Best Barcode Scanner in UAE – Expert Reviews [2024]

At any point of time, you must have come across a bar code scanner. The best barcode scanner in UAE is what I’m here to brief you about. Those little flashing light machines which are used at the counter for billing purposes. Yes, those machines. Now the question might arise as to why do I need a barcode scanner? Well in today’s time the use of a barcode is much more common. This might not just be in terms of using a bar but also quick response (QR) code which is the ‘new thing’ at the moment.

Getting a bar code is a better choice as it is more prone to give correct values and is much more time-efficient as you wouldn’t have to manually write or type figures. This could be untrustworthy in the billing process especially because we as humans are more prone to mistakes than a machine.

Best Barcode Scanner in UAE

Best Barcode Scanner in UAE- Quick List

Barcode ScannerMobilityDirectionalityCodes SupportedCheck Price
OSCAR UniBar IIBluetooth ConnectionBi-directional LaserBarcode & QR codePrice on
EyoyoWired- USB, Wireless- Bluetooth & dongleBi-directional LaserBarcode & QR codePrice on
Honeywell Orbit 7120 USB, Serial, Keyboard Wedge, IBM 46xx (RS485),
Light Pen Wand Emulation
Omnidirectional Laser1D & GS1 DataBarPrice on
MUNBYN USB & BluetoothBi-directional Laser1D, 2D & QR barcodePrice on
OSCAR OS-60CBRUSB HID Keyboard / USB VCP MemoryBi-directional Laser1D, GS1 DataBarPrice on

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Different Form Factors of Barcode Scanners

Handheld Wired

Handheld Barcode scanners are simple and easy to use in general. The only point one should keep in mind in the case of a handheld wired scanner is that it is a cheaper option as compared to the other products in terms of form. Also, consider the fact that being cheaper does it fulfil your needs? As after all it isn’t mobile and is a connection to the computer device with a wire cord. This restricts most of the movement other than anything near the main computing device.

Cordless with Docking Station

Unlike the handheld barcode device, this one has no need to hold it in the hand while in use. This is mainly because the scanning device is with the factor of convenience in mind. As the makers have attached the scanning head to a stand like structure. Which allows the taking of the product to the device and not the other way round. Although comfortable to use, it doesn’t allow too much mobility still. This is mainly as the device is still in contact with the computer and hence can’t be placed too far from it.

Handheld Wireless

The working of the handheld scanner is simple enough. You just have to point the scanning head towards the barcode and press the button. This, in turn, scans the code and presents you with all the details. Keeping the fact that this handheld device is without any cord or wire as such it is much more mobile to use. This is a good factor to highlight. These are devices which stay in contact with the computing device with the help of a Bluetooth connection or even Wifi.


Barcode scanner comes in different forms. Even though some might be a tad bit cheap or even mobile. But some like the sort of a tabletop barcode scanner as the name might hint isn’t mobile. As these are ones which are fixed and bolted onto the table are ones which provide little to none mobility. But look at the bright side, it has an added feature to make up for that. Which is that the device is omnidirectional. This means that this device functions with sensors which can pick out and scan the codes even through glass. Also, they have a bigger range and areas from which an omnidirectional scanner can pick up the codes.

Now that I have covered the physical forms of barcode scanners available in the market. This will make the selecting and shortlisting of the best barcode scanner in UAE easier for you. So, let’s head on to the features of the best barcode scanner in UAE.

Rank 1: OSCAR UniBar II

OSCAR UniBar II is the top-ranked product on the list of the best barcode scanner in UAE. This declaration has been made after the vast product searching to make your hunt easy. Go ahead and check out why OSCAR UniBar is better than the rest.

Best Barcode Scanner in UAE
  • Supportable Codes: This number one ranked product can scan both 1D as well as 2D codes. That is it can scan QR codes as well as barcodes.
  • Scannable Areas: It is possible to take these codes right from a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, LCD as well as paper.
  • Scanning Technology: The availability of area-imaging technology is an easy scanning method.
  • Connectivity: The option for this device to connect with any other device for the bar scanning to happen is with the help of a Bluetooth connection.
  • Connectable Devices: With the help of the Bluetooth feature one can connect to any device which has the function of Bluetooth connectivity. Be it mobile phones or tablets.
  • Additional Connection: The function of the USB dongle is that one can pair with the computer, laptop, post terminal, etc with ease.
  • Warranty: This product allows you to avail the warranty up to 3 years from the delivery of the product.
  • Price: With features like these the set price of AED 390 is not too expensive.

Rank 2: Eyoyo

With stunning features like these, this product has made it up to the list of the top-ranking products. Read on further to know some of the amazing features to consider from.

  • Compatibility: The ability to connect this barcode scanner to not just a computer but also a mobile phone, tablets, etc is a good feature. Besides the feature that this device works on Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Windows Mobile, Android OS, iOS.
  • Connectivity: This barcode scanner has a dual connectivity option. This is the wired USB connection as well as wireless connection with the help of the dongle and Bluetooth.
  • Transmission Distance: The wireless transmission allows for mobility up to 150m / 492ft with the 2.4G wireless mode. And with the help of the Bluetooth, the transmission distance will be up to 50m / 164ft.
  • Battery: With a 1800mAh rechargeable battery which can last until 12 hours from a single charge is a good point to note.
  • Offline Storage Mode: The availability of the offline storage mode which is up to 16MB can store at least 50,000 barcodes. When full you can upload the content on to the computing device.
  • Scanner: The scanner accepts both 1D and 2D codes in terms of, on a paper or screens.
  • Price: The approximate selling price is AED 200.

Rank 3: Honeywell Orbit 7120

Honeywell, this popular and trustable brand being featured into this list is no surprise. The various reasons why this product has a bunch of good features are listed below. Have a look.

  • Scanning Technology: The omnidirectional scanning used allows for quicker and more efficient scan time.
  • Compatibility: With the equipped features, this product can easily allow the decoding of 1D and GS1 DataBar codes.
  • Connectivity: This barcode scanner works efficiently with the help of a cord as it scans the product and gives out detailed information about the same.
  • Host Interface: The host interface is the receiving end of the data scanned by the barcode scanner. Although the barcode scanner is with a cord, the host interface receives information via a USB, serial, keyboard wedge, IBM 46xx (RS485), light pen wand emulation.
  • Space Efficient: This product, being small uses up very little space. And so as it is a scanner which need not be moved every single time, it can effectively make room for any other product.
  • Durability: Keeping in mind the environment and the inevitable particles in the air, this product is designed to the maximum care. So, as the scanner is sealed the airborne particles do not enter the machine directly. And doesn’t harm the functioning of the scanning machine.
  • Price: The price AED 430 isn’t too much to shell out if the features of this product are so good.

Rank 4: MUNBYN

Another good product which has features to wow you out of your shoes. With great battery life and various compatible modes, what else can you look for? Obviously lots more, which is why you need to read every feature.

  • Battery: The large battery-powered reservoir which can last for almost 12 hours on just three to four hours of charging is a great feature. These long-lasting batteries are lithium-powered which means they are rechargeable with 2000mAh size.
  • Connectivity: No need for any hassle as these products are easily connectable with the help of USB and Bluetooth Wireless function.
  • Compatibility: The ability to function just as well on any device is a plus point. This plus point is a function available here. As it works with all Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Tablet.
  • Increase Efficiency: With modes like Normal and Inventory available. It has become so much more easier to have even distorted codes right quicker without any waste of time.
  • Scanner: This scanner can easily identify any 1D and 2D codes without any hassle.
  • Decoding Abilities: Who can say no to a product which can identify any code easily and efficiently. This works even if the code is broken, blurry or of high-density barcodes.
  • Price: This product is available for just AED 390.

Rank 5: OSCAR OS-60CBR

  • Scanning Technology: This barcode scanner uses linear imager technology to make scanning of codes easier.
  • Connectivity: Since this device is connected with the help of USB HID Keyboard / USB VCP interface, it allows mobility around the area.
  • Compatibility: Easy to connect to any of the following systems Win OS / Mac OS / Linux / Android / iOS / Embedded OS. You will be sure to not come across any problem in this regards.
  • Scanner: With the OSCAR OS-60CBR you can decode any codes if they are in any of the 1D formats and GS1 DataBar formats.
  • Battery: The large lithium battery has the power holding capacity up to 2000mAh.
  • Price: Purchasing this barcode scanner at such a low price of AED 130 has to be one of your best buys of the year if not all time.

That was the list of the top-ranking barcode scanners in UAE. It wasn’t easy narrowing them down but it’s done and here it is. I’m sure making the decision for you right now is more of a bigger task at hand. And to simplify it a bit more for you, read on further. As I lend you some knowledge on some of the different types of directionality in a barcode scanner.

Omni Directional Vs. Bi-Directional Barcode Scanners

Just when you might have thought you had your choice locked and the only thing left to do is lay down your order you might come across the term. Directionality of a barcode scanner. And how you are back at being sceptical about your choice. Well, don’t you worry as this section of the article will explain the directionality of a barcode scanner.

The direction of the barcode scanner is the direction in which the laser scans the code. Omni- Directional scanner uses a bunch of straight and curved lines to scan and produce the information required. While a bi-directional scans like any other scanner from not just in one direction. Although it is more accepted as an Omni-directional scanner can read damaged codes as compared to the others. Each of the directional scanners have their pros and cons, which needs to be looked into while purchasing the best barcode scanner in UAE.

QR Codes Vs 1D Barcodes

The only significant difference between the two types of codes is that the barcode holds information in the horizontal direction, and a QR does the same vertically as well. This is why QR codes are two-dimensional because they carry information both vertically and horizontally. Another aspect would be that a QR code holds much more information in a concise amount of space. Rather than this, the respective advantages are as follows:

A barcode is a combination of black lines more commonly in a rectangular pattern. The machine (a barcode scanner) reads these line and provides with in-depth information about the product. The use of a barcode in most cases is almost everywhere on every product or/and item. This type of code being so common, the barcode scanner is a cheaper option as compared to other 2D scanners. Scanners, in general, allow speedy and efficient results without errors. Whereas the only problem which recently seemed to occur is the security aspect with the barcodes which the QR codes later fixed.

A QR code or a Quick Response code can hold double the information as compared to a barcode. Just like a barcode, this information can be read by a specifically designed 2D code scanner. Recently the barcode scanners have been able to read QR codes and other 2D codes. The QR codes are more secure as compared to a barcode. The information a QR stores is easily encrypted and allows for less room for error. This is the main reason why a QR code has more preference when it comes to sensitive information like personal details, bank details and even social media. And this is just the start of the potential of QR codes since it is a fairly newer concept.

Now that you know the difference between the two it will be easier for you to choose the best according to your needs. But just in case if your mind is still in a shaky position then here are some of the important features of a barcode scanner. Which can point you in the right direction in making the perfect choice of the best barcode scanner in UAE.

Important Features of Barcode Scanners


During the time when barcode scanners had not come into being, the only option was manually noting down the details of the product as this is a lot more time-consuming. Barcode scanner is more often than not, being used in the service industry. In fields like stores, travelling ports and stations and others. In these places, common folk like you and me are the main people to be pleased.

Since everyone is living a busy life who wouldn’t like to be ringed and checked out quickly. For this effectiveness, the feature of speed comes to play. Speed involves not only the speed of the receptionist handling the scanner but also the speed or time taken by the scanner itself to identify the product and provide with the information needed. So, if you are looking for productivity in your business then consider the feature of speed while purchasing the best barcode scanner in UAE.


Accuracy is one of the key selling points. Since this is the second-best reason to purchase a barcode scanner. First being time-efficient. To cut down on errors which might occur while a human manually notes down details, the best barcode scanner in UAE can be adopted. A barcode scanner has the ability to scan through a tonne of products and get quick results for the same, that too with a 99.9% chance to be wrong. And this must-have feature in the best barcode scanner in UAE makes it worth purchasing.

Battery Capacity for Wireless

While purchasing your own set of a barcode scanner you also have to consider the usage. Which means you have to consider how would the barcode scanner be used on a regular basis. That is if it would be used on the field or inside an office setting. If you opt for outdoor use then the battery capacity is a feature to look into. A barcode scanner must be able to last for long hours or a whole shift so that the work environment can function without any hassle. Along with the battery capacity, the ability to charge quickly would also be an added cherry on the cake.


While working in any work environment a little bit for wear and tear is bound to happen. In these terms, wear and tear is a bit of rough or rugged use of the device. So, it’s always better to be safe than sorry by selecting the best barcode scanner in UAE which can handle and work just as fine with a bit of misuse. For example a drop of the device or even a bit of rough use. These barcode scanners might be a bit not the pricy side but will be totally worth every penny.

Barcode Scanner FAQs

Do we need any special software for Barcode Scanners?

No, in most case scenario there is no requirement for a special application or software to be loaded into the system. This is because they work as like any other input device, either connected to the computer with the help of a cord or another option is that with the help of Bluetooth, wifi or with a pre-connected device to the computer.

While this doesn’t hold firm for some products as some companies opt for the specially designed software. With the help of which only the barcode scanner can function properly.

Is a Cordless Barcode Scanner better or wireless?

Not really, as in this case a cordless and wireless scanner is considered one and the same. And the only definable way to differentiate the two is that wireless scanners do not have wires and a cordless scanner has no cords. By no cords I mean, it doesn’t have cords which may connect the device to a power supplying source. Either which way a wireless or cordless barcode scanner is considered better than a normal or wired scanner. As the wired ones are restrictive and not portable.

What are the advantages of an Omni-directional barcode scanner?

The Omni-directional barcode scanner has quite a few advantages over the normal and basic barcode scanner. Some of which are as follows:

The Omni-directional scanner is much more sensitive as it can detect barcodes which may be damaged by heat, light, environmental or water damages. The multi-angle scanning allows for scanning in a wider area and hence hastens the scanning process. Thus making the whole process of scanning the products much more time-efficient, and convenient to use. Therefore not only saving your time but also the customer’s time as everyone is always in a hurry.

Is the barcode scanner light harmful?

No in general terms the light emitted by the barcode scanner isn’t harmful to people be it the skin or any other body part. But in the case of the light affecting the eyes is a whole different case. As the eyes of humans are a sensitive area. And is advised to keep away from contact with the eyes.

The flashing of the light in this area might not cause damage as such. As it is a human reflex to divert the eyes from the beam. But you also have to consider the cases of people who wear prescribed contact lenses. This could magnify the beam of light which in turn can harm the eye. Besides this, some disabilities in people can slower their reflex action which might, in turn, affect the eyesight as well.

Be Professional and Efficient

Now that you’re informed all that you need to know in order to make a great and advised choice make it. Say goodbye to your manual filing and scanning through detailed product information. Adopt a scanner and you will not have to worry about the same. Be more efficient and professional in terms of your business and make sure to satisfy your customers as well. And that’s not it, your employees too will now have wider smiling faces with a load of manual filing out of the list. If you do wish to make your workplace more efficient make sure to also check out the best thermal barcode label printed in UAE.

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