Best Induction Cooker in Saudi Arabia

With the world fast moving towards sustainable energy, people are switching to the electric cookers over the traditional gas tops. Induction cookers are fast gaining the popularity in cooking space. The quick cooking, avoid the fire and multiple other reasons make it preferable over any other option. What features to be looked for in the best induction cooker in Saudi Arabia, which brand is the best is all here. After a lot of research we suggest brands like Geepas, Impex and Sonashi as the best induction cookers in Saudi Arabia.

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Induction CookerCooking FunctionsCheck Price
Geepas Single Infrared Stove Cooker 6Price on
Impex IR-2701 Infrared Induction Cooktop  7 Price on
Sonashi Infrared Ceramic Cooker N/A Price on
Impex IR-2703 2000 W Infrared Induction Cooktop  6 Price on
Olsenmark Infrared Cooker
11 Price on

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Working of the Induction Cooker

In common man’s term an electrical induction heater works by electrically heating up the ceramic plate of the induction heater. Which in turn heats your cooking vessel. Thus, cooking your food. The cooking vessel used for an induction cooker must be of iron or stainless steel or any other ferromagnetic metal. But, in a more in-depth technical terms, under the ceramic plate is a copper coil. Which when switched on heats up producing an alternating electric current. This effect leads to a change in electric fields also known as eddy current. Where the current is in loops causing a change in positively and negatively charged electric current passing through the vessel.

Speaking of the vessel, although you might have a copper or aluminum vessels which conduct and heat up just right. These won’t work well on an induction cook top. Unless then have a thin layer of conducting magnetic material. That being said, you might think that getting an induction cooker isn’t a good idea because of the heating top size. Since the gas stove range has bigger and plenty of burner station. So, read on to know more.

Induction Cooker Pros and Cons

To understand the requirement and need of an induction cooker we have to understand it’s the advantages and the disadvantages. Hence let’s have a look into some of these points:


  • Precise: With a induction cooker you can ensure that your food will be cooked right through. Thus, making sure that you have a longer life of the food. This is due to the flat surface of the appliance as well as the utensil. Which is why the heat goes through too the food items places in the utensil.
  • Faster: You can save a lot of time as induction cookers are known to cooker any dish faster. To prove this if you set water on the induction cook top it would take half the time as it would on an electric cooking surface.
  • Easy to clean: A induction cooker is a much simpler device outlook as compared to the cooking range. Thus, making it easier to clean. Moreover, with a induction you can get rid of stains much easier and without putting in too much effort. And since a induction is smaller it easier to move and clean the underside of the device as well.
  • Energy-efficient: The efficiency of the induction cooker is such that there is less wastage of energy. Since, a gas would transfer 74% of its heat. Whereas a induction hobs would transfer 84%. All thanks to the magnetic fields of the cooker.
  • Safer: The working of an induction cooker is such that only the part in contact with the vessel heats up. As for the rest of the induction it remains unaffected. This make sure that there are lesser mishaps happening with the induction cooker.


  • No area to protect spillage: With a induction cooker you can have minor messes since the do not have an protection against spillage. Therefore, if you end up over boiling or cooker your food it would lead to the spillage of the item straight to your floor or countertop.
  • Special Cookware: For an induction cook top you need utensils which have a ferromagnetic layer. Only then will you be able to cooker with your cooker. Thus, you will need separate utensils for this device.
  • Flat bottom cookware: The use of non-flat cookware can cause your food to be raw. In some cases even if your ferromagnetic cookware isn’t entirely flat it can lead to cooking disasters. This is because the cook top has a flat surface and if you do not use a flat surface the heat won’t go through to your food.

Now, as you have clarity about the pros and cons of the induction cooker, let’s have a look at the best induction cooker in Saudi Arabia:

Rank 1: Geepas Single Infrared Stove Cooker

  • Digital Touch Control: The touch operating mechanism for changing temperatures, power control and cooking options is very convenient and trendy. It is supported by 4 digit LED display for readings.
  • Safety Features: It detects the high/low voltages and protects form circuit failure. Also has the automatic shut down feature after 120 minutes in case of forget shut down preventing accidents. The lock feature enables protecting your child from getting hurt or burns.
  • Power Settings: Powered by 2000 Watt Ceramic heating element, it has 8 different temperature levels and 3 hours programmable timer to suit your culinary requirements.
  • Suitable Dishes: Ceramic Pots, Stainless Steel , Aluminium , Iron, Glass Pots can be used on induction top.
  • Price: SAR 235 is the price its available for.

Rank 2: Impex IR-2701 Infrared Induction Cooktop

  • Instant Heating: The 1800 W power motor enables instant heating without wasting any of your time and consumes very less energy for cooking.
  • Control Features: It has 7 different cooking menus available on the panel and a LCD display for temperatures and time giving you great level of customization. It is also equipped with 8 temperature settings.
  • Overheat Protection: Protects overheating by reducing the temperature and saving your food from getting burnt.
  • Auto Shut Off Feature: The auto shut off feature lets you take breathe easily without worrying to constantly monitor. It shuts off when no pot is detected hence preventing the coil from burning up.
  • Price: It costs SAR 234.

Rank 3: Sonashi Infrared Ceramic Cooker

  • High Power Operation: It operates at high power of 2000 Watts which effectively heats up and provides a quick and efficient results.
  • Digital Touch Control: Touch Sensing control for changing 10 different levels of power settings and 5 cooking functions available. It is displayed using the 4 digital display and also has 24 hours timer feature for your convenience.
  • Multi Safety Protection Function: Protects your dishes from overheating and getting burnt and also ensures the over voltages issues without spoiling the working.
  • Price: It is priced at a higher end at SAR 975.

Rank 4: Impex IR-2703 2000 W Infrared Induction Cooktop

  • Instant Heating: The 2000 W power motor enables instant heating without wasting any of your time and consumes very less energy for cooking. It is 200 Watts more than the previous Impex induction cooker.
  • Control Features: It has different cooking menus available on the panel and a LCD display for temperatures and time giving you great level of customization. It is also equipped with 8 temperature settings.
  • Overheat Protection: Protects overheating by reducing the temperature and saving your food from getting burnt.
  • Auto Shut Off Feature: The auto shut off feature lets you take breathe easily without worrying to constantly monitor. It shuts off when no pot is detected hence preventing the coil from burning up.
  • Price: It is a cheaper Impex option at SAR 149.

Rank 5: Olsenmark Infrared Cooker

Model No: OMIC2091

  • Highest Cooking Functions: It offers up to to 11 cooking functions which is the highest of all options available.
  • Technical Specs: It is equipped with the 10 power level settings and 4 digital LCD display. It supports flat bottom cookware.
  • Strong Make: Made of high tempered crystallite panel supports higher temperatures and strong heating of power 2000 Watts.
  • Price: This will cost you standard price of SAR 248

How to choose the right induction cooker?

If you are thinking of getting an induction cooker or are confused about what to do, then let’s take a look at the following features which will clear your doubts and will help you in choosing the best one in Saudi Arabia:

Size does play a quite important role in selecting the best Induction cooker in Saudi Arabia. Since you would consider getting an induction cooker based on the size. While your at it make sure to measure the available space in your home for the induction cooker. Also it is advisable to consider the number of cooking zones you would prefer. Especially since the smallest one is of 30cm having around 2 cooking zones. And the largest 90cm. And there are sizes in between the two as well. So, choose wisely depending on the area available.

Touch controls
Bring a touch of the future into your kitchen with the touch controls. But these aren’t just for the aesthetics. Touch controls since they are inbuilt into the glass can not be easily damaged. Furthermore the choosing of modes and temperature is easier with touch rather then a knob. And not to forget cleaning is much easier as well!

Auto-switch off
This feature is more of a safety measure as it switches off when it detects that the contends of you food is spilling over or evaporated. As it makes sure there can no mishaps in your kitchen. Furthermore this function also detect when there isn’t anything on the induction cooker and switches off on its own.

Pan detection
While using an induction cooker most of the model have a feature which detects the size and shape of the utensil placed on the cooktop. With the help of this feature the device uses and supplies energy efficiently into the whole cooking process. This makes sure that there is no wastage to energy and that your food is cooker properly inside out.

As you might know a timer functions works to set specific cook time so the device switches off at a particular time. But with a induction cooker some advanced models lets you have the liberty of selecting the time as well as turn down the heat after a particular time. Which is a really helpful feature as it lets you focus on multiple tasks at a time.

Child lock
A child-lock feature can be a good and handy feature to use. And if your induction cooker has it it is just anther feather in your hat. But be cautious not to leave either your child or induction cooker unsupervised.

Induction Cooker FAQs

How economical is an induction cooker compared to a gas cooker?

This would depend, as everything has two sides to it. Likewise, this question too has two factors to be considered. in terms of getting the job done an induction cooker is better as compared to a gas and electric cooktops. As it looses less heat and causing your food to be ready faster. But in terms of price as compared to the latter two, an induction cooker is a bit more pricy. But in the long run an induction cooker is economical.

Do I need special utensils while using an induction cooker?

Yes, when working with the induction cooker you will need extra/ separate induction utensil. Normal glass, copper or aluminum utensils do not work. Ferromagnetic utensils are a must. Such as utensils cast iron and stainless steel. Or if you don’t want to do that simpley get your old utensils coated with a magnetic layer and then use them.

How does an induction cooker heat?

An induction cooker heats with the help of a copper coil wire which is fixed under the ceremic plate. This is where your ferromagnetic utensil comes into play. Here the magnetic items conduct alternating electric currents is passed through it. Thus heating without any flame.

How efficient is an induction cooker?

You can grasp the efficiency of the appliance with the help of heating water. A 5 gallon of water with the help of an induction cooker will heat in 22 minutes at 1800 watts. Whereas as gas burner will perform the same task in almost 36 minutes at 12,000 BTU.

Is the induction cooker surface hot when touched?

If you are talking of the surrounding areas of the cooking zone of any induction cooker. Then the answer is no. You can touch these areas and wipe them when in use also. But if you are talking of the cooking zone it is pretty obvious that this area will be hot if touched during or after a cooking session.

Gas-free Cooking

Your cooking will become easier with the best induction cooker in Saudi Arabia. You will have to pick and find the best induction cooker for you to suit you kitchen needs. Furthermore using the best induction cooker in Saudi Arabia limits and even eliminates your usage and exposure to gas. Thus causing you lesser risks and health side-effects. Getting an induction cooker will have more plus points then bad for you in the days to come after you get your own appliance. Therefore saving you time and energy. I would also like to show you some of the best microwave ovens in Saudi Arabia so that you will have to offer less time cooking and more time with your family.

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