Best Gaming Chair in Saudi Arabia – Features & Ergonomics Explained [2024]

Stalking-up your whole gaming set-up? Then you need the best gaming chair in Saudi Arabia to your set. Since it is just a chair you might consider why to get a special chair for gaming. But if you really are a gamer and you play for a prolonged time frame you can have a bad sitting posture, backaches and other problems with normal chairs. With brands like Datazone, DXRacer, Pro Yard and many more you can get rid of any of these problems. So look no further and read on to help you get cosy and concentrate on your gaming session.

Best Gaming Chair in Saudi Arabia – Quick List

Gaming ChairMaterialDimensionsCheck Price
DatazonePU leather, Foam66 x 70 x 125-133cmPrice on
PRO YARDLeather60 x 65 x 130cmPrice on
DXRacer PlaystationPU leather, Sponge17.5 x 19 x 49.5-53.5inPrice on
Flash Hawk JollydahaLeather, Resilient sponge38 x 48 x 125- 133cmPrice on
EdwellPU Covering, Thick foam19.7 x 21.65 x 46.45- 49.6inPrice on
Cougar Armor OnePVC Leather37.4 x 85 x 70.6 cmPrice on

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What makes a Good Gaming Chair for KSA?

While you browse through the variety of gaming chairs available, you will come across various chairs with different designs and features. And in most cases people end up getting chairs which are visually pleasing rather then the features. Which is why this section is to help you see which features you must check out as well besides the design of the chair.


No two people are alike. Keeping this in mind why would you settle for a chair which standardizes the same comfort levels for every person. One type of chair will not suit everyone. Which is why you need to consider a chair which lets you adjust different parts of the chair to suit your needs. See that you can adjust the height, the various resting areas before purchasing the best gaming chair in Saudi Arabia.


The incline is where you can adjust the seat’s angle of incline according to your needs. It is necessary for you to have a well-inclined chair so that you feel comfortable. You don’t want to be bending too much towards or away from the screen while you play. Since this can cause your neck and even back pains after prolonged gaming sessions.

Seat & Back Size

When purchasing the best gaming chair in Saudi Arabia make sure to check the size of the back as well as seat size. To ensure that you will feel comfortable in the chair at all times. As if the chair is too small for you it will dig into your body and hurt you. Whereas if it is too big for your body then the ergonomic features of the chair will work against you making you feel uncomfortable and having a bad posture.

Lumbar & Neck Pillows

For gaming chairs neck and back support is necessary without which a gaming chair wouldn’t be a gaming chair. Therefore padding in these areas offer you with comfort and support while you sit. the purpose of the neck pillow is to keep your neck straight while you watch the PC screen. Whereas for the lumbar pillow by using this you are forced to rest your shoulders on the back rest. Thus maintaining your posture of your spine.

With that you have a few points to consider while you read the below mentioned reviews. Which can help you select the right chair for yourself. Keeping these points in mind read on further to find the best gaming chair in Saudi Arabia to complete your gaming set-up.

Rank 1: Datazone Gaming Ergonomic Chair

  • Material: The overall chair uses high-density foam to make it as comfortable as it is. Which is then covered with a layer of PU leather for a presentable display of design. Moreover, as for the armrest, these are made of ammonium brackets and nylon which are 2D in design.    
  • Design: The design of this chair is such that you will have no pains with it even if you sit in this comfortable chair for long hours as well. Since it has a neck pillow and support, lumbar support as well as armrest for you to support your body well.
  • Movement Features: With the fitted wheels on the underside of the chair moving around is easy since you will not have to get out of your chair to reach to any nearby object. Besides this, you also have the feature of the chair being able to swivel so you can turn and get into and out of the chair easier.
  • Dimensions: This chair has the dimensions of 66 x 70 x 125-133cm all so it makes for the perfect fit for your body. Furthermore, so you can sit without any problem you the seat depth is of around 52cms.
  • Adjustability: Allowing you to adjust not just the height but also the back to make it more of a recliner chair. The backrest can be adjusted from 90°-180° angle. Whereas for the height the 80mm class 4 gas lift technology is the best for you.
  • Usage: Although it is a gaming chair you can replace any chair with this one be it for office/ work purposes and even as a computer desk chair. Whatever your needs might be this chair can fulfil.
  • Price: Furthermore, this chair with all its features is available for around SAR 1500.

Rank 2: PRO YARD Gaming Chair

  • Material: In the making of this chair leather has been used. Therefore the chances of the material tearing or spoiling faster will not be a problemfor a really long time.
  • Dimensions: The height of this chair is around 130cms, whereas the seat depth is at 60cms and width is at 65cms. Making it comfortable for anyone who sits in it, Moreover, the dimensions will never be the reason why you have any aches and pains.
  • Adjustment: Including the seat height and recline you can even adjust the armrest. All the while you make these adjustments the chair makes sure that your posture is in tack at all times.
  • Movement: The inclusion of wheels and the swivel base helps with the easy movement and adds comfort to your sitting time.
  • Design: With the stylish design which makes it perfect for gaming or simply even sitting on the chair. Added lumbar support, neck pillow, along with the foot rest can get you cozy enough to nap in the chair when you feel like.
  • Usage: Besides sitting and playing with this chair, you can even rest on it with the foot rest which pops out when you need it. Making it completely versatile for you to use anytime.
  • Price: Get this office chair for the cost of almost SAR 880.

Rank 3: DXRacer Playstation Gaming Chair

Model: OH/RZ90/INW

  • Material: This chair uses high-density as well as high-performance sponge, that ensures your comfort and durability. Which is topped with a Polyurethane leather coating. Whereas the inside is made of a durable metal which is built to last a really long time.
  • Dimensions: The overall height of the chair is around 49.5 – 53.5 inches from which the height of the backrest is 34 inches. Therefore making the adjustable hight around 18 – 22 inches. Furthermore, the seat depth is around 19 inches whereas the width is 17.5 inches.
  • Adjustability: Besides the normal adjusting of the height and the backrest you also can adjust the armrest as and how you please. Since you can adjust their height, you can move it forward and backwards and lastly, you can even move it towards yourself and away from you; giving you a bit more space and comfort.
  • Design: This chair is specially designed keeping in mind the overall feature need while gaming. Which makes it an even better choice for a gaming chair. Moreover, along with the chair, you get a neck pillow as well as a lumbar pillow which is detachable when not needed by you.
  • Movement: Equipped with this chair is the 36-degree rotation base as well as the 2 inches casters. Which are both strong to hold almost any weight put on it.
  • Price: This chair is available for approximately SAR 1950.

Rank 4: Flash Hawk Jollydaha Game Chair

  • Material: The use of breathable material like leather ensure that you do not feel sweaty and sticky at the end of each gaming session. Furthermore, the material feels pleasant and comforting as well on your skin.
  • Dimensions: With this chair, you have a seat depth of 48cms whereas the width is around 38cms but this is of the seat only. Furthermore, the overall height of the chair is 125- 133cms from which 80cms is dedicated to the seat.
  • Adjustments: Adjustments are necessary for chairs as this makes you feel comfortable while sitting in it. Therefore you can adjust the height, add little reline and lock the setting at any preferred adjustments. The reline is up to 180 degrees for your comfort.
  • Design: The chair’s design is such that the quality, durability and gaming experience is kept in mind. Which is the reason why they offer a ton of ergonomic features. Including lumbar support, neck support, footrest. Besides this, the chair has the design on which you can even rest on after a long gaming session.
  • Movement: Allowing swivel movement and the nylon pulley casters can get you varied angles and places without having to put in too much effort thus leaving you fresh and active every time.
  • Price: This gaming chair is available for around SAR 760.

Rank 5: Edwell Gaming Chair

  • Design: While making this chair you are sure to appreciate this chair since the user’s experience is kept in mind. With having every practical need and design that a user would want to have in a gaming chair is what makes this chair as good as it is. Ultimately thus giving you an enhanced gaming experience.
  • Usage: The company assures you that you can not only use this chair while gaming but also as you work as well. Besides the footrest features makes it easy to have small power naps or just relax your self once every few hours.
  • Adjustability: Adjustability should be one of the first things you check while getting the best gaming chair in Saudi Arabia. And this chair allows you to tilt it from a 90 to 180-degree angle with just a pull of a lever. Furthermore, the armrest is fully adjustable to suit your needs and wants and lastly, the height too is easy and can be adjusted up to almost 4 inches.
  • Movement: The 360-degree swivel allows you with comfort to turn around and each of the items without moving out of the chair. And to help that all the more is the smooth-rolling casters that help all the more with the movement.
  • Material: This ergonomic gaming chair lets you have a soft and durable chair since it is made of thicker foam padding compared to other chairs which are further covered with PU covering. To ensure that you can even almost forget you are sitting down on a chair. Moreover, the body is made of metal which promotes durability all the more.
  • Dimensions: This chair gives you the overall height of around 46.45 inches -49.6 inches. As for the width of the seat, it is around 19.7 inches and depth is 21.65 inches. Allowing you to be comfortable enough in the chair.
  • Price: You can get this Edwell chair for around SAR 1180.

Rank 6: Cougar Armor One Gaming Chair

  • Material: The material used in the making of this gaming chair is of PVC leather which makes it breatheable. As for the diamond check patten on the chair ensure that you can sit on the chair for a long time without feeling uncomfortable and warm. Furthermore, since the body is made from metal it has a smooth operation as well as the firmness needed for the chair to be durable.
  • Design: Especially designed for hours of comfortable sitting and marathon gaming sessions. As the chair’s design has the ability to decrease the tension on your back and lumbar region thus ensuring your comfort.
  • Adjustment: The 180-degree flat recline ensure that you can even put the chair flat and rest on it while when you feel a bit tired. Then you have the arms of the chair which are adjustable along with the height. Which is done so that you can adjust yourself to any setting and yet have the desired adjustments.
  • Dimensions: This chair has the product dimension of 37.4 x 85 x 70.6 cm. Thus making sure that you will be comfortable in this chair at all times. Even if it calls you for longer hours of sitting in the chair.
  • Movement: Besides the casters and the swivel movement you can have lumbar as well as neck pillow taken off when you do not need it. This makes the chair a bit more versatile and promotes movement and lets you hold your own posture a bit more firmly.
  • Price: At the approximate price of SAR 2000 this chair can be yours.

Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair

There is no fixed set in stone definition to separate an office chair from a gaming chair. These two are constantly changing depending on the needs and wants of the users. As of now, there are a few differences between the two which are mentioned below. Which can help you differentiate the best gaming chair in Saudi Arabia from an office chair.

The first thing you might notice different from an office chair is that it has a flat seat whereas the gaming chair has a curved inwards type of bucket seat. This feature helps you if you move around in your seat so that you do not feel uncomfortable while you adjust yourself in the chair. As well as it gives you an advance, closer to the action feeling as you would be sitting in a race car seat. And since this feature isn’t needed for an office chair the seats are flat.

Another factor is the material in which the gaming chairs are made. Usually using PU or real leather supported by high-density foam or sponge. Whereas the office chair uses mesh, fabric and even a few use leather. Also, an office chair has a waterfall edge as opposed to the gaming chair’s elevated seat edge. When you physically look at an office chair and gaming one you will realize the higher back support paired with a lumbar pillow and even a neck pillow in a gaming chair which isn’t present in an office chair which serves a good ergonomic purpose.

Another point for the gaming chair is the deep winged backrest and a non-detachable headrest. All for added comfort and support in an office chair. Which even as the recline is higher in a gaming chair these raised wings and headrest support you all the more. As mentioned the higher level of back recline helps with taking off the pressure from your back. Thus leaving you with lesser aches. And finally, the armrest which can be adjusted in a gaming chair but not in an office chair.

Gaming ChairOffice Chair
HeadrestFixedOften adjustable
Seat PanBucket SeatFlat
Seat EdgeOften raisedWaterfall shape
Backrest ReclineHigh Degree of ReclineLow to High
Lumbar SupportDetachable PillowsFixed or Adjustable Lumbar
ArmrestsUsually 3D or higher2D (up down) and higher

Gaming Chair FAQs

Does a good gaming chair improve game play?

The benefit of getting a gaming chair for your self are plenty. Besides the fact that the chair has anti-fatigue features. You can improve the way that you play as well. Since the chair corrects and holds your posture. It makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, as it gives you resting areas for your arms and back. Thus, with all the support you can concentrate more on the way you play and the strategies rather than the aches and pains you would feel in a normal chair.

How is a gaming chair different from office chair?

Both these chairs are in most cases mistaken with each other. But there are a few factors which are a telltale to set them apart. One observation is that some gaming chair prioritize style over comfort. But this is not always the case. Yet office chairs are much more simple in design and do not have too many fancy stuff as decorative items. Another factor is that gaming chairs has a higher backrest then office chair. Besides these features you have the comfort and other factors of a gaming chair similar to that of an office chair.

How long should one sit on a gaming chair?

Sitting in general for long isn’t viable for too long as you will develop some back problems or aches. Which is why when you sit on a gaming chair you have to get out of your chair every 30 minutes and take a break for around 5 minutes. But if you are using the reclining feature if its too deep exceeding 100-degrees then try getting out of the chair every 10-15 minutes to allow your blood flow, help relieve your core muscles and other muscles in your back.

More Games, Fewer Worries!

With that, you are covered with all the factors and everything you need to know before buying your very own gaming chair in Saudi Arabia. Once you get this you will no longer face any problems when it comes to comfort levels while you sit and play. You can complete your whole gaming set-up with the best chair to suit your environment. And up your gaming strategies tackling more complex and higher levelled enemies without worrying about all the discomfort and time you would have to spend in an uncomfortable setting anymore. If you are building up your own gaming set-up and you are looking for a laptop do check out the best gaming laptop in Saudi Arabia or check out the best gaming PCs in Saudi Arabia.

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