Best Blood Pressure Machine in Saudi Arabia

Maintaining blood pressure is very important for a healthy life. Most chronic diseases start with the high blood pressure symptoms and low blood pressure also isn’t good for the health. Maintaining a 120/80 is very much necessary for proper functioning. But going to doctor on a daily or frequent basis isn’t really feasible hence Blood Pressure Machine is best shot we can all have. You can monitor the blood pressure on daily basis through the machine at your home simply. All you need to know about blood pressure machine is here. The best blood pressure machines in Saudi Arabia are explained, ranked based on specifications, prices, and more.

Quick List

Blood Pressure MachineMemoryFeaturesCheck Price
Beurer BM 40 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 2 x 60 Memory spacesLCD display, Low battery indication and risk indication , average values for weekly readingsPrice on
Omron M3 INTELLISENSE Blood Pressure Monitor 2 x 60 Mmeory spacesLED indication, Intellisense technology, Irregular Heartbeat detection, Body Movement Detection Price on
Beurer BC 30 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor60 Memory spaces LCD display, Low battery indication and risk indication , average values for weekly readings Price on
Citizen CH-456 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor 90 Memory SpacesOne Touch Operation, Large Display, Cuff Storage Holder, Irregular Heart Beat IndicatorPrice on

Important Features of a Blood Pressure Monitor

Here are the important features which will help you in deciding the best BP monitor Saudi Arabia and making the right purchase.

On-device Storage of Data

For the purpose of examination, it is necessary to have adequate data points. Hence, think of purchasing a blood pressure machine in Saudi Arabia that is able to store readings of at least a few weeks. Further, the blood pressure machine should also be able to store the readings of more than 1 person (at least of 2 people).

Size and Cuff Design

Using the right cuff size is extremely important. What size you need depends upon the size of your arm. Better options of cuffs are those in which you can put your arm through and which you can adjust to tighten or loosen. So, these types of cuffs are given higher priority than those cuffs that need to be wrapped. An accurate size cuff leads to an accurate reading.

Screen Readability

Opting for a blood pressure machine that has a large and easy to read display will benefit you in the long run. Also, prioritize backlit screen BP machines so that you are able to see the readings easily at night.


Mostly they offer a warranty on the machine as well as the cuff. Sometimes, the BP machine wears out before the cuff. But, in some cases, the cuff wears out before the blood pressure machine.

Source of Power

Certain options of the best blood pressure machines in Saudi Arabia work on replaceable batteries. Whereas some of the BP machines can be recharged through USB.

Now let’s dive into the best Blood Pressure Machine in Saudi Arabia. Keep all the above-mentioned points in mind:

Rank 1: Beurer BM 40 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 

  • Large Display: The large XL size LCD display is convenient especially for elder people who have vision issues. It has date and time displayed and also indicates the battery.
  • Upper Arm Reading: The blood pressure and pulse measurement is done at the upper arm. XL Cuff allows up to circumference of 22 – 35 cm.
  • Tech Specifications: It has 2 x 60 memory spaces sufficient to capture a huge data and provides average of weekly readings of both morning and evening. It also prompts incorrect usage, low battery indication and risk indication. The storage bag is easy to to keep it safe and clean. Automatic switch off mode is also available.
  • Price: It is available at SAR 144

Rank 2: Omron M3 INTELLISENSE Blood Pressure Monitor

  • One Button operation: This fully automatic blood pressure measuring device runs very effectively and measure accurately using just one button operation.
  • Cuff Wrapping: The cuff wrapping guide instructs you the proper and precise wrapping essential to get accurate results without the assistance of a medical representative. The LED indicator ensures whether it is wrapped correctly or not.
  • Intellisense Technology: This ensures right inflation pressure to be detected automatically and it inflates the cuff each time to optimal level giving a personalized data.
  • Heart Beat Reading: It captures the irregular heartbeat and takes the average of three readings giving you the most accurate reading possible. Also it invalidates any reading captured if there is a body movement to ensure false results are not displayed and also indicates the same.
  • Warranty: It is equipped with 3 years of warranty.
  • Price: It cost you SAR 291.

Rank 3: Beurer BC 30 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Wrist Band: This device measures the blood pressure and pulse from the wrist area automatically. Wrist circumferences of 13.5 – 19.5 cm is accommodated.
  • Cumulative Measurement: It measures at a stretch 60 readings over the period and has the feature to give the average of the last three readings.
  • Risk Indicator: The color coding indication gives you accurate picture of the risk involved and is easy for even older people to understand.
  • Other Features: It also detects the arrhythmia signs and symptoms.
  • Convenience: The large display and the automatic switch off mode are easy for use. Its compact and lightweight in nature for easy moving.
  • Price: Its priced at a lower rate of SAR 84. You can purchase either of the Beurer machines based on your convenience of usage either wrist or upper arm.

Rank 4: Citizen CH-456 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Measurement range: Pressure 0-280 mmHg and ; Pulse 40-180 pulse/min
  • Digital Display: The large LCD display displays accurate results with a memory space of 90 readings and has the feature to display the average of last 3 readings. It also displays the date and time for reference
  • Indicators: It has the risk and irregular heartbeat indicator. Also supports body movement invalidation for accuracy.
  • Price: It costs SAR 219.

FAQs on BP Machine

Why does a woman’s blood pressure increase during pregnancy?

Some of the factors that cause a woman’s blood pressure to increase with pregnancy are as follows. The first reason can be the woman’s lifestyle choice. Yes, it is true that lifestyle choices which are unhealthy may cause high blood pressure with pregnancy. If the woman is obese/overweight or is not keeping herself active can be major risky reasons. Further, BP can increase depending upon the type of pregnancy.

A woman who is pregnant for the first time is prone to facing high BP. Fortunately, the chances are lower in future pregnancies, second, third and so on. Also, if the woman is pregnant with twins, then she is on the higher risk of developing hypertension. This is because her body is striving to provide nourishment to 2 babies. Another major factor is the age of the woman. Remember, pregnant women above 35 years are at a higher risk of an increase in BP.

How does a BP machine measure blood pressure?

A BP machine measures a person’s blood pressure by measuring the mean arterial pressure. It does this by calculating systolic and diastolic pressure measurements. The highest pressure in an artery is systolic pressure. Whereas the lowest pressure in an artery is diastolic pressure.

Mention the normal blood pressure?

The normal blood pressure reading is under 120/80 mmHg. Blood pressure readings that are above 120/80 mmHg and up to 139/89 mmHg are in the range from normal to high. Your doctor is in a better position to guide you on what your ideal blood pressure should be since it is based on your circumstances.

What is the reason behind blood pressure to increase with age?

Principally, the structural changes in the arteries are the reason behind increasing blood pressure with age. Stiffness of the large artery also contributes to the increase of blood pressure. When there is an increase in pulse pressure, it is the most powerful predictor of risk in aged people. Pulse pressure increases because of decreased diastolic blood pressure and increased systolic blood pressure.

Is systolic or diastolic blood pressure more important?

Systolic blood pressure is more important than diastolic as systolic is the highest blood pressure when the heart is squeezing the blood around the body. Whereas, Diastolic blood pressure is the lowest blood pressure between heartbeats. It gives you a better idea about the risk of facing a stroke or a heart attack. But, in some situations, especially people who are less than 40 years, it so happens that diastolic BP is more important than systolic.

When is blood pressure considered to be high?

Blood pressure above 140/90mmHg is said to be high. High blood pressure overloads your heart and arteries. High blood pressure can also increase the build-up of plaque on your artery walls which clogs the flow of blood to your heart muscle. Thus, risking you of getting a heart attack.

Check your Blood Pressure Regularly

Regularly check your blood pressure to get the most accurate BP reading. Using a cuff that fits you properly is important. The cuff should fit you perfectly but make sure you don’t wear it too tight. The cuffs are available in different sizes. Note that improper fitting of the cuff is sure to give you a wrong reading. Make sure you sit straight. Rest both your feet on the floor while measuring your blood pressure. Don’t cross your legs. Before taking the reading, put the cuff on your arm for 5 minutes, without any movement or talking. Check this in-depth review on Omron blood pressure machines as Omron in the No.1 brand globally.

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