Beard and Hair Care Styling Products for Men in UAE

Did you wish to extend No Shave November to No Shave Ever? If yes, then here are some beard and hair care styling products for men residing in UAE. Right from beard and hair wash, beard combs to beard stylers and beard and hair straighteners, we have it all covered in one place. We have researched for 90+ hours to put forth the safest and best products to suit and meet your grooming requirements. Yes, this very same space has it all, so you don’t have to spend more time researching elsewhere. Therefore, you can grow that stubble, shape your beard well and grow and maintain a healthy scalp and your hair easily. However, if you want to shave or trim your beard and get a neat chop, then you can do these things too with the help of these products.

Styling Products for Men – Quick List

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Beard + Hair + Face 3-in-1 Wash


Clean it! Soften it! Style it!
Format: Gel
Volume: 200 ml
Country of Origin: France

  • 3-in-1 Formula: A 3-in-1 wash formula that is not only suitable for your beard but also for your hair and face. What makes this product so special? Well, the fact is that it is enriched with Cedarwood Essential Oil.
    • For your Beard: It washes away all the beard flakes and dandruff, thus, removing residue. This leaves your beard feeling smooth and soft and also makes it look darker and thicker.
    • Face: Besides deeply cleansing, it also gently purifies your skin.
    • Hair: When it comes to using it on your hair, it cleanses and conditions your hair, thus leaving you with a comfortable experience. Your scalp feels calm and good, leaving you relaxed.
  • Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil: This oil reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth by balancing the oil-producing glands in the scalp. Additionally, it also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore, it can treat different conditions that may contribute to hair loss or dandruff. Moreover, it also thickens your hair and makes your scalp healthy and nourished.
  • Safe to Use: Besides being enriched with Cedarwood essential oil, there are other factors that make this product safe to use. It doesn’t include colorants, soap or parabens. Additionally, no ingredients derived from animals are used in making this 3-in-1 wash.
  • Price: L’Oreal Paris Men EXPERT NEW BARBERCLUB is available for an estimated cost of AED 40.

Ultra Precise Beard Styler with DualCut Technology

PHILIPS Multigroom Series 1000

  • Skin-friendly Foil Shaver: When it comes to shaving all those tricky places, you’ve got to thank the 21 mm skin-friendly detail foil shaver. This shaver is creatively designed to fit into small spaces easily. And that too with more precision than a blade.
  • Facilitates Even Trimming: The styler comes along with 3 precision combs that facilitates even trimming. Thus, making it easier for you to maintain.
  • Maintain Uniform Length Easily: Maintaining a uniform length for your stubble, sideburns, moustache and whole beard is easy breezy to achieve. No more struggling.
  • Freedom to Choose the Precise Length: The click on precision combs are available in 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm length variations. All that you need to do is select the precise length that you need and go ahead with it.
  • Advanced DualCut Technology: Equipped with the advanced dualcut technology, this trimmer provides you with a precision cut that shows visibly defined results. Additionally, this technology fuses together a double sharpened cutting element with low friction engineering.
  • Waterproof and Sturdy: Now, you can easily clean this trimmer and its combs without any complication. Simply place the trimmer and the combs under a running tap and watch them get clean. All thanks to its waterproof and sturdy nature.
    • No Fear of Damage: This indicates that you can take the trimmer with you in the shower without the fear of damaging the product due to accidental splashes.

Additional Features of PHILIPS Multigroom Series 1000

  • Brush: This brush that comes along with the PHILIPS Multigroom Series 1000 Ultra Precise Beard Styler makes it easy to clean the blades after usage.
  • Better Control: Regardless of how wet your hands are, you will always have a good control over the trimmer while using it. The soft touch rubber grip assures you the best hold besides its ergonomic design which also contributes to the same.
  • Embedded with AA Batteries: So that you don’t have to wait and waste time, the trimmmer is at your service anytime. Since it is embedded with AA batteries, it is always ready when you need it.
  • Blades Don’t Need Oiling: The best part is that even after prolonged usage, the blades of this trimmer don’t need oiling. This adds on to the convenience factor of this trimmer. What better can you ask for?
  • Price: Buy the PHILIPS Multigroom Series 1000 Ultra Precise Beard Styler for a price of around AED 110.

2-in-1 Beard Comb (Brush) + Portable Hair and Beard Straightener

LUOWAN Premium Negative Ion Electric Men’s Beard Brush and Hair Straightener

  • Multi-Function and Negative Ion Technology: Featuring a new negative ion technology and safe, ergonomic design that helps you groom your beard and hair without visiting the salon. It hydrates and smoothens your beard hair.
    • Also, you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair or skin irritation since the PCT technology and its special design together contribute towards preventing any damage from heat. Additionally, the MCH technology ensures even heat distribution. So, you can give your beard and hair health a score of 10/10.
    • Be ready to receive compliments from all the women and men for that neat, clean and well groomed beard.
  • Anti-scald Design: The high-quality bristles of the heated beard brush straightener protects the face and scalp from scald due to its anti-scald design. Additionally, this beard and hair straightening brush also has ceramic teeth with unique rubber. Hence, you can straighten your beard and hair without causing burns or injuries.
  • An Ideal Gift Option: You can gift this product to any bearded guy who is close to you; your father, husband, brother, son or any close friend or relative.
  • Adjustable Temperature: Selecting the appropriate temperature gives you satisfying results. For thick or coarse beard, you need to select the temperature 160°C/320°F. And for long beard and curly hair, you need to select the red light (220°C/392°F).
  • Price: Impress your friends, colleagues, and relatives with your well groomed beard and hair by purchasing this beard brush and hair straightener for an estimated cost of AED 100.

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