Best Dash Cam in Saudi Arabia

You must be wondering what a dash cam is if you haven’t heard it before. Well that’s simple, a dash cam is a camera mounted on the dashboard of the car. But why do you have to mount a camera on the dashboard? Well this is absolutely for scenarios where your car is hit and run by another vehicles and you don’t have a proof for your legal proceedings and insurance claims. That’s when the dash cam becomes very handy. The dash cam uses are not just restricted to this alone and has a lot more to offer. To know more about that and which brands offer the best dash cameras and what are the prices, have a look at this article.

Quick List

Dash CameraType of ChargeLens AngleCheck Price
Xiaomi 70mai Smart Dash Cam Lithium Polymer batteries130 ° Price on
Anker Roav Dash Cam C1 USB Charging145 ° Price on
Vantrue X3 WiFi Dash Cam  CR2 batteries 170° Price on
KKMOON Three Lens Car Dash Cam N/A 170° Price on

Features to Look For in a Dash Cam

Thorough research is very important before buying any device and hence it is better to know which features will be good enough to suit your needs. Other than the features which will suit your needs, there are those features which are important to consider while purchasing any product. Let’s have a look at these features that make up the best dash cam in Saudi Arabia.


The most important feature of a dashcam is its image quality, which should be feasible not just during the day when it’s bright outside but also at night. This is done to claim justice for what’s right. So it’s better to purchase a 720p or above resolution dash camera. Now a 1080p camera resolution is clear but since there is 1296p resolution in the market why not opt for the better one. Good image quality is the one, where you can view the license plate and any other specific details which can help you identify any vehicle with ease. Also, sharper image quality is always advisable and so it’s better to choose the 1296p over the 1080p to be on the safer side and ride.

Intuitive Control

No one will like to spend 10 minutes just to figure out how to switch on the dashcam. So the easier a device is to operate the better. Consequently, if the buttons have the functions transcribed onto them then more user-friendly the product becomes. Some products even have a function where you could see the signs in the dark. Whereas some use functional companion apps, intuitive menus or touchscreens. Comparatively, the touchscreen one is easier to handle. Yet the best preferable function is the voice activation function wherein the gadget would identify voice and turn on, on its own. 

Heat Resistance in Saudi Arabia

As this gadget will be attached in your vehicle and it’s not like your vehicle will be in air conditioning, it’s better to go for a dashcam that can resist heat as your vehicle is prone to heating. Especially in Saudi Arabia where the weather is extremely hot during the summers and the mild winters. So the best option for you would be a dashcam with the feature of heat resistance. For which you just need to choose a dashcam that uses a capacitor as it can handle heat much better than the normal lithium-ion battery.


Storage size of a camera is indicated by the storage of it’s SD cards or microchips to record and save footage. Here the footage can be transferred and viewed like any other such storage devices. An added benefit of this is that you wouldn’t have to bother to empty the SD card once full as there is a loop feature. In simple terms, once the SD card is full it will start to rewrite over the old footage. 


Dashcams, unlike normal cams, are smaller in size and, the smaller the screen is, the tougher will be the settings and other options. However, you can also opt for wider screened devices. Also, the bigger the screen, the buttons will be bigger as well.

Now that we are done with the important features let’s go ahead and take a look at the best dash cam in Saudi Arabia. 

Rank 1: Xiaomi 70mai Smart Dash Cam

  • 1080p Full HD: The dash cam comes with advanced video encoding storage compression to imporve the picture quality significantly. It gives a resolution of 1080p Full HD. The 130 degree wide angle view enables 4 lane view for you.
  • Night Vision: STARVIS CMOS SONY IMX 307 sensor with the effective photosensitive area is superb for night vision. It automatically adjusts the lighting before recording in the dark areas.
  • WDR Technology:: Wide Dynamic Range enables automatic adjustment of exposure to give a clear and detailed imagery.
  • Automatic Collision Recording: The G sensors automatically detect any type of collision and record immediately to capture the hit and runs.
  • Auto Overwriting: It automatically overwrites the older footage with the latest ones to save space in the memory card.
  • App Control: 70mai App enables viewing your recordings in mobile phones. It is supported by iOS and Android devices. You could also download the videos using the connection to the dash cam through built in WiFi system. There is a lock emergency file feature to event file for preventing the overwrite.
  • Warranty: This gives a 1 year brand warranty serviced in Saudi Arabia.
  • Price: This costs about SAR 280 and its a complete value for money option.

Rank 2: Anker Roav Dash Cam C1

  • Tech Specification: This is a USB based chargeable device with a 2 port USB connection. It is equipped to give a Full HD 1080p video crystal clear. There is a built in WiFi system to connect to your mobile phones.
  • Gravity Sensor: This sensor activates the camera automatically when you bump your car or moved. This is facilitated to automatically capture hit and runs thus easy to track later.
  • ROAV App: You can download, manage and view your Dash Cam videos directly in your phone / tablets anytime.
  • Easy operation: Simply stick on the dash cam on you car and it would run continuously even in freezing temperatures It protects your data safely and lets you watch it when and where required. It can continuously loop record and acts as your parking guard.
  • Wide View: It could simultaneously record 4 lanes with its wide angle lens thus capturing all that you need. The 6 lens elements and imaging technology enable you to have a wide view and not just the front car.
  • Memory: This needs microSD card to store which is not included in the package. It supports up to 32 GB memory.
  • Price: This costs SAR 544

Rank 3: Vantrue X3 WiFi Dash Cam

  • Super HD 2.5K Resolution: This dash cam delivers an extremely clear and sharp videos with a resolution of 2.5k. You can read number plates, sign boards, etc crystal clearly.
  • Loop Recording: The dash cam automatically overwrites the older footage to newer footage to save space but it saves all the important files to the event file whenever there is a bump, collision that is detected. This id detected using the G sensors.
  • Time Lapse: Continuous recordings for hours together at the parking lot could take up a lot space from your memory card. Hence this time lapse features enables the compression and saving up lot of space for you and a quick view into the long videos.
  • Optional GPS: You can purchase an optional GPS mount for this Dash cam which enables you to track the speed, direction and exact coordinates to have a better understanding of the situation recorded. You could also use this to reroute your favorite locations, and track locations.
  • Price: This is a costly option which will cost you SAR 980. If you need the dash camera for surveillance or special purposes or need personal safety from possible external threats then go for this dash camera.

Rank 4: KKMOON Three Lens Car Dash Cam

  • Three Lens: The dash camera is equipped with three cameras. You can capture from all directions providing all round protection through the front, back and rear view cameras.
  • Full HD: The Full HD 4.0” inch high definition IPS Screen provides a wide angle view of about 170 degrees.
  • Picture in Picture: You can have two pictures in the same screen of front and back camera views at the same time.
  • Loop Recording: Automatically overwrites the old footage with the new footage to save space.
  • G sensors: These sensors detect any kind of collision and intelligently record the same and save the files and lock them for protection.
  • Price: This is the cheapest option available suitable for the basic dash cam needs. It costs SAR 149.

Additional Features

Wifi & Mobile app

Wifi and mobile apps play a very important role in today’s world and hence who wouldn’t like the feature of wifi connectable dashcam. It can make viewing, sharing and downloading much easier as this feature will make it easier for the dashcam to connect to the phone. Once connected, you can do anything with the help of the app. 

Geo Location

It is handy to keep a track of the direction and speed of your travel and this could besides serve as proof in case of any mishaps. It is better to have this feature inbuilt rather than connecting it to some external device. Anyways, you will need a GPS which could give directions. You can also opt for the maps on your phone or shift to a car GPS navigator.

Parking Mode

This feature works in such a way that it keeps a check on the impacts and even movements around the car and it runs as long as the battery doesn’t drain out. You can hardwire the device to the fuse box of the car or use another external battery source, to make sure that it doesn’t. The only down point is that the device will only record the device’s field of view.

Mounting System

Some cameras provide you with a better mounting system. However, even after securing the camera to one place, it should provide the right view of the direction. The easiest to use one is the magnetic mount. But for security, the mounts which use adhesive pads are better as these adhesive pads are stuck onto the windshield. 

Field of View

The view which the camera can capture in the sho is called its field of view. The wider the shot the better because it helps in the establishment of setting for any incident and the proof to prove you are right. The most favoured range is 140 degrees to 160 degrees since within this range the details are visible and at the most, each multilane highway is visible in this shot. You can go for a wider range too, but be aware that in a wider range the objects appear farther than they actually are and hence the details are lost.

Dual Cams

In dual cam, you use two cameras, one on the front and the other in the rear end of the vehicle for double safety. You can even put both on the inside of the vehicle. Usually, the rear end cam is a similar cam like that of the dashcam which is attached to the back windshield. These cameras can also be used to face the streets or the inner side of the cabin including the passengers.

So, you are all set to make a well-informed decision of purchasing the best dash cam in Saudi Arabia. All you have to do is to click on the dashcam of your choice and bring home the best dash cam in Saudi Arabia.

FAQs for Saudi Arabia

Can a dash cam withstand heat in Saudi Arabia?

Yes. The dashcam can withstand the hot weather but the same can’t be said for the battery of the dashcam. The best-suited battery for any weather condition uses capacitors which are more resistant to heat and hence can tolerate more heat than batteries. Capacitors are more tolerant towards any wear and tear as well which may be caused due to repeated charging of the cam. Hence by choosing to use a capacitor running dashcam, you can increase the durability of the dashcam in the long terms.

What are the benefits of having a Dashcam?

If you’re a bit suspicious and still considering whether to purchase a dashcam here are a few benefits of using a dashcam:

  • You can easily prevent parking accident with the help of the dashcam warning signs. 
  • Dashcams can work as a GPS with the embedded feature to some cams. You have first-hand proof of the accident which might happen/has happened. 
  • Additionally, these cams can record your whole road trip journey with all its beauty and glory of the scenes which nature would unfold to you.

Is it possible to use the dash cam in PAr

Yes, a dash cam can be used when in park mode as well as some of the best dash cam in Saudi Arabia has the feature to use the park mode. When the vehicle senses any impact or motion it will automatically switch on the dashcam to ensure that your vehicle is safe. However, the only disadvantage being that the dashcam will capture any activity which is in the angle in which the dashcam is placed.

Be careful and Avoid Mishaps

To avoid traffic mishaps especially because of some stupid drivers, it would be best for you to take precaution. And an investment towards saving your life can never be in vain. By purchasing the best dash cam in Saudi Arabia, you can ensure to have a watchful eye to prove you were right on the road. Therefore, consider buying your very own dash cam and be safe.

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