Best Air Humidifier in Dubai – Good for Dry Skin & Allergies [2020]

With simple research on the best humidifier in UAE, you will get plenty of brand names thrown at you. But after 48+ hours of research and reading through 100+ articles. We have concluded that brands like Black + Decker, Smartdevil, Eco Shine all these names have some really good humidifiers in the market. By getting a humidifier you can avoid getting respiratory problems while adding moisture to the air. Thus, keeping your loved ones safe. With the various types, products and features available you will find your humidifier match.

best humidifier in UAE

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Best Humidifier in UAE – Quick List

HumidifierType of HumidifierCapacity / Function TimeCheck Price
Black + Decker Ultrasonic3 litres Price in
SMARTDEVILUltrasonic 500ml
12 to 18 hours
Price in
Eco ShineUltrasonic 3 litres
11 hours
Price in
iDeer LifeUltrasonic 4 litres
13 to 35 hours
Price in
vicTsingUltrasonic and Vaporizer300ml
10 hours
Price in

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Types of Humidifiers

Selecting a humidifier is like any other object, based on the needs and wants of its users. Before we go diving right into which are the best humidifiers in UAE. Take a look at each one of these humidifiers since each one of them has its own benefits and unique features to them which can satisfy your requirements.

Warm Mist

By releasing warm mist in the air this humidifier fulfils your needs. Since it is electricity-powered the boiling water produced allows a bacteria-free environment.

Cool Mist

Cool mist as the name suggests, this humidifier produces moisture-filled room temperature mist which in some cases can leave the room feeling a bit damp and cool.


Being a type of cool mist humidifier, this one works by absorbing water from the bottom of the humidifier with the help of a filter. Generally, a fan present spreads the moisture away to the room.


This humidifier works with the help of a rapidly spinning disc. This disc transfers the water to a diffuser that later turns it into droplets of water. Once evaporated the droplets add moisture to the air.


Lastly, ultrasonic humidifiers use ultrasonic waves from a vibrating disc to release moisture into the air. This humidifier has a mode option which can shift from cold to warm mist as and when required and vice versa.

These are all of the types of humidifiers available in the market and their description which will aid you in making your final choice. Now let’s proceed to the various brands which are the best humidifier in UAE.

Rank 1: Black+Decker Ultrasonic Humidifier

Model: HM3000-B5

I’ve saved your precious time from the long research process by doing it myself for you. And I have a conclusion that this humidifier by Black+Decker is considered the best humidifier in UAE. Have a look at why:

Black + Decker Humidifier in UAE
  • Dimensions: With this product’s dimensions at 7.6 x 10.3 x 8.6 inches and not weighing more than 880g, this allows portability.
  • Comfort: The Black + Decker manufacturers have kept in mind the end-users of their product. Thus, equipping this product with easy usability for all its users.
    • Furthermore, by equipping the product with a knob, this allows easy intensity control of the mist.
    • In addition to that, it has an option to adjust the direction of the mist flow in a 360 angle.
  • Outlook: The humidifier has a visible water level window to keep an eye on the water level.
  • Portable: It has a handle at the top which allows the easy portability of the humidifier.
  • Function: This is an ultrasonic humidifier which means that the mode is adjustable. Another added feature is of the adjustable mist intensity, therefore, making it a great choice.
  • Capacity: The water holding capacity of this humidifier is around 3 litres.
  • Health Perspective: You wouldn’t have to worry about the fact that the humidifier would release any sort of impurities into the air. Definitely not from the water, as a filter would remove all impurities before transferring it into the air.
  • Special Feature: A plus point to this product which makes it the best humidifier in UAE is that it allows the function of using an adjustable mist nozzle. Because of which you are able to activate the function of using a fragrance and essence.
  • Price: The set price of Black+Decker Humidifier is about AED 110.

Rank 2: SMARTDEVIL Ultrasonic Humidifier

Next up, SMARTDEVIL humidifier, usage of this device can be anywhere be at home, workplace and even the car.

  • Functioning: This humidifier works on both a rechargeable battery and a USB cable.
  • Outlook: The elegant water bottle design of the humidifier makes it easy to carry around without adding too much weight. The top of this humidifier unscrews so as to refill and clean the device.
  • Capacity: This humidifier has a water-holding capacity of 500 ml. With this water capacity, the humidifier can function for about 12 to 18 hours.
  • Smart Humidifier: As and when the water levels decrease this humidifier shuts down on its own. Therefore, ensuring that the device isn’t harmed with the low water level.
  • Mode Options: To allow a comfortable environment this humidifier is equipped with different spray modes. Continuous mode and intermittent mode is when the spraying of mist is after regular intervals of time to suit your mood.
  • Portability: As this humidifier is small in size that is 13.4 x 10 x 9.8 cm and weighs just about 236 g it makes it easy to carry around in your home and even office and car.
  • Special Function: Allows for a soundless sleep as the humidifier doesn’t create any sort of sound.
    • The best part is the optional night light function which it offers. This night light mode also has available features like the constant night light mode or the breathing night light mode.
  • Price: This easily portable humidifier is set at an approximate price of AED 50.

Rank 3: Eco Shine Ultrasonic humidifier

Eco Shine humidifiers very easily made the cut to become one of the best humidifiers in UAE. With its elegant outlook, large capacity and other magnificent features. Go ahead read on for more

  • Energy Saver: A very good feature to keep in mind. This Eco Shine Humidifier is light on your electricity bills. This is because it doesn’t use too much power making it energy efficient.
  • Smart Feature: Like the previous humidifier this one too showcases the smart feature. Which is that it switches off in case if the water reserve is low.
  • Outlook: This droplet-shaped humidifier has a stylish outlook which can also work as an accessory to your table.
    • Moreover, this device has a transparent part which makes the water levels visible.
  • Knob: The knob feature helps to adjust the levels of the humidity as per your convenience.
  • Capacity: The water holding capacity of these devices is up to 3 litres. This has the ability to produce moisture up to 380ml per hour.  That is it can last for almost 11 hours.
  • Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 240 mm isn’t too big of a size. This makes it easily storable when not in use and also easy to place anywhere you like.
  • Health Perspective: The mist produced by this humidifier helps relief cough, cold and also any other flu symptoms. Also, it helps with chapped lips and dry skin which is caused because of the cold air.
  • Easy Usability: The adjustment can be made with the help of a knob making it a user-friendly product. Also, the easy unscrewing of the top which is where the water can be refilled and the reservoir cleaned without any hassle.
  • Price: The price range isn’t too much at around AED 50 which makes it affordable.

Rank 4: iDeer Life Ultrasonic Humidifier

If digital is what you’re looking for this iDeer Life Humidifier is the best humidifier in UAE for you.

  • Outlook: A much more sophisticated outlook with its simple cylindrical look. Having a digital display the settings are easily visible on the screen.
  • Capacity: This top fill humidifier has a large 4-litre water reservoir. Which can work for continuous 13 to 35 hours depending on the modes used.
  • Ideal Space: The best use of this product can be utilised when it’s within the area of 250 to 300 square feet.
  • Smart Feature: The feature of auto shutting when low water keeps the product away from harm’s way.
  • Night Mode: Another added feature is that it offers a night mode. This mode when switched on shuts the display lights and reduces the sound. This can help you to concentrate on your work or have a sound sleep.
  • Special Feature: Keeping up with the technological wave this product can be operated by a touch screen and also a remote control.
  • Mode: This iDeer Life humidifier offers a choice of mode which can satisfy your need depending on the weather conditions. It offers a low, medium and high mode of moisture.
  • Health: The various mode of moisture of this product can help with several health problems like that of sinus, allergies, cough and even moisturising dry skin.
  • Price: If you don’t mind spending a bit more to avail some really good features this is the one. Priced at almost around AED 150.

Rank 5: VicTsing Ultrasonic and Vaporizer Humidifier

Model: 2724638539746

Last but definitely not least is the humidifier by VicTsing. With its stylish look, this product could be mistaken to be an ornamental piece for your home and even workplace.

  • Dimensions: This product isn’t too big with the dimensions of 6.2 x 6.8 x 6.8 inches. With these compact dimensions, the weight at 599 g isn’t too much either.
  • Outlook: The VicTsing humidifier has an elegant and primitive with the wood coating look and well also the lights. The top can be unscrewed from where the water can be filled into the humidifier.
  • Special Feature: The unique feature is the lights which can be changed from the wide variety of 7 options. This light further has the option of turning them dim or bright and kept constant or continuously changing.
  • Alternative use: A added feature to this humidifier is that it can work as a diffuser of essential oils. Which can keep your home fragrant and fresh
  • Health Perspective: The vaporizer and ultrasonic mode of this humidifier works as a beneficial health solution. As it helps for easy breathing while sleeping and also adds moisture to chapped skin.
  • Smart Feature: The humidifier can turn off automatically after detecting low water levels in the device.
  • Capacity: One point to keep is the water holding capacity which is 300ml. Although it may not sound a lot; but can work continuously for up to 10 hours.
  • Price: This compact and elegant wood humidifier costs just about AED 50.

Well, those were the best humidifiers in UAE. I hope the features helped you decide the humidifier for you. If not yet then here are some features to be kept in mind while purchasing your humidifier.

What to look for in a Humidifier


This build-in feature monitors the humidity in the room and shuts off as in case of excess moisture. This tool is a very handy one as it takes away a load of checking and switching the humidifier off manually. You can do this manually too no issue. If this built-in feature isn’t available then you don’t have to panic look for a hygrometer. This small device is inexpensive and will help in determining the moisture in the air.

The reason behind switching off a humidifier when there is toom much moisture in the air is because if not then the room could get too stuffy and eventually might give birth to bacteria and fungus which again will have an adverse effect on your health.


This factor is determined on the basis of your room size. The bigger the size of the room the bigger the humidifier need and so the portability factor decreases. The market supplies three sizes which are namely, portable, console, and whole house. If you have a smaller humidifier it will be easier to carry around. so, if small then the water holding capacity is less as well which means you will have to refill the product frequently. Another point to be kept in mind is the available space for the device. if you opt for the whole house humidifier, this device will be placed into your plumbing. Which means you won’t have to refill it.

Water Tank Capacity

The water tank capacity refers to the size of the water reservoir. This an important feature to be kept in mind while purchasing the best humidifier in UAE for you. If you would use the humidifiers for a long period of time like all through the night and day then a larger water capacity would be suitable. This is advised because otherwise, you would have to constantly refill the humidifier. Doing that would then turn into a burden on your already busy schedule.

Secondly, also check if for the refiling methods. Would you have to take the humidifier’s water tank to the faucet or would you have to bring the water to the humidifier? also, keep in mind the weight of the water tank after it’s filled with water; will it be too heavy to carry?

UV Filter

While you’re being health conscious this point is a must to be kept in mind in while buying your humidifier. As a humidifier produces moisture and moisture is the hotspot for bacteria. The light from the UV Filter will keep the bacteria, moulds, germs and viruses present in the water from spreading into the air along with the mist. Giving you clean and safe air to breath.

Air Filter

To keep any airborne diseases at bay especially for people who have allergies this filter option is good for you to keep note. As air has all sorts of particles, be it dust, pollen, mites and a lot more, in it. Consider buying a humidifier which has a pre-fitted filter that can purify the incoming air.

Humidifier FAQs for UAE

While you’re on the search for the best humidifier in UAE you are sure to come across a tonne of questions which you might not be able to get answers to. So keeping exactly that in mind I’ve taken the liberty to answer some of the frequently asked questions to help you decide on the best humidifier in the UAE which can suit all your needs.

What does a Humidifier do?

The main function of a humidifier is that this device produces and emits water vapour into the air and environment in which it is placed. This is done to increase the level of humidity in a dry area. This moisture is transmitted with the help of a fan inside of the humidifier. The type of humidifier also matters as some weather conditions ask for a warm vapour while other times you would require a cool vapour humidifier.

What are the benefits of a Humidifier?

A humidifier has a tonne of benefits rather than any downsides. Some of these benefits include problems caused by dry air. That is chapped skin and lips, nose bleeds and also problems caused by any respiratory infections including cold and allergies. Which means that the humidifier works as a health preserver. It also helps improve sleep which might be disturbed by the snores of a partner, child or sibling. As it helps to breath better in the dry air.

How to clean a Humidifier?

As places which contain moist are a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. The humidifier acts as one such place which means it needs to be cleaned frequently. The humidifier must be drained and must be aired. Besides this, the water reservoir of the humidifier must be cleaned with bleach or any other available humidifier cleaning agent and can also be descaled with a bit of vinegar. The use of distilled water is considered the best option.

According to the type of humidifier, the cleaning methods differ. Some humidifier requires lesser maintains and can be washed in a dishwasher while others need special care. Some humidifiers, if fitted with a filter, requires frequent change of filters as well to ensure the smooth and healthy function of the humidifier.

Do Dubai home need a Humidifier?

Yes, home in Dubai requires a humidifier. This is because a humidifier has various health benefits especially ones which are respiratory and allergy ones. This means that getting a humidifier means you are taking the precautionary measure to keep you and your loved ones safe. The need for a humidifier in homes and work areas especially is important due to the growing pollution in the air as well, as the humidifier purifies the air. This is because of the pollutants in the air which can lead to other various health issues.

Put your Health First

Now that we’ve have come to the end of this article I hope my research has come to some use of yours in selecting the best humidifier in UAE. This choice should be a well-advised one and one which you do not regret after the purchase is done. The choosing of any product especially one which could affect your health must the best. So, I have offered you the best with a variety of choices. Put your health before everything and be safe as well as happy with your purchase of the best humidifier in UAE.

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