Best IPL Machine in Saudi Arabia

Waxing is a tiresome and painful process everyone fears to do but end up doing it anyways. Troubled with the hair growth problems? Get an IPL Machine for your Laser hair removal simply at your house. All you need to know about IPL Machines is here. The specifications, number of heads, pulse rate and a lot more. The best IPL Machines in Saudi Arabia are explained in detail along with their prices. You choose what is right for you , we help you in the process of choosing.

What does an IPL Machine do?

If you want to know what an IPL machine is and how does it work? Then don’t jump over to some other page as here I am with the content that you need.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and this device performs great things as it serves as a treatment for pigmentation, redness and also skin texture and tone. IPL uses a laser pulse which recognises and targets any area which is or bound to be affected in any underlying tissues.

This device, when used on the skin, causes the skin to heal faster and also breaks down any damaged tissue to make the skin much more glowing and refreshed. The outcome of IPL is mostly long-lasting, it removes any upcoming bumps on the skin though it doesn’t promise the disappearance of bumps permanently in the future.

Now that it is clear what an IPL is and how it functions, let’s head on to know more about which are the best IPL machines in Saudi Arabia.

Quick List

IPL MachineAttachmentsBatteryCheck Price
Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Machine
4Cordless & CordedPrice on Amazon
Beurer IPL Pure Skin Pro Compact NoCordless Price on Amazon
COSBEAUTY-27 joy IPL hair remover 3Corded & Cordless Price on Amazon
Beurer IPL Velvet Skin Pro 1Cordless Price on Amazon
Lescolton T-009 Dry  IPL Machine2Corded Price on Amazon

Rank 1: Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Machine

  • Advanced IPL Technology: Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology uses pulses of light to the hair roots and puts the follicle to rest phase. It removes hair from root level resulting in gradual decrease of hair growth. This device uses about 250,000 pulses for the treatment.
  • 85% Hair Removal: It ensures up to 85% of complete hair removal in 3 treatments total. Also you can be free of hair for 3 months minimum.
  • Wide variety of Hair Types: It suits for any skin type from very white to dark tones giving you the maximum range of hair types. But it is not suitable for the grey/ white hair and red hair as they require high contrast between pigment in hair color and pigment in skin color.
  • Satin Compact Pen Trimmer: It includes a pen trimmer for quick and easy removal of fine facial hair.
  • Personal Coaching: You can avail tips, coaching and guidelines about usage of Philips Lumea from the Lumea App. Get a more personalized experience with the help of the app.
  • Skin Tone Sensor: It detects the skin tone before starting and also during the process. If it detects a particular skin tone to be too dark it would stop emitting pulses automatically for safety concerns and to protect damage to skin
  • Large Treatment Window: Get a larger window for treating large surface areas like Legs in just 15 minutes.
  • Extra Safety for Face: It uses an integrated light filter for the facial hair removal for safe treatment of sensitive areas like upper lip, chin, cheeks etc.
  • Price: It cost SAR 2795 and it is totally worth all your money.

Rank 2: Beurer IPL Pure Skin Pro Compact

  • Light Hair Removal: This is suitable for people preferring Light hair removal for multiple reasons. It removes hair lightly sufficient for your needs. If you are looking for intense hair removal there are other options available in other brand as well as same brand called Beurer Velvet Skin Pro. It uses only 200,000 pulses for treating.
  • Long Lasting Removal: It ensures up to 50% hair removal in 3-4 treatments and ensures no hair growth until 2-3 months. Suitable for face, hands, legs and bikini line, back and chest.
  • Easy Usage: You can use it easily , it is handy to hold with its compact design and takes about 20 min for the entire body. The integrated UV Filter protects your skin from damage .
  • Suitability: This doesn’t suit very dark skin tones and light / white hairs.
  • Auto Flash Mode: It provides easy and quick hair removal for your convenience.
  • Clinically Tested: It is completely safe to use tested clinically and has skin tone sensor to test the suitability before usage.
  • Warranty: It gives you the longest warranty of 5 years.
  • Price: It is very cheap priced at SAR 499 but let me remind you it is for light hair removal. So choose accordingly.

Rank 3: COSBEAUTY-27 joy IPL hair remover

  • IPL Photon Technology: Uses the IPL technology for hair removal with 3 different heads for sensitive and large areas accordingly. It uses different wavelengths for different areas like face, body and bikini line.
  • Full Body Hair Removal: You can now remove entire body hair using the device emitting 300,000 pulses giving permanent relief.
  • Energy Adjustment: It allows 5 levels of energy adjustment of which 1, 2 levels for sensitive skin and 3-5 are for your personal needs.
  • Safety Check: It sense the skin tone using the in built sensor before usage and indicates if the skin tone doesn’t suit.
  • Guarantee: It gives 2 years guarantee period of usage
  • Price: It is priced at SAR 1800 which is quite reasonable

Rank 4: Beurer IPL Velvet Skin Pro

  • State of Art Technology: Dermatology tested and clinically proven methodology for most efficient and effective hair removal.
  • Automatic Energy Level: It suggests the energy level suited of 6 different energy levels available.
  • Battery Life: Charge time is 2 hours with 55 pulses of light.
  • beurer MyIPL App: You can use the app for more information and usage techniques and more on skin care.
  • Long Lasting Removal: It ensures up to 50% hair removal in 3-4 treatments and ensures no hair growth until 2-3 months. Suitable for face, hands, legs and bikini line, back and chest.
  • Easy Usage: You can use it easily , it is handy to hold with its compact design and takes about 21 min for the entire body. The integrated UV Filter protects your skin from damage .
  • Suitability: This doesn’t suit very dark skin tones and light / white hairs.
  • Auto Flash Mode: It provides easy and quick hair removal for your convenience.
  • Warranty: It gives you the longest warranty of 5 years.
  • Price: It is on a high end price at SAR 3000 which I feel is over priced especially given that the attachments are less but the only good point is the longest period of warranty. I would rather suggest Beurer IPL Pure Skin Pro for the lighter hair removal needs which is comparatively lower priced for the offerings instead of this one with the same warranty period.

Rank 5: Lescolton T-009 Dry  IPL Machine

  • Lighter Hair Removal: This is suitable for lighter hair removal and especially targeted at women. If you are looking for an intense hair removal refer to the prior discussed machines. It has 2 heads only for meeting the basic needs of hair removal.
  • Safe Usage: It has no effect on the sweat and sebum secretion and is has the skin detection ability to find if the skin is suitable or not.
  • Painless Removal: It gives a gentle treatment with 5 different energy levels to suit different types of skin giving no pain in the hair removal process.
  • Usage: It varies according on the skin type and needs. Overall view, Use twice in a week initially and when the hair stops growing gradually then use once in a month for good results.
  • Price: It would cost you SAR 763

IPL Machine Vs Laser Treatments

An IPL machine and laser treatment are not very different from each other. However, there are a few minor ones like an IPL focus is for a wavelength which can be adjusted to fit the needs of any other person or user and so, in turn, the focus is scattered as well, that is it enters the second layer of the skin without causing any damage to the above layers.

Further, the major difference is that the light of IPL uses a broad spectrum of visible light whereas laser hair removal utilizes the properties of a laser.

Perks of Using an IPL Machine

Investing in an IPL machine comes with a tonne of pros rather than cons. Essentially a product tried and tested by doctors won’t cause harm to any person using the product. Therefore, to make you know about the benefits of using the best IPL machine in Saudi Arabia, here are some of the benefits of using an IPL machine.


The biggest perk of having an IPL machine is convenience. As by using this little device, you can treat your skin at any time of the day or night that suits you. Busy individuals are now able to take advantages of IPL without having to set appointments and visiting their local Laser Clinic. Even if you are a holiday type person, you can take your little device while you’re on holidays to make sure you look the best you can at all times.


The best IPL machine in Saudi Arabia has been designed and credited for the gentleness on the skin. Most users say they can not feel a thing, and others describe it as a tickle. If you’ve ever been to a Laser Clinic before then you know how painful it is. Stop hurting your skin and your wallet, the sooner you invest, the better it will be in the long run.


Laser treatments are expensive and if you actually need an effective treatment you need to make at least 3 trips to the salon. But if you invest in an IPL machine you are sure to be saving most of your salary which you could put in better use while enjoying the luxury of flawless skin.

Time Efficient

By using the IPL machine, you can save time as you wouldn’t need to spend it in taking appointments or in the salon. You can do it as and when you are free and you feel the need to. Get quicker results from the use of an IPL machine, it also makes it more time-efficient.


You no more have to feel embarrassed or awkward about someone else invading your privacy. Especially if you are a shy person as you will be able to treat your own skin at the comfort of your home. You can do your work without any disturbance as you know about your body more than anyone else.

Things to avoid Avoid Before an IPL Treatment

Along with the benefits of using an IPL machine, I also think that one should know the dos and don’ts of this device. As this will help to ensure a smooth running of the device after purchasing it.

  • Avoid any sort of direct sunlight. I know avoiding sunlight altogether isn’t possible so you could do is cover up your body before stepping into the sun.
  • It is advisable to avoid tanning at least four weeks before the treatment as it can make it difficult for the IPL machine to detect the body hair.
  • Avoid waxing as it beats the purpose of using an IPL machine to the exact same task. You wouldn’t have to worry even if you have a thick body hair outgrowth as the IPL machine does the task for you.
  • Chemical peels are used to peel off the first layer of your skin so as to have a clean and wrinkle-free outlook. Now you should also avoid these.
  • Any supplement that could alter or change the way your natural appearance would be a big NO-NO. Like the use of collagen injections.
  • Alcohol or drugs (including medical) gets another red flag. Especially if they are drugs which could increase the risk of bleeding like aspirin (Ecotrin) and ibuprofen (Advil).
  • Any product that contains vitamin A, such as RetinA, or glycolic acid should be avoided.

Instructions for Post IPL Treatment

For the safety of your skin it is always better to take some precaution as after all the IPL treatment works with light and rays. So have a look at how you can take care of your skin after the use of the best IPL machine in Saudi Arabia.

  • After the treatment, it is normal to feel a little sunburned with a bit of redness in the treated area. To relax this the best you can do is apply some aloe vera gel as it works as a cooling agent and also moisturises the skin.
  • Avoid having a hot water bath. You could possibly treat the small period after the IPL treatment as sunburn and as a sunburn, any hot or heating object could cause pain or hamper the outcome.
  • The use of perfume and even heavy make-up in the treated area can cause irritation to the skin. So, it is best if you could restrain yourself from using the two.
  • If you think going for a swim can cool your body, then think again as the chlorinated water can adversely affect your skin. So, no swimming.
  • Even after the treatment, the sun is still bad for your skin. Consider covering your body and applying sunblock.
  • Try your best to avoid wearing tight and constricting clothing. As this could slow down the healing process of the skin.
  • Immediately contact the treatment centre if you witness any side effects like pus, fever, tenderness, etc.

IPL Machine FAQs

Can I use a IPL machine if I have sun-tan?

It is advisable not to. Wait it out a bit. If you go ahead with the treatment you risk yourself with not just greater pain but also could end up getting a burn. The treatment with the IPL seeks for the melanin in the hair pigments or roots. When the skin is tanned the melanin is surfaced with the sun giving you the tanned look. Which is exactly the reason you could risk yourself towards getting any skin burns.

What is the duration taken in IPL Treatment? How many sessions of IPL do I need to take?

The working of the IPL treatment totally depends on the device as well as on the skin. Some devices are more effective than others whereas in the case of your skin could be thicker or you could have more hair growth. Generally, the best result could be from a 20 to 30 minutes session which also depends on the area being treated. Whereas for overall effectiveness you can expect no less than at least three sessions.

Can one shower before IPL?

Yes, it is best for you to take a bath before you begin your treatment. This is mostly to clean your body especially the area which is going to be treated. For before the treatment to achieve the best result for you to do is keep your body oil and dust-free. Also after your shower avoid using any skincare products like moisturisers or any other product to make sure you get the best from your treatment. After your treatment avoid getting hot water onto your body as this could cause scars or even burns on the skin.

Can IPL cause cancer?

It’s a myth that IPL or laser treatment can cause skin cancer. Yes, skin cancer can be caused by radiations. But these treatments are tried and tested and have no proof that people who have used an IPL machine or laser treatment are more prone to cancer. And besides this, IPL treatments are not a regular long time thing it’s for a short time period.

Is IPL safe on the genital area?

Yes, IPL treatments are completely safe to be used on the pubic area though this also has conditions as if you are just entering into your adolescent period and you don’t like the hair using an IPL machine is not advisable. As during this period, the hormones are still changing and the pubic region is too sensitive. Whereas once you are out of this awkward phase and matured you no longer have to worry about using an IPL machine.

Also, it depends on the area you are going to have a treatment on. Most areas are safe except for the use near the anus, inguinal, scrotum, and testicular parts. As these areas have a darker pigment and IPL treatment are not advisable for darker-skinned people.

Flawless skin

An IPL machine offers time-saving, cheaper and a hassle-free treatment within the comfort of your home so you no longer need to take long trips to the salon. Say bye to all the at-home hair removal methods invest in the best IPL machine in Saudi Arabia. As this technology makes every women’s dream come true, that is to have a smooth, flawless and permanently hair-free body ready for any occasion and event.

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