Best Food Processor in Saudi Arabia

Food Processor is a very useful appliance in the modern kitchen with the functionality of blending, shredding, chopping, kneading. The specifications needed, the accessories that are useful and the safety concerns are all very important to know before purchasing a food processor. Let’s look into what’s best for a food processor and what are the best food processors in Saudi Arabia in this article. Brands like Black+ Decker, Philips, Moulinex have been given the best of its place in the Food Processor category. Want to know more, have a look at it yourself.

Quick List

Food ProcessorMotor PowerCheck Price
Moulinex Food Processor
1000 WPrice on
Philips Full Size Food Processor
700 W Price on
Kenwood Food Processor
600 W Price on
Black & Decker Food Processor
800 W Price on
Kenwood FDM788 Plastic Food Processor 1000 W Price on

Which tasks can a good Food Processor perform?

A good food processor is able to perform all the tasks fully that too in less time. It is highly efficient. It performs slicing, chopping, cutting as well as shredding, grinding, and mincing. A good food processor does a great job at all the following tasks.


It aids you in whipping cream and does it in only two minutes. Not only denser whipped cream but also long-lasting.


It can beat egg whites which can be used for preparing pancakes, souffles, and meringues. A food processor also aids in beating cake batter as well as other things that need to blend together.


A good food processor can chop onions, raw carrots, meat and vegetables without any difficulty.


With a good food processor, you can create toppings for apple and blackberry crumble dishes. It is very simple. Just add all the ingredients for the crumble topping into it and it is ready.

Folding In

Make use of the folding tool to mix the flour well while baking cakes and also to whip chocolate mousse and delicious macaroons.


With a good food processor, mashing bananas, potatoes, and a lot more stuff are hassle-free. Besides this, it is also beneficial for daily cooking needs such as while making tomato puree. However, you may need to use the blender if needed for this.


It is possible to cut vegetables like potatoes, ladyfinger and onions with a good food processor. Hence you don’t need to buy a chopper. Plus, cutting meat and other hard substances can be done easily with this appliance.


Since it can perform all the mixing tasks in your kitchen, substitute it with your mixer.


It can mince meat and all the vegetables after dicing them with ease.

How to choose a reliable Food Processor in Saudi Arabia?

Weight and Size

A food processor’s weight and size depends upon the number of members in your family. A large size food processor is what you need if the number of members is more and vice versa. Also, the type of task and workload has to be considered. If you cook only on special occasions for your complete family then go for a 10-11 cup food processor version. But, a person who needs a food processor only for preparing different types of sauces or to chop small amounts of nuts can purchase a small size food processor. Don’t worry as it will include a small work bowl and a 3-4 cup processor.

Bowl Capacity

The capacity of the bowl is dependent upon the number of family members or the need of the task. Larger the family, larger should be the bowl capacity. Smaller the family, smaller should be the capacity of the bowl.

The Number of Accessories and Attachments

The food processor accessories consist of a variety of bowls and numerous blades to carry out various tasks such as slicing and grating food into different degrees of thickness. There is the variable speed control system that helps to adjust or alter the processor speed and turns it into a dough kneader or juicer depending upon what you need. Next comes the attachments which cover blenders, whisk, feeding tubes and more. These things make the food processor an essential component/appliance in your kitchen.

Power of the Motor

It is important to buy a food processor that is sturdy to perform various operations. Chopping, kneading, shredding and more operations need a high motor power. Plus, if the power of the motor in a food processor is higher then it performs well and is long-lasting. Besides, the food processor carries out all these tasks without any complications. Remember, the best ones feature a minimum motor power of 700 watts.

Food Processor – List of Attachments

Here is a list of different attachments of a food processor discussed in detail:

Food processor attachments


Food processors come with bowls of different capacities which can be used for several purposes. The bowl is the most essential part of a food processor. This is due to the fact that it helps to collect and process food. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy a food processor that comes with various size of bowls. Additionally, the bowl avoids the user from coming in contact with the spinning blades, making it safe as the user won’t get hurt. Besides all this, the bowl can be used as a dumping tool for residual food.

Control Systems

Firstly, food processors come with a series of switches or buttons. These switches and buttons function as a control system in the food processor and aid in controlling the speed of the blades of the food processor’s. In addition, control systems feature a switch that offers an on/off mode for the food processor. Therefore, you need to consider the control system and speed switch while making your purchase. With these, you can control the speed of all the tasks with ease to be performed by the food processor.

Inserts and Discs

Food processors mostly come with a whole bunch of inserts and discs that carry out several tasks on the food present inside the bowl to fully complete all the functions. Besides, inserts like choppers, graters, slicers, and shredders help in chopping and blending processes.


Different kinds of blades made of different materials are used for several purposes. By now you know that a food processor is also used for processing raw food and is capable of mixing, blending, grating, or mixing, so ensure the blades are made using stainless steel as it is a strong material and other metals as these blades will be more durable and will last longer.


In simple terms, the purpose of the cover is to cover the bowl. Once the food is put into the bowl, it ensures safe mixing and chopping of the food. The food is likely to spread all over, the reason behind this is the force of the blades and this cover is useful as it prevents the food from spilling all over. Besides, certain food processors come with a cover that comes with a fill tube through which the food can be fed from top.

Citrus Press

The citrus press is used to make fresh fruit juices. It does it very easily. The citrus press helps the device to feature multitasking capabilities and hence it is an important attachment of your food processor.

Let us take a look at the best food processors in Saudi Arabia which are selected after considering the quality, cost, specifications of each produc.

Rank 1: Moulinex Food Processor

Model No: FP822127

  • Double Force Operation: The double force food processor provides two motor outputs giving optimal speed and spinning force to the bowl. It is high power motor with 1000 W works perfectly both as a blender and chopper.
  • Multi Functionality: It provides 6 different speed options and 28 functions to meet all your grinding and blending requirements.
  • Easy Lock System: The lid is equipped with the easy lock system making it easy to close and open your lids
  • Attachments: 3 L Main Bowl, 2 L Blender Jar, Steel chopping blade, revering disc for coarse shredding. All parts are dishwasher safe except the motor base.
  • Price: It is available at SAR 545

Rank 2: Philips Full Size Food Processor

Model No:  HR7320-01

  • Multi functionality: The 700 W power food processor is an all purpose machine supporting blending, grinding, chopping, shredding and many more others. It gives maximum productivity in short time with a flawless output.
  • Safe Operation: The tight lids allow you to avoid spillage while blending and the firm grip of the handle is added for your convenience. It is also protected from over current, over heating, voltage stability issues. The overall design is safety ensured.
  • Stain & Scratch Resistant: The built is completely durable is resistant to any spillage stains and grease and doesn’t get any scratches over long period of usage. It also withstands the blending impact easily standing still.
  • Price: The price is SAR 375 which is quite cheap and best.

Rank 3: Kenwood FP190 Food Processor

Model No: FP190

  • Capacity: The bowl capacity is 1.4 L while the working capacity is 800 ml. This is usually to avoid overload and spillage issues caused by certain foods like liquids and coarse food items. It also comes with 1 L calibrated Blender Jar for your Juice requirements.
  • Lightweight: It weighs only 2.17 Kg very convenient to carry and place anywhere you want. It also has the attachment storage next to it , convenient to place all the attachments in one place when not in use. This helps not loosing them storing else where.
  • Safety Interlock: This ensures the consumer safety while operation. It doesn’t allow to blend when the jar and lid are not properly closed and locked to the motor as required.
  • Performance: With 2 speed pulse option and 600 W motor, it ensures high performance with good end results. Overall this is a decent food processor with all necessary requirements.
  • Price: It costs you SAR 281 which is yet another cheaper option for you.

Rank 4: Black & Decker Food Processor

Model No: FX810

  • Capacity: 1.5 L for blender jar and 2.6 L family size processor bowl.
  • Highest Functions: With offering 41 different functions this food processor beats everyone else in this aspect giving you a multitude of options for blending, shredding and chopping. I’m not even sure if any of use will use all those options .
  • On Board Storage Compartment: This is an important feature and a life savior because generally there are lot of accessories coming with processor and we tend to store them somewhere and loose them eventually. With this feature it lets you store all these attachments in one single place saving up your space and fear of loss.
  • Attachments: Citrus Juicer, Whisking blade , Kneading blade, Slicing& Shredding blades, grinding mill for coffee and SS blade for smoothies and shakes. These are apart from the main Blending jar and processor bowl.
  • Price: It is offered at a competitive price of SAR 463.

Rank 5: Kenwood FDM788 Plastic Food Processor

Model No: FDM788

  • Power and Capacity: The 1000 W motor is the best giving high level processing of food and provides you with 3 L bowl capacity sufficient for large families also.
  • High End Functionality: 36 functions enable you to get all types of food blended without any hesitation and at a desired level of speed.
  • Ergonomic Design: The plastic built is convenient for usage and light to handle. The handle design is very useful especially with the kind of grip it provides during pouring and mixing. This is the best in aesthetics point of view.
  • ThermoResist Blender: The glass jar provides the leeway to use hot ingredients in it without having to worry about getting cracks or breakage because of it.
  • Price: This is a high end product placed at a price of SAR 1154 suitable for high end and complex kitchens.

How to Use your Food Processor the Right Way?

Adjust the Size of the Slice

In order get a thinner/thicker slice or a finer/coarser shred depends upon the pressure that you apply. It is not much about the blade. Hence, as you input the food into the processor, simply apply different levels of pressure. Do this instead of purchasing more accessories.

Avoid Egg Whites and Starches

It is not recommended to put starches and egg whites in a food processor as they turn gluey under the blade. However, you can purchase egg whisk attachments that are available for your food processor for better results.

Freeze the Cheese

Ensure you place soft cheese like mozzarella in the freezer for about 15 minutes to get firm as it makes it easier to shred. So before you make use of the food processor first and foremost freeze the cheese.

Spin with some Soap

So here is a secret to a faster clean up of the food processor. Just put water and a drop of soap into the bowl, once the food processor is rubbed clean. Then press “ON”. Nowadays, you can put most of the food processors in a dishwasher. Still its better to avoid this because it tends to leave stickier food such as pizza dough.

FAQs on Food Processor

Which tasks can a food processor perform?

Though it is mainly for chopping, you can use it to make homemade sauces and dips such as hummus, pesto, vegetable dip, and more. Besides this, some full-size food processors are beneficial in making dough.

State the difference between a blender and a food processor?

A blenders purpose is to blend liquids and soft food for making juices, smoothies, and pulp whereas food processors perform tasks such as slicing, chopping, kneading etc.

Is it possible to chop frozen meat and hard vegetables in a food processor?

Yes, it is possible to chop frozen meat and hard vegetables in a food processor. But keep in mind that you should be extra cautious about frozen meat because it involves a risk of the appliance heating up, therefore, damaging the system. Always thaw the meat before you put it into the food processor.

How to puree hard ingredients in a food processor?

Before you puree the hard ingredients, always chop them into small portions. Besides this, add all the ingredients gradually into the food processor, instead of stuffing them in.

Can the primary attachment be used for kneading dough?

Almost all food processors come with a separate attachment for kneading dough and it is always recommended to use this special attachment. Nevertheless, you can make use of the primary attachment for mixing cake dough.

Is it possible to extract juice from sugarcane with the help of a food processor?

No. You cannot extract juice from sugarcane by using a food processor.

Is it possible to make juice in a food processor?

Yes, you can juice in a food processor. In fact, you can do this for fruits with pulp and also the ones without pulp.

Is a food processor dishwasher safe?

Washing the food processor by hand is safer and a better idea. It is possible to clean the blades in a dishwasher. Make sure that the temperature of the water is warm while dishwashing the blades. Cold water shouldn’t be used.

Mention the benefit of a food processor?

The food processor’s basic purpose is cutting, chopping, and slicing food products such as vegetable and meat. It makes your cooking easy and more convenient. It also saves you a lot of time then you can think. Therefore, a food processor it a versatile kitchen appliance.

In a food processor, what is the chopper used for?

A chopper is used to shred cabbage, cheese, carrots, and other similar vegetables. In fact, the chopper works amazingly in mincing meat, chopping onions, potatoes, coriander leaves, etc.

Can ice be crushed in a food processor?

No. Ice can’t be crushed in food processors with pushers because it will damage the bowls and blades. But, certain food processors have a variant which can be used to crush ice. Hence, make sure you purchase a food processor in Saudi Arabia which features this variant.

Is it necessary to alter the food processor’s speed while shredding?

Yes, altering the speed of the food processor is required while shredding. Always reduce the food processor’s speed while shredding, slicing and grating soft ingredients. Increase the speed of the food processor for harder vegetables.

What is the wattage of a good food processor?

A good food processor should be at least 600 to 1000 watts. Remember, the higher the motor power the better the performance.

Can a food processor be used to whip up lassi and whisk eggs?

Yes, there are special attachments in a food processor that can be used for whisking eggs, preparing lassi and other drinks too.

Which is the best method to clean a food processor?

Separate all the apparatuses from the food processor, then soak it in warm water for a few minutes (soapy dishwashing water). The final step is to gently scrub off the dirt and rinse it after a few minutes.

Can coconuts be grated in a food processor?

Yes. Coconuts can be grated in a food processor. Before you add them to the food processor, all you need to do is remove the soft white coconut portions from the shells.

Can ice be crushed in a jug blender?

You can easily crush ice in a jug blender. Switch off the motor. Then place the ice cubes inside the blender. Then, replace the lid and switch on the motor again.

Chop, Slice, Mince and More!

A food processor is an appliance that will last for years to come if you purchase the right one. Therefore, choose your would-be food processor wisely. Don’t purchase low quality and cheap food processors as these won’t last long. You may end up spending more on repairing it. Purchase the best food processor in Saudi Arabia for your kitchen and save your precious time.

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