Best Hair Straightener in UAE – Price & Brand Comparison

Bored of curly, dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair? Well, consider buying the best hair straightener in UAE. As a matter of fact, straight hair looks good on any attire. Whether it is casuals, ethnic, formals, western, and semi-formals. While some women are blessed with naturally silky-smooth hair, others can only dream of flaunting such hair. If you belong to the latter there are two ways you can achieve the straight hair look. Firstly, you take a trip down to a professional hairdressing studio, that charges you a premium. Or, you can consider straightening your hair at home. Say goodbye to tedious morning struggles of combing your curly/wavy hair. Head down to purchase the best hair straightener in UAE.

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best hair straightener in UAE

First and foremost, you should buy a hair straightener that suits your hair type. Some women have very rough and curly hair. While some have wavy hair and just want to add some shine to it. Therefore, the thickness of the hair (thick hair or scanty hair) determines the kind of straightener you should buy. This is because you can choose a product and setting based on your hair thickness. People with thinner hair risk damaging the hair and burning themselves. When making a decision remember to buy the best hair straightener in UAE that fits your needs. The best hair straightener in UAE should fit your budget too.

Best Hair Straightener in UAE – Quick List

Hair StraightenerType of PlatesPlate SizeTemperatureCheck Price
Philips Essential Care Hair Straightener HP8321/03 Ceramic Tourmaline100mm210°CPrice in
BaByliss Protect Slim Hair Straightener ST325E Diamond Ceramic 100mm230°CPrice in
Braun 5 Styler Hair Straightener ST550
Ceramic110mm200°CPrice in
BaByliss Multi-Purpose Hair Styler BAB-MS21SDE
(For multiple style settings)
Ceramic92mm180°CPrice in
Philips Care Vivid Ends Hair Straightener BHS675
(Keratin infusion for better care)
Ceramic enriched with
105mm230°CPrice in

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Features to Care For

As mentioned above, you should keep in mind the hair type, the level of thickness, the quality of the hair straightener, the budget and more. I have penned down some points for you to help you in buying the best hair straightener in UAE.


There are a variety of options available in the market while selecting hair straighteners possessing different materials. Therefore you need to select one depending on your hair type. The most common ones are elaborated upon below.

1) Ceramic

Firstly, we shall discuss about ceramic hair straighteners. Ceramic is well known for its ability to distribute heat evenly. It is the most widely known and commonly used material in most styling tools. Firstly, the material prevents damage through accidental overheating and hotspots. Secondly, it eliminates the frizz in your hair and adds long-lasting shine to it. The only drawback is that it tends to chip out after a certain time. This means you will have to invest in a new piece now and then. However, if you are concerned about the health of your hair, this is the way to go.

2) Tourmaline

This material is pretty great to tackle frizzy hair efficiently. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that is usually paired with ceramic to enhance the straightening effect. It creates a smooth and uniform straightened look which makes your hair look perfect on occasions such as weddings and birthday parties. It leaves zero space for tangles in your hair. With this material, the cost of a straightener does go up so do not be alarmed.

3) Titanium

Titanium is a great choice of material when it comes to handling high heat. Curlier hair does require a higher heat setting to even out. If you are sporting coils then using a high heat setting helps you achieve the result quickly. Titanium straighteners are therefore suitable for people with thick, curly and unmanageable hair. Select this metal straightener as it helps the heat penetrate into the hair cuticles faster than other materials.


Some hair straighteners possess only one temperature setting (On/Off). But, many have variable heat settings and very few let you choose the exact temperature. If you have too curly or rough hair then choose a hair straightener with the high-temperature setting. But if you have sensitive and fragile hair that breaks often, go for one with multiple heat settings.

Before straightening vs After straightening - best hair straightener in UAE

Size of the Iron

Small size straighteners mainly target bangs and baby hair and are therefore suitable for people with short hair. Additionally, the benefit of using a small straightener is that it offers precise control.

Medium size straighteners are suitable for people with mid-length hair. They can be used for long hair as well as hair that is not too curly. It straightens your hair quickly thus saving you time and effort. Further, medium-sized appliances offer you a larger scope for creating a variety of looks that complements your face.

Large hair straighteners are best suited for super-thick, rough, curly, and long hair. Since these hair straighteners have extra-wide plates, they cover a maximum section of hair in seconds. Besides this, the increased high-temperature range allows you to systematically work on extra thick and curly hair.

Automatic On/Off

This essential feature will switch off your hair straightener after a set duration. Thus preventing overheating or burning and making it a safe straightening process.

Rank 1: Philips Essential Care Hair Straightener

Philips EssentialCare Hair Straightener with Ceramic Tourmaline Plates
  • Ceramic Tourmaline Plates: Be ready for any occasion and flaunt perfectly straight hair. This straightener helps you look your best in virtually no time. All thanks to its 100mm ceramic tourmaline plates that are big enough to straighten more hair at a time. This is the reason behind being the best hair straightener in UAE.
  • Frizz-free Hair: These plates emit negative ions thereby giving you shiny and frizz-free hair.
  • Quick Heating: This hair straightener heats up quickly so you don’t have to wait for long before styling your hair.
  • High Temperature: This equipment offers you a high temperature of 210 degrees Celcius. This will help you in getting the desired look by allowing you to change the shape of your hair.
  • Swivel-Cord Technology: The 1.8m cord with this appliance, ensures that the wire remains tangle-free and can be used freely.
  • Convenient and Safe Usage: The closing lock mechanism locks the plates for easy and quick storage. This mechanism protects the hair straightener from any accidental damage.

Rank 2: BaByliss Protect Slim Hair Straightener

Babyliss Protect Slim Hair Straightener with Diamond Ceramic Plates
  • Anti-Static Technology: This infused technology reduces the amount of negatively charged particles during styling and allows for 50% more static control.
  • Diamond Ceramic Plates: The long straightening plates of this hair straightener are sealed with a diamond ceramic coating. Thus distributing the heat evenly and very gently to your hair.
  • Instantly Heats Up: The instant heat up within 30 seconds will reach the salon high heat temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Automatic Shut Off Feature: This will switch off your straightener after a certain time frame to prevent overheating or burning, if not in use.

Rank 3: Braun 5 Styler Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • Multi-Styler: This satin hair multi-styler allows you to create professional salon-style looks. With this handy piece, you don’t have to purchase 3 to 4 different straighteners or multiple accessories.
  • Creatively Designed: It offers you the flexibility of sleek and straight styles or natural-looking curls as per your mood. Say bye to bad hair days and change your look as often as you want.
  • A Perfect Gift: This includes a styling kit made up of combs and clips to help with the creation of beautiful hairstyles without going to a salon.
  • Achieve Natural Curls Easily: Parallel ribs on the edges align and guide the hair around in a perfect circle. Thus helping you achieve defined and natural curls easily.

Rank 4: BaByliss Multi-Purpose Hair Styler

  • Multi-Purpose Hair Styler: It features a sophisticated assortment of multiple style ranges. Be it trimming the crops or straightening the hair and rough ends. This hair styler has curling plates, straightening plates, crimping plates, waver plates, spiral plates, and hairpins.
  • Aesthetics: The piece is pumped up with a feminine look bearing pink and scarlet shades. The plates have a variable setting in 32mm and 19mm dimensions with 3 clips for extra hold and a storage pouch made of resin.
  • Unique Security System: This multi-styler is equipped with a unique secured system. That means whenever you desire to change your hairstyle you will need to change the plates.
  • Shockproof and Break Proof: This hair styler’s external body is made of thermoset plastic with ceramic reinforcement for extra protection against heat. It is, therefore, shockproof and doesn’t break when it falls.

Rank 5: Philips Care Vivid Ends Hair Straightener

  • Split Stop Technology For Preventing Split Ends: This is the secret to ultimate split ends protection. It consists of smooth ceramic plates to retain the health of your hair. The styling plates guarantee minimal friction for ultimate split ends protection.
  • UniTemp Sensor for Beautifully Styled Hair with Less Heat: This sensor protects your hair from being exposed to unnecessary high heat by providing a more consistent styling temperature for improved performance.
  • Keratin Infusion for Better Care: Keratin is the hair’s essential ingredient which makes them strong, healthy and gorgeous looking. The ceramic plates are enriched with keratin to take better care of your hair.
  • Extra Long Plates for Fast and Easy Straightening: The straightening plates have a length of 105mm, leading to faster and easier straightening. This saves you time and effort.

Chemically Straightened Your Hair? Are You Using these Hair Care Methods?

Straightening your hair and then leaving it unmaintained won’t do any good to you. You need to maintain your hair in a way that avoids dandruff, frizzing, dryness, hair fall, split ends and other damage. For this, you need to build good practices that keep the moisture, volume and softness of the hair intact. This needs to be done regularly not just after hair straightening.

Use a considerable amount of hair serum

After the hair straightening procedure, start applying hair serum to your hair 2-3 times a week. This will keep your straightened hair smooth, shiny and silky. During the straightening procedure, your hair is exposed a lot to heat, thus leaving your hair dry and brittle. So for best results use a hair care serum on your hair after a hair wash. See to it that your hair is not dripping wet, as it won’t absorb the serum. Always towel dry it or use a blow dryer. Many times the temperature goes up to 150 or 180 degrees Celsius to straighten those stubborn curls, which we don’t realize. A hair serum will lessen the effect of the heat generated by the hair straighteners during the straightening procedure.

Hair Oil to the Rescue

You need to go back to the traditional method of applying hair oil. Remember your grandmother nagging you to apply it often? You are free to choose between coconut, Indian gooseberry, olive or almond hair oil, depending upon which one suits your hair type. For best results, use it twice a week. Ensure that you don’t apply the hair oil on wet hair. Your hair should be dry, else your straightened hair won’t absorb the hair oil even if you apply excess.

Secondly, don’t leave the hair oil overnight in your hair. Your hair will feel lifeless, sticky and dull the next morning. Try to apply a little more oil to your hair ends as they tend to get dry. You may even experience hair fall. Apply hair oil and leave it in your hair for 1 to 2 hours and gradually wash it thereafter. DON’T SCRUB your hair while washing. Gently use the tip of your fingers to massage the scalp (roots) till your hair ends.

Home Made Hair Packs and Hair Treatments

To improve the quality of your hair you need to habituate yourself into using homemade masks. These homemade masks work wonders on the hair, especially the scalp. Natural ingredients such as apricots, honey, egg whites, and curd are great. Additionally, oats and aloe vera, coconut milk, and olive oil also add to the shine in your hair. They give your hair the nutrition that it needs. You can consider one of the methods. Simply blend the coconut milk, avocado, and olive oil together on your hair. It’s better to tie up your hair in a bun and relax, while you sit and watch your favourite TV show. The fatty acids in these ingredients will seal in moisture and keep it super soft.

Hair Spa

Oiling is not always enough to reverse the damage caused by the high levels of heat to your hair. You need something additional which is known as a hair spa. This therapy is essential for maintaining healthy growth. If your facing issues such as dandruff, hair fall, and damaged hair ends then a hair spa is a solution for you. Not every woman in UAE uses a scarf to cover their hair while moving out. If your hair witnesses prolonged exposure to the sun, UVA and UVB rays can affect the outside of your hair strands (cuticle). Thus, a hair spa treatment is essential for your hair. This process will make your hair smooth, bouncy and shiny. Below are some more benefits of a hair spa treatment.

Benefits of a Hair Spa Treatment

Benefits of a Hair Spa Treatment

  • A hair spa treatment involving deep conditioning is essential to strengthen the follicles and nourish the roots. Additionally, it revitalizes the scalp that leads to natural hair rebirth.
  • It normalises the secretion of oil, as excess oil secretion leads to scanty hair and formation of dandruff. On the other hand, low oil secretion can cause flaking and itching that results in dull and dry hair. Hence, a hair spa treatment normalizes oil secretion and delivers essential oils making your hair silky and smooth.
  • It stimulates blood circulation and increases cell metabolism. A head massage helps in improving blood circulation in the scalp. Blood carries nutrients to your scalp in order to keep it healthy as well as promote hair growth. The hair follicles are enabled to receive oxygen and more nutrients via the blood, thus improving hair growth.
  • This rehydrating therapy restores the moisture and vital oils for a smooth, sensuous glow, that begins at the roots.
  • It eliminates impurities inside pores and repairs damaged hair. This treatment eliminates dirt, pollutants, and all the contaminants from the pores. Once your scalp gets rid of all these impurities, it’s a stimulus for your hair growth.

Trim your hair regularly

Split ends are the root cause of damage to your hair. They worsen your hair quality and act as a barrier in the way of your hair growth. Exposure to sunlight and regular contact with chemicals (harmful hair products) and high-temperature cause unhealthy split ends. In order to avoid split ends, trim your hair every 4-5 months. Just an inch or two is more than enough. Your hair will have less breakage, making it look thicker and shinier, thus resulting in hair growth in a shorter amount of time. If you don’t trim your hair then the split ends will rise up damaging the entire hair. Additionally, split ends stop or slow down your hair growth. Clear it out and get your bouncy hair back.

Use an Appropriate Shampoo and Conditioner for Chemically Straightened Hair

If you continue using your regular sulfate-based shampoo and conditioner then your hair will go for a toss. You need a shampoo and conditioner designed for chemically straightened hair. This special shampoo and conditioner will keep the frizz in-check, hence many hairstylists recommend the use of these products. Additionally, these are free from any harsh chemicals, therefore preventing further damage to the hair. The properties in products such as Earth Mama natural shampoos are essential for your hair since they help your hair regain its lost shine and health. Always buy a shampoo and conditioner with amino cell build technology as it will get the protein back in shape, giving your hair a healthy appearance.

Don’t Straighten Your Hair Too Often

Keep considerable gaps or intervals between your straightening. Straightening your hair too often will leave it dry, brittle and scanty. It will result in a lot of hair fall too as it weakens the roots. If you are straightening your hair temporarily then do it once in 15 days. But if you are straightening your hair permanently then do it once in 6 months, or once in a year. I understand women with very curly hair find it difficult to maintain the new growth. Hence waiting for a year to straighten them again is not convenient enough. In such cases, you can do it after 8 months. Never straighten that part of the hair which is still straight, always straighten the new growth only. In other words, it is known as a root touch up.

Use a Wide-toothed Comb

A wide-toothed comb is one where the space between the teeth is wider. Although some people misunderstand it to be a comb with wide teeth. Using a wide-toothed comb is far better as it is much gentle to the hair and causes less friction. It detangles the hair and glides through it much with ease and prevents breakage. If you face knots in your hair or the hair sticking to each other, then this one is a must. Additionally, it also reduces split ends. You would never want to spoil your salon straight hair. Make sure you don’t comb your wet hair, towel dry it preferably. Always wait till it dries, else you will start losing hair.

Benefits of using a Ceramic Hair Straightener

With the advancing technology, a lot of hair straighteners are available in the market today. Right from ceramic hair straighteners to glass, metallic hair straighteners and more. Do you only want to straighten your hair or straighten them without causing damage? I believe none of you women out there would want to flaunt damaged hair. Every woman wants smooth, silky, healthy hair and not dry, brittle and frizzy hair.

Straightening your hair isn’t any good if it is going to damage your hair in the process. You owe it to yourself to choose a hair straightener that will give you the perfect straight hair that you desire without damaging them. STRAIGHT AND HEALTHY AS WELL. This is possible only if you purchase a ceramic hair straightener or if your favourite hairdresser uses it on your hair.

Benefits of a Ceramic hair straightener
  • Ceramic Heats Evenly: Hair straighteners that are made with ceramic plates are advantageous over straighteners that are made of glass or metal plates. The reason behind this is that ceramic heats evenly whereas glass and metal do not. The ceramic plates heating evenly reduces the risk for hot spots that may burn your hair, thus making it essential.
  • Quick Heating: Hair straighteners with ceramic plates heat quickly. This reduces the time you spend styling as well as the waiting time to style your hair.
  • Glides Over Your Hair Easily: Ceramic is a smooth material that glides over your hair easily. This smooth product will not tug, snag or pull at your hair. On the other hand, glass and metal plates will snag, tug, or pull at your hair. Thus resulting in dry and frizzy looking hair. A quality iron should always move smoothly down your hair and not get stuck in between.
  • Locks in the Moisture in Your Hair: Ceramic hair straighteners are professional and work wonders as they lock in the moisture in your hair. This enables your hair to lay flat and closes the cuticle, thus leaving your hair healthy, shiny, looking the best.
  • Protects Your Chemically Coloured Hair: Don’t worry at all about your hair colour drying or fading out if you use a ceramic hair straightener. It protects your hair colour making it look recently coloured with no issues of the colour fading. It will still look vibrant with that glossy texture. You won’t face issues such as drying or breakage.

A ceramic hair straightener can do so much for your hair. It can really work wonders as it makes your hair look fabulous. Consider buying a ceramic hair straightener as these straighteners are available at an affordable price too. Hairstylists in top salons in UAE have selected ceramic hair straighteners to offer their clients the best results. Time after time offering them reliable results. They are therefore very impressive.

Top 6 Hairstyles for Chemically Straightened Hair

Are you bored looking at those poker straight tresses after a few weeks of hair straightening? It’s quite normal. Need better ways to wear your hair, without damaging it? You begin to think that wavy, bouncy and curly hair is so much fun. As you can style them in a way you want. But, don’t regret. Straight hair can indeed make you look good if styled the right way. Read through to find the hairstyle of your choice and one which suits your hair cut.

Twist and Pin

Begin by parting your hair in the middle using a wide-tooth comb. Take roughly a one-inch section of your hair in front, from one side. Twist it away from your face. Pin this hair behind using a bobby pin. Repeat this procedure for the other side too. Use two bobby pins to secure the twisted section of the hair. Place the first pin diagonally and then the second pin towards the opposite direction to create an X. For better results use a hair spray to finish the style and keep your hair firm.

The Puffed Pony

Puffed ponies add a hint of chic to your everyday lifestyle. This hairstyle works best when you wear casuals. Give it a try and add an element of class to your get-up. Bump it in the middle or front of the hair. If the puff is at the back or somewhere in the middle then add loose front locks for that added look. Tie the ponytail and then pinch the hair above the band and pull it a little up to add volume.

The Front Braid

An easy hairstyle, for long, straightened hair. Something that resembles an old English look you can style it this way day or weekly. Start with the braid on one side and then move it to the back of the head and then pin it properly. Ensure you fan the braid properly to make the braid look more appealing.

Braided Bun

The braided bun is a great hairstyle that you should try if you loved the messy bun. But if you want to work out a hairstyle that looks neater and professional, then consider a braided bun. Create a small section of your hair from the front, then divide it into 3 parts. Braid the hair once before starting a lace braid, adding a new portion of the hair to the bottom part. Wrap your hair with the braid and use a rubber band to secure it. After this, create a messy bun with the rest of the hair that is left then fix with bobby pins as needed. End the procedure with a hair spray.

Low, Side Ponytail

Section the hair into 3 parts, part in the year with 2 sections in the front and 1 section at the back. Gather all your hair at the back, position it to the side and secure it with an elastic. With one section of the hair from the front, wrap it around the rubber band. Repeat this procedure with the second section of your hair and pin it up using a bobby pin and use a hair spray.

The Back Updo Hairstyle

Here is one classic summer hairstyle for long and straightened hair. As a matter of fact, long hair can be amended into any hairstyle. Keep the bangs loose and swept to the sides, while the rest of the hair is bumped up (especially the middle hair). After this, gather the rest of the hair that is freely falling. Take chunks of your hair and pin them up at the back. There you go.

French-style Side Braid

Step 1- Comb the hair: Before you begin braiding the hair, comb the hair using a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles and knots. Decide on which shoulder you would want the braid to rest on. Comb the hair over that shoulder. In case you want to partition your hair, then this partition should be on the opposite side of your head. Once you have decided that your hair is going to be over your right shoulder, then part it on the left and vice versa. If you don’t want to partition then place all your hair towards the shoulder where your braid will be.

Step 2- Gather the hair: Start braiding the hair under the ear that’s opposite the shoulder where you have gathered your hair. So, if your braid is going to be over your right shoulder, then begin your braid under your left shoulder. Separate a small section of hair from the bottom of the sweep of hair going across the back of your neck. Make sure this section is a triangle 2 to 3 inches (5 to 8 cm wide). For a more romantic look, wrap the side braid around the bottom of your head and over 1 shoulder.

You have another option and that is to begin this French braid at the top of your head. This can start at the partition line. If you want to braid your hair this way then follow the same french braiding instructions above. The difference would be that you will start the braid much higher on your hair either. Either at your front hairline or just behind the ear.

Step 3- Split this hair into 3 sections: Ensure that the 3 sections of hair are even, then begin braiding as usual. Grab one of the outer sections of your hair and cross it over to the middle. Next, grab the outer section on the opposite side and pull it across the new middle. Just do this only once and don’t braid any further.

Step 4- Start french braiding: The rest of the braid will be half a french braid. You will incorporate more hair into the upper hair of the braid. Every time you go to cross one of the high strands down into the middle of the trio. Add a section of loose hair from the hair sweeping over your other shoulder before moving it to the middle.

  • For commencing your braid at your front hairline, pull sections of your hair forward from the back of your head. Work diagonally down and across to just behind the ear opposite the partition.
  • Ensure that you add hair from above that section of the braid. This will take care of your hair on the back of your head doesn’t cross all over itself and ruin the design.
  • The braid should be tight enough. Hold it close to the hairline. Keep the strands separated.
  • When the braid reaches the opposite side of your head, make sure it contains all your hair. Not just the little section.
  • In case you are starting the braid from the top of your head, you will begin by french braiding down. When you get around the earline, you will begin braiding in a horizontal line across your head. If you have short hair then you can stop the side braid at your ear with a pin or clip.
French style side braid

Step 5- End your hairstyle with a normal braid: When you reach the opposite ear and have incorporated all your hair into a french braid. Braid the rest of your hair in a 3 strand braid. When you are done, the braid will start at 1 side and finish hanging down over the opposite shoulder.

Step 6- Tie a rubber band and there you go: Use an elastic rubber band to tie the braid. Arrange any hair that is coming out of the braid and use a hair spray if you wish to. A hair spray if used will keep the braid firm. If you desire a messy braid then loosen it to the desired size. If you tug the braid it will offer an illusion of volume for scanty hair.

Say Hello to Straight, Frizz-Free Hair

Now that you have seen some of the best brands, I hope you can make the right choice of purchasing the best hair straightener in UAE. Remember to keep the quality in mind and do not jump at the first product you see. Good quality ensures you get the best results and is likely to last for years to come. A word of caution, do not use the hair straightener on a daily basis as the heat can damage your hair. Limit usage to once or twice a week should be fine for most people. Before you straighten your hair, ensure it is completely dry. To do this consider buying the best hair dryer in UAE.

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