Best Hair Straightener in Saudi Arabia

Always wanted straight hair? Tired of going to the salon every now and then? Why not get a hair straightener? It is handy and easy to use. You can carry it anywhere you want even while you are travelling. It is your hair partner and your pocket styler any day. Want to know more about which straighteners are best and what brands should you be looking for? Follow the article for all that you need to know. The best straighteners in Saudi Arabia are here for you. After researching and going through multiple straighteners the best brand that provides good straighteners is found to be Philips. Babyliss and Braun also provide multiple eye-catching offerings. Let us look at what they have all got to offer you.

Quick List

Hair StraightenerType of PlatesCheck Price
BaByliss ST325E Protect Slim Hair Straightener Diamond Ceramic Price on
Philips Straight Care Essential Thermo Protect Straightener Keratin-Infused Price on
Braun Satin Hair 3 ST310 Hair Straightener Ceramic Eloxal Price on
Remington Ceramic 230 Hair Straightener Ceramic Price on
Philips Care Vivid Ends Hair Straightener Ceramic Price on

Important Features to Consider

Below are some important features that you should consider before buying the best hair straightener in Saudi Arabia.


Before straightening vs After straightening - best hair straightener in UAE

Generally, hair straighteners possess variable heat settings. There are very few hair straighteners that enable you to choose the exact temperature. If your hair is too curly or rough, then opt for one with the high-temperature setting. On the other hand, if your hair is fragile and sensitive, or if it breaks often. Then, go for one with multiple heat settings.


There is a huge collection of hair straightener types available in the market. When choosing hair straighteners of different materials, you need to choose one depending on your type of hair. The most common hair straightener types are listed as follows.

1) Tourmaline

Generally, this is a semi-precious stone that improves the straightening effect since it is paired with ceramic. Above all, it tackles frizzy hair efficiently. Your hair is sure to look perfect on occasions like parties and weddings due to the uniform and smooth straightened look that it offers you. But due to all these reasons expect them to be a little highly-priced.

2) Ceramic

Ceramic hair straighteners are capable of distributing heat evenly. Also, it is the most commonly used material in most styling tools. Ceramic material prevents damage from hotspots and accidental overheating. It also takes away the frizz from your hair and adds a long-lasting shine to it. The only disadvantage of ceramic is that it kind of flakes out after a certain time which means you will have to purchase a new hair straightener now and then.

3) Titanium

For handling high-heat settings, titanium is great. It is a fact that the curlier the hair, the higher should be the heat setting in order to even out. Hence, these straighteners are suitable for those who have unmanageable, curly, and thick hair. So if your hair type falls in this category then opt for titanium since it helps the heat to penetrate faster into the hair as compared to the other materials.

Auto On/Off

In order to make your hair straightening process very safe, the auto on/off feature comes in use. It prevents overheating and burning by switching off your hair straightener after a given duration.

Iron Size


Let’s begin with small-size hair straighteners. These are ideal for people with short hair and are recommended for baby hair and bangs. The advantage of using a small straightener is that it offers precise control.


As the name says, medium-size hair straighteners are ideal for those with mid-length hair. You can also use them for long hair provided the hair is not too curly. Moreover, these will straighten your hair fast. Thus, you save both, time as well as effort.


If you have hair that is rough, super-thick, long, and curly, then a large hair straightener is what you need. Due to their extra-wide plates, they cover up a maximum section of your hair in seconds. Other than this, the high-temperature range enables straightening extra thick and curly hair systematically.

Rank 1: BaByliss ST325E Protect Slim Hair Straightener

  • Perfect Straightening: Babyliss straightener provides the perfect condition for straightening at a temperature of 230°. It gives instant heat up to the straightener and ensures safe and protected straightening to your hair.
  • Ergonomic: It is designed to be convenient to handle and there is a LED indicator for the power status. The swivel cord is handy and moves easily it has a plate locking mechanism to give a sharp straightening to your hair.
  • Automatic Shut off: Once the heat is sufficient for the straightening it automatically shuts itself saving the hair from overheating or burning.
  • Anti-Static Technology: The straightener plates are made with special technology to provide convenient styling. The diamond ceramic plating provides easy sliding and ensures constant pressure on the hair giving even results.
  • Durable: Made of premium material it gives you a guarantee of a long duration of working without any trouble.
  • Price: It costs you Just SAR 129

Rank 2: Philips Straight Care Essential Thermo Protect Straightener

  • Keratin Ceramic Coating: This straightener has 2 plates coated with the keratin ceramic coating providing the best and most efficient heating and glides smoothly through the hair.
  • ThermoProtect Technology: This technology reduces the friction in the plates and provides optimal heat thus protecting from heat damage. It protects the scalp from excess heat.
  • Temperature Settings: The LED Temperature controlled settings give you the freedom to set temperature between 160 degrees to 230 degrees. You could adjust according to the style required and the texture of your hair.
  • Universal Voltage: This feature helps it to be used anywhere across the world.
  • Price: It is priced at SAR 106.

Rank 3: Braun Satin Hair 3 ST310 Hair Straightener

  • Wide Plates: This straighteners has 1.5x times wider plates to allow larger area of hair to be straightened in short period of time. It works wonders for the thick and medium hair volumes without any struggle.
  • Temperature Settings: The straightener has the highest number of temperature settings giving you maximum flexibility in terms of heating up. It has 13 different temperature options available to suit all types of hairs and styles. It heats up in just 60 seconds.
  • Design: The cooling tip is provided for safe handling of the straightener without getting burnt. It also comes with a flexible floating plate for versatile styling options.
  • Price: This costs SAR 192

Rank 4: Remington Ceramic 230 Hair Straightener

  • Lengthy Plates: The Teflon and ceramic coated plates ensure smooth gliding in the hair and are as long as 110 mm this ensures your hair is completely styled in few strokes.
  • Fast Working: It heats up in 30 seconds and works wonders on the hair and has an auto hut off feature in 60 minutes.
  • LED Indicator: The LED display has the temperature settings of 150-230 degrees. There are 30 different heat settings for high range of styling.
  • Heat Proof Pouch: It comes with a heat proof pouch for storage and safety without having it store it outside and have to worry about it cooling down after usage.
  • Warranty: This device comes with a 2 years warranty showing its supreme quality and best offering.
  • Price: This would cost you SAR 201

Rank 5: Philips Care Vivid Ends Hair Straightener

  • Split End Protection: The SplitProtect Technology ensures there is protection from the split ends and giving you a better hair.
  • UniTemp Sensor: These sensors protect the hair from unnecessary high heat and ensure a constant heat for the styling. You could get the same results with this straightener like any but with a 20 degrees lower temperature setting.
  • Keratin infusion: The infusion to the plates ensure there is extra protection to your hair and make your hair look naturally silky and shiny.
  • Ionic Care: The charged negative ions eliminate the static condition, nurture and condition your hair to give it a glossy and shiny texture.
  • Design: There are 11 different temperatures settings with a LCD display and it heats up in just 30 seconds. The long power cord enables convenient and easy usage of the straightener. It is also equipped with the auto shut off feature after 30 minutes to ensure safety and energy conservation.
  • Price: This costs slightly more than the previous Philips Version priced at SAR 199.

Hair Care Tips for Chemically Straightened Hair

After straightening your hair, you have to maintain it regularly so that you don’t suffer from frizziness, dandruff, hair fall, dryness, split ends and more. The best thing you can do is to adopt good hair care tips that will retain the volume, moisture, and softness of the hair.

Use Hair Oil

When you chemically straighten your hair, you need to use hair oil. Be it olive oil, coconut oil, almond hair oil, or Indian gooseberry. See which one offers you better results. Ensure you use the hair oil twice a week. Also, applying the hair oil on wet hair won’t do you any good as it won’t absorb the hair oil even if you apply excess. Your hair should be completely dry.

Besides this, don’t keep the hair oil overnight as it will get sticky, lifeless, and dull the next morning. Instead, keep it for 1 to 2 hours and then wash it gently WITHOUT SCRUBBING IT. Moreover, if you have lifeless and dry ends, then don’t forget to apply a little more oil to those hair ends. With the tip of your fingers, massage right from your scalp till the hair ends.

Apply Hair Serum

When you straighten your hair, there is a lot of exposure to heat which leaves your hair dry and brittle. Once you straighten your hair, start using hair serum 2 to 3 times a week as this will keep your hair shiny, smooth, and silky. Ensure you apply it to your hair after a hair wash but your hair shouldn’t be dripping wet. This is because it won’t absorb the serum. For best results, towel dry it or use a blow dryer before applying serum. 

Hair Spa Treatment

Benefits of a Hair Spa Treatment

Besides applying hair oil, you need to get a hair spa for your hair to maintain its healthy growth. That is because oiling won’t be sufficient to reverse the damage that the heat caused to your hair when you straightened it. In case your hair is exposed to the sun for long hours then UVA and UVB rays can affect the cuticle. A hair spa is very beneficial if you have hair fall, dandruff, and damaged hair ends.

Hair Packs (Home Made)

Make use of homemade masks, to improve your hair’s condition, especially the scalp. Include natural ingredients like honey, apricots, curd, and egg whites. These ingredients contain fatty acid which preserve your hair’s softness and moisture. Also, olive oil, aloe vera, oats and coconut milk provide shine to your hair. Above all, this ensures that your hair gets the required nutrition. Simply tie up your hair in a bun and relax once you apply the hair mask.

Utilize the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Let me tell you that if you have straightened your hair then you won’t be able to use the sulfate-based shampoo and conditioner that you usually use. You have to use a shampoo and conditioner that is specially meant for chemically straightened hair. This will avoid your hair from turning rough and dry as these are free from harsh chemicals. Hence, you don’t have to worry about any further damage to the hair. Ensure you purchase a shampoo and conditioner that contains the amino cell build technology for a healthy appearance to your hair.

Clear Out Split Ends

Split ends are responsible for worsening your hair quality. They act as a barrier to your hair growth. Unhealthy split ends are caused when your hair is exposed to sunlight continuously and also when you use harmful hair products regularly. Another reason is the high-temperature. Hence, you need to trim your hair (one inch or two inches) every 4 to 5 months. This will make your hair look thicker and shinier. Also, it will help your hair grow faster as trimming it will lead to less breakage. But, if you don’t trim your hair, then the split ends will rise. This will cause damage to the entire hair.

Always Utilize a Wide-toothed Comb

When you chemically straighten your hair, you need to get rid of your regular comb or brush and switch to a wide-toothed comb. This is because the space between the teeth of these combs is wider which in turn detangles the hair and also glides through it without any hassle. It also prevents breakage by reducing split ends. A wide-toothed comb not only causes less friction but is also much gentle to the hair. Ensure you don’t comb your hair when it is wet; wait till it dries completely. Always towel dry it.

Avoid Straightening Often

If you straighten your hair too often, then it will make it brittle, dry, and scanty. Not only that, but it will lead to a lot of hair fall also. Due to the fact that it tends to weaken the roots. If it is just temporary straightening then you should do it only once in 15 days. But in case of permanent straightening, do it once in 6 months. It is best to do it once in a year. If you have extremely curly or unmanageable hair, and can’t wait till a year then do it after 8 months. Either way, always opt for a root touch up. This indicates that you should always straighten the new hair growth only.

Ceramic Hair Straightener – Benefits

Different types of hair straighteners are available today. Besides ceramic hair straighteners, metallic hair straighteners, glass, and a lot more are available. Purchase a ceramic hair straightener to straighten your hair without damaging your hair. This will keep your hair straight as well as healthy.

Benefits of a Ceramic hair straightener

Hassle-Free Gliding Over Hair

Since ceramic is a smooth material, it glides over your hair without any hassle. Whereas, glass and metal plates will get stuck or not be uniform with your hair. Therefore, resulting in dry and frizzy looking hair. Note that the hair straightener that you purchase should always move smoothly down your hair. It should not get stuck in between.

Even Heating

Ceramic hair straighteners heat evenly due to their ceramic plates hence these are better than straighteners made of glass or metal plates. This even heating reduces the risk for hot spots that tend to burn your hair. Therefore, making it extremely essential.

Preserves your Hair’s Moisture

Ceramic hair straighteners preserve the moisture in your hair and are professional. By locking in the moisture, it helps your hair to lay flat and also closes the cuticle. Therefore, resulting in your hair being shiny and healthy.

Rapid Heating

Another benefit of ceramic hair straighteners is that they heat rapidly. So you can style your hair as and when you want due to its reduced waiting time.

Protects Chemically Coloured Hair

If you have recently coloured your hair and are planning to straighten it then use a ceramic hair straightener. It won’t damage or dry out or fade out your hair colour. Your hair colour will look as good as new with its glossy texture.

5 Recommended Hairstyles for Chemically Straightened Hair

If that pin-straight long hair doesn’t excite you any more? Then try out these hairstyles recommended for chemically straightened hair. Indeed, you can flaunt your straight hair if it is styled the right way. Come on, try all of these out.

Twist & Pin

Start by using a wide-tooth comb to part your hair in the middle. From one side, take a section of your hair in front (about an inch). Next, twist it away from your face. Take a bobby pin and pin this hair behind. Once you are done doing this for one side, repeat this for the other side of your hair too. Make use of two bobby pins to secure that twisted section of your hair. Simply place the first pin diagonally. The second pin should be placed in the opposite direction to create an X. 

Puffed Pony Tail

Puffed ponytails are perfect for daily attire. If you are wearing casuals, then a puffed ponytail goes well. Keep it in the middle or front of the hair. Consider adding loose front locks, if the puff is somewhere in the middle or at the back to look better. Once you tie the ponytail, simply pinch the hair above the band. Consider pulling it a little up for an added volume.

Front Braid

Another easy to do and attractive hairstyle for long and straightened hair. Begin braiding your hair on one side. Once you do this, move the braid to the back of the head and then pin it properly. To make the braid look more appealing, fan it properly.

Braided Bun

If you love messy bun, then you should try the braided bun. Trust me, you will love this great hairstyle. It looks neater as well as professional. Firstly, you need to take a small section of your hair from the front. Next, divide it into 3 parts. Before starting a lace braid, simply braid the hair once. Thus, adding a new portion of the hair to the bottom part. Wrap the bun with the braid and utilize a rubber band to tie it up. Fix it with bobby pins and make a messy bun with the remaining hair.

Low, Side Ponytail

In order to do a low, side ponytail, section the hair into three parts. Two sections in the front and one section at the back. Take all your hair at the back and position it to the side. Then tie it with an elastic. Wrap one section of the hair from the front around the rubber band. With the second section of your hair, repeat this procedure Lastly, pin it up with a bobby pin and utilize a hair spray.

Goodbye Unmanageable & Curly Hair

I hope you can make the right choice of purchasing the best hair straightener in Saudi Arabia. Opt for a good quality hair straightener. Check for the features and functionalities carefully. This will help you use it for long years. However, do not use the hair straightener every day as the heat will cause damage to your hair. Use it once or twice a week and dry your hair completely before straightening it.

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