Best Electric Kettle in Saudi Arabia

Having warm water, hot beverages like tea on a regular basis is good for health especially in times like this. But boiling water always on a stove is a tough and unsafe practice. Instead, an electric kettle gives you the safest and quickest option for warm water for all your tea and coffee needs. The best electric kettles in Saudi Arabia are researched and presented here for you in simple words. Everything you need to know regarding the electric kettles, brands, prices and features to look for are in this article.

Best Electric Kettle in UAE (Expert Reviews)

Features to look for

Boiling Speed

When purchasing an electric kettle in Saudi Arabia, the most important characteristic to look for is the speed of boiling water as this feature determines the quality of the kettle. Getting an electric kettle is an easy way out to get your morning tea or coffee and hence, the boiling speed is the primary factor you should consider. Several of the best electric kettle brands in Saudi Arabia tend to boil the water quickly in 3 to 4 minutes while some might take 5 to 10 minutes long. Thus wastage of time and energy is not ideal for anyone tackling a hectic schedule.

Power Drawn

Make sure to note the amount of power consumed by your electric kettle as some electric kettles consume a little amount of power but work amazingly great. You can make tea, prepare noodles as well as boil eggs in a good electric kettle at ease so looking out for the power output can help you buy the best electrical kettle in Saudi Arabia for a relatively inexpensive price.

Size and Weight of the Kettle

The size and weight are important characteristics to look for in an electric kettle. For the size, there are 2 main things that you should look for which are capacity and kitchen counter space. So always note the size, capacity, and the space that you require to keep it while buying one.

Capacity tells how much water it can store at a particular time in itself. The more the capacity, the more volume of water you will be able to heat in a single sitting. For a single person, a smaller capacity would do but if you have a larger family with 3 or more members a larger kettle will be a better option.


Generally, electric kettles are noiseless in comparison to other kitchen appliances and the only sound they make is to indicate the water has boiled. Although, there are some electric kettles that make other sounds at regular intervals, to indicate the same. But, some may find this irritating so choose one without that does not make excessive sounds or noises.


An electric kettle in Saudi Arabia that has the most desirable features and appearance is the best to look out for as these kettles are built to put their functionality over their function. Few of the best electric kettles look equally well as they perform. The appearance of an electric kettle may not be an important factor for some people, but it might surely be an important characteristic to look for, so the choice is all yours.

Now let’s have a look at some of the best electric kettles in Saudi Arabia which are as follows.

Quick List

Electric KettlePowerCapacityCheck Price
Jano Electric Kettle2000 W1.7 Litre Price on
Black & Decker Stainless Steel Kettle
2000 W 1.7 Litre Price on
Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle 2400 W1.7 Litre Price on
Philips Daily Collection Kettle 2200 W1.7 Litre Price on
Tefal Electric Kettle 
2400 W1.7 Litre Price on
Braun AquaExpress Kettle  2200 W1.7 Litre Price on

Rank 1: Jano Electric Kettle

  • Glass making: This is a stylish electric kettle you will find made of glass, most of the kettles are made of stainless steel. This is the major attraction for this kettle. It is stylish and adds volume to your kitchen top.
  • Cordless: The electric kettle functions cordless at a power of 2000 W which is quite powerful and hence this kettle works smoothly and quickly heats up water.
  • Automatic Turn off: The kettle automatically switches off once the water reaches certain temperature so you don’t have to worry about the over heating.
  • Concealed Heating: The glass vessel is separated by the concealed heating element thus the water interaction and circuit voltage problems are not of the concern
  • Capacity and Level Indication: The glass vessel has the level indication marked for reference and to avoid over filling and it can hold up to 1.7 L of water.
  • Price: It just costs SAR 72.

Rank 2 : Black & Decker Stainless Steel Kettle

  • Durability: Unlike the previous electric kettle, this one is made of stainless steel and promises sturdiness and durability. Yet it still looks stylish and sleek model.
  • Automatic Turn off: The kettle automatically switches off once the water reaches certain temperature so you don’t have to worry about the over heating.
  • Concealed Heating: The water vessel is separated by the concealed heating element thus the water interaction and circuit voltage problems are not of the concern
  • 360 degree base: This electric kettle has the cordless 360 degree base which is easily movable and used.
  • Light indication: The indicator shows the whether the power is on or not. Once it auto shuts off the light goes off to indicate and the knob moves to off mode.
  • Warranty: The best part of this kettle is that it comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Price: This costs SAR 115.

Rank 3: Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle

  • Premium Look: One thing about this electric kettle that attracts anyone is its rich and premium look. Made of stainless steel with black plastic easy to hold handles it gives a ultra clean and rich look which adds beauty to your kitchen.
  • High Power: 2400 Watt motor is quite powerful and shows the effectiveness and quickness with which it delivers the hot water. It boils up water in just 50 seconds.
  • Concealed Heating Element: The kettle possess the polished concealed heating element keeping the boiling water process separate from the electric coil and separates the scale build up too.
  • Water Filter: One extra feature it provides from regular electric kettles is the water filter which cleans the water stores before heating it up.
  • Lightweight: This beauty just weighs 1.1 Kg and holds up to 1.7 L. It is compact and possess a contemporary design.
  • Adjustable Length: The 360 degree cordless base comes with adjustable length feature providing the cord storage in it.
  • Price: This is slightly a premium product costing around SAR 299

Rank 4: Philips Daily Collection Kettle

  • Micro Mesh Filter: A removable micro mesh filter is present inside the kettle to remove all the limescale particles keeping the water and the kettle safe and clean.
  • Spring Lid: Philips Daily Collection has a spring lid for opening during the cleaning which usually needs a wide opening. The push button smoothly opens the lid for you.
  • Easy Storage: You can simply wind up the cord wire beneath the base and store it in any corner without taking up much space.
  • Flat Heating: For faster heating it contains the flat heating element giving you even heating for water.
  • Non Slip Feet: This ergonomic feature enables stability to the body while boiling and ensures no spillage caused due to it.
  • Spout Filling: You dont have to open the lid always and can directly fill the kettle using the spout opening quickly.
  • Price: This kettle costs SAR 175 and is a value for money deal according to me.

Rank 5: Tefal Electric Kettle

Model No: Ko330827

  • Durable Plastic: Tefal electric Kettle is made of a durable plastic completely safe for using for drinking water purposes and heating. It lasts long and doesn’t weigh much.
  • Anti-Scale Filter: The spout contains an anti-scale filter which can be easily removed and be cleaned and placed back while operation.
  • Rapid Boil Function: The 2400 W motor heats up very quickly and effectively. the kettle has rapid boil function for your quick needs.
  • Concealed Heating: The Black plastic vessel is separated by the concealed heating element thus the water interaction and circuit voltage problems are not of the concern
  • Warranty: 1 Years warranty is provided by the manufacturer.
  • Price: It is priced at SAR 139

Rank 6: Braun AquaExpress Kettle 

  • Limescale Filters: Braun electric kettle not just has 1 but 3 limescale filters to prevent any kind of scale building up inside the kettle and keeps the water cleand and safe to consume.
  • Power and Capacity: The powerful 2200 W motor runs perfectly for quick boiling of water in the vessel of capacity 1.7 Litres which is the standard capacity for an electric kettle. All the options discussed have the same capacity, if you are looking for a bigger capacity then look for one within the same mentioned brands you would find one for your use.
  • Ergonomic: The kettle is equipped with push button and cool touch lid to check upon the status, to fill water and empty it. The water level indication on both sides and the easy spout filling of water makes it convenient to use.
  • Both Hands usage: The water levels indication is on both sides so you can use it from anywhere and the coil base is 360 degree enabling usage from any side as per your convenience.
  • 100% Safety: This has the overheat protection and lockable lid for safety concerns. The automatic shut off feature keeps it safe from any kind of over heating or boil dry issues
  • Price: This comes at a price of SAR 169

Boil and drink healthy

For sure, getting home the best electric kettle in Saudi Arabia just doesn’t save your time but makes life a lot easier. Make your cup of herbal green tea, coffee or boil water instantly for a soup, a great electric kettle will serve you and your guests within no time.

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