Best Massage Chair in Saudi Arabia

اقرأ هذا المقال باللغة العربية

After a long tiring day , all one craves for is a good massage. Its not quite possible at home. That’s why there is a massage chair for these needs. Why not get one? Massage chairs provide the massage from neck, back to toe areas completely relaxing all the muscles and removing the stress of the entire day. They are usually expensive due to the sophisticated technology and the health offerings they provide. Lets know more about massage chairs and the best massage chairs in Saudi Arabia.

Quick List

Massage Chair Weight TechniqueCheck Price
Irest A38 home massage chair 120 Kg Combination Price on
Entuit Massage chair  82 KgVibration Price on
Relax Smart Massage Chair80 Kg Combination Price on
Beurer Shiatsu massage chair 9.3 Gms Shiatsu Price on

Is it worth spending so much on a massage chair?

Investing in a highly-priced product fosters a lot of questions in every buyer’s mind, especially if you are not clear about the benefits and uses of that product. Afterall nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on a product or appliance without knowing how durable or reliable it is. I will try to answer some of these.

Get Massage Anytime at the Comfort of Your Home

You can self-massage yourself at your convenience, that too in the comfort of your own home by buying the best massage chair in Saudi Arabia. You won’t have to book an appointment with the physiotherapist or massage parlour and plus, you won’t have to adjust your schedule as per the physiotherapist’s or masseur’s convenience. Additionally, you won’t have to apply for leave. So, you can see how beneficial the best massage chair in Saudi Arabia is. Also, if you visit the physiotherapist/masseur often, then you very well know how long each therapy session is, you need to spend at least 4 to 5 hours there and don’t forget to include the travelling factor – total time to travel to and fro.

A Good Long Term Investment

We all know, it’s not sufficient to visit the physiotherapist or masseur just once or twice, you need to visit them periodically for complete relief. And each session just gets more expensive for you. It also takes more time, and of course a hell lot of patience. But if you have the best massage chair in Saudi Arabia, you can save the amount of money you spent. For example, purchasing a massage chair worth 2 lacks will help you recover your money in around 100 days.

Regular Massage: An Added Benefit

A regular massage improves blood circulation which, in turn, improves your overall health. Other than improving blood circulation, it also decreases cortisol and insulin levels. Additionally, it improves your mood, reduces stress and also helps you build an obstinate attitude and it improves the elasticity of blood vessels, increases oxygen to the tissues. It also improves the overall nutrition of the tissue. The best massage chair in Saudi Arabia can offer you all these benefits without any fee.

Rank 1: Irest A38 home massage chair  

  • 2D Detection: The iRest Massage Chair has the special unique technology to detect the massage points according to your height and provide the massage over their. This redefines the way massaging is done in chairs usually and adds intelligence to it.
  • Gua Sha Method: The chair uses the Gua Sha method to massage the entire back , legs and feet area reducing the fatigue and relaxing the muscles from any pain. It stretches, relaxes, kneads and puts air pressure on the muscles giving a human touch experience.
  • Quick Massage: The automatic 15 minutes massage function lets the entire body to relax and it focuses on the acupuncture points.
  • Zero Gravity: With this feature, the gravity of each body part will be distributed evenly on the massage chair, to help fully release the pressure on your body. It offers you a state of weightlessness, to help you enjoy perfect relaxation without any restrictions.
  • Price: This costs SAR 27,131 which is quite expensive but almost all massage chairs fall in the same range. So If you are looking for buying a massage chair definitely then be prepared to invest that amount in it. There is one more option in the end of the article which is not completely a massage chair but gives you with similar results at a comparatively affordable price.

Rank 2: Entuit Massage chair   

  • Premium Material: Entuit massage chair is made of premium faux leather which is washable and is long lasting. It ensures the durability for a long period.
  • Remote Control:This comes with a remote control for you to adjust the height and massage modes sitting in the chair comfortably.
  • Recliner Function: The chair comes with a reclining function supported by a leg rest for complete top to toe relaxation. It has the 180 degree feature turning it to a semi bed.
  • Price: This costs slightly below than the previous one at a price of SAR 15, 419

Rank 3: Relax Smart Massage Chair  

  • Stylish Design: Relax Smart Massage Chair comes in attractive colors and design which suits any kind of home easily. The design is contemporary and attractive.
  • Combination Technique: It uses the Combination of multiple techniques to massage the back, legs area like Kneading, vibration and other techniques like acupuncture.
  • Recliner Function: The chair comes with a reclining function supported by a leg rest for complete top to toe relaxation.
  • Remote Control:This comes with a remote control for you to adjust the height and massage modes sitting in the chair comfortably.
  • Price: This cost SAR 17,115

Rank 4: Beurer Shiatsu massage chair  

  • Height Adjustable: This is complete top to bottom massage chair with the facility to adjust the height for the neck massage.
  • Shiatsu Technique: Beurer is a well known brand in appliances and this massage chair uses the Shiatsu technique. It applies to the neck, back areas.
  • Convenient Storage: It comes with a handy hook which you can use to hook it up anywhere conveniently.
  • Select Settings: You can choose which area to be massaged through the control mechanism from upper, lower and full back options. There are two speed options available to change.
  • Automatic Switch off: It saves a lot of power with this feature of auto switch off in 15 minutes. So you dont have to worry about switching it off. Just on it and relax it would take care.
  • Light and Heating Function: There is heating option available to relax your muscles through the heat.
  • Price: This is the cheapest option available although its not completely a chair and more like an massaging add on to your normal chair. But it does the job perfectly. So if you are looking for a massage chair and is on strict budget then this is the option. This costs SAR 1399

Important Features to Look for in a Massage Chair

Important Features of a Massage Chair

Before buying a massage chair, it is necessary to know and identify, what all a massage chair is capable of doing and what all you need to look for. And whether a massage chair can fulfil your expectations or not, which needs in-depth research. To help you out with this process to save you time and effort, we have listed all the features below with a detailed explanation. 

Massage Power

The power of massage or massage power is one of the most essential features of a massage chair as this determines how powerful or intense your massage would be. It is a crucial factor of the same. Some people prefer a massage of a “low” or “medium” intensity, whereas, some people prefer a “high” or “maximum” intensity massage, that is, a strong/very strong massage. Therefore, the more the intensity levels the better to suit your requirements. Choosing a massage chair with different intensity levels or adjustable intensity is always a better idea as this will help you cater to the requirements of your family members too. The advantage of adjustable intensity is that it will provide the exact type of massage that you and your family members need.

Heat Therapy: A Distinctive Feature 

Heat relaxes your muscles thoroughly and promotes blood circulation. Thus, it is a great feature in massage chairs. Now, how exactly does a massage chair give you heat therapy? To that, it produces heat against your back with the help of infrared rollers or heated pads. Plus, heat therapy speeds up recovery and heals you of any illness by improving blood circulation.

Not to forge,t every massage chair has its own mechanism to produce heat massage/therapy. Some of these make use of heating pads located in the lower back area which deliver the heat to your lower back once you sit on the massage chair. If you are someone with a job for which you are glued to laptop and desk, then along with a massager, a back posture corrector can help you with your posture and terrible lower back pain. A massage chair, therefore, provides you relief from all of these issues.

Massage Rollers

High-end massage chairs use rollers to provide a more intense and beneficial massage. These rollers are specially designed to simulate the movement of the human hand. They slide upwards, downwards, towards the right and the left of your back which we can’t do easily by ourselves. Therefore, these rollers massage those difficult to reach areas as well. Moreover, they provide relaxation, comfortable massage and soothing relief and improve blood circulation in your back.

Choose for Zero Gravity

All the high-end massage chairs are provided with the zero-gravity feature. After thorough research, we settled with all the 5 product rankings feature zero gravity in the list of the best massage chair in Saudi Arabia. However, why so much hype about zero gravity? What makes massage chairs with the zero gravity feature so special? Well, a massage chair with zero gravity will recline and then it will place your body in such a position so that it doesn’t have to sustain its weight. Therefore, zero gravity distributes your whole body weight across the massage chair.

Moreover, this position will help you to experience the action and effect of the airbags and rollers in a better way, enabling your vertebrae to relax and enhance your massage experience. Ultimately, zero gravity raises your legs and aligns them with your heart. This helps your heart to relax when you’re in that position and lets it work more efficiently since it won’t have to put too much effort to supply all the blood down to your legs.

Air Compression Massage

Air Compression is a massage feature that offers the use of airbags for enhancing the massage experience. Many of the high-end massage chairs come with this feature. Now, how does the air compression massage work? Well, the alternative compression and decompression of the airbags push against your muscles and massage them. Without any worries, you can use the air compression massage for each part of your body. Remember that the more the number of airbags in a massage chair, the better will be your massage experience. Therefore, for better performance and service, it is a good idea to opt for a massage chair with more airbags. The latest massage chairs contain airbags for your neck, shoulders, arms, hips, legs and your feet. High-end massage chairs have the option of adjustable intensity for the airbags which enables you to adjust the intensity as per your preference to suit your requirements.

Reclining Feature

Low-end massage chairs usually don’t have a zero-gravity feature. They are equipped with a reclining feature or function, but it won’t support your body entirely, unlike zero gravity. This means that it won’t lift your legs. Consequently, your heart and legs won’t be at the same height, which is why zero gravity is different from reclining. Now even if it is not as good as the zero-gravity feature, it offers you a relaxing massage. In order to feel better and enjoy the massage experience, just turn on the TV and watch your favourite program or, you can watch your favourite series on Netflix while using the recline function.

Silent Operation

Other than being bulky and requiring vast space in your home, some massage chairs are also noisy when in use. It’s crucial to be aware of this to avoid buying a noisy one. Therefore, purchase a massage chair that is silent or doesn’t make much noise which will ensure that you don’t disturb anybody in the house while using it, thus proving to be more beneficial especially if you are doing any activity that requires silence. For instance, you need a massage in the afternoon but your family members are taking a siesta or you need the massage late at night when everyone is fast asleep. Surely you would never want to disturb them, so you will sacrifice and not use the massage chair. To avoid this, simply buy a silent operating massage chair and use it without disturbing anybody.

Is this device Portable?

You’ll find yourself lucky if you purchase a portable massage chair. But, if you have decided a fixed place in your home to keep the massage chair then it’s not necessary to be portable. However, if you need to clean that area where you have kept the massage chair, then you will have to shift it, for which it needs to be portable. Also, if you want to store the massage chair when not in use then you need to opt for one that is portable. Portable massage chairs have casters that contribute to the portability as it enables you to move the massage chair from one corner to another in your home.

Types of Massage Techniques offered by a Massage Chair

Other than knowing the important features of massage chairs, it is also essential to know the types of massage techniques.


The rolling massage technique is simulated with rollers equipped in the massage chair which mimics the lift and roll of the skin between the masseur’s fingers and thumbs. This works when the rollers in the massage chair move up and down your back as well as sideways. Moreover, rolling loosens the skin, treats muscular tension and produces a relaxing effect.


In kneading massage, the massager compresses the soft tissues against one another or the underlying bones. The rollers perform this massage in a circular pattern. Furthermore, for increasing flexibility, kneading is highly recommended as it treats tight muscles and is useful for pain relief.


Tapping massage is a well-known technique. It is percussive and is specially devised to stimulate your muscles. When you sit to use the massage chair, tapping simulates the striking and pounding actions that a physiotherapist or professional masseur performs with his/her fists. It also stimulates the “karate chop” technique. The rollers push in against your back and then push out. This technique increases the local temperature, stimulates local blood circulation as well as tissue elasticity.


Shiatsu is the most effective and well-known massage technique. It is applied with the thumbs, hands and palms against certain press points. When you sit to use the massage chair, the rollers and the airbags offer the Shiatsu massage technique which relaxes your body and promotes muscle relief. These rollers push against the sensitive points on your back.

Air Compression

One of the most popular massage techniques in recent years is the air compression massage. It uses multiple airbags which squeeze your legs, arms, hips and shoulders. The alternate compression and decompression methodology of these airbags will push against your muscles and then massage them. The best part of the air compression massage technique is that you can use it on every part of your body.

Types of Massage Techniques

FAQs about Massage Chair in Saudi Arabia

How does zero gravity massage chair work?

A zero gravity massage chair releases the stress of your spine while massaging your entire body. It distributes your entire body weight across the massage chair in a sleeping position. For your feet and legs are aligned in the same height as your heart, the highly reclined position elevates your feet and legs over your heart.

Is it okay to use the massage chair for a longer time?

Do not use it for a longer time. According to experts, a massage session should last ONLY for 15 minutes. Long massage sessions can be potentially unsafe because it can cause inflammation and also damage to the other tissues. It can also bruise your muscles. Hence, don’t be under the impression that a longer massage session will benefit you more.

How frequently can a massage chair be used?

You can use the massage chair as often as possible. But, if you suffer from low back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain, then make use of the massage chair ONLY 3-4 times a week. Always remember not to rush the massage process or use it vigorously. Additionally, make sure you adjust the intensity of the massage to a level that is suitable for your back and entire body. Every massage session is crucial and beneficial to your body because it improves blood circulation, speeds up recovery, and more.

Is a massage chair better than the spa?

In every sense yes! Buying a massage chair is a better option than going to the spa as you won’t have to fix an appointment with them which means you don’t need to adjust your schedule. You can save on massage fees that you need to pay for every session and also the travel costs.

Once you buy the massage chair, it is all yours so you can use it at home at your convenience. It won’t cost you for a fee each time you or your family member uses it. Moreover, so many people visit the spa which may lead to cross-infection whereas in the case of a massage chair there’s no chance of cross-infection as only you and your family members will be using it.

Can a pregnant woman use the massage chair?

It’s better if the pregnant woman consults the doctor or medical practitioner before using a massage chair. Massage chairs are however considered safe for pregnant women, they can take casualties if she is suffering from any medical issues or a history of miscarriage or if it is a high-risk pregnancy. Therefore, if the doctor you consult takes your case history and says that you can use it and then ensure that you don’t use it for more than 10 to 15 minutes. Avoid heat function (heat pads) and Shiatsu massage during pregnancy. As the risk of miscarriage is higher during the 1st trimester of the pregnancy, never use the massage chair during the 1st trimester.

Are diabetes patients allowed to use massage chairs?

It is NOT RECOMMENDED for a diabetes patient to use a massage chair because if pressure is exerted on the area where diabetics inject their insulin, then it might influence how their body absorbs this shot. Consequently, altering their intake. Plus, diabetics suffering from Neuropathy should be extra cautious since they can’t experience pain or heat. Still, you can always consult your doctor for advice on the same. If the doctor says you that its safe for you to use, then you can go ahead. It also depends upon how high your diabetes is or if it is under control.

How to Maintain your Massage Chair

Considering the massage chair is a highly-priced item, you’re expected to take good care of it and maintain it the right way. By using it appropriately, storing it in a hygienic area and keeping it clean, your massage chair is sure to serve you for long years with the same efficiency by offering the same quality output and also without any wear and tear. Usually, massage chairs have double upholstery but for best massage results you need to clean it from time to time.

Use of Gentle Cleaning Agents

It doesn’t matter how enduring the leather of the massage chair cover is. Never use powerful cleaning agents as these might cause damage. So it’s always better to use gentle cleaning agents, no matter how durable it is.

Never Drip the Cleaning Agent on the Moving Parts

Note to never use a cleaning agent on the moving parts or areas that are near to the moving parts as this will lead to malfunctioning of the device. Look at that it doesn’t come in contact with the mechanical parts also. Hence, you have to be mindful enough while cleaning the massage chair.

The Contact Areas must be Cleaned

It is advised to clean the whole chair regularly. However, the areas of the massage chair which you frequently come in contact with need to be cleaned regularly. This is because you tend to sweat and this sweat deposits on the chair. There can be several other reasons too. This will also be safer for the other person using it later so by cleaning it regularly you can prolong the life of the massage chair. Also, remove the upholstery whenever possible so that you can clean it with ease. Remember that you don’t need to use cleaning agents every single time during the day. After each usemake use of a damp cloth and make use of cleaning agents once a day. Moreover, ensure that all the nooks and crannies are clean and are free from any dirt particles or hair.

Use Spray Bottles

You can make use of spray bottles since it spreads or disperses the cleaning agent over a larger surface. Furthermore, spray bottles also help the upholstery to dry quickly after cleaning it.

Do Not Put a Wet Upholstery on the Massage Chair

Never means never! Putting a wet upholstery on the massage chair may permanently damage your massage chair. Therefore, you should always allow the wet upholstery to fully dry out first.

Take a Pause And Relax

Zero Gravity feature in Massage Chair

Surely you won’t regret bringing the best massage chair for your home in Saudi Arabia. Your decision should be based upon your requirements, how often you are going to use it, budget and the available space in your home. Nevertheless, do not compromise on quality to save costs as your massage chair will provide you with the comfort your body needs. You should also clean and maintain it regularly. Before we end, we would also like to show you the best posture corrector in Saudi Arabia. It helps cure rounded shoulders and aligns the spine to improve your posture. And you may also check out some of the best massage gun options in Saudi Arabia to decrease muscle soreness, de-stress yourself, and decrease the build-up of lactic acid.

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