Best Indesit Washing Machine in UAE

Indesit washing machine in UAE stands out due to its ability to offer a comfortable washing experience. Purchasing an Indesit washing machine in UAE will save you time in your busy schedule. Besides this, Indesit washing machines are reliable, beautiful and simple to use. You might hesitate a little if you haven’t heard the brand name before. No worries, I completely understand. Here lies a brief introduction to Indesit.

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Indesit Washing Machine in UAE

First and foremost, Indesit is originally an Italian company. Secondly, it’s one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of major domestic appliances. Besides this, Indesit is the undisputed leader in major markets such as Italy, Russia and the UK. As a matter of fact, the key values of Indesit include reliability, efficiency, and functionality. Indesit not only offers washing machines, but also a wide range of household appliances. Another home appliance that Indesit excels in is cooking range.

Budget Option

Here is a mindblowing washing machine budget option for you. Moreover, it offers you great features at an affordable price. Hence, the most affordable budget option of a washing machine is just a step away. Ensure you read through the features, specifications and keep a check on the budget too.

Indesit 7Kg Front Load Automatic Washing Machine

Model: IWE-71251CECO-GCC
Machine Type: Front Loading

Indesit 7 Kg Front Load automatic washing machine
  • Spin Speed: Firstly, Indesit washing machine is equipped with a spin speed of 1200 rpm. This indicates that the washing machine drum spins 1200 times all the way around every minute.
  • Capacity: This washing machine has a capacity of 7Kg. Hence, you can wash a whole load of 7Kg in one cycle.
  • Energy Class A+: Firstly, its A+ energy efficiency ensures minimum energy consumption. Secondly, it maximises efficiency.
  • Aesthetics: The white finish of this washing machine complements your home interior.
  • Creative LCD Display: This creatively designed LCD display enables you to select the required program easily. Hence, no struggles and no waste of time as it also enables you to set the program easily.
  • Big Digit User Interface: Since it has a big digit user interface. Selecting options is faster and easier. Thus making it a hassle-free experience for you.
  • Front Loading: Firstly, this washing machine is beautifully designed. Secondly, its big door enhances user experience. Therefore, the big door, in turn, lets you load and unload clothes easily and conveniently.
  • Wash Drum: The wash drum provides a powerful yet gentle wash performance. Although powerful, it takes care and performs the job in a very gentle way. Hence, you won’t face issues such as pilling of clothes and no fading.
  • Water Exit Holes: Firstly, it gently moves the clothes along the drum. Further, the small water exit holes prevent the clothes from getting snagged.
  • Price: Indesit 7Kg front load washing machine is available for around AED 950.
  • No Aquastop Function: Although this washing machine has great features. There are some cons to it too. Firstly, it doesn’t have an Aquastop function. The following points will tell you why Aquastop is essential.
    • Aquastop is necessary as it provides perfect water protection. It’s a special sensor that’s installed at the bottom of the washing machine.
    • In case of a leak, the sensor will immediately shut off the inlet pipe electric valve. This, in turn, will cut off the water supply into the appliance. Thus, the Aquastop function is very essential.
  • No Child Lock Function: Generally, children have a bad habit of touching attractive or strange items. Hence, there’s a greater amount of risk as they can change the washing machines operation mode. As well as the other settings without your consent. Secondly, they can also damage the washing machine by selecting inappropriate options. Thus another con of this amazing product is that it doesn’t have a child lock feature.

The specifications are as follows:

Capacity7 Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D)59.5 x 85 x 51.7
Load TypeFront Load
Spin Speed1200
Washing Programmes16

For Small Family

Indesit Front Load Automatic Washing Machine

Model: XWD-71252SUK
Machine Type: Front Loading

  • Technologically Advanced Cycles: It consists of 3 rapid cycles, 4 sports cycles and an anti-odour cycle. Moreover, you can select from these available cycles as per your requirement.
    • Rapid Mode: In rapid mode, you can select from a 9-minute refresh, quick 30 minute and 1-hour cycles. Of course, depending upon the length and wash required.
    • Sports Mode: On the other hand, the sports mode offers 4 selections. These include Sport light, shoes, gym kit for towels. Also, technical wear for fibre articles.
    • Anti Odour Cycle: This cycle is meant for clothes with a persistent strong odour. It works by employing a unique movement of the basket as well as maintaining the temperature.
  • Push and Wash Button: The equivalent or alternative feature for manual selection is the push and wash button. Just throw in your clothes and wait for 50 minutes for the completion of the wash.
  • Temperature and RPM: Indesit washing machine cleans the clothes completely at 30 degrees Celcius and 1200 rpm.
  • Water Balance Technology: A new technology wherein smart sensors in the machine measure the load size. And then provide the required water level for the wash.
  • Delay Timer: Another great feature to add to this washing machine is the delay timer. Here, the machine assists you in postponing or scheduling your wash to up to 24 hours. That too as per your need.
  • Price: The price of this Indesit washing machine is approximately AED 1,400. Moreover, it’s an ideal option for small families.
  • No Child Lock: Unfortunately, this machine doesn’t have a child lock function. It’s beneficial since it enables you to lock the buttons on the panel of the washing machine. This, in turn, doesn’t allow the child to change the wash cycle while he/she is playing with it.

The specifications are as follows:

Capacity7 Kg
Dimensions59.5 x 54 x 85
Load TypeFront Load
Spin Speed1200
Washing Programmes 16

For Mid-size Family

Indesit 8Kg Front Load Washing Machine

Model: F095244
Machine Type: Front Loading

  • Capacity: Wow! This washing machine has a great capacity of 8Kg and is ideal for midsize families. This therefore indicates that you can wash 10 T-shirts, 5 hand towels, and 4 pair of jeans. This is super cool, right? Besides this, it can hold and wash 20 pairs of socks, 2 table cloths and 1 jumper.
  • Spin Speed: This Indesit washing machine offers a spin speed of 1400 rpm. Hence, this indicates that the drum spins all the way around 1400 times every minute. Additionally, your clothes will take less time to dry.
  • Front Loading Washing Machine: Since this is a front load washing machine it offers better quality cleaning. Also, it is more energy and water-efficient.
  • Price: This Indesit washing machine costs around AED 1,1,50. It is worth it since it has a capacity of 8Kg and spin speed of 1400 rpm.

The specifications are as follows:

Capacity8 Kg
Dimensions22.5 x 23.4 x 33.5
Load Type Front Loading
Spin Speed1400
Washing Programmes19

For Large Family

Indesit 9Kg Front Load Automatic Washing Machine

  • Big Digit User Interface: Selecting the options is now faster and easier. All thanks to the big digit user interface of this washing machine.
  • Energy Class A+++: This ensures that the washing machine consumes minimum energy. Additionally, it maximises the washing efficiency.
  • Capacity: Since this washing machine has a capacity of 9kg, it’s capable of washing a whole king size duvet. Unlike the 7Kg and 8Kg washing machines. Moreover, it’s the most ideal option for large families.
  • Anti Odour Cycle: This cycle works best for clothes that have a persistent strong odour. For example smoke, sweat and fried foods. It involves a unique movement of the basket. Also, it maintains the temperature while doing so. Anti-odour cycle preserves the fabric fibres while eliminating the stubborn odours.
  • Spin Speed: Offering a spin speed of 1400 rpm, your clothes dry in a less span of time. Thus making it a very convenient option for you. Additionally, it’s the best solution for daily laundry in a single move.
  • One-Touch Operation: Indesit replaces ignition, program selection, and starts the washing cycle. Moreover, it’s capable of doing all this with just one press of a button. Furthermore, it ensures the removal of daily dirt from cotton and synthetics.
  • Great Performance: This convenient washing machine is loaded with features that can handle your laundry loads. Especially for a larger family with a busy schedule.
  • Price: This creatively designed Indesit washing machine in UAE is available for around AED 2080.
  • No Child Lock: The only downside of this high-performance appliance is that it doesn’t have the child lock function. This function is beneficial if you have mischievous kids in the house. This is because it allows you to lock the buttons on the washing machine panel.

The specifications are as follows:

Capacity9 Kg
Dimensions59.5 x 85 x 60.5
Spin Speed1400 rpm
Load TypeFront Loading
Washing Programmes16

Indesit: The Best Solution For Daily Laundry

So, you’ve seen how great and power-packed the brand Indesit is. Purchasing an Indesit washing machine in UAE will save you time and effort. But, before you make your purchase ensure you consider the size of your family. Also, if you are habituated to washing a lot of loads, then purchase one with a high capacity. Furthermore, never compromise on quality to save costs. Since a low-quality washing machine will do you no good. Also, never overload your washing machine above its capacity. You will either damage your washing machine or your clothes.

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