Best Kneeling Chair in UAE

Do you spend your long hours working at your desk? And as per the doctor’s order need a kneeling chair? and you’re searching for the best kneeling chair in UAE. Well, you’re at the right place. As I’m here to guide you in the right direction by pointing out the best kneeling chairs in UAE. Firstly, kneeling chairs are chairs with a special design that force you to maintain the natural curve of the spine. This design of the chair is to remove the pressure from your back. With the help of this, you can ease your back and relieve it from pain.

Best Kneeling Chair in UAE – Quick List

Kneeling ChairType of Kneeling ChairCushion MaterialCheck Price
Sleekform TokyoWith backrestMeshPrice in
Stand Steady ProErgoWithout backrestMeshPrice in
MallbooWithout backrestSponge (Anti-dust Waterproof)Price in
Sleekform AlpharettaWithout backrest 100% Recycled foamPrice in
HimimiWithout backrest Foam (Synthetic Leather)Price in

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Types of Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs come in types which only differ in the design of the chair:

With back support

These chairs are like just any normal kneeling chair, the only difference being that it processes an additional backrest facility. Kneeling chairs, in general, is not advisable with a backrest. But keeping in mind the constant struggle of having to sit up can be tiring and uncomfortable for you. It is because of this reason that a backrest has been offered so as that you may rest yourself in between for the breaks.

If you don’t have any medical issue try opting the ones which don’t have any back support. As the ones without back support will help you improve your posture better than the one which has a backrest.

Without back support

The framework of this chair uses an X-frame structure. A chair without any back support is definitely more helpful. The main reason for this is that it forces you to sit up straight and in turn help improve the posture of your lower back and also get rid of the pain in your back. All this while strengthening your core muscles. These chairs are equipped with different features which include those with wheels, adjustability and many more.

The choice of what and which one you would prefer to choose totally depends on you as both have the same outcome. Think about this point as we go ahead with this article. So, here are some of the best kneeling chairs in UAE which would work perfectly for your daily office use.

Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs in UAE

The ergonomic kneeling chair is nothing except the fact that the chair is specially designed to offer the comfort option while sitting in your office. Comfort in any office environment is necessary so as to improve productivity. And an ergonomic kneeling chair ensures that health and physical outlook of the employees are equally as important. Hence, here is the best kneeing chair in UAE.

Rank 1: Sleekform Tokyo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Model: SF-QKC-1-Mesh

This Sleekform kneeling chair promotes and supports comfort to all its users making it the best kneeling chair in UAE.

  • Outlook: Having the basic black colour which can look just as great in any office setting as well as for home use.
  • Improves Posture: The build of this chair makes you sit in an open hip angle and upright posture. Which in turn corrects the alignment of your back, shoulders and even remove the pain from these areas.
  • Comfort: This chair has comfortable padding not just on the seat but also on the knee cushion.
  • Adjustability: You wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to reach your table comfortably enough anymore. As the built-in adjustability to change the high of the chair is there to serve your needs.
  • Portability: No, you don’t have to lift the chair to any other desired place. As with the fitted wheels available you can now just push it around with ease.
  • Built: With this chair, you would not have to worry about mites as the chair is built with a metal frame. Whereas the cushions are covered with a mesh fabric which again promises durability.
  • Padding: The cushions are fitted with double the padding which is almost 4 inches per cushion. This gives a comfortable sitting angle for your body. To add to that the chair also has padded handles. This allows for easy and comfortable getting on and off it.
  • Price: This product is a bit on the pricy side, but it will sure to be worth it. The set price is around AED 1,020.

Rank 2: Stand Steady ProErgo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


This kneeling chair is truly pro ergonomic just as its name suggests it. And here are the reasons why:

  • Outlook: If sleek black is your ideal colour then you have found your match, with this all-black kneeling chair. This chair doesn’t offer backrest support.
  • Built: This ergo kneeling chair is designed to last a very long time with its strong metal-based body and mesh cushions.
  • Weight: This chair has been built to take the weight up to 250 lbs. very easily.
  • Adjustability: The chair allows for a customizable feature where you can shift the height of the chair as and when you feel like.
  • Height setting: It offers three height settings. The three-height setting extends up to the tallest being 14 inches and the lowest seat height at 13 inches.
  • Improves Posture: The three different heights offered allows comfort and takes away any back and even neck pain.
  • Comfort: To support your weight and ensure that you are at total ease while kneeling, the chair is equipped with a three inched cushion.
  • Portability: So as to make moving around easier this chair has not 2 but 4 wheels which enables you to keep moving.
  • Price: This reasonably good priced chair is available at AED 450.

Rank 3:  MallBoo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

This elegant looking chair will not let you down with its splendid features.

  • Outlook: Mallboo kneeling chair offers a very decent and professional outlook with its wooden built and black seats. The separated kneeling cushions also aim to provide comfort.
  • Health Benefits: The rocking motion built of the chair enables additional motion which strengthens the core muscles furthermore.
  • Increase Productivity: The upright position that the chair puts you in increases blood flow and energy to the body. This, in turn, acts as a fuel to your productivity. This means higher concentration levels and gets more work done.
  • Comfort: The solid wood frame and the high elastic sponge on the cushion ensures you or the one using the chair with comfort at all time. As the extra inflatable pillows help keep your knees away from any pressure or pain from kneeling.
  • Built: The frame is built out of wood which can tolerate any weight put on it.
    • Also, the cushions are made up of mattress sponge which ensures you comfort all through your time sitting on the chair.
    • Besides this, the cushion is also wrapped with an anti-dust and waterproof cloth to lessen your cleaning hassle.
  • Posture: Offering a 90-degree angle seat this chair makes sure you correct your posture. Once you have positioned yourself properly on to the chair it should help your hips and back to remain upright. Besides, it also aligns your neck, shoulders and back.
  • Delivery: If you stay in the UAE you are in luck. As this product offers fast shipment to your doorstep in the UAE.
  • Price: This elegant looking kneeling chair cost nothing more than AED 310.

Rank 4: SLEEKFORM Alpharetta Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Yes, Sleekform. No, I have not made a mistake. This brand has put in some thought process into the making of their kneeling chair. And their fruit? Two of their products make it here to be some of the best kneeling chairs in UAE.

  • Outlook: This chair will add the modern yet contemporary twist to the surrounding you place it in. With a head to toe, black colour available makes it one such chair which can blend into any setting it is placed.
  • Health Benefits: If you suffer from any sort of back pain, neck strain or a bad posture and you are looking to change this. Look no further as this is the one for you. Offering comfort with the alignment of the seat.
  • Comfort: The angling of the seat at a 90-degree provides you with the comfort needed while sitting upright. Furthermore not stressing your back or neck.
  • Adjustability: You can keep adjusting the height of the chair to whatever height would suit your needs. Be it 21 inches or 28 inches this chair can handle your needs.
  • Portability: Once you switch to a kneeling chair you will not want to leave it idle. So for all the movement of the chair, you have wheels to make moving it easy.
  • Built: The use of metal in the making of the chair allows for the chair to be strong enough to carry 250 lbs. While recycle foam is used in the making of the cushion which is a good way to contribute towards the environment.
  • Cushion: Besides the fact that the cushion is environment-friendly it also is 4 inches thick. This also allows the chair to be comfortable enough for you to spend your time working on.
  • Price: With the set price at AED 780 this chair won’t cut a hole in your pockets.

Rank 5: Himimi Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Last but not least in this article of the best kneeling chair in UAE is the Himimi Ergonomic Kneeling chair. With its features which have been specifically with the end-users in mind.

  • Outlook: The X frame structure of this chair and the riding style design provides the chair with a decent and modern outlook. Along with all black frames and seat.
  • Build: The frame of this chair is strong enough to handle the weight up to 250 pounds. This is because of the iron build along with the synthetic leather seat covers.
  • Comfort: This chair offers maximum comfort to your back, knees and shins with its riding style design.
  • Health Perspective: This chair not only straightens back posture but also distributes weight evenly on the legs and buttocks. Besides this is the ability to relieve back pain, hunching, neck stress and other problems caused by bad spine alignment.
  • Portability: The movement of this chair is easy as with the help of the fitted casters at the bottom of the chair. Also, the additional brake casters which prevent movement.
  • Adjustments: The ability to personalize the height right from 21 inches to 28 inches is a benefit on its own. This adjustability function of the chair makes it easier to work with.
  • Cushion: Being three inches and made from 100% moulded form makes it much comfortable but also allows the seat to be much more long-lasting.
  • Price: Comparatively cheaper as opposed to the others with a price of AED 450.

There you have it, an account of the best kneeling chair in UAE. With this information, I hope I have cleared any doubt and helped you to take your decision. However, if you still are in a fix about which one to choose. So, in that case, continue reading forward to know which points should influence your decision on the hunt for the best kneeling chair in UAE.

What to look for in a Kneeling Chair

Quality & Thickness of Fabric and Cushion

The first factor to be considered while looking into buying the best kneeling chair in UAE is the quality and thickness of the fabric. These factors are key points because some companies try to cut cost by using poorer quality of the material. Which would reduce the durability of the product and also would make you feel uncomfortable and if used could lead to even more aches then what you started with. If the cushion is well padded then you will have no issue regarding comfort.

Also while checking for material make sure that the material is breathable enough so that you would not feel sweaty after you sit on it for a long time. And also it would be easy enough to clean.


In this point, look for if the chair allows you to adjust the overall height and angle as well. Also, check for the availability of adjustments for the knee pads. All these things will increase your comfort and let you work with ease. In this way, you can change these adjustments as and when required even if you change your working area.

Sitting Mobility

I understand that while sitting and working it is not possible to always sit in one position so you could look into the sort of chairs which allows movement and lets you be active. Most of the kneeling chairs do not support this function whereas there are some which have been designed to allow this motion. Making it much more comfortable and flexible for long hours of work when it gets too boring to sit in a single position.


The ability to move the chair around while you sit on it is one feature which is good for any office environment. As it takes away any hassle to lift the chair around the place. In some cases, the chairs could be too heavy to lift so the feature of the wheels comes in handy. Depending on the brands these kneeling chairs offer these wheels. Some offer four wheels whereas others offer none.

Build Quality

I understand that quality plays an important role in sorting and finding the best kneeling chair in UAE. Which means the best quality products will be a bit more pricy as compared to the poorer quality components of the final product. To get the best quality of the product the main features should be looked into. So, you should not hesitate to spend a little extra on the best. These features include that of the built frame, possibility of adjustments, the material of the seat paddings and fabric, and other similar factors should be taken into consideration.

I’m sure this is bound to help you make your choice in selecting the best kneeling chair in UAE. If you still are a bit sceptical about the uses and the wonders it will perform for you, take a look at the following sections.

Ergonomic Advantage of Kneeling Chair

Benefits your Pelvis

Kneeling chairs make you sit upright which also forces you to correct your posture. The pelvis when on a kneeling chair remains in an open position which helps to correct the alignment of the spine. And it is not just the alignment but it also improves digestion and breathing. This is because when the pelvis is in the open position the organs inside your body are freed as opposed to sitting on a normal chair where they are due to compression.

Strengthens Core Muscles

In the absence of a backrest, the chair ensures that you sit upright. This, in turn, engages your core and back muscles thus strengthening them to be in the right posture.

Reduced Pressure

The shift from the normal office chair to the ergonomic kneeling chair leads to the shift of the angle of the trunk or thigh from 90 degrees to a 110-degree angle. This shift is good for your spine as it shifts the pressure from the spine.

Evenly Distributes weight

As opposed to sitting in a traditional office chair where the weight is all on your lower back, switching from the traditional chair will evenly distribute your weight around your body especially on your back, neck and shoulders. This happens because while sitting in a kneeling chair your hips slide forward. With this forward slide, the stress from the lower back is reduced along with the compression on the spine.

Controlled Pressure

Kneeling chairs have the ability to make certain adjustments to tweak the height, the angle of slope of the seat as well as the kneeling pads. This helps to control the pressure applied to the shins.

Leaves you Energized

As you sit upright in your kneeling chair, the circulation of blood to your body increases. As the blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your brain and also to your body this leaves you more energized and also increases productivity at your workplace as you feel comfortable. Improvement in blood circulation promotes overall health benefits.

Reduced Body Aches

Understanding that it isn’t possible to sit upright in a single position all through your working hours as it can be painful. So, advising you if possible, alternate between the traditional office chair and the kneeling chair. This would let you be more active as well and reduces poor posture, circulation, and back pains caused by sitting in a single position for a long time.

Problems you may face with a Kneeling Chair

Restricted Leg Movement

As you might think the best way to fix your posture is via the use of the best kneeling chair in UAE. This is not entirely true, as in most cases the design of the chair makes it uncomfortable to sit for a long period of time as your legs have restricted movements. This can cause extensive pain in the body. To prevent it the only thing which can be done is to shift and alternatively use a traditional chair and a kneeling chair.

Pressure on shin can cause pain

A chair with a backrest could eliminate this problem. But the backrest defies the whole purpose of the kneeling chair. Which is to correct the posture of your back by slanting forward along the seating area. The availability of chair rockers too has become quite popular which allows movement and helps you reduce pressure from your shin area.

Reduced blood circulation in legs

The prefered incline would be at around 20 degrees to 30 degrees as this restricts slouching. The ability to adjust the height of the seat should be left up to you according to your needs. So that you are comfortable enough and that it fits the shape of your lower back.

Tough sit and get up

In some cases with the obstruction of the knee pads, it gets difficult to sit and even getting out of the chair is a bit difficult. Also in some chairs, the lack of hand support can add on to the difficulty.

The advantages and disadvantages are all out in the open for you to consider the good and bad points, which can help you select to make your choice of the best kneeling chair in UAE.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair FAQs for UAE

Who doesn’t have questions when purchasing a new product? It is always better to get these questions out of the way before you make up your mind yet still have the doubt about any topic in mind. So here are a few questions which arise while purchasing the best kneeling chair in UAE.

Can a kneeling chair cause back pain?

In the initial phase, a kneeling chair could cause a bit of pain in your back and even shoulders as our body is accustomed to sitting back with the help of a backrest. But in the case of a kneeling chair, you have to sit up straight without any backrest and this uses a lot of the core muscles, which wasn’t previously used and so they are weak. Hence, you experience back pain and muscle pain initially.

Although in the long run, these muscles grow on to be stronger with the constant use. And so with that, any sort of back pain goes away.

How long can you sit on a Kneeling Chair?

If you’re a first-time user, then you can’t expect to sit on the chair all day long. In that case, the best way to use the kneeling chair is for about 20 minutes at a time and then move to the normal chair. If you alternate, then you keep your body away from stressing all the more than it already is.

Whereas after you grow accustomed to this you would still prefer opting to alternate between your chairs always. As it gets tiring to sit in a single position for long periods of time.

What should be the angle of the Kneeling Chair?

A minimum of a 20 degrees angle of incline is advised. Since in this position you tend to lean forward which is a good angle for your spine. At this angle, you can’t really slouch either which is a plus point.

What is the Open Hip Position?

An open hip position is when you sit on chairs which have a slight tilt forward in a 110-degree angle. This position enables you to maintain the natural curve in the spine and hip region. It also decreases the disc pressure on the back and helps reduce back pain.

Try it to know

I hope this article has come of some use of yours in selecting the best kneeling chair in UAE. As sitting in a traditional chair can be pretty painful at times, kneeling chairs have become popular especially in office settings. Simply saying that kneeling chairs are a better choice isn’t right on my part but the benefits you can rip from it are over and beyond. You would just have to try it to know better and make the wiser shift.

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