Best BBQ Grill in Saudi Arabia

اقرأ هذا المقال باللغة العربية

Get the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia if you’ve always wanted a live BBQ evening with friends and family but didn’t have a grill. Why spoil your plans just for a BBQ grill. Get the best one today. Know everything about grill, the specifications, brands and prices of it at one place. The best BBQ grills in Saudi Arabia are here. Be it Charcoal based, gas or even electric BBQ Grill you will know everything here, Have a look.

Quick List

GrillTypeCheck Price
Vichens Outdoor BBQ Charcoal Grill CharcoalPrice on
Lixada Portable Barbecue Charcoal Grill Charcoal Price on
Kbabe Portable Charcoal Grill Charcoal Price on
Char-Broil Classic 360 Liquid Propane Gas Grill Gas Price on
Kenwood Electric Health Grill
Electric Price on
Geepas Barbecue Griller Electric Price on
iLve Electric Barbecue Grill Electric Price on

Best Charcoal BBQ Grills in Saudi Arabia

Rank 1: Vichens Outdoor BBQ Charcoal Grill

  • Curated Finish: It has been designed to be corrosive free and to protect the make from dents. You don’t have to worry about the rust formation and can keep it clean as you require it.
  • Compact size: It is suitable for any use whether indoor or outdoor , you can simply move it as you need it.
  • Ease of use: The ergonomic handles and the foldability makes it the best pick
  • Price: It is available for just SAR 64 which is cheapest option.

Rank 2: Lixada Portable Barbecue Charcoal Grill

  • Sturdy Look: It is made of stainless steel ensures you the durability and sturdiness as required for a grill even useful for outdoor purposes.
  • Free Airflow: There are two vents at the sides to allow the required airflow and very efficient fuel burning.
  • Design: The ergonomic handles are easy to use without getting burnt for the heat and the detachable legs make it convenient while moving it from inside to outside and vice versa.
  • Price: It is available at SAR 214 which is pure value for money.

Rank 3: Kbabe Portable Charcoal Grill

  • Easy To carry: Its very easy to carry anywhere you go , be it picnic, camping, beach you can carry it along for your BBQ nights.
  • Low Smoke Grilling: You can control the heat accordingly as per your requirements using the rotatory movement for air and it doesn’t give any soot and provides lampblack effect op to 90%.
  • Safe make: It is made of premium powder based coating steel completely non toxic and durable.
  • Easy to clean: You could disintegrate the grate and container and wash it in the dishwasher , they are dishwasher safe.
  • Price: Priced slightly more than other options at a price of SAR 661.

Best Gas BBQ Grill in Saudi Arabia

Char-Broil Classic 360 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

  • Porcelain Coating: The entire body of the grill is porcelain coated . There is 360 square inches of cooking space and 170 square inch swing a way rack are all porcelain coated.
  • Side Burner: You can also parallely cook any side dishes and sauces on the same space using the 8000 btu side burner. There are already 3 main stainless steel in line burners for the cooking.
  • Porcelain Steel Lid: This is to ensure that the grill withstands all kinds of weather situations like rain, snow etc.
  • Dimensions: 61.2 x 130 x 110.5 cm and weighs about 22 Kg
  • Price: It costs about SAR 1254 but is totally worth all your money.

Best Electric BBQ Grills in Saudi Arabia

Rank 1: Kenwood Electric Health Grill

Model No : HG230

  • Tech Specifications: The 1700 W electric grill has a non sticky griddle for placing the food perfect for your steaks, grills and BBQs.
  • Fat Elimination: The grill surface has the special features to reduce the fats and oils from your delicacies.
  • Clean cooking space: It has the drip tray for all the cooking juices and excessive oils to flow to them for easy separation and cleaning process is also easier with this.
  • Glass Lid: The glass lid enables to keep your food hot until its served and also lets you see through while your meat is being grilled.
  • Dimensions: 58.6 x 55.8 x 38.6 cm
  • Price: It costs about SAR 309 which is quite a deal for a electric grill

Rank 2: Geepas Barbecue Griller

Model No: GBG877

  • Power: The 2000 W power Electric grill runs with a voltage of 220-240 V provides very quick response to the roasting.
  • Indication Light: It indicates power connection with the light indicator and also immediately indicates if it is not working or has an issue.
  • Stainless Steel Make: The grill is made of stainless steel and a black body for the rest of it with ultra cold handles for holding.
  • Price: It is cheap pricing SAR 144

Rank 3: iLve Electric Barbecue Grill

  • Knob Control: The heat adjustment could be done through the knob control provided at the base in readable figures
  • Light Indication: The power indication is through the light and any damage may also be detected from the same.
  • Power: Its a high power grill with 25,000 W power thus enabling you easy and quick grilling working at a voltage of 220 V.
  • Easy to Clean: You can easily clean the grill surface of any oil stains or spillage with dampened cloth.
  • Price: This costs you a whooping amount of SAR 1328 which is quite a high price for the offering but it surely ensures the quality.

Range of BBQ’s Body Material

While selecting a BBQ this factor is important the reason being the body material ensures the life span and the quality of food produced by the BBQ grill. Therefore don’t try to save by purchasing a not so good quality of material grill. Here are some materials you can consider while hunting for the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia.

Cast Aluminum

If outdoor cooking is your thing. You might want to consider cast aluminum. Since this is a material that is durable and will last a long while. They are also easy to maintain in the long run. You can say that this material retains heat quite well as well. And while you are cooking it is essential that the heat should be around 80–100 BTUs per square inch of cooking space. (for in-depth BTUs details read on). This material is considered to be better as it can deal with the outside elements much better than stainless steel since the latter can vary a lot in quality.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bodies are strong and a preferred material while cooking even if it’s professionally. Thus, they can be a little expensive. But then again there are a variety of materials in stainless steel, therefore you need to inspect the grill quite well. Most manufactures do not use steel frames since those have a possibility of rusting. Furthermore, it would be advised to check the gauges of the BBQ grill. Since this contributes towards the thickness of the device and lowers the gauges the better the thickness. The thicker the steel the better the material. Moreover, stainless steel is good to use because heat is spread out evenly. As this material deals better with heat allowing it grill to heat faster and retain the heat. Allowing you to cook your meal well inside out. Temperatures possible with a stainless steel grill can not be reached with any other material.

Painted Steel

You might already have the cast aluminum or stainless steel BBQ grill or don’t yet. Either way, consider painted steel. Now you can just get an already painted one or you can paint it your self as a DIY project. Painted steel is considerably better since normal metal be it stainless or cast can rust when it comes in contact with any outside elements. Thus, causing it to lose its shine and make the grill seem older then it is. Therefore, getting yourself a painted steel grill not only contributes towards its lifespan but also ups its aesthetics.

Word of advice if you take up the painting DIY task, cover the areas you wish not to paint with masking tape to make it neater and easier. Moreover, while painting ensures your paint from the foot of the grill upwards and then make sure to apply a coat of heat-resistant metal spray paint.

Available Grill Sizes

When you choose the physical body outlook of the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia you have to consider the size of the grill as well. Have an estimate of how many people you will be feeding with this grill. Depending on this you would consider which is the most suitable one. You will not want to keep having batches for food grilling while your BBQ party is in full swing. The measurement of the grilling area is in square inches. This includes the warming rack and cooktop if included. Therefore if possible look for the surface’s measurements only.

Large grill

Getting a larger grill is not only useful for when you have to sever a large group of people. But is also so you can get the cooking done faster in a more controlled manner. Since controlling the heat of these burners can be done individually. It’s easy to cook lighter food items directly. But for denser foods like some potato and chicken higher heat is necessary to cook your whole food batch just right.

Once you do get the large grill it is necessary for you not to pack every space on your grill while cooking. Make sure you have around 20-25% of your grill empty. This is as security reasons for cases when an area might get overheated and you have to move your food around. Besides this larger grills are considered good for larger families or small gatherings which have around 650 square inches of cook space. Whereas if your expecting a bigger crowd then the best would be somewhere above 800 square inches.

Small grill

This is the most suitable grill size if you have a smaller family and friend circles. Since you have gas grills which are smaller yet have up to 3 burners which can be switched off individually as and when needed. There are even charcoal grills in the small sizes if that’s what you prefer. Generally, you have grills in the small section with cooking area up to 450-500 square inches. Even though to make up for the lack of size you can add accessories to your grill to expand your cooking space. That is by adding another level to the grill. Or you can simply even get yourself a warming rack. Moreover, these grills are better and more efficient when you have lesser outdoor space.

Portable grill

For more of you outdoor needs like camping, picnics, even backyard dinners or on a caravan road trip. A portable grill is the one you need. Since these portable grills mostly have a stand or are on wheels it allows you to move the grill around without any limitation. Moreover, these grills are lightweight and you can cook a good amount of meals for 3 people. Furthermore, Portable grills are great for when you aren’t a frequently using the barbecues. As these function as the the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia because you can easily put them away when not in use. And they won’t take too much space since they are smaller and lighter then 30 pounds and the cherry on top is that they are cheaper.

There you have it some of the features to look for in the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia. But wait as previously promised here is a section you need to know about BTU. What is it? How it is important? And everything you need to know.

What is BTU?

BTU refers to the cooking power used by the grill. Where BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. Generally, the function of the is to tell you the amount of fuel consumed. So, this would mean if your grill has a higher BTU rate then the fuel consumption would be more and vice versa. You would think that a higher BTU rate will produce more heat. But not really in this case in comparison to the vent size and the cooking space offered. These type of grills misses the mark. Therefore, try to get a grill which offers 80-100 BTUs per square inch of cooking space.

The BTUs which is higher will consumes more fuel. But for you, it is necessary to get a grill which does just the work done. Also, point to remember is you want to get a sturdier frame as those retain better heat. Which means that you can get the required heat without having high BTUs rating.

Features to Look Out for

Then we come to the features of the grill. The features of the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia would still depends on the type of meals you plan to cook on the grill. Therefore, watch out for your needs.

Side Burners

You don’t go around underestimating the power of a side burner. They can work wonders along with the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia. Although in most cases they go unused just because people don’t know what to do with them. Well, basically these burners are good for side dishes like sweet corn, sauteed onions, garlic bread, seafood and lots more to accompany your steak. These side burners save on the time you would spend preparing the side dish indoors on your stove. Get yourself a cast iron or stainless steel utensil and unleash the full potential of your gill. Preparing anything right from soups to eggs.

Main burners

Of every BBQ grill, the main star player is the main burners. Where you can adjust the heat as per your need either to smoke or sear any meat be it on gas, electric or a propane grill. These burners need to be cared for as without them the grill isn’t as effective. Moreover, these are made of materials like cast iron and stainless steel. Therefore, when the gas mixes with the air it can damage the burners in long run. Which can be quite dangerous and not good for your cooking as well. And if you do see any signs of damage it is necessary for you to replace those areas as you can get replacement parts easily.

Storage shelves & cabinets

Storage shelves and cabinets are an underrated part of a BBQ grill. Mostly they are looked over as not essential. That this into account, you can cooking outdoors with your grill and then you have the need to place down a butter bowl, tongs or skewers. But wait you have no where to keep them so you’ll have to get yourself additional table for the grill. Which isnt convenient. Among the party chaos you can have a place to quickly place down any item and go join in the fun for a while.


Roasting is a more convenient way of cooking as compared to grilling especially for larger meat. You might have noticed when grilling meat that the outside charres whereas the inside remains undercooked. This is because grilling uses directional open flame. Whereas in roasting your food would be cooked slowly from inside out. Although it might be a long and slower cooking process since it take up to 3 hours. But the wait will be worth it as it leave your food juicy, tender and with a blend of flavours. This is because the heat is spread all over and uses more of hot air rather then flames to cook the food. Thus reducing any possiblity of charrded food with raw centres.


Nothing to be shy off if your not sure what are grates. Basically they are lined metal surfaces that you can place over the flame and rest your food over it while you cook. There are a few grates and grills while allow you to adjust the height so you can control the approximately how far or close to the flame you cook. These graters are strong and must be able to heat up well enough to cook. therefore you get different types of grates as well. Which have their own pros and cons. Here is a brief on each one of them.


Aluminium, as you will know, is a good conducted of heat. Which is why we have plenty of aluminium vessels made. But when it comes to a grill they are available but still not common. Which is why there aren’t widely used.


Porcelain grates too ensures you longevity, if of good quality. But this is possible only if they are cared for properly. These grates come with the base of steel of coated iron with porcelain covering. Since it is a covering there is a possibility of this coating to chip off. The chip can affect the life of the grate. Thus, it is advised to not use metal tools and scrapers on this type of material.


If you have a bit of a tight budget a steel grate works just fine. Since they are affordable, durable and heat up nicely and fast. Moreover, if you don’t plan to use your BBQ grill often this is a good alternative. The downside though too can be that they too can lose their chip and temper with time. But for the price, they are good enough.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is an ideal choice to go by since they are very durable as compared to any other metal. But also be aware that if you get yourself an off-brand one of cheap quality, durblity isn’t assured. As the heat can damage the metal and give out a mix of metal taste into your food. Therefore, if you have a heavier cast iron grates they are considered of good quality. But also is expensive and requires minimum maintenance after every use. Only with proper care will these grates last you a really long time.

Here you have a few important features to keep in mind while choosing the best BBQ grill for your Saudi Arabia home.

Tools & Accessories to Consider

Tools and accessories are important but not to the extent that you HAVE to get them. But if you want to have a proper barbecue experience they are necessary. Therefore, here is a list of a few things you need to invest in along with the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia.

Drip pan

With just one tool as the drip pan, you can have the best-barbecued meals along with the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia. How, you ask? Create a good sauce with your meat from the dripping grease. especially when working with beef and turkey. Another point is that a drip pan can absorb the heat of the fire which will add to the humidity and lower the temperature down a bit. Furthermore, the vapour mixed with the gasses adds to the flavour. Besides this be aware that your drip pan should be at least 1-inch deep and 3 inches beyond the cooking area. Not only to catch the drip but also as the pan can cause flare-ups.

Smoker box

If you already have a gas or propane grill and you find the touch of smokiness missing. Don’t worry you don’t need to get a grill just because of that as you can get yourself a smoker box. Just throw in some wood in the box and place it on your grill. Although make sure to get a good quality one as it must dwell the high heating temperatures. Furthermore, make sure it doesn’t corrode as well with moisture. This box gives you that woody flavour since it has a special slot for wood which you otherwise can’t add to a propane grill. However, make sure that you keep in mind that the smoker box needs extra time to heat up in order to give you that smokey flavour.


A cover shouldn’t be debated upon. Hands-down get yourself this! As with the help of a cover you can prevent your grill from being exposed to the outside elements and weather conditions. Which will reduce the health of the BBQ grill no matter how good it is. Even if you think that the indoor storage will save it. Trust us it won’t. Especially with the moisture and if it is an iron cast one. A cover enables you to maintain the same shine from day one.

Heat distributors

Trust the name, that’s exactly what this tool does. If you cook with charcoal or pellets you know that cooking heat isn’t evenly distributed. Thus, this tool! To make sure every part of your cooking area heats up the same. Furthermore, this lightens the load and prevents dripping of marination or grease straight on the burners. Which in turn makes sure that they have a prolonged life. BBQ flareups are common and this tool reduces them in a significant amount. Besides this, for prolonged life of the heat distributors make sure you let them cool and then clean them after your BBQ evening. And since this is a metal keep them away from moisture, this way you don’t end up corroding them.


To make sure you aren’t struggling as if you were in medieval times, a lighter is a must. Get yourself the petroleum-based, plant-based or the oil/bio-gas one. Whatever you would like to use. If not that you can use paper to start up the coat fire or simply use an electric charcoal fire starter along with your charcoal. But do be careful as you wouldn’t want to cause any accidents with the lighter or fire.

Cooking accessories

Having the basics like a grill brush, set of skewers, tongs, serving trays, food brush and since safety first gloves will make do. You don’t need each and every fancy BBQ tool you might come across. Just look for the basics of good quality and you’re ready.

Conversion Kit

Now If you own a gas BBQ switching to a liquid propane one can be near impossible. Emphasis on the ‘near’. Because you can switch if you have a conversion kit. With just a bit of added cost, you can have your desired type of grill. Although having this kit can be a bit of work. And if you are new to BBQ grill this method is not advice. Therefore, take your pick with the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia wisely. As if you can save on expenses and effort then why not?!


Lighting is your friend, trust us! If you’ve had a BBQ in the evening I’m sure you the struggles. Therefore, if you have a shelf to place your lamp you will be much better off. Besides, lighting can set a good mood for your BBQ evenings.


Again your BBQ won’t be possible without BBQ utensils. Therefore, invest in good quality utensils be in cast iron, cast aluminium, stainless steel or porcelain-coated ones. As these are not just durable but also heat up quite well and are easy to clean from any stains. But remember, Quality over anything else!

There you have all the essentials and needed tools to have the best BBQ experience. So get the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia to enjoy the BBQ experience. But make sure you care for it to have a long run recurring experience. Read on to know more about a BBQ grill.

More Energy-Efficient – Electric vs Gas?

A question? A doubt? A dilemma? Whatever you might think it is it’s only natural if you’re confused between the two. Consider this, natural gas might not be feasible if you do not live within the municipality area. But if you can conveniently get natural gas, this is a much more cost-efficient option rather then propane. Besides that, if you compare the two it can be difficult to judge. Since after all, they are different types of energies. Generally, an electric grill consumes around 1,250 watts of electricity. And on the other hand, a gas grill would depend on the duration your use it.

Moreover, if you already use natural gas for your home then you have no issue and is much convenient to stick to the gas grill. Since using electricity is slightly on the higher side than gas. To be specific its three times more. Regardless of the type of grill, you purchase there are a few things you can do to save energy. Therefore, doesn’t matter which one you go for, just chose the most convenient option for you. But you can be a bit energy-efficient, here a few ways:

  • Cooking is smaller portions will save more. Since smaller chunks cook faster.
  • Control the gas usage for the gas grill with the help of heat zones. Make sure you use high heat zones for searing whereas the lower one to add the finishing touch.
  • Try covering your food items when cooking so that you can save energy/fuel by cooking your food with the hot air within.
  • Try using the additional feature only when it is needed and not as a regular full set-up.

Setting up your Grill

If you previously owned a BBQ grill and know about the way everything goes with it. But if you are new to a grill. Hold on and think about the set-up. Will it be in your capabilities? Since even the best can get lost in the grill assembly process. In such a case get one of those easier to assemble or already assembled floor models.

Besides if you have additional accessories which will need assembling this could add to the task and make it more time consuming and tedious. So, make sure you don’t wait for the last minute fo the BBQ grill set-up de it well in advance. As finding the right nuts and bolts, proper shelf placement added to the actual grill set-up can take up a good 40 minutes or so. If you have any doubt about anything make sure to check the manual or do some online research of tutorials and everything to make sure you aren’t wrong.

Maintaining a BBQ Grill

Maintaining your BBQ grill is one topic which cannot be skipped, neither can it be overstated. Since only if you clean, maintain and care for your BBQ grill can you assure a good health and life of the grill. Furthermore, you can have tastey and healthy food anytime you wish. Moreover, if you regulaly clean your grill and accessories you will have less problems, avoid rusting and any breakage. Besides this, cleaning your grill reduces troublesome buildup, avoids rusting, and breakage of your grill. Falting which you will land up with a shabby and old looking BBQ grill. And in such as suitation you can garantee the quality of the food either.

Make sure you wipe your grill after every use. If you have a coal grill make sure you empty it out and clean any deposits of the ask. Thoroughly, clean your accessories. Especially the grates. Those need to be cleaned before and after. Suppose you have porcelain-coated items clean them with the right liquid cleaning agent. The best way to do so is to take half cup baking soda and half cup water mix them and use it as a cleaning agent.

Clean your BBQ burners, but delicately. Here is the right way to clean your grill burners of the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia.

Step one includes you having to remove the burners from the grill delicately after removing all the necessary screws and parts. Then using the special grill cleaning brush or a stainless steel scrubber to remove any remains of food or grease. But while doing this do not add any sort of cleaning agent. Furthermore, clean the gas holes of the burner with a sharp-tipped object. Be cautious enough not to damage the burner. Followed by giving the burner a little shake to ensure that you have all the debris out, that includes the tube. Once this is done make sure you reinstall the burner properly back as it was into the BBQ grill.

Be a BBQ Host

With that you have all you need to know about the best BBQ grill in Saudi Arabia. This is the all you need guide of everything you might need to know before and after buying your very own BBQ grill. So now you can ahead and host your own BBQ parties and events in your own house.

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