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A hand blender enables you to mix up a variety of condiments without switching utensils. Simply place the blender into the container and whir about. Less mess, less fuss, and less cleaning up. That’s not all, a hand blender is much lighter than traditional mixers and far more compact.

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Whether you are making puree for your gravy item or blending nuts for some Baklava, a hand blender puts ease in your step. There are a number of attachments and accessories that you can purchase to supplement your blender. Hand blenders perform best with softer foods. A berry smoothie to start your day or a fine soup before dinner is easy to whip up with a hand blender. Hand blenders come with cords and even cordless. However, cordless hand blenders lack a bit of power. They do still make great additions to your kitchen as they take up little space and are easy to maneuver.

Best Hand Blender in UAE – Quick List

Hand BlenderPowerCapacityCheck Price
Braun Multiquick
600 W600 mlPrice on
Saachi 4 in 1
200 W700 mlPrice on
550 W 0.5 LitresPrice on
Philips ProMix
650 W0.5 LitresPrice on
Kenwood Triblade
800 W0.75 LitresPrice on

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Things to Consider When Buying a Hand Blender

Instead of jumping for the first blender visible take a moment to access your frequency of usage and specific needs. Base your decision on the following points.

Power and Speed

If the majority of usage involves baking or confectionery products then you can choose a blender with relatively low power and speed. Whipped cream, Cheese sauce, flour mixes, pancake batter, and articles along the same line require uniform speeds. Something around 200W or above should suffice. For thicker and heavier foods you will need a higher-powered blender. Around the 400W-800W mark can take care of all your domestic blending needs. Higher powered blenders offer more stability and control and as such, demand a higher price.

Choose one with both high speed and low-speed settings to accommodate different usage needs. Powerful speeds help you shred down ingredients in a jiffy. Slower speeds allow you to work at a steady pace demanded by intricate items.

Frame, Design and Build Material

Hand blenders come in various frames ranging from plastic to metal. The blades are made of stainless steel or alloys. If you aren’t a gadget buff, best stick to reliable brands. They not only offer a better quality of product and results but also come in sleek stylish designs. Ensure that the design is comfortable to hold when selecting the size and colour of a hand blender. Look for one with a rubber handle for better grip and stability. You can also find one with features allowing you to hang on your kitchen wall.

Blades and Attachments

If you conjure up a variety of aromatic infusions in your kitchen then pay attention to the blades and accessories. They are instrumental for better results when it comes to different needs like blending, chopping, emulsifying, and whisking. Look for hand blenders with strong, sturdy and sizable girth blades. Look for blades not too raised up for blending smaller quantities, this prevents splashing as well.


If you use a hand blender occasionally to bake a cake or prepare some fudge then do not invest in a high powered machine. Instead, grab a more economical option around 200W-400W of power while ensuring it is from a trustworthy brand.

Now that you know what to consider all that’s left is to go and buy a blender that suits your needs. To make the process even easier here are some of the best hand blenders you can buy in the UAE.

Rank 1: Braun Multiquick Hand Blender

Model: MQ500

  • Stylishly Designed: This neatly designed hand blender from the German manufacturers ‘Braun’ comes in pristine white color and a stronger grey.
  • Multi-Purpose Function: Pureeing vegetables or mashing and mixing baby food, this blender makes it simple.
  • Simple and Easy to Use: Designed with innovative functions the blender easily chops, whips minces or crushes ingredients at the push of a button.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: A bell-shaped blending shaft that delivers precise circulation supplemented by super-hard stainless steel blades giving you the best result.
  • Turbo Boost Mode: Additionally, the blender offers a turbo boost mode made to blend harder ingredients like nuts and ice.

Rank 2: Saachi 4 in 1 Hand Blender

Model: 2724328744535

  • Multi-Purpose: Cooking a large variety in your home? Saachi’s multi-purpose 4 in 1 blender comes with a chopper attachment with spring-loaded blades.
  • Accurate: Use it for chopping greens or dicing anything with precision. With a whisking attachment, your cakes and goodies have the perfect rise.
  • Removable Attachments: Since you can remove the attachments you don’t have to worry about the smell of onions creeping into your dough. Bonus, you can wash it all at the end without interrupting your preparation flow.
  • Compact and Light Weight: Weighing just 1.3kg, this Saachi appliance is compact and does not tire your arm even when used for a prolonged duration.

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Rank 3: Philips Hand Blender

Model: HR1600/01

  • High Power: The premium labelled hand blender comes with a 550W motor allowing it to blend everything from soups to chunks of meat.
  • Dishwasher Safe: The plastic finish appliance gained popularity not only for its ease of use but also for being dishwasher safe.
  • Shorter Cord for Easy Use: With just a 1.25m cord you do not have to wrestle with wires as you work.
  • Ergonomic Design: Its slim-grip makes it ergonomic and comfortable to fit in anyone’s hand.
  • ProMix Technology: The blender hosts this technology allowing for faster blending on a more consistent scale.
  • Easy Operation: It features a two-button release system, adding convenience to removing the blending bar for cleaning.
  • Eco-Certified: If you are weary about food security you should know the blender passed its eco-certification proving its safety and chemical-free standard.
  • Price: Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender is available for an estimated cost of AED 90.

Rank 4: Philips Hand Blender

Model: HR1627/01

  • Anti-splash guard: If blending is part of an everyday affair then this Philips hand blender makes life simple. The anti-splash guard ensures your kitchen walls are not painted with tomato puree.
  • Comfortable to Use: The soft touch grip and convenient button placement make sure you do not strain yourself on a regular basis.
  • No foul odor: It comes with an XL chopper and separate whisk attachments so no foul odors creep into scrumptious desserts.
  • Turbo Button for Extra Hard Ingredients: Use the turbo button for an extra punch and break down those pesky harder ingredients.
  • Texture Consistency: The blender’s triangular shape optimizes flow and contributes to texture consistency of food items. The appliance is easy to clean making it ideal for day-to-day usage.

Rank 5: Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender

Model: 0W22111014

  • High Power and Light Weight: Do you get tired spending long hours blending foods? This Kenwood hand blender comes with a powerful 800W motor weighing only 1.57kg.
  • Suregrip Soft Grip: This Kenwood Hand Blender is designed with Suregrip Soft Grip areas. This ensures extra comfort while blending hard ingredients. With the help of the Suregrip handle, you can easily get a grip even when your hands are not completely dry.
  • Extra Large Foot: Featuring an extra-large foot that is capable of blending soups directly in the pan without splashing liquid ingredients. And preventing spilling onto your kitchen’s countertop.
  • Calibrated Beaker: A calibrated beaker which is 0.75L is included with this blender and is ideal for a variety of blending jobs.
  • Novel Triblade System: It offers you optimum performance and excellent user experience.
  • Calibrated Chopper: A calibrated chopper of 0.5L comes with this blender and it enables you to chop a sizable quantity of vegetables in one go.
  • Angled Blades: The angled blades mix well and provide you with a consistent blend in little time.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: It’s lightweight contributed to the sleek plastic body and stainless steel blades.
  • Convenient to Store: The slender design means you can store the device with ease in a cabinet or atop your kitchen counter.
  • Price: Kenwood Hand Blender is available approximately for AED 210.

What all can you make with a Hand Blender

If you do not have a hand blender yet, you are missing out on one versatile kitchen equipment. This little gadget makes cooking enjoyable as well as convenient. But then when you think of a hand blender you must be thinking that you can only make soups with it. This would make you think that this kitchen gadget isn’t a necessity. But once you know what all you can prepare with this hand blender you will surely want this for yourself.

Whipping & Mixing

Yes, of course, you can get this done with your regular mixer moreover food processor. But why bring out the big guns when you have the hand blender. Whip away your cream to the perfect consistency. Or get your batter ready in a jiffy for pancakes, cakes or waffles anytime and not just for breakfast or tea time. All this with just one device the hand blender! And well not to forget you can make your own mayonnaise at home without having to put in the extra effort. No need for the added whisking workout for your arms anymore.

Sauces & Butters

Sauces and all kinds of butter. How exciting! But what’s more exciting is that you can make them yourself in your kitchen now. With this hand blender, you can experiment with a new flavour and even perfect the old ones like that one special sauce which your grandmother makes so well. Hollandaise sauce, sauces and different kinds of butter from fruits, vegetable and more will now become a speciality of yours. Furthermore, that’s just not it with the hand blender. If you have tried nut butter you know the struggle that goes into getting the consistency right for you to spread. With the hand blender achieving this consistency is not a pain anymore as the hand blender does the manual mixing work for you.

Salsa & Pesto

If you ever tried and compared homemade salsa to the normal ones you would get from the store. You would, hands down, choose the homemade one to be full of flavours and the tastiest. But then who really has the time. Therefore, a hand blender is here to save you from your stale salsa misery. With quick and effortless pasting you’ll always opt for homemade salsa. Actually, this goes with pesto and salsa the freshly prepared pesto and salsa takes the crown with the homemade touch.

Chopping & Grinding

A hand blender can easily compensate for the lack of a food processor. Or if you are too lazy to use a food processor either one. As a hand blender can even chop nuts and grind them into pieces. Chop nuts whenever whatever. The only drawback I see is that you would have to do them in batches to get a standard result.


Making hummus has never been easier all thanks to the hand blender. You can get the perfect creaminess and fresh hummus right when you would like to have it. Hummus prepared with the help of a hand blender will for sure be no different if not better then the one you would make with the help of your food processor.


Add a little more ‘smoothie-ness’ to your day with the hand blender. You could simply just run to the nearest store and get yourself the smoothie you wish but why put in the extra effort when you can make the best smoothies at home. Throw in some of your favourite ingredients fruits, vegetable and more and get the best smooth drink to enjoy as a snack or to add that pump after your workout.

Now that you have a rough idea of what all you can do with the help of a hand blender. Has your opinion changed about getting one yet? Get a change of opinion that hand blenders are just for soups. You can do much more you only need research and obviously a good hand blender. Read on to know more with regards to the best hand blender in UAE.

Hand Blender FAQs

How should I prepare the ingredients before blending in a hand blender?

Using a hand blender is very easy. It need not requires special treatment or a list of ‘things to do before blending’. That being said there are two things you should be keeping in your mind while using a hand blender. Firstly, if it fits in the hand blender then it’s good to go. Secondly, you would have to understand that if you go ahead a put a whole fruit or vegetable it will not blend as easily as small pieces of the content. So, make sure the content to be blended is a reasonable size. This would even lighten the load and increase the lifespan of your hand blender.

How is a hand mixer different from a hand blender?

Although they are both devices of similar names and even functionality too, to some extend. They are in fact two different gadgets with different uses. A hand mixer would be a mini version of the stand mixer. Whereas the blender is more like a regular blender. With a slight overlapping functionality yet they look very different from each other. Along with a blender, you can puree, grind and mix ingredients. And with a mixer, you would be only mixing with no blending involved.

Are hand blenders and immersion blenders the same?

Yes, these two are in fact the same. The hand blender is also referred to as immersion blender or stick blender. This in fact because this blender needs to be immersed into a glass or bowl in order to blend. And stick because of the stick outlook of the device. So, if you come across any of the names do not be confused they are the same device.

Is my hand blender dishwasher safe?

Yes, the attachments of a hand blender are dishwasher safe. It’s very much obvious that the motor housing part of the hand blender isn’t washable. But the attachment and other parts of the hand blender is washable and even dishwasher safe. Despite this its better for you to check out the manual for the product before washing the parts. Simply because not all parts might be dishwasher safe. And in some cases, there might be brands which might have a hand blender which is totally not dishwasher safe. Therefore to be on the safer side make sure you check out the product page first.

Are plastic or glass blenders better?

This choice would definitely depend on you and how you would be using the product. Since each and every user will have different preferences you would have to consider this factor for yourself. Although getting a glass blender would be a much preferable choice. Basically because glass blenders are more lasting as they do no stretch or damage over with time. Besides this is that glass blenders do no change colour or absorb or give out any smell of the food with time. Therefore, in these terms, you could opt for glass blenders.

What are the different attachments for a hand blender?

A hand blender has plenty of attachments which all have various uses. Some you would have to purchases separately some have the whole set. That would depend on the product brand. Besides this, there are a few main attachments which you find handy or require. Firstly the balloon whisk for whisking cream and frothing. Secondly, a mini chopper to chop nut, etc without making a paste out of them. Followed by a spindle mixer which is used for drinks and other liquid mixtures. Furthermore, some brands even offer you with a blender jug or beaker so you can mix, whisk or blend in it.

Will processing hard items damage my hand blender?

No, hand blenders are designed to be durable for even hard items. Since they are built with tough and lasting material so that they do not break with the grinding pressure. Blending them well is what they do. So, processing hot or hard items will not cause any problem to the blender. But if you are yet doubtful about this consider a metal blending wand rather then a plastic blending wand. As metal wands are strong and are durable as well. Besides this, if you feel that the blender is taking too much of pressure try adding some more liquid to help and not damage the motor of the blender.

Choose Right! Blend Well!

Durable appliances like blenders deserve thought before you buy them. Using the points above be sure to find a blender that is easy to maintain and weighs less if you spend extended hours in the kitchen daily. For harder foods choose one with a higher wattage and be sure to scout for multiple attachments. In the end, the right blender is comfortable to use and gets the job done in a hassle-free manner.

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