Best Exercise Bike in Saudi Arabia

This COVID-19 has brought about many changes in our physical and mental health. Staying at home glued to the digital screens has made us lethargic. The exercise bike is a perfect partner for your lockdown especially to someone who is a fitness freak but can’t really go out in these times. Get an exercise bike today, you no more have to worry about skipping your exercise routine. The best Exercise bikes are the ones with a high level of resistance levels, ergonomically designed and come for a good price. Well getting everything in a single offering is difficult to search for. We made it easy for you. We researched it for you, all you need to do is buy it in a click. The best exercise bikes in Saudi Arabia are here below.

Quick List

Exercise BikeTypeMax Weight CapacityCheck Price
Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent BikeRecumbent ( with Backrest)220 lbPrice on
Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Recumbent ( with Backrest) 250 pounds Price on
Sunny Health & Fitness  Mini Exercise BikeMini ( No backrest) 220 lb Price on
Orbit Track Exercise and Sport Bike Upright ( no backrest)100 Kg Price on

Types of Exercise Bikes Available

Before we proceed to the best exercise bikes in Saudi Arabia, let’s go through the different types available. I have mentioned the 3 types of exercise bikes that are available fo this will give you a clear understanding of the difference between each of these.

Upright Cycles

Upright exercise bike

These bicycles emphasise an upright riding position just as the name suggests. Upright cycles offer you the same experience as that of a real bicycle, as you’ll be sitting in an upright position on this exercise cycle. Though some upright cycles contain a few variations. Nevertheless, most of them would allow you to ride in various positions. Besides, if you’re not in the right shape or overweight, then these bikes can be a little hard on your back. In addition, most of the best upright exercise bikes in Saudi Arabia have different resistance levels. Furthermore, these also come with movable handles for working out your upper body. Hence, you can tone your abs, glutes and legs by using an upright exercise bike.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent exercise bike - Best Exercise Bikes in UAE

A recumbent cycle is a stationary exercise cycle with a comfortable backrest which enables you to recline while pedalling the bike. It is excellent for all those who suffer from lower back pain as well as injury. Moreover, a comfortable riding position allows the back to rest as the work is only done by the leg muscles. Recumbent bikes tone your lower body but they are less effective on your upper body. Fortunately, you won’t experience any backaches.

Mini Bikes

Mini Exercise Bike

The mini bike, which, unlike upright and recumbent cycles, a mini bike doesn’t have a seat and is hence not recommended. The only advantage of this bike is that it is lightweight and therefore portable. However, they don’t burn that many calories as it’s good only for those who have less intense workout needs and those put on therapy sessions.

At last, I would say a mini bike is not recommended and not worth purchasing. It doesn’t have a seat which makes it uncomfortable for you to sit it. To sit, you need to move the bike near your bed or chair and close to your feet, then place your feet on the paddles ad rotate it.

Rank 1: Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Bike

  • Fast & Reliable: This recumbent ( supported by backrest) exercise bike is completely reliable and fast with 8 different levels of manual resistance provided for your exercising.
  • Digital Monitor: You can monitor the speed, heart beat rate,timing and the resistance levels through the LCD Display in the front.
  • Ergonomic Design: The anti slip handle bars avoid slipping caused by sweat in the palms. The self adjustable pedal straps are convenient to use for any feet size. You can also adjust the backrest, seat and the total frame according to your height and legs length for easy movement.
  • Material : Made of sturdy steel it can hold a human weight of about 220 lb maximum.
  • Transportation: It is easy movable to any place with the transporting wheels provided and the handles at the bottom for simple lifting and holding while moving the bike.
  • Sensing: The pulse sensors placed at the natural hand position capture the pulse rate and display it to you for your monitoring.
  • Price: This costs you SAR 1248 and also extra cost for shipping as this is an international product outside Saudi Arabia.

Rank 2: Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

  • High Grade Steel Make: The recumbent Exercising bike is made of heavy duty steel construct which is of high grade 14 gauge. To increase the durability of the bike, it is reinforced with powder coating. It supports weight up to 250 lbs.
  • Tension Control: There is a tension control knob with 8 preset values of resistance, you can simple rotate the knob to adjust the tension levels based on your exercise requirements for the day. Thus it supports different biking needs in different terrains.
  • Adjustable Cushioning: You can simply adjust the seat, and backrest to accommodate any user’s leg length. The padded seating and backrest give a level of comfort especially for long duration of exercising.
  • Built in Pulse Monitor: It is equipped with a in built pulse rate monitor which is displayed on the LCD screen along with the speed, distance, duration of your laps. You can monitor your progress easily through this.
  • Warranty: It provides a 2 year warranty ensuring full value for money.
  • Price: This costs you SAR 1861 slightly above from the previous but it surely provides warranty so its worth it.

Rank 3: Sunny Health & Fitness  Mini Exercise Bike

  • Mini Bike: The important thing to be noted here is that this is not the regular exercising bike like the previous models, it is a mini exercise bike which doesn’t have seating , handles and backrest to support. This is essentially only for your legs and technically doesn’t really help for people looking for effective weight loss or exercising results. But it definitely warms up your legs and is a good start for you and more usefully for elders who are looking for some sort of exercise with the legs.
  • Tension Adjustment: You could change the tension according to your requirement with the 8 different magnetic resistance levels available.
  • Digital Display: There is a LCD display at the front of the mini bike to know the speed, distance and resistance levels etc .
  • Safety: The pedals have the safety straps to provide stability while pedaling. These are suitable both of legs and hands in case you are looking for a hand exercise with this.
  • Easy To carry: With the handle provided above you can easily carry anywhere in the house, you can simply carry it to your living room and sit in front of TV and complete you exercise. It weighs just 10.9 Kgs.
  • Battery Run: This mini exercise bike is battery run powered by AA batteries so you don’t have to look for a plug point every time you shift it. It can handle a maximum weight of 220 lbs
  • Price: This costs you SAR 574 cheaper than the regular exercise bike for obvious reasons of the offering it provides.

Rank 4: Orbit Track Exercise and Sport Bike

  • All Purpose Bike: This bike suits for all your exercising needs as there is a cycling machine, body shaper. Its basically a multi function orbitrac.
  • Basic Display: It poses a basic display for speed, distance, pulse rate etc for your exercise progress tracking.
  • No Backrest: This equipment doesn’t have a backrest so it makes you sit straight all the time or keep you in a standing position which is a good thing to keep your exercising on the toes.
  • Cardio Partner: This is a cardio exercising partner which includes almost all the cardio exercises you need for your weight loss in a single equipment.
  • Height Adjustment:The seat could be height adjusted according to your exercising and leg size for the convenience.
  • Price: This costs you SAR 554 which is quite a good deal for the offerings it has got to offer. I would suggest this bike to people who are about to start exercising and looking for all functions in a single place to start with at a low cost. This would be your go to machine for the scenario.

Features to look for in an Exercise Bike

Factors to consider while purchasing an exercise bike

This section will make it a lot easier for you to analyze the best exercise bikes in Saudi Arabia so that you can buy the one that fits your requirements. Let’s go ahead with this section.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Most of the exercise bikes have a maximum weight capacity (weight load capacity) of 90 to 100 kgs. But if you weigh more than this, then you need an exercise bike with a higher weight capacity. Hence, make sure you check for the weight capacity of the exercise bike. Also, the features, functionalities and specifications before you make your purchase as this will help you select the perfect exercise bike that’s suitable for you.

Resistance Levels

Make sure that the exercise bike you’re planning to purchase offers different resistance levels and if it doesn’t offer several resistance levels then you won’t find it useful after a few weeks of use. The reason behind this is that your muscles will get used to the same resistance levels and won’t show any sign of improvement. Therefore, choose a bike with different resistance levels.


Most of the best exercise bikes in Saudi Arabia feature an LCD display which shows the number of calories burned, heart rate, speed, distance, time and pulse rate. It also displays the elapsed time since you started exercising on the cycle. So, it works as an activity tracker that’s built-in and you get to know the status of your exercise as well as your current health condition.

Seat Adjustment

You should always opt for an exercise bike that has an adjustable seat because sitting uncomfortably for long periods of time will cause severe back pain as well as hip issues. As a matter of fact, the comfort level depends upon the type of exercise bike you choose. Further, the best upright exercise bikes in Saudi Arabia have seats that are deliberately positioned in order to burn more calories.


Can an exercise bike help in losing weight?

Yes. An exercise bike is meant to help you lose weight. Besides, it is even possible to burn more than 600 calories per hour with an exercise bike. Nevertheless, this depends upon your body weight and the intensity of your workout. Hence, indoor cycling is an outstanding or I would say magnanimous workout option for burning calories rapidly. Thus, this helps you lose excess weight easily.

Which is better: Exercise Bike or Tread Mill?

A treadmill burns a lot of calories and provides intense workouts and if your goal or main focus is to burn more calories, then treadmills are a better option. However, while using a treadmill, you’re at a higher risk of injury. Particularly, if you have excess body weight then running on a treadmill will hurt your knees and back.
An exercise bike is another useful fitness equipment. Although it doesn’t burn that many calories the way a treadmill does, it has the advantage of not hurting your back or knees. So, you need to choose between an exercise bike or treadmill depending upon your requirements and health needs.

For how much time should I use an Exercise Bike?

Use the exercise bike for a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes, if you are a fresher. Do this for a week or until it’s comfortable for you and as you get used to paddling or building up strength, slowly increase the timing of your exercise up to 30 minutes per day. After about a week or 12 days, you can add another 3 minutes easier effort and 2 minutes harder interval up to 30 minutes. Do not exceed this, or you’ll end up with sore muscles. Therefore, by the time you’re working out for 30-minutes, you’re achieving the minimum amount of exercise per day.

Stay Fit!

An exercise machine can attend you for years to come provided you keep it clean which is easy, just wipe it with a clean cloth if dust deposits on it. Additionally, it’s crucial to clean your exercise bike after each workout to remove sweat from the handlebars, console, pulse sensors and heat. For this, you can use a cloth and some water. But, if you’re using water, then ensure you wipe all the parts properly afterwards. Ensure that you don’t keep any heavy object on it. As we are discussing fitness goals and weight loss, if you feel that a treadmill would be a better option for you, then the best treadmill in Saudi Arabia for home use is what you need to check out. Get rid off that belly fat, improve blood circulation, lose weight and burn calories without going to the gym.

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