Best Blood Pressure Machine in UAE for Home Use

Blood pressure is one of the most crucial aspects of health. Hence, purchasing the best blood pressure machine in UAE will keep a check on your BP. That too in the comfort of your home and at your convenience. Additionally, possessing the best blood pressure machine in UAE is a vital health management tool. Further, it will also assist in curbing a lot of potential illnesses. Blood pressure not only contributes to health problems such as coronary heart disease but is also responsible for causing strokes. A BP machine also keeps a check on the blood pressure medicines whether they’re effective or not.

Moreover, it saves your valuable time and hard-earned money as you won’t have to drive to the clinic. Hence, reducing your visits and saving on the doctor’s charges. Thus, the benefits of owning the best blood pressure machine UAE are endless. Without further ado, let’s explore some of the best blood pressure machines UAE. Firstly, the best blood pressure machine UAE is one that’s consistent. Secondly, it should be easy to use and comfortable on your arm.

Blood pressure machine in UAE

Best Blood Pressure Machine in UAE – Quick List

Blood Pressure MachineMemoryFeaturesCheck Price
Omron Stores the previous reading for comparisonHypertension Indicator,
Intellisense Technology,
Stroke Prevention,
One-Touch Operation
Price in
PolygreenStores 50 readings (each) for 2 users along with date and timeIrregular Pulse Detection Indicator,
One-Touch Operation,
Date/Time Display,
Low Battery Indication,
Power Saving

Price in
Braun VitalScan (wrist)90 individual readings along with date and timeUnique Sensor,
Free Braun Healthy Heart App,
Irregular Heartbeat Indicator,
Display on the wrist,
Low Battery Indicator,
Quick Start Guide on the device for correct positioning

Price in
Omron Evolv (wireless)Track/share unlimited readings and resultsFree Omron Connect App (Android and iOS phones),
Compact and Sleek,
Exclusive Heart Health Algorithm,
Simple & Intuitive Controls,
Bluetooth Technology,
Advanced Clinically Tested Accuracy
Price in
Braun Exact FitStores the last readingBraun Healthy Heart App,
One-Touch Operation,
Bluetooth Technology

Price in

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Important Features of BP Monitor

Below lie the most important features of a BP monitor. A blood pressure monitor should include all of these. Hence, ensure you read them all in detail without skipping. Since this will help you in buying a reliable one that works effectively.

Cuff Design and Size

It’s very important to use the right cuff size. The cuff size that you need depends upon the size of your arm. Cuffs which you can slip your arm through and adjust to tighten are better options. Hence, these cuffs are prioritized over cuffs that require wrapping. Therefore, an accurate size cuff leads to an accurate reading. Opting for a machine with adjustable cuffs proves better.

On-device Data Storage

You need adequate data points for examination. It is beneficial as it tracks health trends over time. Consider purchasing a blood pressure machine UAE that is able to store a few weeks readings. Besides this, it should be able to store the readings of at least 2 people.

Power Source

Some of the best blood pressure machines UAE run on replaceable batteries. On the other hand, you can recharge some BP machines via USB.

Screen Readability

Always opt for a BP machine with a large and easy to read display. Ensure the numbers on the monitor are easy to read. Secondly, prioritize backlit screens as they enable you to view the readings easily at night.


There’s a warranty on both the components i.e the machine and the cuff. In some cases, the best blood pressure machine can wear out before the cuff. On the other hand, the cuff can wear out before the blood pressure machine.

Below lie some of the best blood pressure machines UAE. I have focussed on the product descriptions, features, and the budget. Select the one that fits your needs.

Rank 1: Omron Blood Pressure Machine

Omron Blood Pressure Machine best blood pressure machine in UAE
  • Easy to Use: Omron upper arm blood pressure machine is easy to use. It monitors your blood pressure and keeps your heart in check. You can use this amazing BP monitor at home and prevent future health problems.
  • Intellisense Technology: This feature ensures that the arm cuff reaches the correct inflation and doesn’t pump up too high.
  • Accurate Results: The Omron fully automatic blood pressure monitor is comfortable to use. Secondly, it is quick and offers accurate blood pressure monitoring.
  • Hypertension Indicator: Firstly, the indicator alerts you if the reading is higher than the recommended blood pressure level. The recommended blood pressure level is 135/85 mmHg.
  • Clinically Validated: The best thing about this product is that it is clinically validated. Several tests were conducted by various doctors to ensure accurate measurements.
  • Stores Last Reading: The last reading memory feature lets you check the previous reading for comparison.
  • Price: Omron blood pressure machine is available for around AED 200.

Rank 2: Polygreen Blood Pressure Machine

Polygreen is a well known and trusted brand around the world. They are one of the largest producers of non-invasive digital medical diagnostics. Hence, this is the second-best blood pressure machine UAE.

Polygreen Blood Pressure Machine
  • Accuracy: Cardiovascular care and wellness make this brand a requirement for every home in UAE. This blood pressure monitor delivers accurate results every time.
  • One Button Operation: It’s a fully automatic device with a one-button operation. It is also very easy to use.
  • Display Colour Bar: This colour bar classifies the condition of the reading based on Guidelines for Management of Hypertension.
  • Reliable Colour Bar: The colour bar displays green for optimal and normal pressure. It shows yellow for high-normal pressure. Besides this, it displays a red colour for hypertension degrees one to three.
  • Stores Previous Readings in Memory: The memory of the Polygreen blood pressure monitor can store 50 readings. Moreover, it stores the readings with time and date for 2 users to differentiate reading history.
  • Irregular Pulse Detection Indicator: An irregular pulse is a sign of abnormal heart rhythm. Fortunately, the Polygreen blood pressure machine has an irregular pulse detection indicator on the display.
  • Price: Polygreen blood pressure machine is available for an affordable price of around AED 70.

Rank 3: Braun VitalScan Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Large Display and Buttons: Braun BP 2200 blood pressure monitor is equipped with large buttons. The large display makes it easy to view the readings and offers better visibility. Further, the large buttons make the device easy to operate.
  • Memory Feature: This device has a memory feature that enables the users to store up to 90 individual readings. Moreover, it stores the date and time too.
  • Clinically Tested Accuracy: The Braun vitalscan blood pressure machine is clinically proven to be accurate. Its tests conform to internationally accepted standards.
  • Unique Sensor: The interactive display on the BP monitor guides you step by step. The unique sensor enables you to find the correct measuring position close to heart level.
  • Compact and Lightweight: It’s compact and lightweight nature makes it easy to carry. If you’re going on a trip or out of town then this is a better option.
  • Price: Braun VitalScan wrist blood pressure monitor is available for around AED 230.

Rank 4: Omron Evolv Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Works with Free Omron App: Works well with iOS and Android devices. Simply visit the Omron for compatibility. Additionally, it enables you to track/share unlimited readings and results with family or healthcare providers. Moreover, the app allows unlimited users.
  • Brand History: Omron is the number 1 recommended home blood pressure machine brand by doctors and pharmacists. It offers clinically accurate home monitoring. Moreover, it’s the #1 selling manufacturer of home blood pressure monitors for over 40 years.
  • Advanced Accuracy: Thanks to the exclusive heart health algorithm and advanced accuracy. This upper arm, one-piece BP monitor measures more data points. Further, it eliminates interference from movement for more precise and clinically accurate readings.
  • Intuitive Controls: Omron’s decision of eliminating the tubes and wires made EVOLV the most portable upper arm monitor. It’s easy to set up and use because of its intuitive controls and compact one-piece design.
  • Price: Omron Evolv wireless blood pressure monitor is available for around AED 770.

Rank 5: Braun Exact Fit Upper Arm BP Monitor

  • Professional Accuracy: It is clinically validated ensuring professional accuracy. Moreover, it’s approved by European Society for Hypertension (ESH).
  • Braun Healthy Heart App: This innovative device works with the Braun healthy heart app to manage your pressure.
  • Easy Operation: The easy 1 button operation makes the device convenient and easy to use.
  • Price: Braun Exact Fit upper arm BP monitor is available for around AED 125.

BP Machine FAQs

How does a BP machine work?

BP machines measure a patient’s blood pressure by measuring the mean arterial pressure. It then calculates systolic and diastolic pressure measurements. Systolic pressure is the highest pressure in an artery when your heart is pumping blood to your body. Diastolic pressure is the lowest pressure in an artery when your heart is at rest.

Why does blood pressure increase with age?

Blood pressure increases with age mostly due to the structural changes in the arteries. Besides this, large artery stiffness also plays a major role in the increase of BP. The most powerful predictor of risk in the elderly is increased pulse pressure. This, in turn, is due to the decreased diastolic and increased systolic blood pressure.

Why does blood pressure increase with pregnancy?

There are a few risk factors that cause blood pressure to increase with pregnancy. Firstly it’s the woman’s lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle choices may lead to high BP during pregnancy. Being overweight or obese and not staying active are the major risk factors. Secondly, it can increase with the type of pregnancy. During the first pregnancy, a woman is more likely to have high BP. Luckily, there’s a lower chance of this in subsequent pregnancies. Carrying twins makes it more likely for a woman to develop hypertension. As the body is working hard to nourish more than 1 baby. Age is another factor. Pregnant women over the age of 35 are at a higher risk.

What is the normal blood pressure?

An optimal blood pressure level is reading under 120/80 mmHg. Readings over 120/80 mmHg and up to 139/89 mmHg are in the normal to high range. Based on your circumstances the doctor should guide you on what your ideal blood pressure should be.

What is high blood pressure?

Generally, blood pressure over 140/90mmHg is considered to be high. Firstly, high blood pressure makes your heart and arteries get overloaded. Additionally, high BP can accelerate the build-up of plaque on the artery walls. This clogs blood flow to your heart muscle putting you at risk of a heart attack. Besides this, it weakens the walls of arteries in your brain which in turn can cause a stroke.

Which blood pressure is more important?

Systolic blood pressure is more important than diastolic blood pressure. Systolic is the top number or the highest BP when the heart is squeezing and pushing the blood around the body. On the other hand, Diastolic BP is the bottom number or lowest BP between heartbeats. This is because it gives the best idea of your risk of having a stroke or heart attack. However, in certain circumstances, diastolic blood pressure is more important than systolic. For example, this is true in people less than 40 years of age. The fact is that diastolic BP is a better way of assessing risk.

Control your Blood Pressure

To obtain the most accurate blood pressure reading, you need to test/check the pressure consistently. Hence, it is crucial to use a cuff that fits properly. Although it should fit around perfectly, this doesn’t mean that the cuff should be worn too tight. BP machines come with cuffs of various sizes. According to medical science, a cuff that fits poorly is sure to distort your reading. Hence, you should select the one that fits the circumference of your arm. Ensure you measure it halfway between your armpit and elbow.

Also, ensure you sit upright with your back straight and both feet on the floor. Never cross your legs while checking your BP. Ideally, you should place the cuff on the arm for 5 minutes before taking a reading. Do this without moving or talking. Since Omron is the global No. 1 brand in digital blood pressure monitors, check this in-depth review on Omron blood pressure machines.

Avoid pulling on the tube, dropping the monitor or banging it around. Keep it away from children. Lastly, purchase one that fits your budget. Also, if you find yourself hunching and slouching all day. Or, if you want to cure rounded shoulders and align your spine. Then you should purchase the best back posture corrector in UAE. Besides this, if you’re experiencing severe foot pain then consider checking out the best foot massager machine in UAE. Since it provides relief from pains and aches, including pain due to arthritis.

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