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Want to make quick and handmade smoothies and milkshakes at home? Get the best hand blender in Saudi Arabia today. It is handy, easy to use and very efficient for milkshakes, smoothies and quick desserts. The specifications required, the brands offering and the prices are all mentioned in this article for you. The best hand blenders in Saudi Arabia are here for you with all the details required about them.

Quick Look

Hand BlenderPowerWeightCheck Price
PHILIPS Hand Blender 
800 W1.96 KgPrice on
Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender 750 W2.38 KgPrice on
Moulinex Optichef Hand Blender  800 W1.46 Kg Price on
Russell Hobbs Aura 6-in-1 Hand Blender 600 W1.4 Kg Price on
Sencor Hand Blender 400 W0.84 Kg Price on

What to Consider Before Buying a Hand Blender?

Frame, Design and Material Used

If you aren’t really sure of what all brands to go with, stick to some of the most popular and reliable ones. Since hand blenders have different types which use different material as well. Right from plastic to metal especially when it comes to the blades. Which range from stainless steel or other different alloys. And choosing reliable brands to ensure that you have a good quality product. Furthermore, while you choose the size and colour of the blender make sure to pay attention to the comfort in dealing with the device in terms of the design. If you do find a good rubber handle one go for it as they provide better grip and stability.

Speed and Power of the Device

It’s better to choose the one with both high speed and low-speed settings to accommodate different user needs. Where powerful speeds help you shred down ingredients in a jiffy, slower speeds allow you to work at a steady pace demanded by intricate items. For baking or confectionery products then you can choose a blender with relatively low power and speed. For ingredients such as whipped cream, cheese sauce, flour mixes, pancake batter, and others of this sort do not require constant changing of speeds. Thus a uniform speed around 200W or above should suffice. For items with much more thicker consistency compared to the previous few examples, you will need a higher-powered blender. Hence around the 400W-800W mark should work just fine for all your domestic blending needs.


If you really want the best hand blender in Saudi Arabia but do not plan on using it too much professionally or otherwise. It would be advisable for you to stick to a much economical option from a trustworthy brand whose power is around 200W-400W and not a high-power one. As the economical power range works best for occasional baking like for a cake or some fudge.

Various Attachments and Blades

Now if you want a hand blender to enhance and experiment with your baking skills then various attachments and blades are a must. Pay attention to these items for better results when it comes to different needs like blending, chopping, emulsifying, and whisking. Blenders with strong and sizeable blades are the best for you. But also make sure that the blades aren’t raised up too much which can prevent any sort of mess from splashing around in your home kitchen. This is a feature to look foe especially when you might be blending in smaller amount.

Now that you know what to look for in your would-be blender, let’s have a look at the best blenders in Saudi Arabia.

Rank 1: PHILIPS Hand Blender

Model No: HR2652/91

  • ProMix Technology: The blender is shaped like triangle to provide optimal food flow while blending giving you the consistency. It delivers maximum performance with best results each usage.
  • Speed Touch: The turbo boost function provides you with extra speed while you are blending. This is possible with the intuitive speed settings which adjust without switching the settings. They start slowly to avoid splashing and naturally increase the squeezing until the necessary speed is reached as per the recipe and ingredients.
  • XL Chopper: It chops the harder ingredients like fruits, meat etc easily and the XL chopper helps in this easily.
  • On the Go Tumbler: This provides an extra attachment of the on the go tumbler which could be sealed and used for blending and once that is done you can cover the lid and carry it outside to like a tumbler. All the attachments are dishwasher safe.
  • Attachments: Whisk, on the go tumblr, XL chopperd
  • Price: Whisk, on the go tumblr, XL chopperd
  • Price: This costs SAR 339

Rank 2: Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender

  • Power Bell: The patented Power Bell Feature of Braun is the combination of stainless steel blades and unique blending shape to give you perfect blending with best results.
  • Smart Speed: The blender is equipped with smart speed system where it automatically adjusts the speed according to the toughness of the ingredient intuitively. The anti splash Metal shaft protects any kind of splashing during the blending process.
  • Ergonomic Design: It contains the soft grip handle for easy holding and blending and one extra large speed button for speed adjustment.
  • Power Motor: 700 W motor ensures high performance for your blending, chopping delivering quick results.
  • Safe Accessories : All the parts and accessories are BPA Free which are completely safe to use.
  • Attachments: Anti Splash Metal Shaft, 350 ml, Chopper, 1.25 L Chopper, Whisk, Beaker 600 Ml
  • Price: This would cost you around SAR 399.

Rank 3: Moulinex Optichef Hand Blender 

  • Effortless Blending:  The bell and blade shape of the blender ensures easy blending, allowing you to prepare an array of dishes. The anti-splash guard provides comfort of use while cooking your meals. The blender has an ergonomic body that fits perfectly in your hand for ease of handling.
  • Performance: 800W motor offers complete control and effective results in no time. Its easy-to-use dial allows you to change up to 20 different speeds so that you can achieve the desired blending results.
  • Non Slip Handle: Moulinex Optichef hand blender includes a non-slip handle that provides a safe and secure grip. Its specially made chopper and whisk let you prepare desserts and dishes instantly .
  • Price: This would cost you just SAR 260

Rank 4: Russell Hobbs Aura 6-in-1 Hand Blender

  • 6 functions in 1: Processing, creaming, slicing, shredding, blending, whisking are all possible with the Russell Hobbs Aura. This runs on a 600 W motor perfect for all parts usage in quick and efficient manner.
  • Attachments: In addition to the standard blending leg and whisk, it also has a 1.2 litre processing bowl with processing blade, creaming disk, slicing and shredding disk.
  • Dishwasher Safe: All the attachments provided are completely dishwasher safe so you don’t have to think much about the cleaning part.
  • Guarantee: This hand blender comes with a 2 year period guarantee
  • Price: This amazing piece costs just SAR 295

Rank 5: Sencor Hand Blender

  • Variable Speed Control: It has the variable speed control with a gentle start to avoid splashing around. The speed switch is water resistant.
  • Bayonet Mechanism: This blender has the mechanism for simple detaching of blending attachments.
  • Dishwasher safe: All the attachments are dishwasher safe so you dont have to worry about the cleaning which can be done very easily.
  • Waterproof: They have double protection with insulation for protection from water contact.
  • Low Noise Motor: This blender has the 400 W low noise running motor with a reduced vibration.
  • Price:If you are looking for a simple blender doing all the work at a low price this is the pick for you. It cost SAR 119.

Uses of a Hand Blender

Getting your very own hand blender will be a good addition to your kitchen. Since it is a versatile item and not just used for soups. With this gadget you will no longer see your cooking task as a task but will be time for you to enjoy the process. Which is all the more reason why you should think of this kitchen gadget as a necessity for your home. Read on to know how to incorporate your hand blender into your daily cooking.


Cut down on the unnecessary runs and spending of your dough at cafés for your smoothies. When you can now get the café style smoothie right in your own kitchen. Moreover, experiment on the best flavor for you with different ingredients as well. Smoothies will no longer be just a workout snack anymore. Since the making of it is so easy get ‘smooth-ing’ down any vegetable and fruit any time of the day.

Pesto and Salsa

You can make delicious homemade pesto and salsa. Wait, did you just say you don’t have the time for it? Well, don’t you fret as with the best hand blender in Saudi Arabia you can easily yet quickly make your own pesto and salsa. So, much so you will never want a store salsa or pesto ever again. Since fresh homemade food is always the best not to mention healthy too. Either way, you can also unleash your inner chef and give them your own twist as well.

Butters and Sauces

Make all kinds of sauces and butters a speciality of yours with the best hand blender in Saudi Arabia. Especially, hollandaise and other sauces and different kinds of butter from fruits, vegetable and more. Spend some time experimenting on sauces and perfecting them to the T. Furthermore, you no long need to spend time getting that pesky nut butter to the spread consistency as the hand blender does it for your without any trouble.


A hand blender has made preparing hummus easier. Expect nothing lesser then the perfect consistency with this device. Moreover it is freshly made which means more flavor and fuller bellies from eating so much of the best hummus. So, much so you might do way with your food processor completely while making hummus.

Grinding and Chopping

Food processors work just fine with grinding and chopping of nuts. But if you own the best hand blender in Saudi Arabia you will be looking for excuses to use a the device. So, don’t hold back as this device is equipped to grind and chop as well. The only thing what you will have to do is make them into batches. Because you do not want to spoil your device and also you want a uniform outcome.

Mixing and Whipping

With a hand blender you no longer have to bring out your bigger kitchen gadgets. As you can simple work magic with a hand blender for all your mixing and whipping business. Get that cream to your desired and not to mention the pancake batter done really quickly. Say no to your arm workout while you easily whisk away mayonnaise as well. Since all of this is made easy with a hand blender.

That way just the tip of the iceberg with what you can do with a hand blender. If you weren’t sure about getting this handy device before. Those uses are sure to change your mind now. To know more about the best hand blender in Saudi Arabia make sure to read on further.


Are hand blenders and immersion blenders the same?

Yes, The two are the one and the same. The hand blender goes by many names like an immersion blender, stick blender. Mainly because as the name suggests in an immersion blender, you would have to put the blending device into a bowl or glass in order for the blender to blend. Whereas for it being called a stick blender that is because of its physical outlook of the hand blender. So any of these names can be used inter-changing.

What are the different attachments for a hand blender?

A hand blender has many attachments which you might have to purchase each one separately. Or a few brands have the whole set in one. But, to start off, you will need to have a balloon whisk which is used in frothing and whisking the cream. And if you want to chop nuts then the mini chopper will work just fine. Followed by the spindle mixer whose speciality are drinks. There are yet some brands which provide you with a beaker or a jug for you to do all your mixing, chopping and blending in.

How is a hand mixer different from a hand blender?

Both of these gadgets have similar names with overlapping functionality. That is of mixing. But yet these devices are completely different in outlook and functions. A hand mixer would be close to the stand mixer and is actually a mini version of one. Whereas the hand blender has multiple functions and not just mixing, but grinding and pasting as well. making them different from the other.

Will processing hard items damage my hand blender?

No, processing hard items will not damage your hand blender. As your hand blender is durable to take up heavy-duty loads as well. Although it isn’t advisable to always use it for hard items. In such a case make sure you add a little bit of liquid into the blend to reduce the load and give you a smooth functioning device. Also if you do plan to use a hand blender for hard items consider getting a metal blending wand rather then a plastic one.

How should I prepare the ingredients before blending in a hand blender?

Preparing items to be blended in a hand blender isn’t rocket science and can be done easily. You just have to make sure that the content to be blended is in small pieces rather than whole pieces. And this will you give you better results. Furthermore, smaller pieces will ensure that there is no load put on the motor of the machine. Since smaller content can be blended easily as compared to its bigger counterparts.

Are plastic or glass blenders better?

We would suggest you get a glass blender. Mainly because a glass blender is much more lasting in terms that it doesn’t develop any damage with time. Another reason being that glass blenders will not give any odour neither change colour with time. In these terms, a glass blender would be a better choice. But then again it would still depend on you and what you feel the pros and cons are for your home.

Is my hand blender dishwasher safe?

It’s a no brainer that the motor housing part of the hand blender isn’t washable neither dishwasher safe. As of the attachment’s most of them are dishwasher safe especially the recent models. But to be cautious it wouldn’t harm you to actually take a look at the manual of the hand blender. Just to make sure that it is 100% dishwasher safe.

Have an Enhanced Cooking Experience

Finding a blender for your kitchen in Saudi Arabia can be one headache of a task. But, with the guidelines and information provided to you, this will no more be a task. The best deal you could get would be if your hand blender is available with added attachments. If you are getting a hand blender for more professional and regular use make sure to get a better high wattage blender to suit your needs. Therefore, enhance your kitchen experience with the best hand blender in Saudi Arabia for your home.

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