Best Cooking Range in UAE – Brands & Prices Compared [2020]

Even if cooking is your passion, hobby or neither of that. You always need a stove so why not have the best cooking range in your UAE home. To get all those delicious spreads of dishes ready on time and efficiently your cooking range will have your back. Speaking of the best cooking range in UAE, there are plenty from which you can choose from. Including top brands like Bosch, Whirlpool, LG and many more. All guaranteed to give you the best cooking range especially with all the different types they have to offer.

Best Cooking Range in UAE – Quick List

Cooking RangeTypeBurnersCheck Price
Bosch Gas Cooking Range HGI12TQ50M Gas5on
LG Gas Cooking Range LF98V00SGas5on
Whirlpool Electric Cooking Range ACMT6533/IX/2Electric4on
Siemens Gas Cooking Range HU233510MGas4on
Nikai Gas Cooking Range U6068FSE1Gas4on

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Cooking ranges are boon to combat the early morning rush. This is especially true for working women who are in a race against time. With the right range, one can bake a cake, prepare breakfast, at the same time without any hassle. Read below to know what size, number of burners, and what type of cooking range to go for as per your requirements and budget.

Cooking range in UAE for cooking multiple dishes at a time

Choosing the Best Cooking Range Available

Gas or Electric

The choice between gas and electric cooking ranges depends on what you possess. You require to have either natural gas or propane service at your home, for gas ranges. An electric range will work in any house, provided you have a 220-volt electric line in your kitchen. You can always call the electrician to install one if u don’t. An electric cooking range is always expensive compared to gas cooking range.

Oven Size

This refers to the size of the oven cavity where you place the container to cook, bake, or heat. A larger capacity oven is essential if you have a large family and often need to bake or cook large quantities of food. Else you can get one that has a smaller size.

Number of Burners

This feature depends upon the number of members in your family and the quantity of food that you prepare. If u cook more than 4 to 5 items each day, then go for a range having at least 4 burners. A cooking range can have all burners or a combination of burners and a hot plate. Hot plates are used for heating food and they work on electricity. Having a hot plate can be very useful, especially if you run out of gas.


This is an important feature for roasting meat, baking, and preparing other food items like kebabs, paneer tikkas, etc. They ensure uniform grilling effect of the food.

Without further ado, here are the rankings for the best cooking range in UAE based on quality, specifications, and budget. Take a look at all of them and find the most suitable one as per your requirements and budget.

Rank 1: Bosch Gas Cooker – 5 Gas Burners

Model: HGI12TQ50M
Type: Gas Cooking Range
After a thorough analysis, I have concluded that this is the best cooking range in UAE. The reason behind this brand ranked number 1 is as follows:

  • Durability and Price: This Bosch gas cooker is made from high-quality material that ensures the best of both performance and durability. Available at a price of around AED 2,300 the appliance from Bosch gives you a 5th burner and a rugged exterior. The product gives you a bang for your buck with respect to output and capacity!
  • Versatile Use: This appliance is here to fulfil all your cooking, baking, and grilling needs. It allows you to multitask and cook a variety of food at the same time. At the top, you can get a broth to simmer while the lower portion bakes your delicacies.
  • Iron Pan Support: It has cast iron pan supports on the gas hob for preventing breakage or slipping of utensils while cooking. 
  • Compact Design: The compact design and the adjustable feet make this appliance suitable for any kitchen be it small or big.

Rank 2: LG Gas Cooker with Rotisserie

Model: LF98V00S
Type: Gas Cooking range

LG Gas Cooker in UAE
  • Thermal Distribution Technique: Your culinary creations cook in less time with an even flame distribution. This technique works on distributing hot air inside the cooker using a fan, which makes food crispy from the outside and soft on the inside.
  • Rotisserie Feature: You can roast meat and other food items such as kebabs, paneer tikka and other grill items with this amazing appliance. Rotisserie meats gain their flavour from the slow constant cooking over an extended period of time.
  • Price: Available at a price of around AED 2,590. You can bring restaurant flavours into your kitchen minus the unnecessary oils and spices.
  • Safety is Prime: Thanks to the flame failure device for both the hob and oven parts your appliance and home remains safe. The device automatically cuts off the gas supply In case the flame is extinguished. It prevents unburned gas accumulations. The Safe Touch feature works on keeping the oven’s front door and components cool.

Rank 3: Whirlpool Electric Cooker

Model: ACMT6533/IX/2
Type: Electric Cooking Range

Whirlpool Radiant Cooking Zones Electric Cooker in UAE
  • Convenient to Use: Cook for your family in a flash even on a busy day with the help of this Whirlpool Electric Cooking range. It has 4 radiant cooking zones that allow you to multi-task with great ease. In addition to an oven space that you needn’t monitor but simply set the timer for.
  • Frozen Bake Technology: Skip preheating and cook frozen foods like pizza and lasagna with preprogrammed settings that automatically adjust cooking times for you.
  • Attractive Price: This cooking range is available for around AED 1,770.
  • Flex Heat Dual Radiant: Get two elements in one with this handy range. A 6-inch inner ring that’s great for smaller pots and pans and a 9-inch expandable outer ring that makes room for larger cookware. So whether you are cooking for 2 or 20 your dishes come out spectacularly with even heat dispersion.

Rank 4: Siemens Freestanding Gas Cooker

Model: HU233510M
Type: Gas Cooking Range

Siemens free standing gas cooker in UAE
  • Easy and Fast Cooking: It arrives in a combination of a gas cooker and oven, which allows you to cook, roast, bake, and fry simultaneously.
  • Sturdy and Stylish: The stainless steel construction of this unit makes it sturdy to withstand the wear and tear after continuous use. It is stylish with a square frame that is as sturdy as it looks.
  • Affordable Price: Available at a price of around AED 1,340. The Siemens range is not only affordable but easy to maintain. The steel body ensures no damage to the appliance when shifting about.
  • Corrosion Resistance: There is nothing more disappointing than watching new appliances rust easy. Luckily, this range is resistant to corrosion which means it won’t wither even after several encounters with liquid and spills.

Rank 5: Nikai Gas Cooking Range 4-burner

Model: U6068FSE1
Type: Gas Cooking Range

Nikai 4 Burner Gas Cooking Range in UAE
  • Special Feature: This Nikai Gas Cooking Range is special as it helps you bake your favourite cakes and desserts. Still, it works great for cooking regular meals in a jiffy.
  • Catalytic Cleaning Feature: This works on absorbing food remains and oxidizing them when the oven is working on over 200°C. This ensures that your oven will be clean at all times.
  • Value for Money: This cooking range equipped with 4 burners is available at an affordable price of around AED 830. Falling under an AED 1000 this is an economic option ideal for smaller families or those that do not prepare too many dishes.

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Popular Cooking Range Size and Dimensions in Dubai

When it’s time to remodel the kitchen, dimensions of an appliance play a major role, besides the features and aesthetics. The length and breadth are the most important to check for when it comes to cooking range size and dimensions. The most common dimension of cooking ranges in UAE is 60cm x 60cm. This is the most ideal dimension that fits in any kitchen in UAE. You can select a gas variant or an electric one whichever suits your lifestyle best. It has 4 burners to offer you an amazing cooking experience.

In the end, it’s totally your choice and comfort. Besides the above-mentioned dimension of 60cm x 60cm, there are cooking ranges available in other dimensions too. The next popular cooking range dimension is 90cm x 60cm. This will fit into your kitchen’s design with ease. Equipped with 5 burners, this too is available in the gas as well as an electric variant. Further cooking range dimensions of 50cm x 50cm, 55cm x 55cm, and 55cm x 50cm exist, although not that popular. These are comparatively smaller in size and ideal for small families. Nuclear families consisting of 3 to 4 members will benefit from these cooking ranges.

The height of these cooking ranges is usually 85cm. But to add to your convenience, adjustable feet are available. Enhance your cooking experience with these comfortable adjustable feet. All the 4 feet on your cooking range are adjustable. You can adjust the feet 1/4″ to 1/2″ inch up or down. This varies from model to model. Remove the storage drawer, in order to make an adjustment in any of the feet. With the help of a wrench or pliers, turn the legs/feet clockwise to raise the leg. In order to lower it, turn it anti-clockwise. Now that you know about the popular cooking range size and dimensions. Purchasing the best cooking range in UAE is simpler.

Freestanding vs Slide-in Cooking Range

Understanding the differences between a freestanding and slide-in cooking range will help you figure out which one fits better in your kitchen. The main differences lie in their installation, control location and cleanability. This will help you select the best cooking range in UAE.

Free Standing vs Slide-in Cooking Range

Freestanding Cooking Range

Freestanding cooking range

Firstly, freestanding ranges consist of a back guard with the oven controls as well as the burner controls. They are designed in order to be stand-alone or be installed directly within your cabinetry. In addition to this, they have finished sides. Hence, they are a little more flexible with the installation. The control panel on top of the device is a few inches tall. It is of great help as it gives you the ability to control the oven below and is located at the back of the range. Moreover, the freestanding cooking range can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. Further, considering the price and budget, a freestanding range proves to be a little cheaper compared to its counterpart. Since the freestanding range is easy to install and replace, it is more commonly used in Dubai and affordable too.

Slide-in Cooking Range

Slide-in Cooking Range

On the other hand, slide-in ranges feature the burner and oven controls upfront. Although it is much similar to its freestanding counterpart. In addition to this, they are a little bit wider on top to overlap the countertop. They are comparatively flat too. Thus, creating a built-in look in your kitchen. Slide-in ranges have their own benefits which include style and easy to clean and maintain functionality. The food and crumbs can’t drip down the sides, unlike the freestanding range. Although freestanding and slide-in ranges require a 30-inch cabinet modelling. Slide-in models, however, have unfinished sides, unlike freestanding ranges.

Cooking Range Safety

How to take care of your cooking range

Electric cooktops take time to heat up and take longer to cool down. As a matter of fact, there are chances of burning by accident. When it comes to temperature control, there can be sudden spills on the iron coil or glass-ceramic top. This is because temperature control is difficult in electric cooktops. Besides this, the electric elements get really hot and retain high levels of heat even after being turned off. The maximum temperature that an electric cooktop is found to reach is 741.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it takes very long to cool the electric cooktop down and to switch from high heat to low heat.

Gas cooktops aren’t faster, but it definitely cools off faster after cooking or reheating your food. Although gas cooktops have an open flame, you can adjust it how much you want. When you light a gas burner, it offers instant heat which you can adjust low or high. Moreover, it responds immediately by altering the temperature. Moreover, while using a gas cooktop, you’re adjusting a flame that is visible to you. Thus it is easier for fine control.

Avoid touching the oven surface as the heating elements will be hot. The interior surfaces of the oven become hot enough to cause burns. While using and even after you finish using it, do not touch it. Besides this, don’t let clothing or other flammable materials come in contact with the heating materials. Keep children away from it, not just the exterior but also the interior surfaces of the oven. Until and unless the appliance had a sufficient amount of time to cool. Be careful of the other surfaces of the appliance too. This is because it gets hot enough to cause burns. Among these surfaces are the oven vent openings, oven doors and the windows of these oven doors. Therefore, you really need to keep mischievous children away from this.

Induction Cooktops – Pros and Cons

This section will give you a complete view of the pros and cons of using an Induction cooktop. It will guide you in purchasing the best cooking range in UAE. Let’s discuss the safety, controls, features, budget, and the cookware needed in using the same.

Pros and cons of an Induction Cooktop


Indeed, there are many great things about an induction cooktop. It can work wonders and make your life easier. Let’s see how.

Safe to Use

The best thing about an induction cooktop is that there is no risk of burning since there is no flame. The heating element emits no radiant heat to the cookware hence they are safer to use. In an induction cooktop, the cookware is the only heat source. Further, you can easily switch it on and off. Since the induction remains cool in other parts, accidentally touching it won’t cause any burns. In addition to this, there is no fear of gas leaks. You don’t have to worry about the gas fumes or leaving the electric socket on. This is because it will only work with cookware on top. Moreover, the built-in sensors will automatically switch off this appliance if an empty cooking vessel is kept on it.

Precise Temperature Control

Induction cooktops are known to heat up immediately and cool down quickly. Thus, they are highly responsive and can be considered as the best cooking range in UAE. In addition to this, induction has a better temperature control in comparison to the electric cooktop. This is because the strength of the electromagnetic field can be controlled easily. You can use induction to cook at low temperatures (including simmer) for a longer time. The maximum temperature of an induction cooktop was found to reach 665.5 degrees Fahrenheit. An induction cooktop works best when you need to cook quickly. Similarly, it offers consistency in cooking for a long duration.


An induction cooktop requires a higher initial investment and induction friendly cookware. Below lies the in-depth information on the same.


In order to buy a good quality induction cooktop, you will have to shell out more money. The initial cost of purchasing will be very expensive. Nowadays, due to the well-known benefits of cooktops, the prices have relatively reduced. Another reason is its superior cooking technology. Besides the initial cost of purchasing and installing the induction, you need to purchase induction friendly cookware. This cookware can be very expensive as it should contain ferrous materials like iron and stainless steel. Thus adding up to your cost. Above all, you need special tools and equipment to repair an induction cooktop. It relies completely on solid-state circuitry. With all these points it is clear that

Requires Induction Specific Cookware

As a matter of fact, induction cooktops can’t heat copper, aluminium, glass or ceramic. This is due to the failure of the magnetic field to produce a concentrated current. Therefore, induction cookware requires cookware of ferrous materials such as cast iron, enamelled cast iron and stainless steel. In addition to this, the cookware must have a flat bottom for full contact with the surface. It should be smooth and magnetic too. In some cases, the cast iron cookware has a rough base and may cause many scratches to the induction surface. In this case, you can use a parchment paper in between the cast iron cookware and the induction surface. Keep aluminium, glass and copper cookware away as these can’t be used at all for inductions.

Benefits of an Induction cooktop

Popular Cooking Range Brands in UAE

The following are some of the best and well-known cooking range brands in UAE. I have penned down some points on brand history, appliances they deal with, and more.


Bosch brand

Robert Bosch in short known as Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany. This company was found by Robert Bosch in the year 1886, hence the name. A Bosch cooking range will definitely make a difference around your kitchen. Moreover, service is their quality, no matter what and when. They provide outstanding service both before as well as after the purchase. You will discover not just quality, but also perfection and reliability in their appliances. Bosch cooking range makes cooking a totally de-stressing experience for you. Enjoy the impeccable design, high-efficiency levels and great performance along with the safety provided.


The Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. It is headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States. As a matter of fact, Whirlpool designs cooking appliances engineered with advanced technology. Thus, making it is easier for you to care for your family. Whether you’re preparing a birthday dinner, whipping up comfort food, baking a cake and more. You need appliances that help you to care for your family every day. Their collection of cooking range appliances is designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen. In order to provide the best experience no matter what you’re making. The Whirlpool’s line of cooking ranges has the combination of capacity and flexibility that is essential on the cooktop to handle whatever the day brings. The innovative cooking technology gives you accurate control whether you’re baking, broiling or simmering.


Nikai is a brand that offers reliability throughout. Nikai’s success is due to the fact that it is one of the very few brands that have a dedicated local service center. This famous Nikai brand is led by the visionary and diplomat turned entrepreneur Paras Shahdadpuri. In addition to this, the record turnaround time is 72 hours within the notification. They have been able to delight all their customers in UAE, and other parts of the world too. Cook and bake to perfection with the Nikai cooking range. The complete range of products is available in over 60+ countries.


Cooking is fun and easy with Midea’s power-packed line of small cooking appliances. Midea Global was established in the year 1958. Midea is known to create a better life in homes across the world. Mr. He Xiangijan is the founder of Midea Group. From cooking ranges to pressure cookers, slow cookers, air fryers, and rice cookers. The list of appliances and the products under each of these categories is unending. It offers diversified products comprising of consumer appliances. These appliances are mainly kitchen appliances, refrigerators, laundry appliances and various small home appliances. As a matter of fact, Midea is committed to improving lives by clinging to the principle of “Creating Value for Customers”. That was the year in which it stood alone as the first washing machine manufacturer in China. It is the world’s leading technologies group in consumer appliances.


Electrolux AB is a Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer, headquartered in Stockholm. As a matter of fact, it is ranked as the world’s second-largest appliance maker by units sold after Whirlpool. The brand Electrolux is known to shape living for the better by reinventing taste, care, and wellbeing experiences. Thus making life more enjoyable and sustainable for millions of people. Unlock your creativity with the Electrolux cooking range appliances.

Reduce, simmer, boil and melt at the same time with their versatile electric ranges. The possibilities are endless with Electrolux and are yours to explore. Now, you can whip up any dish with their cooktops. Moreover, it works with 3 different sizes of cookware. Get repeat requests for your food items with these amazing appliances. It has the latest features such as Glide 2 Set control panel. This enables you to change the temperature with a swipe of your finger.

Cooking Range FAQ’s

What is a cooking range?

Basically, a cooking range is a stove with added advantages. It has room for cooking several different things at one time. Baking your favourite cake as well as grilling meats simultaneously is possible.

What is the price of a cooking range?

Firstly, the price depends on whether it is a gas cooking range or electric cooking range. Secondly, it depends upon the oven size and the number of burners. The features it possesses such as the Rotisserie function also matters. The price range is usually between AED 1000 – AED 3000.

What is a cooking range used for?

It’s a fact that cooking ranges are a boon to combat the early morning rush. It is an ideal appliance for working women who have to cook multiple dishes. Likewise, one can make breakfast as well as bake a cake simultaneously without any hassle. Additionally, it can be used for grilling meats and preparing paneer tikkas and kebabs.

Where to buy a cooking range in UAE?

Buy cooking range appliances online on at affordable prices. You can save your time and effort by browsing through online. Select one of your choice depending upon your budget and requirements.

How is cooking range different from cooktop or hub?

With the help of a cooking range, you can prepare a number of dishes at a time. On the contrary, a cooktop is a drop-in unit that offers many similar functions as that of a cooking range. The difference is that it doesn’t include an oven below although it is similar in size to a cooking range. However, both will accomplish the same task. To clear your doubts, consider reading Dubai homes: cooking range or cooktop article.

So, Crank Up the Heat

In today’s world with such little time to spare, we all need a cooking range that is good at multitasking. So many dishes to prepare in the least amount of time, we rely on a good cooking range. With more knowledge about the best cooking range in UAE, you now can make an informed decision. Consider the options and information above.

The perfect cooking range is one that suits your requirements by keeping the budget in mind. You never need to compromise on performance and quality especially when it comes to enjoying a wholesome meal. Bon Appetit! Consider reading the best cooking range hood in UAE to improve the ventilation in your kitchen.

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