice prompts. Rightearcoup touch for volume control, change of track, play and pause. Acceptance of call is also feasible with a single touch.
  • capture: CapTune player app to work with PXC 550 Wireless. Direct streaming and adjustment of sound performance are facilitated. The app is available free for Android and iOS Users.
  • Price: SAR 1099

Rank 6: HyperX Cloud Alpha S

Model: PXC 550 Wireless

  • HyperX 7.1 Surround Sound: Enhanced in-game audio and INGENUITY auto detects supporting games and selects optimised audio performance for you.
  • Advanced Audio Control Mixer: It is compatible with PC and PS4. Advanced control of audio, chat audio balance and volume adjustment without having to leave the game.
  • Detachable microphone & cable: You can detach your noise-cancelling microphone and is wear-resistant. It is Discord & TeamSpeak Certified.
  • Multi-Usage: It’s useful for your work from home, entertainment, gaming and even online education.
  • Price: Its available for a goto price of SAR 769

Features of Over-Ear Headphones to be Considered

Do not make any decision in a hurry, with such a list of noise-cancelling headphones in Saudi Arabia, its easy to get confused. But here are a few things you can consider while deciding which one to pick.

Noise Cancellation Quality

In a world which is suffering from increasing amounts of noise pollution, the use of noise-cancelling headphones is only becoming more common. For people who want to concentrate on the task that they are doing without being distracted by other peoples noise, there really is a no better alternative. Now if your headphone is not able to do so, if you still get the ambient sounds through it, then it’s a BIG NO and you should move on to the next.

Battery Life

While considering to purchase noise-cancelling headphones it is very important to check its battery life. Why? Because your headphone’s noise-cancelling ability via destructive interference needs constant power supply which is provided by the rechargeable battery of your headphone. It is better to find out beforehand if the battery life mentioned is using noise cancellation (ANC) or not.

Controls & Voice Assistant

Controls and voice assistance is now made available on almost every headphone these days. These controls and voice assistance options make it easier to operate your device while wearing headphones. You wouldn’t have to pull out your phone every time as you can connect voice assistance and use the controls to operate your phone. Be a phone call, send in a text, weather update, navigation anything you can use these features without having to pull out your phone. This feature could help you multitask and get work done quicker as well.

Water Resistance

Another feature that would increase the quality and lifetime of your headphone would be its water resistance. Water-resistance is usually measured in an ‘Ingress Protection or IP’ rating. This IP rating is followed by a number or two which determines the level at which the headphone is resistant to dust and water. The dust rating is measured on the scale of 0-6 whereas the water resistance is measured on a scale of 0-9 and if you come across IP rating followed by ‘x’ means the gadget does not provide any resistance to the respective element.

Build Quality

Build quality refers to the material used for the making of the headphones. The better the material used the longer life your headphones will last, will have better comfort in usage and better output of sound. As the passive noise reduction works on the basis that it uses sound-absorbing material. The better the material used, the better will be the sound quality. Hence, build quality is also an important feature to look into, while purchasing a noise-cancelling headphone.


Can you use noise-cancelling headphones while sleeping?

Yes, you can sleep with headphones on, only if you find it comfortable, as wearing the headphones would restrict movements on to your sides. Besides, they are a safer option as compared to the earbuds which can put pressure on your ears.

The headphone will block every sound in its limit. It can save you from another person’s snoring too. And also falling asleep with some music is bliss.

Does noise-cancelling headphones damage your hearing?

No, this is a popular myth. With the working of the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), a slight hissing sound can be heard by a person above the music. But this sound isn’t harmful. However, some people can feel irritated or even dizzy with the sound. Therefore continuous or long time usage isn’t recommended.

Moreover, unlike the cell phone, a noise-cancelling headphone does not emit any harmful radiations. It has been shown that these headphones are good for your health. Because high-frequency sounds are bad, they only harm you in terms of the disturbance they cause. Also, prolonged listening to low frequency can cause equal damage as much as the high-frequency noise, which increases the stress levels and even disrupts the peace of mind. 

Does noise-cancelling headphone blocks out voices?

Human voices are generally of a higher-pitch as compared to other sounds and hence you still might hear them despite the noise-cancelling headphones as these headphones work fine if they around sound up to the 500Hz. But the voice of a human starts from the 500Hz mark, which makes it difficult to cut off by these. it also depends on how close that person is, the closer one is the higher the frequency. With current technology, no headphone will be able to help you with that. However, you can look into noise isolation technology which can seal the ear shut with the earcups.

Escape the Pandemonium!

With all these features who would say no to any of the best noise-cancelling headphones in Saudi Arabia. Get one of those to escape your surrounding pandemonium and do your tasks peacefully and with focus. However, if you think headphones aren’t really what you want or you prefer something smaller and more discreet, then You can consider earbuds instead. Also, you can check some of the earbuds out on the best wireless earbuds in UAE.

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