Best Microwave Oven in Saudi Arabia

Need a microwave for your regular baking requirements? But don’t know which one to buy? Find the latest ones and purchase the best microwave oven in Saudi Arabia here. Specifications, Design, features to look for, prices and much more in one place for you.

Quick List

Microwave OvenCapacityControlCheck Price
Hommer Digital Microwave Oven
28 L Digital Price on
Sharp Microwave Oven
20 LManualPrice on
Black & Decker Microwave Oven With Grill
30LDigital Price on Amazon.s
Samsung Microwave
23 LDigital Price on
White-Westinghouse Microwave
20 LManual Price on
Geepas Microwave Oven
20 LSolo Price on

Nowadays, a microwave oven is a necessity, not a luxury. Microwave ovens also aid in rapid cooking other than reheating food. Thus, reducing your work in the kitchen. Without any stress, select the best microwave oven in Saudi Arabia for you and your family.

Just go through each of these and purchase a microwave that best suits your needs. And read this article to make the right decision.

Microwave Oven in UAE

Microwave Types Available

This section will show you the different types of microwave ovens that are available. The description given written for each of these will help you purchase the right one depending on your requirement, family size and the budget.


Well, a solo microwave is a basic model in microwave ovens and is a cheaper alternative as compared to the other types of microwave such as convection and grill. This is because their main purpose is to reheat the food. Solo microwaves are recommended for working couples, bachelors and people who don’t like to eat cold food i.e they always want to consume hot food.


Besides reheating food, convection microwaves can also be used in grilling, cooking, as well as baking, thus these are expensive in comparison to solo and grill ovens. Convection microwaves feature a fan at its back. This fan helps in circulating the hot air which not only speeds up your cooking but also makes the food crustier. Families and bakers should purchase a convection microwave.


Additional grilling accessories are offered with these microwave ovens. Grill microwave ovens can be used to grill meat and paneer within a few minutes. This type of microwave is perfect for meat fans and families.

How to Choose the Right Power and Size

This section will guide you in purchasing a microwave oven which is of the right power and size to suit your needs.

Small Family

Now, in case you are a small family of 2-3 members and if you are interested in purchasing a solo microwave, then the capacity that is ideal for you would be between 15 to 20 litres. The food that you cook in this will be enough for you and your family. Plus, you save your cash too. However, if you are interested in purchasing convection or a grill microwave then the ideal capacity would be 21 to 30 litres.

Medium Sized Family

For a medium-sized family of 4 members, if you want to purchase a solo microwave, then the ideal capacity would be 25 to 30 litres. As for a convection or grill microwave, 32 litres and above is what you should go for.

Large Family

Large families need a microwave oven with a capacity of more than 30 litres keeping your requirements in mind.

As you are equipped with the essentials, let’s jump to the rank list made after thorough research.

Rank 1: Hommer Digital Microwave Oven

Model No: HSA409-08

  • Capacity & Power: It is capable of holding 28 L sufficient to meet requirements of a large family and occasions like parties at a power of 900 W. It weighs 14.9 Kg which is slightly bulky compared to other options mentioned above.
  • Stylish Design: A very modern look with silvery finish and glass door to add story to your modern kitchen. Aesthetics wise this microwave is placed second, just next to Samsung.
  • Auto Modes and Vast Power Levels: It has 7 Auto menus to cook very popular recipes automatically without your assistance and has 11 different power levels which is the best offering in the industry. Digitally controllable easy to operate.
  • Memory Function: It remembers you favorite recipes’ settings through the memory function making you quickly add the food and weight for it cook without having the pain to set it each time.
  • Child Lock: Safety feature added to enable free usage without having to worry especially with children at home.
  • Price: All these at just SAR 380.

Rank 2: Sharp Microwave Oven

Model No: R-20AS-W

  • Counter Top Design: Its designed to suit even small kitchens where space is an issue. Its compact size makes way in the smallest space possible of your kitchen. Its easy to move around weighing only 11.3 Kg.
  • Power & Capacity: It can hold up to 20 L which is quite large size sufficient for all your needs and works with 800 W power very quick and efficient.
  • Manual Control: It is equipped with temperature and time setting knobs working on a manual mode of operation , pretty much self explanatory for usage.
  • No grill: It supports baking, warming up food and other cooking but isn’t for grilling your meat.
  • Price: One of the best prices it offers in the industry with SAR 199.

Rank 3: Black & Decker Microwave Oven With Grill

Model No:  MZ30PGSSA-B5

  • Capacity & Power: It supports upto 30L which is huge and lets you make food for occasions like parties, gatherings and picnics hassle free. It works at 900 W power very quick in giving you mind blowing results.
  • Grilling: It supports grill function enabling you to variety of foods like grilled chicken , veggies and much more.
  • Slim Fry Technology: It uses hot air circulation to make the food crispier and fry like texture you get using normal deep frying with less amount of oil in the microwave combined with Grill.
  • Timer Function: Digitally Enabled with the timer function to match your style of cooking food and convenience.
  • Price: Its a perfect example for value for money with price of SAR 393. Given that it has grill function included, it is quite competitive price that is being offered.

Rank 4: Samsung Microwave Oven

Model No: MG32H5125BK

  • Capacity and Power: It holds 23 L of food operating at a power of 1500 W which makes it to cook food quickly than most options available in the industry.
  • Metal Finish: It is made of metal and has a very sleek design and stylish look in the Black color giving your kitchen a stylish makeover.
  • Eco Mode: It uses the industry least standby power while operation thus allowing you to leave a lesser carbon footprint. It is totally energy efficient in that terms through the eco mode.
  • Ceramic Coating: The inner body is made up of ceramic of food grade approved , very easy to clean and scrub without leaving any scratches. It is rust proof making your life simpler without having to worry of wear and tear.
  • LED Display: The digital touch to the microwave adds to the modern design with the LED display for time and temperature display. A perfect pick for your modern kitchen
  • Price: Adding to its brand value, its priced at the higher end at SAR 818.

Rank 5: White-Westinghouse Microwave n

Model No: WMW20VW

  • Counter Top Model: It holds 20 L of food ideal for small families and weighs only 10.6 Kg with a compact outlook enabling you to perfectly fit it on the counter top.
  • Multi-Power Levels: All your cooking needs are fulfilled with the 5 power levels suiting any type of food. It provides you the appropriate temperature for warming, grilling , baking and frying your food. It has the mechanical control thus you have to adjust it manually for required food type.
  • Defrost Function: If you forgot to thaw your meat overnight and have guests coming around, not to worry with the defrost function you can get it done instantly.
  • Warranty: The 2 year warranty is so comforting to know apart from all the features it offers.
  • Price: SAR 449. The price is quite high especially since its manual operated microwave and not digital functioned.

Rank 6: Geepas Microwave Oven

Model No: GMO1894

  • User Friendly: The 6 microwave levels gives you the flexibility to cook any cuisine without worrying too much about the adjustment. Cooking end signal eases your job to remove food when its ready without having to sit in front of the clock checking time.
  • Capacity & Power: High power (1200 W) device has the capacity of 20 L enough for a small family to cook food on a regular basis. It has to be controlled manually.
  • Push Door : It has push door button to open the door and not the automatic door opening which is both good and bad in a way. Good for safety reasons and bad for convenience.
  • Price: Comes at SAR 215 which is cheap.

Features Necessary for Daily Usage


The defrosting feature is a good one if you are used to freezing your vegetables or eating cold cuts. Besides this, it enables you to eat whatever you want to and whenever you want without removing it from the freezer for a couple of hours first.

With the best microwave oven in Saudi Arabia, you can remove the food items from the freezer and thaw them. That too without the need of half cooking them. You may notice that the outer layer of meat is browned on a normal setting while it is still frozen at the centre.


With the help of the timer, you can set the time for your food to get cooked and also to reheat it. Thus, making it a necessary feature in your microwave oven. Obviously it depends upon the type of food that you place in the microwave. A slice of bread may take just 15 to 20 seconds but chicken will take longer.

Also, you should keep a watch on the timer increments since they offer you more control. Another great thing is that you won’t find the need to hang near your microwave. This is because it switches off on its own. Certain microwaves feature dial over buttons that might allow you to select uber specific timings which allow you to carry out your other household work and also keep a watch on the stove. Because once the time limit is complete, the microwave will go off.

Auto-Cook Menu

So, the auto-cook menu is a feature that is great to have. Why? Because it offers you the right power levels and timing when you cook non-recipe foods. Bachelors and anyone can benefit from this. Plus, the auto-cook menu gauges humidity levels and enables the cooking of the given food item at an optimal temperature which is determined by the sensor. Benefit up to 12 modes in your auto cook menu which include everything such as steamed rice, baked vegetables, grilled chicken and more.

Special Features for Passionate Chefs

If you are a foodie and always find yourself purchase food from out or when you re travelling or just someone who orders food everyone and then, best microwave oven in Saudi Arabia helps you in cooking delicious dishes rapidly. Here are some special features which a microwave includes for foodies like you.


Rotisserie feature is specially designed for the non-vegetarians. So, if you are a non-veg lover, you can use the grill with the rotisserie feature for all kinds of meat. By using little cooking oil and a handful of spices, you can barbeque mutton, lamb, chicken and beef. The possibilities are endless right from roast legs to shawarmas. Ensure you purchase a large capacity microwave so that you can cook a leg without any hassle.


This feature is specially meant for foods that need a certain temperature to get cooked especially for baking cookies and cakes. Also, for grilling foods like herb chicken and spiced lamb.

Traditionally, large ovens consume a considerable amount of power and time to get the right temperature. Possessing a microwave with the pre-heating feature is something great. Particularly, if you want to cook for only 1 or 2 people. As with the best microwave in Saudi Arabia, you can experiment hundreds of recipes with the pre-heating feature.

Several Power Mode Series

A series of power modes enable you to control the temperature manually. That too at whichever temperature you want to cook your food. Well, the sensor in the cooking modes might not prepare your dish in the manner you want, so it is crucial to know the microwave’s function at its given wattage.

Your microwave becomes a DIY dehydrator at 500 watts or lower. Whereas, it can fry and steam food from about 500-800 watts. On the other hand, the highest power modes are best used for reheating food in less time. Like some rice, curry, coffee and tea. Altering the levels does not change the wattage. It allows your microwave to pulse until it reaches the required heat level.

Microwave for Every Use Case

Reheating Food Items

For a Bachelor

A small 15L microwave oven possessing basic functions and a grilling function is more than enough for bachelors. Especially, if you’re more into ordering food from out. And if your diet mostly includes instant noodles, sandwiches, and products which are ready to eat once hot water is added to it.

For a Small Family

For a small family comprising of 1 to 3 people, a 20L microwave is more than enough. Food will be heated in single bigger containers, thus all of you’ll can sit and enjoy a hot meal together.

For a Large Family

A large family comprising of 4 or more people will need a larger 25L or a 30L microwave especially if you keep a pet. Generally, microwave ovens of this capacity have the latest features, which you may or may not need.

Office Space

It is a fact that offices won’t need a microwave oven with a lot of features as there won’t be any employee who will get the ingredients to the office and prepare food during their lunch break. Hence, a microwave oven equipped with the reheating function is all they need.

Next, sandwiches, cups of coffee and tea, pizza and rice are the most common things that people would place in a microwave oven in office. Hence, a 15L or 20L microwave should be sufficient for an office space. Note that if there are a lot of employees in that office, then purchasing 2-3 microwave ovens would be better to avoid overcrowding which can occur during lunch break as everyone will rush to warm their food.


You will need a larger microwave of 25L to 30L if bakery products are something you love. Since this will be able to take in the large trays and layers that are needed for baking cookies and cakes. You also need to check that it comes with a pre-heat function to save your time and also because it requires less effort.


If pizza is your favourite, then you need a 25L microwave oven with a grilling function. A microwave of this size can take in larger pizza bases and also cook the bread perfectly. Moreover, thin crusts, cheesy ones and also making your own dough is possible.

For Aged People

It is crucial to consider some factors when it comes to selecting the appropriate microwave oven in Saudi Arabia for senior citizens. This will ensure that what they pay for is worth it and so that they purchase an easy to use appliance.

Ease of Use

Generally, aged people don’t get impressed with sophisticated designs and fancy knobs and buttons. They only need something that will perform well and in most cases only the reheating function. But in case, they are bakers or passionate chefs and still love to cook then a 20L microwave oven is what they need. Note that the microwave oven features a mode that enables it to function as microwave convection. Without this, you can’t bake in a microwave.

Moreover, if they are over active and cook and bake on a daily basis. Then it is essential to have the pre-heat function. This function is easy to use since the button is on the panel itself.


If you want to try your hands on shawarma and kebabs, purchase a microwave oven with a larger capacity of 25L. It should be fitted with a rotisserie which enables you to mount the meat. The uniform dispersion of heat enables the meat to get cooked deeply and completely. For cooking Indian dishes such as tandoori chicken or for steaming some rice with your lentils, you will need a similar kind of microwave.

Mechanical Panel

A mechanical panel is better than a digital one as it is clearer. There’s no need to strain the eyes and is a lot easier to understand. Mechanical panels contain button functions. Rotate the dial for selecting the desired setting and start the microwave.

This is very convenient for elders since they won’t have to press multiple buttons. Also no tiny readings on the LED display and no need to change settings. This avoids situations where of pressing the wrong buttons and selecting the wrong settings. Consider buying a microwave like the Nikai Microwave Oven or Black & Decker Microwave Oven.

Various Microwave Panels


As discussed earlier mechanical panels are usually found in solo microwaves. These microwaves are mainly used for the purpose of re-heating. Additionally, they can’t steam, grill, bake or fry food items. Besides possessing dials, they also offer great control in an easy to use manner. Hence, these are ideal for elderly people and those who don’t use the microwave for baking or grilling food. 


In comparison to mechanical panels, feather-touch panels offer you an innovative control system. This in turn offers you large amounts of control. Nowadays, these are trending. The panel senses your finger in the same way your smartphone does. That too without buttons, so people don’t have to press multiple times. Cleaning it is also hassle-free. You can wipe it instantly because they feature several cooking modes and features.

Tactile Button

Tactile button panels feature knobs and buttons for your convenience. These are best for people who indulge themselves in a lot of mixing and baking. If your fingers are soiled then it can spoil a feather touch panel. However, when it comes to a tactile button panel, using the dial with powder-coated hands is also possible. It is built in such a way to tackle soiled hands which are common while baking. Besides this, for cleaning the appliance, the jog-wheel controls make it easy.

The panel you purchase should depend on how often and what all you use your microwave for. Purchasing the best microwave oven in Saudi Arabia along with the right panel save you time for cooking as well as cleaning purposes.

Microwave Myths: Is Microwave Cooked Food Safe to Consume?

Scary stories about how the best microwave oven in Saudi Arabia can cause your food to become radioactive is not unheard. Various beliefs exist such as microwaves cause cancer and microwaved water alters DNA. Let’s clear this out. Microwaves don’t make your food radioactive and they don’t produce gamma rays. In fact, microwaves are electromagnetic. Even WHO and Harvard Medical School have stated this. So, you don’t have to worry.

No risk involved? Is this what they meant? No.

To the people who say that if you microwave food, it does not destroy the nutritional content of foods. Then let me tell you, it is a fact that certain nutrients just break down when exposed to heat. The food can be in a stove, microwave, industrial boiler or furnace. Associating nutritional demise to microwaves is not fair. However, it is not yet proved that microwaves cause cancer. It is only rumours and theories that are spread across.

But, this leads to issues that are associated with insufficient cooking. For instance, certain foods especially meats contain bacteria. These are extremely harmful to people and only die when they are exposed to a specific level of heat. So, be mindful about which meat you are cooking. Well, the WHO states that the microwave energy does not penetrate well in thicker pieces of food. This in turn may lead to uneven cooking. Hence, cooking red meat in a microwave oven can be extremely dangerous. See to it that you use microwave-safe plastics and containers. Also, you can make use of Zip-Lock bags to cook.

Can I retain my food’s nutritional quality?

There is enough evidence and even doctors and medical experts say that eating raw foods, be it fruits and vegetables. They suggest to keep it as close to raw as possible. Since this preserves the maximum amount of nutrients. For instance, dry fruits are still considered to be a part of the staple diet. This doesn’t mean that you stop ordering food from out through food delivery apps and restaurants. All I am saying is simply reduce it.

Try your best to eat foods that require less cooking and also less reheating. You won’t notice the difference now. But as you age, your body will be thankful to you for consuming whole foods with no preservatives and those that are processing or preservatives.

FAQs on Microwave

Is microwave food unhealthy and radioactive?

Microwaving food causes it to become radioactive is a lie/rumour. Another rumour is that microwaved water alters DNA. Primarily, microwaves are electromagnetic hence they don’t produce gamma rays. Therefore, your food is not only healthy but also safe to consume. Further to get more information and all your answers, check this how do I know if microwaving food is safe and healthy?

What size microwave do I need to purchase?

As discussed above, the size of the microwave depends upon the number of your family members and also the type of food you cook often. A solo microwave with a capacity of 15-20 litres is meant for small families consisting of 3 members. If a grill or convection microwave is what you need then purchase one between 21-30 litres. But, if it is for 4 or more members then you need to opt for one between 25-30 litres or even more than that. And in case, you’re opting for a grill or convection then purchase one that is 32 litres and above. 

Which type of microwave should I purchase?

Firstly, the size of the microwave that you need depends mainly upon your food habits and family size. Solo microwave ovens are mainly used to reheat food. Therefore, they are recommended for bachelors and working couples. A grill microwave is ideal for a family of 3 to 4 members and for those who love meat. Also, a convection microwave is essential for mid-sized and large families and is a must if you bake often.

Is microwave food cancerous?

A BIG NO because microwave food doesn’t cause cancer. Make use of microwave-safe containers as this will ensure that microwave cooked food is safe and healthy and not cancerous. Furthermore, you can also use ceramic materials and glass for heating food in a microwave. Besides this, your food should be exposed to heat for the least amount of time.

Hassle-Free Cooking

Buying the best microwave oven in Saudi Arabia to prepare food helps you to save time and makes cooking easy. Microwaves are the preferred method of cooking in some cases. While selecting the best microwave oven in Saudi Arabia you don’t have to break your head with all this information. Consider the number of family members (especially the aged people). Pay attention to your diet to know if you will need a rotisserie, grill, and pre-heating feature. Keep in mind your budget too. Happy Microwaving!

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