Best Gas Stove or Hob in Saudi Arabia

Gas stoves are an important devices at home. One of the important features we all look for while purchasing a gas stove is safety. While safety is an important concern there are many other features one has to look for while purchasing the gas stove. With recent times, lot of people are preferring an in built gas hob over a free standing one. Want to know why is it so, what features vary in both and which are best gas stoves in Saudi Arabia. You are at the right place.

Best In-Built Gas Hob Saudi Arabia – Quick List

Free standing Gas Stove Number of Burners Weight Dimensions Check Price
Gorenje Gas Heater Hob 49.5 Kg 64 x 57 x 15 cm Price on
MASTERgas Gas Hob  4N/AN/A Price on
Simfer Stainless Steel Gas Hob511 Kg 15 x 90 x 50 cm Price on

Best Freestanding Gas Stove Saudi Arabia – Quick List

Free standing Gas StoveNumber of BurnersWeightCheck Price
Geepas 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Cooker  310 KgsPrice on
Sanford Gas Stove 37 Kg Price on

Free Standing Stove or In-Built Hob: Which is Better?

Now what is the difference between a free-standing stove and an in-built hob? Understanding this difference is very importance especially if you’re planning a new kitchen or renovating your old one. A free-standing stove comes with a frame that is placed on top of the counter and is most commonly used since it is portable. Whereas, the in-built hob is permanently fixed inside the kitchen countertop so, you need to take care of the ease of use, efficiency and maintenance while purchasing the best gas stove or hob Saudi Arabia.

Which gas stove suits you depends on your requirements and lifestyle. A freestanding gas stove is simple to install, easy to clean, and less expensive but it looks bulky, especially in small kitchens. Whereas, an in-built hob offers a seamless look and a special feature of this hob is that it’s available in both gas as well as electric variants, and are available in standard sizes such as 60 cm for 4 burners and 90 cm for 5 burners. Further, these hobs come with special features like alarm systems and timers, that is these are programmed in order to prevent overcooking and burning of food. However these are slightly expensive in comparison to freestanding gas stoves.

Best In-Built Gas Hobs in Saudi Arabia

As we have seen the differences between both the types, let’s look at some of the best in-built gas hobs in Saudi Arabia. Go through all the features and check the budget too for each appliance to get a clear idea. Moreover, the images will help you decide which one will look better in your kitchen.

Rank 1: Gorenje Gas Heater Hob

  • Wok Burner: There is a separate Wok Burner for Asian Style cooking which needs a high flame instantly and enable usage of big size Woks.
  • One Hand Ignition Knob: You can control simply while cooking with separate temperature controls for each burner according to it functioning.
  • 4 burners: The total of 4 burners of one being a Wok Burner, 2 normal burners and a double burner to suit all kinds of needs.
  • Safety: The enclosed gas nozzles ensure to prevent leakage and safe operation.
  • Gas Type:  G20/20 natural gas
  • Price: It would cost you 1190 which is high mainly because of the offerings and brand .

Rank 2: MASTERgas Gas Hob 

  • 4 Burners: It has 4 burners of 2 normal size , one auxiliary and one double burner to fit all kinds of needs at you home.
  • Stylish Design: The black metallic finish gives an amazing look and adds to you kitchen top more style and aura.
  • Temperature Settings: Its equipped with the temperature controlling knobs for changing heat according to needs.
  • Safe Flame: It ensures there is only blue flame which essentially means safe combustion happening internally.
  • Price: It costs SAR 840.

Rank 3: Simfer Stainless Steel Gas Hob

  • Stainless Steel Make: It is rust proof and easy to clean stainless steel gas hob . Durable and sturdy for long time usage
  • 5 gas Burners: 5 burners to meet all your requirements for different style of cooking of different sizes. 1 wok Burner Available for Asian Kitchens
  • Auto Ignition: The auto ignition feature saves your time and energy without having to use lighter for lighting up each time.
  • Cast Iron pan Support: This gives a different look and stability to the pots and pans placed on the burners.
  • Gas Type: LPG/ natural Gas
  • Price: It costs you around SAR 1000

Best Freestanding Gas Stoves in Saudi Arabia

Now if you think a freestanding gas stove will suit you the best then let’s have a look at some of the best ones in Saudi Arabia.

Rank 1: Geepas 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Cooker

  • Automatic Ignition: This is a very important feature to be considered while purchasing because it reduces your burden of purchasing and using a lighter. It simple self ignites making it the viable option.
  • Stylish Design: It is made of glass top and 3 brass burners with a black finish. Very stylish and suits all types of kitchen spaces.
  • Variable Temperature Setting: You can adjust the temperature and flame intensity using the knobs provided below according to your convenience. All three burners have separate knobs for control.
  • Price: This costs you about SAR 384

Rank 2: Sanford Gas Stove

  • Strong & Heat Resistant: Made of 8 mm unbreakable tempered glass which is heat resistant. It is also shiny and very good looking in the vibrant color finish.
  • Blue Flame: The 3 brass burners only give blue flame ensuring the effective fuel combustion and no soot. It is very energy efficient in that matter.
  • Auto Ignition: You don’t have to use a lighter with this feature. It auto ignites the burner and lets you cook directly. Thus saving time and energy.
  • Large Vessels: It is good to hold big size pots and pans for all your cooking needs.
  • Gas Type: LPG with 2800 pa
  • Price: Available at SAR 270

How to Choose the Right Gas Stove or Hob

I understand that choosing the right gas stove or hob is a hectic task and hence to make it easier here are factors or features that you can help you in choosing the best one in Saudi Arabia.

Number of Burners

Two burners were the norm for the longest and no one needed more, but with the increasing kinds of dishes and vessels we use, and the kinds of food we cook, there is always a need to be frying something, while boiling something, while warming something else. Multi-tasking reduces time spent, even in the kitchen. Today, you can find gas stoves with three and four burners. Try to figure out for yourself how many you really need.

Remember that choosing a stove with more stoves need more space. A stove with 4 burners needs depth while 3 burner ones are longer. Measure how much space you have before you buy one. The size of vessels you’re going to be using is another component, and if they will all fit together on the 4 burners might be worth thinking through too.

Type of Ignition

The 2 types of ignition are manual ignition and auto-ignition mode. In manual ignition, apparently, you need a gas lighter or a lighted matchstick to ignite the gas stove. Whereas, auto-ignition modes come with an in-built igniting option and work through a battery. Consequently, when you adjust the knob in a particular position, you get a spark.

Most of the latest gas stoves, gas hobs and cooktop have the auto-ignition mode. Just ensure you change the battery after a span of time because if you don’t do so, then you may not be able to use the auto-ignition mode. Also, there are chances of the battery leaking but it won’t affect the stove neither will it cause any damage to it, nor will it cause any change in its performance. Though you will have to switch to the manual mode until you replace the batteries.


Metallic gas stoves are usually made of aluminium, brass, or stainless steel. Nowadays the modern-day gas stoves have ergonomically designed heat-control knobs and shatter-proof tops. Plus, they have high-efficiency brass burners, sturdy pan support features, powder-coated sheet metal base, spill-proof designs and stainless steel dip trays.


Gone are the days of pale metallic styles. Now you get different designs for a gas stove, for example, the tough glass countertop with stylish glass finish to match the looks of your modular kitchen. Besides, you get to see more aesthetic designs such as elegant black designs which add to the look of your kitchen.

Gas Saving

Make sure that the burners emit an even flame as that’s the most efficient thing. Always remember that burners which don’t give out strong flames consume more gas, hence, ensure the burners give out a blue-colour, robust flame.

Gas Inlet Connection

Choose a gas stove or hob that suits your kitchen instead of making changes to your kitchen platform. Also, consider the position of the gas inlet in your kitchen before you purchase a gas stove or hob or else you will have to make structural changes to your kitchen.

Gas Stoves or hobs FAQs

What should be the size of an in-built gas stove or hob as per the standards set in Saudi Arabia?

The standard size of an in-built 4 burner gas stove or hob is 60 cm whereas the standard size for a 5 burner in-built gas stove or hob in Saudi Arabia is 90 cm.

Among brass or aluminium alloy burners which is better?

Brass burners are better than aluminium ones because of their higher thermal efficiency. As brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, it’s corrosion-resistant and they provide superior heat retention and therefore are always better than aluminium alloy. Besides, they also have a higher life span and the Tri Pin brass burners ensure even distribution of flames. Therefore saving precious fuel.

Why does one have swivelling gas inlets today?

The reason behind having the 360-degree swivelling gas inlets today is that it enables you to place the gas stove or hob anywhere on the kitchen platform so you don’t have to alter the kitchen structure. Therefore, swivelling gas inlets in Saudi Arabia are very beneficial.

Is the glass top gas stove durable?

Yes, the glass top gas stove is durable enough as they come with toughened glass which is heat resistant, has high endurance levels and is therefore durable. Furthermore, they are easier to clean and look good.

Which option is better, manual or auto ignition?

Both manual and auto-ignition are equally efficient. For using the auto-ignition mode, you just need to turn the knob in a particular position to ignite it but you need to replace the batteries at frequent intervals since auto-ignition runs on batteries. And if you don’t replace the batteries, then you’ll have to switch to the manual mode.

Does one have to change the gas tubes frequently?

Yes, it’s always better and safer to change the gas tubes frequently as this avoids leakage which can be disastrous.

Buy a Range!

Gone are the bulky, ugly designs and clunky knobs, replaced with smooth, refined designs that could permit gas stoves to fit into an art gallery. Looks aren’t all, life is much simpler with these new models, they are safer and some of them are even built to last a long time. If you’ve just moved into a new place or just want to upgrade your old gas stove, I hope with the help of this article on the best gas stoves in Saudi Arabia, you can. Furthermore, no need to compromise on career and family responsibilities. Also, read about the best induction cooker in Saudi Arabia and impress your guests and family with delicious food items.

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