Best Epilator in UAE for Silky Smooth Skin [2024]

Epilator better than hot wax

Are you in search of the best epilator in UAE? If you are tired of your bi-weekly trip to the parlour there is a better way to get rid of those annoying tiny hairs. Here’s what you need to know in order to make the right choice for your grooming needs. An epilator allows you to say bye to painful hot wax and razors leading you to rough skin. Additionally, it removes more hair in one stroke. Get smooth skin instantly without burning yourself or depending on another to do it well. Different types of brands and products available in the market make it difficult to narrow down on a single option. Read below to know more in-depth about epilators and how beneficial they can be if used in the right manner.

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Epilator FAQs

What is an epilator?

An epilator is a palm-sized electrical device used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out. This device will uproot your body’s hair from its hair follicles i.e the roots. Terminate wax strips, manual pincers, hair removal creams, and the so-called ladies’ razor from your life. As a result, your body will achieve long-lasting hair removal, in an easy and cost-effective manner. Consider buying an epilator in UAE to simplify your hair removal process.

Is an Epilator Less Painful than Waxing?

Yes, an epilator is anytime less painful than waxing. Epilators are for girls who want to save themselves from the pain undergone through a hot wax method. Epilator functions mainly with the plucking of the hair with tweezers. Tiny-sized tweezers are mounted at the head of the device for the purpose of hair removal. These tweezers will just give you a flick or a sting. Waterproof epilators will always reduce the feeling of the sting. So you need not worry. Buying an epilator in UAE is less painful and preferred over waxing.

How is an Epilator Better Than a Shaver?

Yes, an epilator will benefit you over a shaver. Your hair won’t feel poky and neither hard to touch, especially when using a razor. An epilator is a solution for all those who cannot get smooth skin due to the sharp blades of a razor. Shaving leaves behind a stubble, which does not happen in the case of an epilator. Shaving is the process of cutting down the hair to the level of the skin. It is definitely pain-free but at the cost of carrying around trimmed hair that is sure to grow back rather quickly.

What are the Types of Epilators?

There are basically three types of epilators and are categorised based on how they grab the hair. Namely, tweezer-type, spring type, and disc type epilators.

After many years of refining the design of epilators, tweezer-type epilators have become the most selling. As the name suggests, they work like tweezers. Epilators have a head with multiple metal plates. The plates of these epilators rotate continuously to move together like tweezers, pull out the hair and then release.

Spring Epilators
Spring type epilators have metal coils that rotate and move in a fashion that squeezes the coils together to and then apart so that they can grab hair, pull them out and open up to release the hair. The springs on these epilators are easily worn out and need to be replaced often. They have a higher chance of pinching the skin and take more time in pulling out the hair.

Rotating Disc Epilators
These epilators have discs that are stronger and last longer. The discs work in a similar fashion as springs. Rotating and coming together to grab the hair and pull them out and then moving apart to release the hair. But compared to the metal coils, these discs are stronger, lasted longer and were less painful to use.
After using the gadget it is important to clean your epilator. Proper maintenance prolongs the longevity of the appliance and ensures you get the best result down the line.

How to Clean an Epilator?

The first step to be taken while cleaning an epilator is to dismount its head. Epilators are washable, but not its body (handle). Clean it with the assistance of a cleaning brush and then with running water. When this process is complete, take a cotton ball and dip it in an alcoholic face cleaner. Next, air dry it and store it in a safe place. Keep in mind, if the epilator falls, always check for the tweezers if its broken or not. Never use epilators with broken tweezers. This can cause irritation, irregular plucking and lead to the formation of boils.

Can I Use My Friend’s Epilator?

DO NOT share your epilator with your friend. Neither borrow it from them anytime. When your friend uses an epilator on her, no matter how much she cleans it, it has dead skin cells, blood and her body hair stuck to it. Sounds disgusting right? So never ever think of doing so. Always purchase an epilator in UAE of your own.

With that cleared up, take a look at the following epilators in UAE and select one that is right for you.

Rank 1: Braun Silk épil 9 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator + 6 Extras

Presenting to you the world’s Number 1 epilator brand for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin. The Silk-epil 9 9-561 wet & dry cordless epilator/epilation is Braun’s fastest and most precise epilator thus making it one of the best options in UAE.
Model: 9-561

  • Revolutionary MicroGrip Tweezer Technology: This technology has longer, wider, and deeper tweezers that increase epilation performance. Thus, removing hair 4x shorter than wax.
  • 40% Wider Head: All thanks to the 40% wider head, it ensures the epilator captures more hairs and removes them in one stroke.
  • Pulsating Vibration: Experience an extra gentle sensation due to the pulsating active vibrations.
  • Smartlight: The smartlight reveals even the finest hair thereby making it hassle-free for extra thorough hair removal.
  • Pivoting Head: Well, this epilator’s pivoting head smoothly adapts to body contours for superior comfort as well as efficiency.
  • 6 Extras: Besides the Braun wet and dry epilator, the set includes 6 extras for full flexibility in your at-home hair removal regime.
  • Wet & Dry: For a more comfortable epilation process, you can use this epilator while taking bath and in the shower since it is capable of both wet and dry environments.
  • Price: Bring home the Braun Silk-épil 9 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator for an estimated cost of AED 430.

Rank 2: Philips Lumea Prestige Epilator

Enjoy up to 8 weeks of smooth, hair-free skin with this Philips Lumea Prestige Hair Removal Device. Read below to know why this epilator in UAE is ranked number 1.

  • Clinically Tested by Dermatologists: Philips Lumia hair removal device is clinically tested and developed by dermatologists for easy and effective treatment. The best part is that you can use it at your convenience at home.
  • Suitable for a Wide Variety of Skin and Hair Types: This device works easily, effectively, and safely on different hair and skin types. It works on naturally dark blonde, brown and black colour hair, and on skin tones from white to dark brown.
  • Precise Face Attachment with Extra Filter: To effectively treat hair on your face in a gentle way, the attachment has been carefully designed with a small window. It’s flat and can be used precisely on the chin, jawline and upper lip.
  • Use it Cordless or Corded: You have two options. You can use it cordless or the corded way. For big areas like legs, it is recommended to use it the corded way for faster removal without interruption. While treating hard to reach or smaller areas like the face and underarms, you can use the device cordless. This will enable you to move freely with the device.

Rank 3: Philips Epilator Series 8000 Wet and Dry Cordless Hair Removal

  • Unique Light: This Philips epilator features a unique light that ensures you don’t miss any fine hair. Thereby providing you with the best epilation results for all your body parts.
  • Ergonomic S-shaped Handle: To offer maximum control, this epilator is equipped with an S-shaped handle that is totally ergonomic. This ergonomic handle is easy to steer and also provides better reach with natural and precise movements in every area of your body.
  • Improved Tweezers + 70,000 Hair-catching Actions: The Philips Epilator series 8000 offers powerful yet gentle epilation with its improved tweezers. Plus, it boasts of its ability of over 70,000 hair-catching actions per minute.
    • This indicates that you can cover more skin and also achieve flawless smoothness for up to 4 weeks.
    • Moreover, you can treat your lower legs in not more than 10 minutes.
  • Cordless Wet and Dry: Since this Philips epilator is designed with an anti-slip grip, it is ideal for use with water. It enables a more comfortable and gentle experience in your shower or bath. For the best experience, you can use it cordless.
  • Accessories: Now you can enjoy benefits beyond epilation with the following accessories. These accessories include:
    • Trimming comb
    • Optimal contact cap pouch
    • Shaving head
    • Delicate area cap
    • Cleaning brush
    • Basic pouch
  • Price: Treat yourself to the Philips Epilator Series 8000 Wet & Dry Cordless Hair Removal Device for an estimated cost of AED 215.

Rank 4: Braun Silk Wet and Dry Epilator with 3 Extras

  • SensoSmart Technology: This technology offers you expert guidance in your hands. An intelligent sensor guides your epilation. This ensures that the right amount of pressure is applied to remove more hair in one stroke. A red light signals you if you are pushing it too hard on your skin. It even prompts you to adjust your handling for more efficient epilation.
  • Flexible Head: This epilator with 3 extras features a flexible head that can pivot by up to 15 degrees forward and back. This ensures that it can better adapt to the contours of the body for more comfort and maximum thoroughness. It also ensures that optimum usage position is maintained. It effectively picks even flat-lying hair and helps guide them to the tweezers for removal.
  • Soothing Experience: This epilator in UAE features a smart light that guides your way through the epilation process and lightens up even the finest hair for hassle-free removal.
  • Maximizes your Skin Comfort: The high-frequency massage system stimulates the skin and effectively soothes the plucking sensation during epilation. Thus maximizing your skin comfort.

Rank 5: Braun Silk Wet & Dry Epilator

  • 6x Better than Manual Cleansing: Braun Silk Epilator comes with a facial brush that removes makeup and pore deep impurities. It also exfoliates and refines the skin with micro-oscillations.
  • MicroGrip Tweezer Technology: This epilator in UAE has a longer, wider and deeper tweezers that speed up the epilation process. It removes hair 4 times shorter than wax. The 40% wider head ensures that even more hairs are captured and removed in one stroke. Saving you time and the pain of going over areas repeatedly.
  • Silk-Epil Tweezer Technology: It removes hair as small as a grain of sand (0.5mm).
  • Cooling Glove: This feature cools and prepares your skin before epilation and soothes it after.

Rank 6: Braun Silk Epilator for Hair Removal

  • 9 in 1 Hair Removal and Beauty Kit: This Deluxe 9 in 1 kit for face and body exfoliating helps you achieve a hassle-free epilating, shaving, trimming, smoothening experience. Also, it has functions that assist you in cleaning and applying creams, as well as makeup.
  • Removes Dead Skin Cells: The appliance comes equipped with three body exfoliating and massage attachments. They smoothen the skin and remove dead skin cells to avoid ingrown hair that can be painful and cause irritation.
  • Wireless Use Up to Minutes: This epilator functions as both a 100% wet and dry epilator. When used under a shower or during bath it reduces the plucking sensation.
  • Face Spa Feature: This gently removes facial hair with 3 facial brush attachments that help in cleaning and peeling the skin.

Rank 7: Braun Silk with Massage Cap

  • 20-Tweezer System: This feature enables the device to remove the hair 20 times efficiently by the root for long-lasting smoothness. Thus making it a good epilator in UAE.
  • 2 Speed Settings: This lets you choose what’s best for your individual skin type, thereby fitting with your personal skincare routine.
  • Smartlight: This reveals even the finest hair and enables you to remove them all effortlessly.
  • Damage-Free Hanging: Rehanging this epilator is as easy as applying a refill strip. Hence, you don’t have to worry about taking it down or moving it. And also while reusing it again and again. Besides this, they also come off leaving no holes or marks. Also, no sticky residues or stains on the surface it is hung against.

Welcome Smooth, Silky, and Soft Skin

I hope you were able to make the right choice. I have researched thoroughly in bringing forth some of the best epilators for you. Never compromise on your skin. Buy an epilator in UAE which suits your skin type and skin tone, if you care for your skin. Always remember, never share your epilator with your friends or neighbours and neither borrow one from them. You can also consider reading the Philips Lumea review for UAE. This in-depth article contains everything that you need to know about the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal device. You can enjoy 6 months of hair-free smooth skin with this amazing device. It’s amazing features and functionalities are sure to impress you and also make these products worth purchasing.

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