Best IPL Machine in UAE for Laser Hair Removal at home [2020]

With a busy schedule, by prioritising work you tend to skip some ‘me time’ with yourself. By purchasing the best IPL machine in UAE scheduling personal me-time is made easier. Owning your very own IPL machine can do more good than bad to you. As IPL breaks the cycle of hair regrowth. Which in the long run will be light in your pocket as well as saves you time to spend hopping from one salon to another.

Best IPL Machine in UAE – Quick List

IPL machineAttachmentsBatteryCheck Price
Philips Lumea Prestige4 headsCorded and CordlessPrice in
Bosidin D-1176 IPL1 head for all areasCordless
Price in
Remington i-Light Prestige3 headsCordedPrice in
Bosidin D1129 IPL 2 headsCordlessPrice in
Lescolton 3 IN 1 IPL 2 headsCorded Price in

What is IPL and How Does it Work?

If you are sceptical over what is IPL and how does it work? Before you go jumping to another site in search of this information I’ve made it all easy for you with all the information you need right here.

IPL generally stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This little device performs great things. As it serves as a treatment for pigmentation, redness and also skin texture and tone. This gadget uses a laser pulse which identifies and targets any area which is or bound to be affected in any underlying tissues.

This laser, when used on the skin, causes the skin to heal faster and also breaks down any damaged tissue to make the skin much more glowing and refreshed. The outcome of IPL treatment is mostly long-lasting, it removes any upcoming bumps on the skin. Although long-lasting it doesn’t promise the disappearance of bumps permanently in the future.

Now that that is clear let’s head on to know more about which are the best IPL machines in UAE.

Rank 1: Philips Lumea Prestige IPL

Model: BRI956/60

It is no surprise that this product is at the top of the list. Philips is a worldwide known brand not only manufacturing and providing with one certain product but with almost every gadget. And now that it’s the number one product on this list you must check why.

  • Attachments: This device comprises of 4 attachments. Each of these attachments has different purposes like for the body, face, bikini and underarms. These attachments can do the same job you would have to get done by a salon.
  • Curved Attachment: This product stand tall and proud as it’s the world’s first IPL with the curved attachment. One for each body part which makes it your one-stop solution for any hair removable.
  • Attachments Uses: The different attachments helps in smooth and precise treatment for the various body areas like:
    • The large curved body attachment is for larger body parts for faster effective treatment.
    • Small face attachment is for delicate and sensitive areas like the upper lip, chin and jawline.
    • Whereas the precision attachment is to be used in areas which have more curves like bikini and underarms for the much needed delicate care in these areas.
  • SmartSkin: This sensor works in a way that it advises the user of the best setting. This advice is based on your skin tone.
  • Functionality: The Lumea modelled device is the only one that supports both cordless and corded.
  • Effectiveness: After several tests and experiments, the makers have come up with this device with a 92 per cent hair reduction in only 3 treatments.
  • Suitability: This handy-dandy device is suitable for any skin type and also for the different hair types.
  • Price: I’m sure this device will be worth every penny at it’s set price at around AED 2200.

Rank 2: Bosidin D-1176 IPL

Model: D-1176

With features which you can blow your mind at the price they offer. This Bosidin IPL machine very easily made it up to this list of the best IPL machine in UAE.

  • Effectiveness: Three treatments is all you will need to see the visible results of this product. As after that, there will be at least 96 per cent reduction in body hair growth.
  • Contact Sensor: This sensor senses the skin. And when only in contact with the skin will switch on. This not only makes it safer to use but also saves the battery life.
  • Bulb Flashes: To increase the lifespans of the device as well as the battery. This device uses a long-lasting quartz bulb which can be flashed up to 50,0000 flashes.
  • Energy Levels: So as to make it easier to treat every area of your body in the comfort of your home. The makers have incorporated a five energy adjustment level for easy and smooth output.
  • Battery life: This device works on a battery which is rechargeable.
  • Price: This comparatively cheaper device cost only around AED 240.

Rank 3: Remington i-Light Prestige IPL

Remington IPL machine has some promising features to cover almost all of your hair removal needs. Have a look for more details:

  • Unigender: This product is designed with the need of both the men and women in mind. Making it a product for the use of both the genders.
  • Portability: The outlook of the product gives it an appearance of it being bulky. But once in the hands is the very opposite. With the weight of the product being just 3.57 grams.
  • Product Friendly Areas: This IPL technology can be used for the body of the women without expecting any side effects on the face, body and bikini area. Whereas for the men to treat the back, chest and shoulders.
  • PROPULSE Technology: The Remington IPL machine uses a unique PROPULSE Technology which is a tried and tested method to remove the hair right from the roots.
  • Effectiveness: Since this device uses PROPULSE technology the effectiveness of the treatment is bound to last for a longer period as compared to its competition in the market.
  • Bulb Flashes: You wouldn’t have to worry about this IPL machine’s durability as the bulb works on an infinity control quartz bulb.
  • Price: AED 980 won’t be too heavy on your pocket in the long run. As it would save not just your money from the constant trips to the salon and also your time.

Rank 4: Bosidin D1129 IPL

Model: D1129

Another of the Bosidin IPL machines have made it up to this list. Here are the reasons why:

  • Effectiveness: Who doesn’t want fast results with anything. Even with this technology, all you need is three treatments after which you are sure to see the decrease of hair growth on your body.
  • Ice Compression: This product is equipped with advance ice compression technology so that you can have a smooth and safer treatment.
  • Convenience: The development of this product has allowed and made possible salon-style outcome at the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Product Friendly Areas: The use of this product is friendly all throughout your skin and ensure excellent results as the outcome. With permanent hair removal in areas which include arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and female facial hairs.
  • Tailored Technology: To ensure an easy and smooth treatment this device is equipped with a smart sensor which detects the skin tone and selects the most suited treatment tailormade for your skin.
  • UV Filter: The inbuilt UV filter on the product enables the skin to be safe from the rays. Which in any way may harm the skin.
  • Safe Flash: To prevent any light from any sort of leakage during the treatment the smart sensor detects when in full contact with the skin.
  • Price: This excellent product is available for around AED 300.

Rank 5: Lescolton 3 IN 1 IPL

Model: T-006

Investing in this IPL machine will prove to be a great choice without any regret. Only leaving you with smiles and making you a happy customer.

  • Effectiveness: You can expect a smooth and permanent hair removal solution within 8 weeks with 96 per cent hair reduction.
  • Speed Setting: A pre-set speed setting available for you to choose from. To suit your needs according to the body area, the pre-set speeds vary from one to five.
  • Attachments: The available attachments in the terms of heads are two, both of which offer different uses.
  • Bulb Flash: The lifespan of the bulb flash is up to around 300000 uses.
  • Operating Function: This product has the best outcome when used on dry skin rather than wet.
  • Power Source: While some of the IPL machines use batteries the likes of this IPL machine uses electric current. The bright side being, you don’t have to worry about your device suffering from the overcharging.
  • Price: At around AED 300 this device isn’t too expensive.

There you have it the list of the best IPL machines in UAE. What more can you ask from any of these products as they offer the best they can. Since I understand that the decision of purchasing an IPL machine is a great shift. And is somewhat of a newer trend which is catching up. I’ve thought of listing why you should consider choosing an IPL machine over the regular laser treatment. Go ahead read on to know why.

IPL Machine Vs Laser Treatments

An IPL machine, in general, has almost no difference from the laser treatment. However, there are a few minor changes which have to be looked into like that of the laser focus. This focus is for a wavelength which can be adjusted to fit the needs of any other person or user. And so, in turn, the focus is scattered as well. As it enters the second layer of the skin without causing any damage to the above layers.

Besides that, the major difference is the light used in laser treatment and IPL treatment. The light of IPL uses a broad spectrum of visible light whereas laser hair removal utilizes the properties of a laser.

Benefits of Using an IPL Machine

The investment in an IPL machine will have a tonne of pros rather than cons. As a product tried and tested by doctors won’t create something which could generally cause harm to any person using the product. So, to make use you know and are up to date about the benefits of using the best IPL machine in UAE. Here are some of the benefits of using an IPL machine.


Treating yourself and your skin is the best you can do for yourself. By having an IPL machine in-store, the convenience to treat yourself and look your best at all times is now possible. No more adjusting your schedule just to fit into the appointment slot available in salons. When you have some spare time you can now get salon-like results all in the comfort of your home. Or even on the go while you are on a vacation, looking your best at all times.


If you have been for a laser treatment before you know the pain which you quite literally have to go through. By purchasing the best IPL machine in UAE you save your self and your skin from all the pain and rash you would have to go through. And if you use the IPL machine it is said that you don’t feel anything. Or if you do feel anything it will be the ticklish feeling.


Expensive laser treatment! yes, you know the price of a single laser treatment. And if you actually need a good and effective treatment you need to make at least 3 trips to the salon. If you go ahead and total up the price of all these sessions you are sure to be spending way too much of your salary on this. So, in turn, if you invest in an IPL machine you are sure to be saving most of your salary which you could put in better use. With one down payment, you can enjoy the luxury of flawless skin.

Time Efficient

Now by using the IPL machine, you can save time. As you wouldn’t have to make any appointments and or wait for the appointed day to come. You can do it as and when you are free and you feel the need to. As you can get quicker results from the use of an IPL machine, it also makes it more time-efficient.


As you will be able to treat your own skin at the comfort of your home, you no more have to feel embarrassed or awkward about someone else invading your privacy. Especially if you are a shy person no need to worry anymore. No one will know your business and you can concentrate on your body being flawless. As no one knows your body as you do so this would help you focus on the areas with more outgrowth of hair.

What You Should Avoid Before an IPL Treatment

After knowing the benefits of using an IPL machine and you go ahead and do purchase it. I have considered keeping your safety as my first priority and I’ve thought that it would be really helpful if I help you by advising you with some dos and don’ts before the treatment. To make sure that you can have a safe and happy experience with the product.

  • Best if you could avoid any sort of direct sunlight. I know that it’s difficult as avoiding sunlight altogether isn’t possible. So the best you could do is cover up your body before stepping into the sun.
  • Tanning beds can also affect the skin making it difficult for the IPL machine to detect the body hair. It is advisable to avoid tanning at least four weeks before the treatment.
  • Another thing to be kept in mind is to avoid waxing. It beats the purpose of using an IPL machine to the exact same task. You wouldn’t have to worry even if you have a thick body hair outgrowth as the IPL machine does the task for you.
  • Avoid any chemical peels. Chemical peels are used to peel off the first layer of your skin so as to have a clean and wrinkle-free outlook.
  • Any supplement that could alter or change the way your natural appearance would be a big NO-NO. Like the use of collagen injections.
  • The intoxication of any sort be it alcohol or drugs (including medical) is another red flag. Especially if they are drugs which could increase the risk of bleeding like aspirin (Ecotrin) and ibuprofen (Advil).
  • Any product that contains vitamin A, such as RetinA, or glycolic acid should be avoided.

Those were the don’ts before any IPL treatment. If I inform you about the don’ts it is only reasonable for me to inform you about the do’s after you use the best IPL machine in UAE.

Post-IPL Treatment Instructions

As after all the IPL treatment works with light and rays it is always better to take some precaution in terms of safety of your skin. So have a look at how you can take care of your skin after the use of the best IPL machine in UAE.

  • After the treatment, it is normal to feel a little sunburned with a bit of redness in the treated area. To relax this the best you can do is apply some aloe vera gel as it works as a cooling agent and also moisturises the skin.
  • Avoid having a hot water bath. You could possibly treat the small period after the IPL treatment as sunburn and as a sunburn, any hot or heating object could cause pain or hamper the outcome.
  • The use of perfume and even heavy make-up in the treated area can cause irritation to the skin. So, it is best if you could restrain yourself from using the two.
  • If you think going for a swim can cool your body, then think again as the chlorinated water can adversely affect your skin. So, no swimming.
  • Even after the treatment, the sun is still bad for your skin. Consider covering your body and applying sunblock.
  • Try your best to avoid wearing tight and constricting clothing. As this could slow down the healing process of the skin.
  • Immediately contact the treatment centre if you witness any side effects like pus, fever, tenderness, etc.

IPL Machine FAQs for UAE

Get the best from the best IPL machine in UAE as I will clear any such raising doubts with some of the top questions asked by users or any potential customers.

Can I be treated with IPL machine if I have a suntan?

It is advisable not to. Wait it out a bit. If you go ahead with the treatment you risk yourself with not just greater pain but also could end up getting a burn. The treatment with the IPL seeks for the melanin in the hair pigments or roots. When the skin is tanned the melanin is surfaced with the sun giving you the tanned look. Which is exactly the reason you could risk yourself towards getting any skin burns.

How long does IPL take to work? And how many IPL sessions will I need?

The working of the IPL treatment totally depends on the device as well as on the skin. Some devices are more effective than others whereas in the case of your skin could be thicker or you could have more hair growth. Generally, the best result could be from a 20 to 30 minutes session which also depends on the area being treated. Whereas for overall effectiveness you can expect no less than at least three sessions.

Can I shower before IPL?

Yes, it is best for you to take a bath before you begin your treatment. This is mostly to clean your body especially the area which is going to be treated. For before the treatment to achieve the best result for you to do is keep your body oil and dust-free. Also after your shower avoid using any skincare products like moisturisers or any other product to make sure you get the best from your treatment. After your treatment avoid getting hot water onto your body as this could cause scars or even burns on the skin.

Does IPL cause cancer?

It’s a myth that IPL or laser treatment can cause skin cancer. Yes, skin cancer can be caused by radiations. But these treatments are tried and tested and have no proof that people who have used an IPL machine or laser treatment are more prone to cancer. And besides this, IPL treatments are not a regular long time thing it’s for a short time period.

Is IPL safe on the pubic area?

Yes, IPL treatments are completely safe to be used on the pubic area. Although this also has conditions as if you are just entering into your adolescent period and you don’t like the hair using an IPL machine is not advisable. As during this period, the hormones are still changing and the pubic region is too sensitive. Whereas once you are out of this awkward phase and matured you no longer have to worry about using an IPL machine.

Also, it depends on the area you are going to have a treatment on. Most areas are safe except for the use near the anus, inguinal, scrotum, and testicular parts. As these areas have a darker pigment and IPL treatment are not advisable for darker-skinned people.

Dream come true

The IPL machine offers time-saving, cheaper and a hassle-free treatment within the comfort of your home. You no longer need to take long trips to the salon. Say bye to all the at-home hair removal technology and methods. And say hello to your new investment in the best IPL machine in UAE. As this technology makes every women’s dreams come true. The dream of a smooth, flawless and permanently hair-free body ready for any occasion and event. Now no more compromising what you wish to wear just because you haven’t waxed your body at all time. Now since we are on the topic of hair removal why don’t you also have a look at the best epilator in UAE.

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