Best Office Chair in Dubai – Ergonomics, Price, Features [2023]

The best office chair in Dubai is specially designed for your comfort while you work. Top brands like Workspace, Multi-Home Furniture, Mahmayi, etc make sure that you have a good day at your work. Making your day productive with a chair is definitely an ideal way to work. If you look you will find over hundreds of articles explaining why you need a specific office chair for your work environment. Including reasons like it corrects posture. And well the best office chair in Dubai will prevent any strain or injury or any other after-effects of sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Read on to know what would be the best one for you and why.

Best Office Chair in Dubai – Quick List

Office ChairsDimensionsWarrantyCheck Price
Workspace Mann124 x 60 x 57 cms2 yearsPrice on
Multi-Home Furniture89.2 x 68.4 x 35.6 cms6 monthsPrice on
Mahmayi 27 x 25.8 x 39.2 inches2 yearsPrice on
Mahmayi Essentials52 x 53 x 90 cmsManufacturer DefectPrice on
Multi-Home Furniture58.2 x 56.6 x 28.6 cms6 monthsPrice on

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Types of Chairs

Before you go out and purchase the best office chair in Dubai for yourself. Make sure you know the available choices in the market for you to choose from. After all, this chair is going to be an essential part of your day. And you need one which would be the most comfortable for you. So, start from the bottom and know you have types to choose from.


Swivel chairs in some cases are also called as revolving chairs. Generally, these chairs are called this because they revolve around in a full 360 degrees on any side either the right or to the left. This allows easy movement and decreases the reason for you get up and out of your chair frequently. These are chairs which are adjustable in height as per your needs while you sit at your desk at work. Furthermore, these chairs give a modern yet professional outlook to your office environment.

High Back

As the name suggest this chair is one which supports your whole back right up to your shoulders and some even have a headrest attached to them. These chairs are also like the swivel chairs they have wheels and even the rotation feature. But besides that, they have the option where you can choose according to your preference you would you like a full backrest or one which covers your neck and head too. Moreover, with the high back chairs in your office, you tend to give off that vibe of authority. So, take your pick as per your needs and wants.

Fixed Base

These are basically like normal chairs. But the only difference is that these chairs are build keeping in mind the comfort aspect. As no one would like to sit on a hard based normal chair all day long. And so these fixed based chairs are designed with foam and cushion. Whereas the design of this chair is stationary as it has no movement or moving part.

Since we have covered this, we will go-ahead to the next section of this article. The rankings. Only intensive reading and research has shown the light on this matter of which is the best office chair in Dubai for you to get your hands on. Basically, because after all, they are one such product which you will be using constantly. So, settle for nothing but the best.

Rank 1: Workspace Mann Office Chair

  • Comfort: This office chair offers an ergonomic design for your office even if it is a home office. Keeping in mind the comfort aspect as well, this chair is designed with a unique Y-shaped design.
  • Material: The chair has been built with the mesh material which is good for hot environments. Besides this is the steel body frame which can undergo heavyweight as well. This steel polished body has casters which are sure to not squeak with the weight either.
  • Adjustability: Almost every other part of this chair is adjustable. The headrest, lumbar support, armrests and even the tilt tension can be controlled and adjusted as per your needs.
  • Dimensions: To make sure you are comfortable while using the chair. You have a 124 cms backrest height. Whereas for you to sit without any difficulty for long hours you have the 60 cms width and 57 cms depth of the seat. So, you can sit and adjust comfortably into the chair.
  • Warranty: This product offers a warranty of 2 years. This is in case of any breakage or problems faced with the chair.
  • Price: For this workspace office chair you will have to pay the estimated price of AED 490.

Rank 2: Multi-Home Furniture Office Chair

Model: MH-6143

  • Multi-Purpose: This chair can be used as a multipurpose chair as well and is not limited to just an office environment. Besides the office environment, this chair can be used as a computer chair, for gaming and also as a study chair for your kids.
  • Durability: Built to last for a very long time. As this is, after all, going to be used regularly. As they have used good high-quality material making the base lasting. Besides this, you have enhanced the stability of this device. Where it can take up heavyweight up to 120 kgs.
  • Adjustability: To make sure you have the right height and the much-needed comfort to work peacefully you have the feature of adjustability. Where you can adjust the height as well as the headrest angle as per your needs.
  • Comfort: Comfort is the main feature to look into while getting yourself a chair. Especially when you are going to be sitting on that chair for more than eight hours every day.
    • As this chair is equipped with cushions as well as extra padding. So, you will not feel tried or any sort of pain after your long work shifts.
    • Furthermore not to forget the headrest which also allows you to take mini breaks while working.
  • Dimensions: While getting furniture items dimensions are always needed. Likewise, for this chair, the dimensions are 89.2 x 68.4 x 35.6 cm. Therefore making the chair efficiently comfortable for you to sit all through the day.
  • Warranty: If by any chance you do have some damage to the chair you need not worry has the warranty has you covered. As the company offers you a 6 months warranty for the major parts of the chair.
  • Price: This Multi-Home Furniture’s chair is available at around the price of AED 350.

Rank 3: Mahmayi Office Chair

Model: HL-002566

  • Comfort: This chair is designed in special ergonomic design. With a double S curvature, you can support your back as well. Since this is the case the chair adapts to your posture and supports you all through the day. Moreover, it holds your spine perfectly and eases any pain and pressure off you back.
  • Adjustability: You can adjust the height of the chair as per your needs. If you are tall you can pull it higher to make sure you are comfortable while sitting on the chair doing the day.
  • Dimensions: Not to fret with this chair as this chair is comfortable for you to sit in. And obviously it will be since the dimensions of this device is 27 x 25.8 x 39.2 inches. Thus, you can’t expect anything lesser.
  • Material: Elevating your mood has not been easier with this chair. As even the material used has been build keeping in mind your comfort feature. As this chair is made with comfy leather upholstery. So, you would no longer feel like have been sitting down for long.
  • Warranty: This office chair is covered under warranty for a good long period of time of two-years so no need to be worried about any wear and tear.
  • Price: Get this Mahmayi office chair at the approximate price of AED 280.

Rank 4: Mahmayi Essentials Office Chair

Model: Gamning-chair-3083

  • Comfort: Build especially for long hours of sitting time with a large and unique design for a comfortable seating place. So, you can spend uninterrupted hours from all the important work you do during your day. Without having to get up constantly to re-adjust yourself and the seat of your chair.
  • Material: This chair is paired with a memory foam seat so it will remember your body and you will not feel uncomfortable again. This is because the memory foam will dip and curve at all the right places for you and it will give you the perfect jigsaw piece fit. Furthermore, the high-end gel cold cure foam for the lumbar/seat cushion area provides an added comfort layer.
  • Design: The ergonomically designed & extra high backrest provided by this office/ gaming chair gently embraces your body & supports your neck & spine. So you won’t have any unnecessary pressure on your back.
    • Moreover, this chair is equipped with the 360 degrees swivel. So you won’t have to sit in a single position for a long period of time. And the swivel either way is a good feature to have as it eliminated unnecessary getting up of the chair.
    • Also, the chair has 60mm caster wheels which make sure that you can perform a small task without too much hassle and even push the chair around without having to lift it.
  • Adjustability: With this chair, you have additional lumbar support which you can remove and put back whenever you feel the need. Besides this, you can just adjust the height, the angle and even the back adjustments by using different and the respective levers on the chair.
  • Dimensions: Being large enough to make you feel comfortable this chair has 52 x 53 x 90 cm as its dimensions. So, you will never have any complaints regarding this.
  • Price: This office from the Mahmayi brand would cost you around AED 310.

Rank 5: Multi-Home Furniture Office Chair

Model: MH-62110

  • Multi-Purpose: You can use this chair not just for your office but also for gaming, study and many more other purposes.
  • Comfort: Add this modern chair design to your office and say hello to the no aches and pains anymore. As this chair is designed for back and lumbar support while studying, gaming or working.
    • Having this chair you can have cushion and padding for extra comfort for the added extra comfort while sitting and spending your whole day at work. 
  • Durability: Since this chair is made with the help of metal you have the stability and durability feature checked for this product. Moreover, this chair was designed for the heavyweight. And can take up to 110 kgs on it.
  • Adjustability: This chair allows you to adjust the height of the chair. As with this, you can make sure to adjust yourself to the desk and workspace as per your needs and comfort levels.
  • Dimensions: To make sure that you get the best of this product the makers have kept that factor in mind and designed a comfortable chair for you to use. As the dimensions of this chair are 58.2 x 56.6 x 28.6 cm.
  • Warranty: The company of those product covers up to six months warranty on all the main moving parts of this chair. Like the hydraulic, machine and tyres. So, if you have any problem you can get it sorted with the company.
  • Price: This product can be yours just at the estimated price of AED 230.

And that was it for the listing of the best office chair in Dubai. With that, you can move on to the rest of the articles for a little more useful insights about the best office chair in Dubai. To ensure that you have the best at your dispense.

What to look for in an Office Chair

Now that you have made a good choice of the office chair in Dubai its time to make sure you have the best one. How you ask? Simply by making sure if the chair you selected checks all the boxes with the features listed. So, what are you waiting for? Go and find out more on the feature you need for your office chair.

Lumbar Support

When you are getting your office chair make sure to check if the height of the chair is adjustable or is it fixed. If it is adjustable then you have made the right choice. As the fixed ones are designed to fit all so it can feel uncomfortable for you. As different people have different torso lengths and lumbar curvatures. Thus, you have to make sure to get the adjustable ones so you are not left with aches and pains from long working hours. Besides this check for if these lumbar and back regions are padded or have cushions which would be an added comfort for you.

Adjustable Seat Height & Arm Rests

Adjustability is a feature which can make the whole chair much more comfortable. As you tend to feel more relaxed this way and even can change and stretch out your muscle from time to time. You can adjust the armrest, tilt, seat depth to suit your body and needs. Therefore any sort of adjustment is a good adjustment.

Width and Depth

To ensure that you are comfortable enough while you work the long work shifts you have to make sure of the seat itself on which you are seating. As if the seat is too big or small it can cause you discomfort and inturn cause aches. That standard advisable size is in between 17 – 20 inches as the width. Whereas the depth should be at the range where you can sit comfortably with your back resting on the rest provided. There should be at least 2 inches distance from the edge of your chair seat and the back of your knee. This ensures that your chair is habitable all through your shift.

Fabric and Cushion Durability

Since this is an office chair it needs to be comfortable for you to use every day. So the quality of the chair must be at top-notch. Be it in terms of the foam or the cushions used shouldn’t be of a cheap quality where it will crack or flatten up after constant usage. While you get different fabrics used also like leather, mesh, and others. Mesh is a material which is good for hot environments as it is airy and won’t give out any stench if you tend to sweat too.


Since this is a chair after all and you will be using this chair daily there might be some wear and tear. And if there is any premature damaged if you have a warranty for this product you can get is fixed with this. Most top brands offer up to 10 years warranty for their products and they even cover every part of the chair under the warranty. So, make it a point to keep an eye out for that.


Appearance might not matter much and might not be a priority to you. But in the case of a home office, you might want a much fancier and a chair that would suit the rest of your furniture. Or you might want something which isn’t shades of black or grey. So, in this case, it is necessary for you to keep an eye out for the appearance. Therefore, consider fabric choice, colour, and other customization as a plus point for you.

Office Chair FAQs for UAE

Which office chair is best for Dubai heat?

In hot weather conditions, while you are sitting and working you tend to sweat and get sticky. This would make your workspace feel uncomfortable as well. And if you have chunky padded chairs this can trigger this sticky feeling all the more. So, to prevent that you can get a much lighter chair which would be comfortable as well as allow you to concentrate and work well. So this chair would be a mesh chair as they allow air to pass through the seat to prevent the sticky feeling. As well as keep any stench away from the seat. Furthermore, they are low maintenance as well as add that modern touch to your surrounding.

How much should an office chair recline?

For an office chair, the relining angle would be 90 degrees to 155 degrees. Where when you are working and concentrating on your work the chair would be at a 90-degree angle. Whereas in the case if you need a small break to relax and stretch your muscles the best angle would be 135 degrees. And anything further would be for you to have a power nap or relax your back for some time.

Is a mesh back office chair better?

Mesh chairs are considered to be better as they let constant airflow through the chair and lets you be cool. And besides this is the fact that these chairs also give a more modern outlook to your office environment. But that’s the outlook. In terms of keeping you away from any back problems. Since the mesh evenly distributes your body weight put on the backrest and spreads it around. This is which prevent you from having any pressure on your spine hips or buttocks. So, consider which is the best chair for you.

Are gaming chairs different from office chairs?

Yes, a gaming chair is different from an office chair. Although they might look the same they aren’t. The most apparent observation is that gaming chairs prioritize style and appearance of the chair. Whereas the office chair supports comfort. Most of the features are the same for both the chairs like the armrest, padding, casters, swivelling bases, etc. Besides this, there are a few differences like that of the backrest. Since the gaming chairs will always be a high back chair while office chairs can be slightly lower and are much more sober in appearance besides the gaming chairs.

Furthermore, you have the features where both the office chair as well as the gaming chair cover. Like the reclining, lumbar support, adjustable seat height, adjustable arms, and footrests. but there are a few more which the office chair cover like adjustable back height and waterfall seats. So, you can comfortably sit on the chair and your legs too won’t feel numb. These features make both the chairs different from each other.

How long should we sit on an office chair at a stretch?

Long stretches of sitting in an office chair or any chair for that matter is bad for your overall health. So, the most advisable thing for you to do is to switch up after every hour. Move around, stand up a bit and even stretch out your muscles every now and then. Give yourself that much-needed minimum of 5 minutes of break. And since you are sitting the whole day around when you are off your work hours try to make it a habit to avoid sitting down too much. Or this can cause further health complications like that of increasing blood pressure levels, diabetes and many other health problems.

Ergonomic Chair & Desk Setup to Combat Back Pain

Slouching has become a really bad yet normal habit for this generation. Especially among the working and college student. The main reason for this is the use of laptops. Laptops have become so very popular among the people since they are very portable and even consumes less space. But because of these physical features, we tend to ignore the effect the laptops are having on our physique. Long hours of bending over a laptop screen have given rise to slouching and even more body pain.

The best ergonomic office chair in Dubai can help in these terms. As you can adjust the level of the height of your chair. To ensure you have the laptop screen at eye level. This will make you feel much more comfortable and correct your posture with the backrest provided to you as well. So you won’t have to slouch over your screen to get a clear view of it. Neither will you have back or neck or anybody pains for that matter.

But in any case, there are other ways for you to handle this slouching problem too if the chair adjustment isn’t a solution for you. There are ways like switching to a monitor or a desktop. You can look for some here. But then again in some cases, the monitor too can be low and have the same effect on you as a laptop. Therefore your best option is to use a monitor stand. This will add height to your destop so you can comfortably view the screen without hunching around. Or rather if the whole monitor idea isn’t very feasible to you check out this laptop stand. To help get you to stop slouching.

NuSense Laptop Stand

  • Functionality: You can now use your laptop on an elevated stand bringing it to your eye level. This, in turn, will correct your posture and reduce aches. And so you have 6 adjustable angles so you can work easily.
  • Compatibility: With this stand, you can fit and use any laptop with the 10 to 17 inches range. So, it doesn’t matter any brand it can successfully take the weight of your laptop.
  • Efficient: You have the option to adjust this NuSense stand lets you adjust it to many angles. Right from 20 – 40 degrees angle whereas the height can be adjusted up to 3.15 (8cm) to 5.12 (13cm) inches.
    • Besides this, you can even fold the stand into a flat surface. In this position, the stand is only around 4mm thick making it portable.
  • Protection: This stand comes with rubber protection on the top surface of the stand as well as the front lip. Therefore you won’t have any scratches on your laptop neither you have the problem of the laptop slipping off the stand.
  • Heat-up Prevention: With this, your laptop is on a raised platform as per your needs. So, this allows you to ventilate your device all the more and keep it cool as well as prevent overheating.
  • Price: You can get this NuSense laptop stand at around AED 110.

Reward Yourself

So, there you have all you need to know so you can go get the best office chair in Dubai. This chair can make for the perfect office companion. Reward yourself or your workers with better chairs and show them they are appreciated for all that they do. And that their health is cared about. Getting the best office chair in Dubai will make your work environment more comfortable and productive. Or you can also look for the best kneeling chair in UAE if that is what you would prefer more.

Best Bluetooth Transmitter in UAE – Expert’s pick [2023]

Going wireless is all fascinating until you have a device which isn’t wireless. Well, the best Bluetooth transmitter in UAE can help with those devices. Or else those devices would be left to collect dust. The Bluetooth transmitter can be connected to any device and still have the best results. Relentless reading through almost 100 articles to know the best has been tough but we’ve saved you from that trouble. And placed a few good one from brands like Taotronics, VixTsing, UGREEN and more to decide the best for you. Make sure to keep in mind your purpose while buying this device.

Best Bluetooth Transmitter in UAE – Quick List

Bluetooth TransmitterBatteryMulti-deviceCheck Price
20 hoursYes (2 devices)Price on
Not RequiredNo (1 device)Price on
TaoTronics Long Range
25-18 hoursYes (2 devices)Price on
Twelve South AirFly
8 hoursNo (1 device)Price on
10 hoursYes (2 devices)Price on

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Why do you need a Bluetooth Transmitter

Generally, the best Bluetooth transmitter in UAE works to convert your audio signals which can be connected to without the help of cables or wires. Therefore it uses Bluetooth, as most of the devices are adaptable to Bluetooth in recent times. So here is a factor to think about, why you need the best Bluetooth transmitter in UAE.

Bluetooth Transmitter for TV

These are special transmitters which need not be moved around. With the help of the Bluetooth transmitter connected to your TV set, you have a great audio experience. Use this to connect to your external speakers or soundbar for that family movie or game night. Or even use it to connect to your headphone so you don’t disturb anyone and you can even continue hearing the audio while you move around your house.

Bluetooth Transmitter for car

These Bluetooth transmitters can work as a handy device while travelling in a car. As you connect them to the console where it uses the battery of the car. This device is useful as the car transmitters mostly have screens which let you control the main functions of your phone without you having to handle it while driving. You can use different modes to play music including FM frequencies and tracks from any device you want to play from. Besides this, you can even receive calls with this device. Some even let you charge your phone on the go. This device can make for a great driving companion for you.

Using Bluetooth headphones with non-Bluetooth enabled audio devices

If you have older devices which work just fine, you can connect them with the help of audio jacks and play the audios with the help of this device. So basically you can turn any device into a Bluetooth enabled one and use it to your heart’s content. You can connect headphones, speakers and other devices to this handy device anytime you want.

So, that now you know where and how you can use this transmitter. You can go browsing the best products on the list for Bluetooth transmitters in UAE. Head on and read each of them carefully to know which one would be your perfect match.

Rank 1: TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter

Model: 2724652371667

  • Function: Convert any audio from a 3.5mm audio out jack into a Bluetooth device which will enable you to play the audio via Bluetooth streaming. You can expect high-quality audio with this device.
  • Sound: Equipped with aptX low latency technology you have the sharp audio without any lag. So now transmitting data has never been easier and without any problems.
  • Multidevice: Now you and your significant other can connect to this one device and enjoy a track or even watch a film. Since this Bluetooth device lets you have two speaker or headphones connected at once.
  • Battery: You can use this device almost all day and still not run out of juice. As it has a long battery life which would last for around 20 hours. But for it to get to this point you need to let the device charge for a good 2 hours. Which as compared to the rest is the fastest charging for such a long output.
  • Convenient: Say goodbye to all those excessive wires required for connecting devices as this device works with the help of Bluetooth 5.0 standard. As it gives a stable and reliable streaming connection.
    • Moreover, while transmission you can easily set up the device, without any hassle. Connect to any device which supports a 3.5mm audio cable or an RCA cable.
    • Besides this, you can work with this transmitter even while it is charging.
    • It also has a pairing memory as you don’t have to keep pairing the device every time you wish to connect to it.
  • Price: This TaoTronics transmitter would cost you around AED 120.

Rank 2: VicTsing Bluetooth Transmitter

Model: BH346A

  • Multipurpose: This transmitter not only supports playing audio tracks via Bluetooth or Aux but you can also play tracks right from any FM frequencies. This device is specially designed for your car so it is a perfect add-on feature while driving.
  • Sound: This product not only offers high sound quality but also has a CVC noise cancelling technology. So you can play any track or audio from any mode and get uncompromised output.
  • Charge: With the help of this device, you can now charge your phone or any other device as the VicTsing FM transmitter has 2 charging ports for simultaneous charging. While the third port is that reads and plays your songs.
  • LCD Screen: For easy usage as well as the convenience you have this feature of the LCD screen. Where you can monitor as well as change the settings as needed. Settings like volume, voltage, frequency or check incoming calls.
  • Convenience: The auto-tune feature eliminates any sort of static caused by the FM stations. Moreover, the flexible goose-neck enables convenience in terms of repositioning the device the way you would prefer.
  • Safety: To protect your phone from any harm of a short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, overheating or overcharge, it has been equipped with electrical protection. So, this feature keeps your device safe at all times.
  • Usage: Once you connect this device in your vehicle you can easily have multiple functions done without having to use your phone. Like calling, volume adjustment, change modes and also turn off or on the device when not in use. As there are multiple buttons for these functions.
  • Price: You can get this product at the cost of around AED 150.

Rank 3: TaoTronics Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter

Model: TT-BA014(AE)

  • Function: You can easily transmit audios from your computer or even TV with the help of this device’s TX mode. Wheres with the RX mode you can receive signals from any stereo system.
  • Range: With the device enabled with the long-range connectivity of the Bluetooth you have no need to use any more cables or cords. Thus, you have the range of 50m/164ft range in the line of sight.
  • Sound: Any audio-visual lag has been eliminated with the aptX low latency codec support which is a feature of this device.
  • Multi-device: When you can connect more than just one device at a time you can say it is multidevice pairable. Be it two Bluetooth speakers, or two headphones you can connect always and enjoy your time.
  • Bypass Mode: This device can be used as a converter to build a cable connection with the help of audio jacks. So, you can easily switch between the connection of Bluetooth or corded without any much hassle.
  • Compatibility: Even though this device uses Bluetooth 5.0 it is adaptable with any lower version of Bluetooth on any other device.
  • Price: This transmitter/receiver is available only at the price of around AED 160.

Rank 4: Twelve South AirFly Bluetooth Transmitter

Model: 12-1801

  • Function: This device lets you turn any wired connection into a wireless connection with the help of the Bluetooth 4.1 technology used.
  • Sound: With the help of the aptX low latency codecs you won’t have any delay in visual-audio playtime. And with the great audio quality, you can use any type of headphones and still have the best experience.
  • Battery: With eight-plus hours of battery life. This device is portable enough for you to travel with and even charge whenever possible and in need.
  • Convenience: With no wires attached you can make living life easier without any of the wired restrictions to it. Be it while working out or even on the plane, you will have a hassle-free wireless connection.
  • Specialized: Although this transmitter was originally made for AirPods it has come to notice that this little device is adaptable and usable for all devices and operating systems.
  • Indications: To signal you every indication you have a flashing LED light on the device. Which changes colours according to every situation. While pairing it gives a specific colour, whereas while playing another.
  • Price: Get this device at the estimated price of AED 120.

Rank 5: UGREEN Bluetooth Transmitter

Model: 40762

  • Function: The two modes made available with this device lets you convert any system into one which you can play any audios from without the use of cables. The two modes are transmission (TX) and receiver (RX).
  • Sound: As compared to any other Bluetooth version this 4.2 version lets you use aptX low latency technology and AAC / SBC codes freely. Yet still, you can expect a high level of quality audio through any device you play it from without any delay in sound.
  • Battery: The in-built rechargeable battery allows portability as it can last for over ten hours of playtime. With this device, you also have the 10 meters reachable range.
  • Compatibility: All the additional cables included, like the 3.5mm cable, USB cable and RCA cable. Have allowed this device to be compatible with a wide array of devices.
  • Multidevice: Within the 5 meters of each other this device can connect to two devices at once. So you can listen to any audio with ease.
  • Smart Feature: After 5 minutes of no usage this device will automatically shut down on its own to save the battery life.
  • Price: The approximate price you need to shell out for this device is AED 90.

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Transmitter

While you go ahead and select the best Bluetooth transmitter in UAE you have to know what all you should pay attention to. So to inform you about what all you need to pay attention to here are a few pointers:

Codec aptX Low Latency

This is a feature supported by most Androids as well as some headphones. Wherein the audio is in sync with the video. And reduces the lag by 40 milliseconds, which makes the audio even more in sync then it already is. But for this to happen both the devices you connect it to and the source must be able to support this feature. Bear in mind that Apple and AirPods do not support the aptX Low Latency.

Battery Life

For any device long battery life is preferable. So you can go a span of time without having to charge the device. Most of the products offer this feature but if you are looking for a transmitter for a TV set or other such devices which are not portable. Then to have this feature is a plus point.

Multi-Device Pairing

Since multi-device pairing is actually a feature which is preferred you would have to look into this as well. So, if you have this feature more then just a single person can pair to this device at once.

Transmitting & Receiving

As the Bluetooth receiver beams audio to your headphones, speaker, etc. There are a few devices which can also receive audio from your phone or any other device and then send it to your headphones. Since these devices also cost you almost the same as the transmitter only devices. So, why not just go for one which does both.

Ease of Connection

Some Bluetooth devices simply connect as easy as that. And then there are a few which don’t as fast. While you are looking for the best Bluetooth transmitter in UAE you might as well consider this fact. That’s how fast and conveniently, can this transmitter let you connect to your headphones. And obviously, can they handle a good output for not just headphones but speakers as well.


Also, consider this that some devices might be a bit tedious to understand especially if they have one button which does everything. Whereas there are other models which has a more advanced setting and features. So this feature would depend on you and on how would you like your device.

Bluetooth Transmitter FAQs

Do Airpods work with Bluetooth Transmitters?

Yes, you can definitely use any wireless earbuds and even Airpods with this device for the purpose of listening to any audio you wish to. As this device supports any Bluetooth so you can connect earbuds, headphones and speakers as well without any problem. All you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth and pair the device with the transmitter as per the instructions. Like any other device, you would use.

How many devices can connect to Bluetooth Transmitter?

With the best Bluetooth transmitter in UAE, you can connect not just one but multiple devices. So, the best one connects to various devices, be it a phone, a tablet, a laptop, headsets, laptops, computers anything which you can connect via Bluetooth. So, you won’t have to worry as its easy enough for you to use with any device compatible with Bluetooth.

Can multiple people listen to audio simultaneously with a Bluetooth Transmitter?

Yes, with the best Bluetooth transmitter in UAE multiple people can listen to audios simultaneously. You can connect two headsets and able to listen with your partner. Or you can opt to connect two speakers or other audio sound devices and enjoy a party night with your friends, game nights with your guy friends and movie nights with your family.

Do we have to charge a Bluetooth Transmitter?

Yes and no, this is because you have types of transmitters. One which is stationary other which is portable. Stationary ones would be the ones connected to your TV sets. These are ones which need not be moved around hence can be connected to a constant power outlet and will work just as well. Whereas you have the portable transmitters which need to be charged from time to time for it to work.

Do you have a Bluetooth?

Are you up to date with the newest technology? Knowing or unknowing you got rid of those wires and cords just to realise you need them now? Well, with the best Bluetooth transmitter in UAE you don’t need to worry. You can stay up to date with all those wireless headphones and speakers and still be sure to use that old non-Bluetooth player or TV without any hassle. So, you will have no more complains from your family members as you can just use the headphones to watch the TV in complete silence. No more ‘do you have Bluetooth?’ questions too as you can go about with your transmitter as well. Yep, you have a sweet Bluetooth now.

Also, if you want to have a pair of wireless headphones check them out here at the best wireless noise-cancelling headphones in UAE. Or if you do not fancy the headphone you can get the best wireless earbuds in UAE to accompany your Bluetooth transmitter.

Best Drill Machine in UAE – Features, Brands, Prices Compared [2023]

Choosing the best drill machine in UAE can be a tedious task. Especially if you are not sure of all the types and features available for a hand drill. Be it a mini one or just a regular one we got it a load down on it here. We’ve made sure that the constant reading up on various brands and their features won’t be futile for your hunt. As we have some big brand names for you like Black + Decker and Bosch. So, to complete your DIY house renovation you will need the best power hand drill machine in UAE.

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Best Drill Machine in UAE – Quick List

Drill MachineTypeCordless/CordedPowerCheck Price
Black and Decker
Drill DriverCordless12VPrice on
Hammer DrillCordless18VPrice on
GSB 1300
Impact DrillCorded550WPrice on
Percussion DrillCorded701WPrice on
Bosch Professional
Combination DrillCordless18VPrice on

Jump to Detailed Reviews

Important Features of Drill Machine

Your drill machine has to tick all the boxes to ensure that it is the best drill machine in UAE. For this, your drill machine has to have features as per your needs as well. Therefore, you have to think about what really would be your purpose of buying the best drill machine in UAE. Accordingly, you will be able to select the best one for you. While you are at it also consider these features before you purchase a drilling machine.

Corded Vs Cordless

This is the first choice to make, which one would you prefer to opt for? Both of them are equally good with their own pros and cons. If you opt for a cordless one, these are extremely mobile and light in weight as well, adding to the convenience. Besides this, you have to keep in mind the charging aspect and/ or the backup batteries which can have a recurring cost. Whereas the corded drill machine is much more powerful and does not have any battery power charging needs. Besides being cheaper as well the only downside is that they can be restrictive in terms of mobility.


Power is a factor to consider depending on your needs. But is also important while considering your best drill machine in UAE. If you want a drill for professional use which can drill through almost anything including metal then consider a 600-700 watt power drill. Whereas if you want it for light usage and limited use get the lighter one which is 400 watts. But if you do not fall in either of those categories and would like a good drill machine to perform well for any future use as well then think of getting the 500 watts drill. As this is the most ideal one for personal use as well.

Chunk Size & Type

For a drilling machine, a chunk is a metal which connects the bits (metal drilling screw) to the machine itself. And these chunks come in different types and sizes as well. You have the 3/8 sized one which is commonly used and is ideal. And you have others which are slightly bigger (1/2) and also smaller (1/4). As you can choose the size, you can also choose the type as well. Which come in two types the keyed and the un-keyed chuck. For the keyed chuck you have a special key with which you can tighten the chuck. Whereas the un-keyed one you would have to hold it in your hand and it would get tighter while you power it on.

With these features, you can have the best as per your needs. So, for you to start your productive construction work, here are a few of the best models of the top brands of the best drill machine in UAE. Check each one of them out to know the best features they offer.

Rank 1: Black and Decker 12V Drill Machine

Model: LD12SP

  • Type: This drill machine is a cordless one so that you can have the best usage of the drill anywhere you would like to.
  • Efficiency: As it is cordless and portable so, it is even lightweight to ensure that you move it around all the more easily. Moreover, you have a good balance with the product that makes it easy to use.
  • Suitability: You can get the best of this power tool. As this drill is made especially for usage around the home as well as garden use. And that too with the least setup needed.
  • Chuck Features: The capacity of the chuck of this drill is 10mm with a speed of up to 900 rpm. Whereas for the setup of the chucks, it is easy enough to use. As this product is the keyed chuck type.
  • Power: For optimum usage of the speed of 900 rpm the voltage needed would be around 12V. So, you could consider this best for almost anything in your house or garden.
  • Battery: Since this device is cordless it uses battery power. This battery power has the capacity of up to 1.5 Ah. With the charge time of 1.5 hours.
  • Accessories: With the available 13 accessories you can go ahead and complete as well as start all those projects you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Price: You can get this drill at the estimated price of AED 170.

Rank 2: Black+Decker 18V Drill Machine

Model: BCD003C2K-GB

  • Efficiency: This drill is a cordless one. So, to make it portable it has to be lightweight and in this case, it is. Thus, say no to being tired with the weight of the drill and take more control over not just your situation but also the drill.
  • Storage: With the size of this product, being compact and small that you can fit it right in any place without too much hassle. Besides this, there is an inbuilt clip like placement for you to store all the unused bit of the chuck. So, you have no worries or misplacing them.
  • Clutch: As you would know what a normal clutch does, the same way this clutch of a drill machine controls the power put into the drilling activity. This clutch adjusts the pressure of how deep the bits can drill into at a time. With the 11 position clutch, you can prevent damaging any equipment as well the stripping screws.
  • Chuck Features: The chuck lets you have two-speed functionality 400 rpm and 1400 rpm which is enough power needed by you. Besides this the function of drill you can use it for hammering as well with speeds of 40Nm/ 21000 bpm for masonry and concrete.
  • Convenient: Furthermore an added feature to this drill machine is that you can work with it even at night or in dark spaces. This is made possible only with the help of the added LED light feature, which lets you illuminate the work area before you.
  • Battery: The makers of this product lets you have two batteries for this product. So, that while you work with one the other can be charged. Moreover, these batteries are lithium-ion. Which means they are rechargeable and has a capacity of 1.5 Ah.
  • Suitability: This drill is a multi-surface drill, which you can use for any heavy drilling work. Be it metal, plastic, wood or concrete.
  • Price: This product can be yours for keep’s sake at the price of around AED 400.

Rank 3: Bosch Impact Drill Machine

Model: GSB 1300

  • Efficiency: This Bosch drill lets you use the device comfortably with its design. Moreover, this device is easy to use and is sure to guarantee you precision while working with the device.
  • Outlook: This device has a soft handle for you to have a comfortable time using it. Besides this, you have an auxiliary handle. This allows easy usage of the drilling machine and even promotes precision as well.
  • Power: The power input of this device needs a good 550W. Whereas the output of this power is about around 2700 rpm. Because of the sturdy design, you can have a clean drill over the surface.
  • Storage: Since the device doesn’t weight (18kg) much as well as is small in size (7.8 x 29.4 x 24.6 cm). It facilitates good portability as well as storage.
  • Chuck: The power tool has a capacity of impact which ranges from 1.5 to 13 mm. Which you can change as per your needs and the surface you are working on. Besides this, this drill is a keyed drill type so you will have to use a special key like equipment to change it.
  • Price: Get this corded Bosch drill machine at the approximate price of AED 170.

Rank 4: Dewalt Drill Machine

Model: DWD024K-B5

  • Efficiency: You have a good bargain with the machine along with the size and the output it gives. As this device allows you precision as well as a powerful output of the drill work.
  • Storage: The compact design is built with the storage factor in mind as well. You can fit this machine anywhere without too much hassle and tension of the space.
  • Outlook: This machine is built to last a long period of time as its body, as well as machine, is durable. Besides this, there is an auxiliary handle for precision. And the handle has a rubber coating which lets you have a good and comfortable usage period.
  • Locking: You have a locking functionality with this device. For when you are going to use one function for a long period of time you can lock that feature and it will keep the machine continually running. This feature is especially useful when you have to perform a single task frequently and repetitively.
  • Chuck: The capacity of the chuck ranges around 1.5 to 13mm. And you will have to use the chuck key to screw and unscrew the chucks as this machine has a keyed type chuck.
  • Power: With the power input around 701 Watts whereas the output is around 302 Watts. You can have precision and accuracy. Also, the appliance has a trigger sensitive speeds which can be changed as per the surface and your wants.
  • Price: Get this drill machine only at an approximate price of AED 260.

Rank 5: Bosch Professional Drill Machine

Model: GSB180LI

  • Maintenance: Besides being ergonomic and easy to use this device is also easy to maintain. As this device has changeable carbon brushes. This allows you to service and maintain the device for a longer duration and lifespan of this device.
  • Battery: The rechargeable batteries provide you with a long 1.5 Ah.
    • Besides this, you can also change the batteries as per your need. As they offer two types of batteries. One being the compact battery, this is for the best use whereas, the second battery is for longer usage life called as the XL battery.
    • Furthermore, the battery power will not vary for the usage of different bits or chucks or surfaces that you use this drill on.
  • Power: The drill uses around 18V of power which you can use for the robust housing work as well as has battery cell protection.
  • Speed: The various speed option has made it easier for you to work with on any surface. Besides this, you have the option of choosing within the two-speed gears which controls the torque for screw-driving and speed for drilling.
  • Light: Working in compact and badly lit areas has been made easier with this handy feature of the LED light. Which you can use as a light source as well as works as an indicator for the Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) or a current overload.
  • Chuck: Offering a 13 mm keyless chuck you have a wider range of what can be done with this device.
  • Suitability: This drilling machine can be used anywhere where you would wish to especially for metal and masonry.
  • Price: The set price for this product is AED 540.

Types of Drill Machines

While you go shopping for the best drill machine in UAE you might be blank over the fact that there are different types of drill machine as well. You can go ahead and choose any one of them as per your choice. But before making a choice you must be well aware of the ones available to choose from. So, in this section, you can gain a little knowledge in this aspect. Scroll on to know.

Drill Drivers

This is the most commonly used drill. Especially as this is the standard drill with which you can have all your normal home projects done. This hand drill has dual functionality as it can be used to drill holes as well as can be used as a screwdriver. With this, you can perform all sorts of DIY tasks as well as take up fixing some equipment at home.

Combination Drill

This drill type is known as a combination drill as it performs triple functionalities. That is it works as a drill driver with drilling holes, a screwdriver as well as a hammer drill. A hammer drill can be used for slightly tougher surfaces like that of concrete. These are useful to perform various tasks.

Rotary Hammer Drills / SDS Drills

Here the SDS drills stand for Self Direct System. These are the perfect drills for performing heavy-duty drilling task. Like the ones used for masonry, concrete and even for chiselling. You will be able to find a lot of products in this range in various top brands including Bosch and others.

Hammer Drills / Percussion Drills

This drills would be the hard-core heavy-duty drills. As they aren’t only powerful but also advanced. These are the ones you can use for the hard rock and even masonry. In this drill, it uses the rotation function of the drill, as well as a hammer, work together to make it as powerful and impactful as it is.

Mini Drill Machines for Home Use

There is always an option for you to choose among a mini home drill if the normal sized ones are too much for you to handle. Since this one is a mini-sized this doesn’t mean that it provides you with an altered output. This mini drill machine is as good a normal one for home use. Here are some of its features.

Walmeck Electric Grinding Tool

  • Efficient: This mini drill is compact, lightweight and even comfortable to hold while using. Besides this, is the feature of it being versatile and easy to store.
  • Usage: Get the best of this product as you can perform multiple tasks with it. Task such as cutting, engraving, milling, grinding, polishing, removing and drilling. Which means you can use it on almost any surface possible.
  • Speed: Just like any normal drilling machine, this one too offers various speed limits. To be precise five. Which you can change as per your needs and the purpose of usage. Moreover, the power supply is around 180W and gives the output like any other drill machine.
  • Accessories: With the vast number of accessories provided by them, it lets you perform any task with ease. And this does not hold firm for just the drilling work but also the other house mending work. Since they offer 10+ accessories for all sorts of task.
  • Price: This tool along with all its accessories is available at a price of almost AED 120.

Important Technical Features and What they mean

While using as well as shopping for the best drill machine in UAE your sure to come across many terms which might slide over your head in the first go. And this will trap you in a never-ending spiral of research of related technical jargons. So, to prevent this here are some technical features for you to know as well as what they mean.


This feature is available in most of the drills recently. What it really means is that with the push of this button, it would reverse or change the rotation of the drill bit from forward to backwards and vice versa. Generally, this switch is located just near the speed switch so you can access it easily. But why would need this option? Few reasons would be to screw in or out a screw; once you drill into an object, the ‘to drill out’ the bit part of it. These could be the major reasons for the need for this feature.

RPM & Impact Rate

RPM is the Revolutions Per Minute. This is the unit measurement used for speed in a hand drill machine. Here basically, you note how many and how efficiently can the drill bit spin creating holes in a surface. The faster the better. Whereas the impact rate is the rate or speed at which the impact is made to the surface. It is measured as strokes per minute.

Torque Clutch

Torque is the force which can cause the object to rotate. In this case, it is the mechanism which causes the bit of the drill to move. The higher the speed the better the force. So, this clutch controls the speed of torque. Yes, it works like the clutch of a vehicle. When you release it, the moving force will be released but when you hold it down the force is limited. If you have the torque clutch then this makes your hand drill much more versatile, which is needed.


Now if you have a car with multiple gears only then will it be a good vehicle. Likewise, if you get a drill with more then one gear then select that one. As you can use the first gear for driving the screws. And the second gear for drilling at various speeds.

Drill Machine FAQs

Is a Drill Machine Dangerous?

Not really, if you are well versed with the machine then it isn’t dangerous. But if not you have to learn and read all the dos and don’ts before heading right in. One for sure has to be that you are wearing protective gear. Secondly, never try to make any adjustment while operating the machine. Next, keep track that you have no tools laying around on the table you are drilling on and don’t dust away any shards with your bare hands. Before using a drill machine make sure to read the instructions and you are good to go.

How to reduce Drill Machine noise?

Drill machines are known for their loud sound. This sound will vary from the quality and type of the drill machine. And the place or surface you are going to use the drill machine on. This noise has no way of being curbed completely. But you can only lessen the sound while using by ensuring you are using the right setting at the right place. Like you must use the right speed and drill bit for the right task. Furthermore use the hammer option only if utmost necessity.

How not to overload the drill machine?

It can be easy to overload a hand drill machine from long hours of usage. So, the most sensible thing would be to not overuse it. If you have to do some heavy work with the drill give it some break or use multiple drill machines. Secondly, you can use lubricants to cool the tool down faster. Constantly changing the speeds can help. Cleaning and maintenance is another good way to prevent overload. Furthermore, make sure the accessories you use are in good condition and never force a drill machine and let it work on its own.

How to maintain a drill machine?

Maintaining a power tool can be difficult especially if it is in constant use. But there are a few things to be kept in mind while using this machine. To maintain this machine you have to keep it clean after every use. You can use a blowgun to clean it up. Besides this, you have to make sure to check the carbon brushes inside the tool. With time these brushes deplete off so it advised to check and change them when needed.

Can You Fix It?

Getting the best drill machine in UAE will help you complete all those pending and new DIY task projects. Get your creative and constructive side running with this power tool. After covering every aspect of the drill machine you can now make a good choice for the same. Use it anywhere and beautify your home as well as surroundings with the best drill machine UAE. So, now with this machine can you fix it? Obviously, yes you can!

Geepas Washing Machine Review for UAE [2023]

A washing machine has now become one of the essential commodity in every household. This review on the Geepas washing machine range in UAE can help you choose this essential commodity. A Geepas washing machine helps you with all your laundry loads. They are feasible and convenient enough for anyone to operate. And getting a Geepas washing machine will make your experience better than ever.

This is one of the known electronic brands that has made its mark in the market for more than three decades now. A Dubai based company which is popular as a conglomerate. A group comprising of several other businesses called Western International Group manages this brand making it what it is in the market today. Moreover, washing machines are just one of the many products they manufacture today.

Geepas Washing Machine Review for UAE – Quick List

Washing MachineTypeSizeBest ForCheck Price
Geepas Fully Automatic
Front Load7 KgsSmall FamilyPrice on
Geepas Fully Automatic
Top Load7 KgsSmall FamilyPrice on
Geepas Fully Automatic
Top Load8 KgsMid-size FamilyPrice on
Geepas Fully Automatic
Top Load9 KgsLarge Family Price on

For Small Family

Now you are looking for a product to suit your family type right? So, if you happen to be a family of three members or less. You are considered as a small family so why purchase a device which is too much for your family needs? Therefore, here are a few products which will be best suited for you and your family.

Geepas Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Model: GWMF7107STV

  • Protection: Various care and protective measures are taken into consideration while making this product. Especially to ensure the wellbeing and convenience of its users.
    • Firstly being the foam protection. With this feature as you would know, would help you with the creating of just enough amount of foam needed while the washing of your laundry.
    • Secondly, overflow protection. Again as the name would suggest you can be protected from any water spillage or overflow of water while washing.
  • Child Care: As kids can be troublesome as well as curious beings. You have to protect them as well as any sort of machinery from them. Keeping this in mind you have the feature of the device being child safe with a locking system.
  • Wash Programs: For the perfect washing experience and having your clothes look brand new. You have settings of 15 different programmes to choose from as per your needs.
  • Temperature: While washing your clothes, you might need delicate washing care for particular clothing items. And so, you have the option of adjusting the temperature of the water with just a click of a button.
  • Material: Moreover, to have a lasting product you need to have a product which is made of good material. So, here you have it. As this washing machine uses stainless steel material for the drum.
  • Efficiency: While washing the machine normally uses heating technology to ensure proper cleaning of your clothes, while using excessive water. But this machine is equipped with the ecologic system. Which means that it uses less water as well as lesser washing time so that you use less energy as well as saving energy and money.
  • Price: You can get this model of the Geepas washing machine at an estimate price of AED 960.
TypeFront Load
Capacity7 kgs
Dimensions56.4 x 53.8 x 81.8 cm
Spin Speed1400 rpm

Geepas Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Model: GFWM7800LCJ

  • Material: This machine uses quality material that is stainless steel. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about your machine corroding or any other damage to it.
  • Drum: For a spacious wash you can have a drum which is big enough to fit in all your laundry load. As the drum volume is 42.7. Furthermore, the drum wash is lenient on the fabric of your clothes.
  • Wash Programmes: Washing your clothes has never been easier as you have a wide variety of wash programmes to choose from. Some of which include the bubble wash, power wash as well as quick wash to ensure you have the best according to your needs.
  • Machine Care: Moreover, to make sure of the care needed to be taken with the machine or any appliance for that matter. You have the feature of automatic power cut-off. Where the machine switches off in case of any power fluctuation.
  • Efficient: Efficiency is a feature to be looked into for a product and especially a product which you are going to be using on a regular basis.
    • Since with this, you have a quick energy saving. So, as to make sure you don’t waste energy while washing as well as you end up saving on money as well.
    • Furthermore, working in an environment with too much noise and disturbances can distract you and even end up annoying you. But with this product, you don’t have to worry about this as it makes less noise. Moreover, even little to no vibrations. Hence, you enjoy your home peaceful setting.
  • Price: AED 840 is the approximate price range of this product.
TypeTop Load
Capacity7 Kgs
Dimensions55.9 x 53.3 x 91.4 cm
Spin Speed800 rpm

For Mid-Size Family

You have the need to satisfy your 4-5 member family. So, for this, you can opt for this Geepas washing machine in UAE from this review. To ensure you have the best for your family needs. As your family needs could be more but not as much as the larger families this product is perfect for you.

Geepas 8 Kgs Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Model: GFWM8800LCQ

  • Smart Feature: Since having many features that could make this product a great choice. You have smart features like:
    • Fuzzy logic: Which is basically where the washing machine identifies the level of dirt and grease in the laundry load. And further accordingly releases the soap and water. Moreover, it adjusts the number of spins and how long each one would be as well.
    • Automatic imbalance corrector: This feature is when the machine in motion at some point of time due to the speed or other reasons. Your machine would lose its main centre balance and so land up on one side which could harm the motor of the machine. So, to prevent this the washing machine detects this and corrects it internally.
  • Wash Programmes: Your machine allows you to use various wash presets. Right from a quick wash to wash soak and even air dry.
  • Water Levels: Now with this feature the adjustment of water levels while washing your laundry load is in your hand. So, now no excessive use of water neither any wastage. Therefore, you can use water levels as you please.
  • Material: Trusted material has been used in the making of this product as the inner tub is made with stainless steel. Therefore, ensuring the best cleaning for a long period of time.
    • Moreover, the cabinets are made with the help of Polypropylene (PP).
    • Whereas the panels are made with the help of PVC. All this, too ensure that you have a long lifespan with this washing machine.
  • Adjustable Foot: If in any case, you can’t have your device on a flat surface then this feature can be of great use to you. Since you can adjust any of the foot to suit your need.
  • Price: Get this product at the approximate price of AED 960.
TypeTop Load
Capacity8 Kgs
Dimensions58.4 x 55.9 x 94 cm
Spin Speed800 rpm

For Large Family

So, you have a large family? More then let us say, five members? And your not sure which washing machine would be the best for your family? Then look no further as this review has the best Geepas washing machine for you in your UAE home. So, all you need is the time to check it out.

Geepas 9 Kgs Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Model: GFWM9800LCQ

  • Material: The running water used while washing cannot damage the machine or corrode it. Since the inner tub is made with stainless steel whereas the motor is of copper. Furthermore, you have PP used for the cabinets. So, you can rest assure to have a long life for the washing machine.
  • Outlook: The overall outlook of the machine has a very premium yet stylish feel. Especially with the IMD panel. In fact, this panel is completely scratch-proof, waterproof, and lasting as it is inlaid into the machine.
  • Wash Programmes: Your fabrics will not be damaged with any rough wash nor will you end up with badly handled spin wash clothes. This is because the machine is built to ensure that your fabric is cared for. Moreover, you have programmes for you to select from just to ensure that you have the complete wash care.
  • Machine Care: While you worry about your clothes, you might lose sight of the machine care. But then again you really don’t have to worry about any of that. Because the machine has a smart feature to shut off on its own in case of any problem that might occur.
  • Adjustable Height: So, if you feel that your machine is too low for you or that you have an unleveled floor for some reason. Then you can always adopt the function of adjusting the foot level as per your needs.
  • Efficient: Obviously, if it is not efficient enough to be used then don’t take it. But this machine is sure to tick all the boxes to be efficient to be used. Since it promotes ‘less’ of everything. Including less water usage, less noise, less energy wastage. Generally, every feature that should be in a washing machine.
  • Price: Buy this Geepas product at the approximate price of AED 1050.
TypeTop Load
Capacity9 Kgs
Dimensions58.4 x 58.4 x 96.5 cm
Spin Speed900 rpm

So, now with this, you have all the detailed reviews for you to consider Geepas washing machine in UAE. Besides this, they have plenty of other products. But these are the top few products from the brand. Get your Geepas washing machine which will suit your family needs today. Just to make it easier for you to get the right product. They have been classified into a different family size. Therefore, you will not get it wrong and make a well-advised choice. But if you do still want a choice among more brands, check out the best washing machine in UAE.

Geepas – For You. For Life.

35 years and counting this Dubai based brand has made a name for itself in the market. Setting up and building the brand in several other countries including the UK, India and China. Moreover, they have grown to export their products all over the world. As they spread into the various segments of the electronics field. Besides this, they are a brand which works towards making their product, not just monetarily sound but also of quality material which hold up to international standards. This evolving brand works towards greater success and heights with every product in their name.

With a mindset of not just fulfilling their customer’s expectation but also exceeding it in every way possible. Is the right way to work. So, how can you expect their products and services to be of any lesser honour? Keeping their customer satisfied with every product they manufacture. You will find happy smiling customer approving the review features of Geepas in UAE staying true to not just their washing machine. But also every other product they manufacture. Therefore, why not look into a product brand who’s main aim is to keep their customers happy for a long time. Thus, making sense, why ‘For you. For Life’ is their tagline.

Best Pressure Washer in UAE – Expert Review [2023]

Say no, to all the elbow grease and muscle building housework and yes, to the best pressure washer in UAE. Using this device will make your cleaning much easier than before. As this spray like mechanism makes sure you can clear out any place. Without you having to put in manpower of sweeping or even scrubbing it out. This versatile tool can be used for any sort of cleaning be it indoors and outdoors. Since it uses water, the only thing to keep in mind is that you have proper drainage for the water. So it doesn’t end up clogging or collecting around.

Best Pressure Washer in UAE – Quick List

Pressure WasherPressure in BarsFlow RatePowerCheck Price
Karcher K4 Full Control Premium Home
Karcher K4
130 bar420 l/h1800WPrice on
Black and Decker
100 bar360 l/h1300WPrice on
Bosch Easy Aquatak 110
110 bar330 l/h1300WPrice on
Bosch Universal Aquatak 135
135 bar410 l/h1900WPrice on
100 bar390 l/h1300WPrice on

Jump to Detailed Reviews

Choosing the Best Pressure Washer

While buying any product you always have to be sure that the product fulfils your needs. And once you do end up getting the best pressure washer in UAE there will be no looking back. As you can be sure to be that satisfied. But for that to happen you have to be sure what to look for when you go to purchase your pressure washer. So, for this reason here are a few points to keep in mind.

Check PSI & GPM Ratings

When you are buying a product you make sure to check the reviews and rating so similarly, you check these rating as well. PSI is the per square inch pressure of the water at which it is emitted. Whereas the GPM measures the gallons per unit of the water flow. These two ratings help to reflect and judge the cleaning power of the device. You would want to look for one which has a higher rating, these will help you clean a lot faster than a lower rating one. But then again this would depend on you. As the lower rating ones work just as fine as the higher rating ones. And in some cases, you might not even be able to tell the difference between the two.

Hose Quality

A good hose means a good clean. And this holds firm for this pressure washer hose as well. The best one to use and even store would be the one which is flexible. As these would be easy to roll and unroll as well as would not hold any coiling memory. Making it easy to work with while connected and washing away. Whereas if you get the bulky ones it would give you a hard time in the storage as well as setup. Therefore get one which you feel comfortable with and not one which you would have to wrestle with.

Variety of Nozzles

You have a choice of two nozzles. An individual snap-in quick-change nozzle and a dial-type multi-spray pattern nozzle. These two work almost the same and equally good. But if you are looking for convenience the latter is the one for you. The exact number of nozzles you receive varies from each manufacturer. And if you are not satisfied with the ones you got then you can always get some suitable ones either online or even at the store.


Since after all, they are bigger and most likely to be heavier machines it is of utmost need that the portability aspect must be looked into. And so the best option for you are wheels. With wheels too, you have types to look into and consider. So, while you are checking out the wheels; the better option for wheels would be the pneumatic tires. As these are the ones which are much easier to move around even on gravel and steps. While the others have a bit of a tendency to get stuck.

With these features, you are sure to have a good experience using the best pressure washer in UAE. Keep an eye out for features like these while making your choice from the below mentioned listed products. Since the job of a pressure washer is to throw out water at high speed. All of the products are the best at it. So, take a look.

Rank 1: Karcher K4 Full Control Premium Home

Model: Karcher K4

  • Power Source: This device works while being plugged into an electric power outlet. But with the long cable cord, you can have an easy and convenient cleaning session.
  • Attachments: This product allows you with the 3 attachments. Which are really easy to connect and interchange with.
    • The Home Kit for your home and soft and light surfaces.
    • The T 350 surface cleaner for surfaces which are hard but not really for rough use.
    • And last but not the least the stone and façade cleaner, this attachment is for stone or very hard outdoor usage as well.
  • Pressure Adjustments: You can adjust the pressure of the spray with just a twist of the knob on the spray itself. Without too much hassle as well and as per your need and according to the surface to be sprayed. You have 3 adjustment setting and one for the soap dispersal.
  • LED Display: While you adjust your spray setting you can see the action taking place on the LED display. Which is a handy feature to keep check of the settings you are using.
  • Portability: With a telescopic handle you can easily pull out and retract as and when you please. Besides this, the wheels on the pressure washer allow better mobility.
  • Storage: Being a quite convenient height of 39.4 x 57.8 x 49.6 cm. You can easily tug it around at a comfortable height and also won’t have any problem in the storage of the device.
  • Price: Buy this product at the price of around AED 1280.

Rank 2: Black and Decker

Model: PW1370/100

  • Portability: As it only weighs around 6kgs this device is comparatively easy to handle and move around. To make the moving process easier you have a handlebar which you can use to carry. The downside is it doesn’t have wheels to move thus it is a lightweight product.
  • Power Source: Switch it on by connecting it to a power outlet and you are ready to go. Using only 1300 watts you have the best cleaning time.
  • Adjustments: Adjusting the pressure of the water host is easy. As with just a twist of the nozzle, it allows you to use this host on varying surfaces.
  • Storage: With this product, you can easily store the device as every attachment can be dismantled and can be stored into the main body with ease. So this doesn’t take excess space while not in use.
  • Attachments: This pressure washer has a pressure host which is easy to assemble. Besides this, it has a soft-grip handle to let you have a convenient pressure washer experience.
  • Price: This Black + Decker pressure washer is available at the price of AED 250.

Rank 3: Bosch Easy Aquatak 110

Model: 06008A7F70

  • Portability: As this product is compact and small in size this makes it easier to move it around while cleaning. As well as where you need the equipment.
  • Attachments: You can have the best cleaning experience with this product as it allows you to change the nozzle attachments as and when you please. The nozzles include the rotary nozzle and a variable fan jet nozzles for complete cleaning of small and difficult places to wash off all those tough stains.
  • Flexibility: With this pressure washer you have no hard and fast rule that you must have a running water outlet. As with the use of the self-priming design, this allows flexibility. As you can use any external sources of water be it a tap or even any water body around like a lake or pond.
  • Storage: The device is designed in such a way that it makes storage easier the ever. As you can fold out everything and store it on the main body. This lets you store the pressure washer in the least place possible when not in use.
  • Time Efficient: The high-pressure host makes getting rid of most of those stains way easier and hassle-free. And not to mention the feature which spreads the soap quickly and easily contributes towards spending less time on cleaning.
  • Price: This efficient product is estimated at AED 310.

Rank 4: Bosch Universal Aquatak 135

Model: 06008A7C70

  • Efficient: Any product should be efficient and convenient enough to be used. And so, this one too is efficient in terms of usage.
    • With a simple connection to the lance of the device makes it easy to use.
    • Furthermore, you can reduce the clean time with the help of the pressure detergent nozzle.
    • And not to forget the machine uses a quiet motor. So, this ensures you have an environment which is majorly undisturbed.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility aspect is in the usage of the water. That is this machine can use water from any source that it is connected to. Be it a tap, a lake or even stored water in a tank. This gives you a great portability aspect of the cleaning.
  • Portability: The use of large wheels allows you to keep moving around with the device. And you don’t need to carry it too which makes it even easier. Besides this, having the flexibility aspect of using any water source is another plus point to the portability.
  • Versatile Nozzle: With the various settings of the nozzles to help you in the cleaning process you can have the best cleaning experience and a spic and span house, vehicle, garden, etc. The 3 in 1 nozzle lets you have a fan, rotary, and pencil jet settings to promote versatile cleaning.
  • Storage: As you have a handle which can be extended when needed and retracted when not. So, this makes the device compact and helps in the storage process. As a smaller sized device would be easier to handle as compared to the bigger one.
  • Price: This product is yours approximately at the rate of AED 900.

Rank 5: Black+Decker

Model: BXPW1300E-B5

  • Portability: Portability has never been easier with this machine. As the folding and telescopic handle for mobility has given a great contribution. And obviously not to forget the large wheels too.
  • Attachments: This power pressure washer is supplied with different types of nozzles for the best cleaning.
    • It includes the adjustable spray nozzle and a rotary nozzle. These make sure you can make a good impact and wider coverage.
    • Besides these attachments, it also provides you with other attachments like lance extension, polyurethane (PU) hose and a detergent dispenser.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining this device is easy and not troublesome as they supply you with a nozzle cleaning pin. To make sure you can clean the variety of nozzles supplied with this product.
  • Quite Usage: To promote comfort into the environment and not cause any disturbance is the motor of this machine. As it operates quietly without causing a nuisance.
  • Storage: The design of this machine is made so compact that storage has become easy. With all in-built accessories holder which ensure that the device doesn’t take up any extra space.
  • Price: You can avail this product at the approximate price of AED 280.

With that, you have reached the end of the listing of some of the best power pressure washer in UAE. Get yours today and make the most of it. With its amazing functionalities to keep you from getting bored from the daily chores. Read on further to check out a few more tricks which can help you purchase the best suitable power pressure washer for your home.

What Can you Wash with a Power Washer

Getting your own power washer is a good option for your cleaning needs. Making sure you can have the best of everything with an extremely clean home. Once you do get to use one of the best power pressure washer in UAE there will be no turning back. As this not only makes everything sparkling clean but also leaves you with more time to be utilised elsewhere. So here are some more places you can use the power pressure washer and make your cleaning workload easier.

Clean your Driveway

Thinking of getting a new driveway done? Well, I’ll tell you one thing. You don’t have to. With this power pressure washer, you can get your old driveway to look brand new. By cleaning out all the accumulated dirt you can have a brand new looking driveway. Moreover, you save on cash much more cash with this machine.

Squeaky Clean Porch

Appearance plays a big role in everything whether you like it or not. And the same works for your house. You are bound to get feedback and positive comments if your house looks at its best. So, with the power pressure washer, you can make your house appealing. Your entrance and the porch is the first impression you give of your house so make it matter with the power pressure washer.

Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture has collected dust all through the season. And now that its summer you need those chairs and tables to enjoy the sun and throw BBQ parties. If you get the power pressure washer you won’t have to put your back into the task to get them clean. As the high-pressure spray can get your furniture clean in record time. Now leave your party guest thinking from where you get your brand new furniture every summer.

Nooks & Crannies of your Car

Want to spend your weekend in a constructive way? Why don’t you get this power pressure washer and clean out your car? With this device, you can clean every inch of your car and make it shine. Experience a professional washed car right in your driveway. After that, you will never want to go back to a carwash again!

With some of the best uses listed here make the best use of your very own best power pressure washer in UAE. Keeping everything clean will now grow on to being a hobby. Since it is become this easy to do. Read on further to know more about the best power pressure washer in UAE.

Power Washer FAQ for UAE

Are power washers safe for use on any car?

Yes, they are safe for usage on any car or vehicle. And they clean as good as the professionally clean car. But to make sure you are getting the most of this device and will not be damaging the vehicle you have to keep a few details in mind. Firstly, the type of water you use. If the water is too hard it will leave behind stains which you will have to clean later. Secondly, this is one of the most important things you need to keep your eye on is the pressure of the water. Stay between 1200 and 1900 PSI and you will be fine.

Next, you have to keep in mind is the type of nozzle. Make sure you are using a nozzle which will spread the water pressure and not focus it in one area. If this is not paid attention to you could chip off the paint of your car. And lastly, make sure to steer clear from pressure washing the rubber or plastic trims or they could fall off with the pressure of the water. Follow these simple points and you are good to go.

How much water does a power washer use?

As compared to a regular hose power washer could use lesser water. This is because the pressure in the water helps to clean off debris and dirt faster. Thus, saving water. There is no fixed amount of water used by the machine. Some washers use a gallon and more per minute whereas others use lesser. This factor depends on each pressure power washer. So, the higher the pressure, the more efficiently will the machine work. Therefore lesser water will be consumed and wasted.

Can power washers remove oil stains?

Yes, you can clean out oil stains with the help of a power washer. The pressure in the water forces the stains off easily. And if you add a little bit of detergent while cleaning you could get it out much better. A pressure washer can lighten to completely remove the oil stain depending on how old the stain is. So, you don’t have to have any stained driveway anymore with a power pressure washer.

Can bleach be used in a power washer?

No, never use bleach in a power washer. Bleach is an extremely effective chemical which can be used to clean moss and other stains as well. Keeping this in mind you should never use it in a pressure washer as it can corrode your pump and any other metal in the spray. This would then render the washer useless as it won’t work.

Besides this, inhaling bleach can be even more dangerous to your health and wellbeing. But how would bleach be inhaled you might ask. As you pressure wash your home, you would be propelling it into the air as well along with the spray of water. Doing this you would stand a chance to not only harm yourself but also any plants or vehicle the bleach would come in contact with. Moreover, If you really have to use bleach. Then scrub it onto the place manually and rinse it out before using the power pressure washer.

Spend Your Time Well

Now that you know all you need to, you can get your very own power pressure washer. Everyone must have come across the saying of ‘cleanliness begins at home’. And for this tedious task is the best power pressure washer in UAE. But this doesn’t mean you spend the whole day cleaning out your home from all the dust and dirt. Therefore to deal with this in a short span of time you have the best power pressure washer in UAE. So, you now have a clean home and surrounding as well as some spare time for self- pampering and your other productive work. You can save more time and energy from cleaning by switching to using the best steam cleaner mop in UAE as well.

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What You Should Know Before Buying a Pressure Washer

Best Steam Cleaner Mop in UAE – Expert Recommendation [2023]

Looking for a sparkling clean floor without the elbow grease? A steam mop could be your new best friend. In this article, we’ll explore the best steam mops available in the UAE, guiding you to make an informed choice for a cleaner, more hygienic home.

Quick List

Black + Decker
Best Overall

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Feature Set
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Water Capacity
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Check Price

Bissell PowerFresh
Best Performance

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Feature Set
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Water Capacity
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Check Price

Another Good Option

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Feature Set
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Water Capacity
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Check Price

Why is the Steam Mop Great at Cleaning

With your regular mop, you would have to constantly change the water and move around with the weight. All while you put your back into getting the whole floor clean. But with the best steam cleaner mop in UAE all this work is made easy. This is made possible with the water steaming technology adapted into the steam cleaner mop.

The mop heats water stored in the reservoir up to almost 250 degrees Fahrenheit (120 C). And the steam produced is sent down to the mop pad at the head. Here steam is used to get rid of all the grime and bacteria. With the steam-soaked pad, you can have a cleaner floor and furnishing. Unlike any other cleaning equipment, this one absorbs all the dirt while the heat helps kill off the bacteria and even dust mites.

Making this one of the most hygienic methods of cleaning your home. And not to mention convenient as well, as compared to the traditional method. As you don’t need to put any extra effort into cleaning. So, what are you waiting for? Ahead on to the next section of listing for your next purchase.

Rank 1: Black+Decker Steam Mop

Model: FSM1605

  • Water Capacity: The water holding reservoir holds up to 0.35 litres of water.
  • Sanitizing: This device takes only 15 seconds to start up after being plugged in. Besides this, you have the assurance of this worldwide popular company that it can kill off 99.9% germs without the use of chemicals.
  • Flexible: For easy and convenient cleaning experience the mop is lightweight to carry around. Not to forget the head which enables 180-degree head swivel. This makes it even easier to manoeuvre around and clean even furniture and not just your floors.
  • Smart Feature: Making this already good appliance even better is the Autoselect technology. Where it automatically selects the type of setting which the floor needs. This makes it easier for you to use the appliance without any hassle.
  • Multifunction: With this appliance, you can detach the head from the handheld counterpart to use it to clean the bathroom tiles, ovens, glass and even use to steam garments.
  • Price: This Black + Decker steam mop should cost you around AED 280.

Rank 2: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Model: 2233E

  • Water Capacity: In one go you can fill up to 0.35 litres of water into this mop.
  • Sanitizing: The strong steam released from the mop can help you remove the toughest stains. Whereas the heat also helps you reduce the germs from the surfaces with just a single swipe.
  • Surfaces: This appliance is best on sealed hard surfaces. And would work perfectly on hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, and marble.
  • Flexible: Enabled with swivel steaming you can reach far and wide with the comfortable and specially designed grip of the handle.
  • Steam Setting: Controlling the amount of steam of the mop is in your hands. As well as you can use the trigger for on-demand steam for those tough spots.
  • Multifunction: This cleaner allows you a three in one functionality. As it allows you to convert it to an upright, extended reach, and handheld cleaner. So you can take the cleaning into your hands as it is that easy.
  • Price: This Bissel PowerFresh steam cleaner is available at the price of AED 590.

Rank 3: Deerma Steam Mop

Model: DEM – ZQ600

  • Sanitizing: Now you can get rid of all your excess cleaning equipment. As you have a substitute to do all the cleaning work for you.
  • Attachments: This device comes with 5 different attachments to be used interchangeably. These attachments allow you to have the ultimate cleaning experience.
  • Water Capacity: With 230 ml as the water capacity you can easily clean your whole house with this.
  • Surfaces: The added five attachment can prove to be really helpful as it allows you to clean a lot more surfaces. This includes any small corners, floors, upholsteries, curtains, carpets and many other surfaces.
  • Steam: The use of steam helps the floor to quickly dry up as well as sanitize it. At the heating temperature of 150 degree Celsius, you can assure that the germ and bacteria will be eliminated.
  • Additional Pros: Cleaning without the use of chemicals is actually healthy for you as it improves the quality of air inside your home.
  • Price: This Xiaomi Deerma steam cleaner mop is estimated at AED 200.

Rank 4: Black+Decker Steam Mop

Model: FSM13E1-B5

  • Functioning: Since you would use water to kill the germs, this makes it a natural and safe way. Thus cleaning your floor without the use of chemicals.
  • Surface: Besides that, the surfaces that you can clean along with the device is any hard flooring such as sealed hardwood floor, tile, stone, grout, wood, laminate, granite.
  • Mopping Pads: Moreover, you have long-lasting Easy Glide Microfiber pads. Which gives you cleaner floors and will last you for more than 100 wash cycles.
  • Flexibility: This steam mop is lightweight making it easy to use. Furthermore, you have the 180 Degree pivoting mop head which enables you with the flexibility to move around cleaning your floors in tight spaces as well as under furniture without having you work too much.
  • Water Tank: To refill your tank is easy. All you have to do is detach the tank from the device and you are ready to go.
    • Furthermore, you don’t have to keep refilling the tank since it has a large 380ml of tank capacity.
  • Warranty: With the purchase of this product you have a two year’s band warranty.
  • Price: You can purchase this product at the approximate rate of AED 230.

So, there you have it the best steam cleaner mop in UAE. Go ahead and take your pick from the given choices. And have the best experience with the appliance. To know more about the product read on further and have a well-advised pick.

What to look for in a Steam Cleaner

Purchasing the best steam cleaner in UAE has been made easy right here. With everything you need to know before you buy one. Besides, you don’t want to live with a product you are not happy with, in the end. Hence, here you have it a few features to look into before purchasing your best steam cleaner mop in UAE.

Variety of surfaces

While purchasing your steam cleaner mop, think about the ways in which you want to be using it. Do you want it just for your floors? Would you want to clean your furnishing? Depending on your need look into the steam cleaner mop. In fact, there is a wide range to choose from. You can get one which does everything to ones which specialize on surfaces. You want to make sure of this so you can be aware of the type of surfaces this cleaner will be able to clean. While doing this you can be aware of all the surfaces and not end up damaging the device later.

Ease of use (Light and handy)

This point is to be noted while purchasing as well. The simple reason being that you would want to consider the size of the cleaner. Would you like a bigger one or a smaller one? Since the smaller ones would be portable and easy to store. Whereas the larger one will work better on those grime stains. So, think about it as both the types are available for you to purchase.

Number of attachments

Most of the steam cleaner mops come with added attachments so as to help you get a better clean of every area possible. Therefore, attachments are available, you have different specialised equipment to deal with every specific area of your house. Some of the attachment you might find are grout brushes, fabric steamers, detail brushes, and more. Get these attachments to make your steam cleaner a piece of multipurpose cleaning equipment.

How to use a Steam Mop

Now you have reached the most important section. How do you use a steam mop? What is the purpose of getting a steam mop without being familiar with the usage process? It is always better also to have a basic knowledge of the equipment so you don’t end up damaging the product. So, for that purpose here is your guide to how to use the best steam cleaner mop in UAE.

Step 1: Pre-Clean the Floor

You might be confused? The steam mop does it then why should this be done? But take this into consideration that this device does not clean but mops the floor. So, if you do not clean the floor before mopping it you will dirty the mopping pad. Thus, to prevent this it is important that you vacuum or sweep your floor clean. This will get rid of any debris, pull lint and dust from your floor and cracks. Whereas you have several dual functioning attachments so you wouldn’t have to bring out the vacuum every time. Thus easily cleaning small messes.

Step 2: Prep the Pads

If you want a cleaner steam mopping than the best thing for you to have is to have spare mopping pads at hand. So, you can change them as and when you want and feel current one is dirty. While you do this you can also avoid the spread of dirt all around. You won’t have to worry about the mop pads as they are available cheaply and can be clean in a washer. And like any other clothing item can be dried and hung. But before you change your mop and make sure to read the instruction manual on how to do so as each one has a different way.

Step 3: Evaluate Floor

This is a point which you won’t have to perform every time but nevertheless you have to do it at least once in the start. Check your floor, make sure they are sealed. This is because if they are not the moisture can dampen and damage the floor. Also with a steam cleaner, you shouldn’t leave it plugged in and unattended. As the moisture in the pad could lead to spoiling of your floor.

Besides this, it is always best to consult your flooring manufacture if you have some special type of hardwood or laminate flooring. Or if you don’t, you might end up damaging your floor or the core layer of resins. If your floor is marked as waterproof then you have no issues with using the steam cleaner mop. If you want to be extra sure whether your floor is really waterproof then you can pour a few drops of water in an unnoticeable area. And check it back after a minimum of five minutes. If the water is not absorbed by your wood flooring then you are safe to use the steam cleaner mop.

Step 4: Steam Clean

Once you’ve done all the previous step then you can go ahead and steam clean the floors. Follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and fill the reservoir, attach the pad and get steam mopping. Keeping in mind not to leave it idle for too long on a single place. Furthermore, you may change the pads as and when they grow dirty. For the best cleaning move the steam cleaner on an area more than once.

Step 5: Mop Clean-up

After you are done mopping the floor with the steam cleaner make sure you clean the mopping pads. You can follow the instructions to get your pads clean or you can put them into the washer along with your other whites. The mopping pads are safe to be washed and dried like any other garment of yours. Especially if they are the micro-fibre pads. Make sure you always clean your pads and keep them ready for the next time to be used.

Using a steam cleaner to clean your floors is super easy. And if you go about following the instructions you are totally good to go. Once you get the hang of using the best steam cleaner mop you will never want to go back to the traditional mopping method. Read on to know more about the product.

Care And Maintain for a Steam Cleaner

Do you clean your steam cleaner mop? If so, how often? And how? Well, it should be no surprise that even the best steam mop in the UAE needs to be cleaned, cared and maintained. This section is especially dedicated to that. Cleaning a steam mop is easy and should be done after every use. To ensure that your floors stay sparkling and also extends the lifespan of your steam mop.

First, start by ensuring the device isn’t connected to the power outlet. If you recently used it ensure it has cooled down. After which you can proceed to empty the water tank. Make sure you do so after every use as the water left sitting in the tank can cause harm to the mop. Not to mention you will have bad smelling water and mould as well. After the tank is empty ensure you clean it out with a good cleaning agent. Wipe it down with a cloth from the inside if possible. Even go a step ahead and de-scale it with vinegar. Since vinegar has natural antimicrobial properties, just ensure to use a diluted version.

Furthermore, you can clean any nozzles that you might have occasionally. If you feel the steam intensity has decreased its probably because the nozzles are clogged. Using distilled or demineralized water can help keep the nozzles clean. To reach the nozzle detach the mop head base and you will find the nozzle. You might need a screwdriver to get the base plate off.

Besides this, you regularly need to wash and clean your mopping pads. Unless they are the disposal ones then you can throw them away. You can soak and hand or machine wash the pads. Although make sure to not use fabric softeners or bleach. But you can use hot water and a mild liquid detergent or baking soda. Ensure your dry them properly before you refix them onto the device. Best is to air dry but you can even dry it in the machine. Finally, when that is all done, you need to simply wipe the exterior of your device. A dry cloth will do you good. This is so that you may not have any growths or moisture spots on the device.

Steam Cleaner Mop FAQs for UAE

Can a steam cleaner mop replace a vacuum cleaner?

No, a steam cleaner mop cannot replace a vacuum cleaner. As both of them have different purposes. A steam cleaner mop is for the washing and killing off any germs and bacteria. Whereas the vacuum cleaner is to clean the floor from any debris or even dust. Furthermore, it is essential that you vacuum before you steam clean the floor. To remove all the debris which can cause the mopping pads to become filthy. Or this, in turn, will hamper the steam cleaning process.

Which surfaces can a steam cleaner mop clean?

A steam cleaner can clean almost all surfaces. Therefore, the only catch is that the cleaner must be used on sealed surfaces in terms of the floor. As the moisture that the steam contains might end up damaging your floor if it seeps in. Besides this, you can use a steam cleaner on almost any surfaces. And with the special attachments made available you can make sure to get the best out of each clean.

Some steam cleaners are specialized for only one surface whereas others allow multiple. so make sure to check this out before you make your choice. Furthermore, the attachments promote the usage on various surfaces. Including wood floors, tiles, furniture, carpets and some even steam cleans your clothing.

Does a steam cleaner mop kill germs?

Yes, When you use a steam cleaner the proper way it cleans out and kills germs. Steam cleaning is an effective and good way to clean out your home. Not to mention its an all-natural process as well. This mop has proven effective to kill several germs including salmonella, E. Coli and Staphylococcus as well as dust mites and surface molds. With the heated steams up to 250 Degrees F you can have the best cleaning.

How often should a steam cleaner mop be used?

This viewpoint depends on you. Once a week steam mopping is good enough. But in areas which are bound to collect dirt more often, can be done more frequently. You would also want to consider that overusing the steam mop to can cause water droplet to collect and form molds. Furthermore, you could also end up damaging the floor and the appliance as well from overuse.

Happy Cleaning!

With that, we have come to the end as you know all the things you need to regarding the best steam cleaner mop in UAE. With this new addition to your cleaning equipment, you no longer will feel that you are doing a chore. As this mop puts the fun into cleaning. So, no more elbow grease and have a happy cleaning! Also, you could consider getting the best vacuum cleaner in UAE to make the cleaning easier.

Best UV Phone Sanitizer in UAE – Expert Review [2023]

Corona Virus the talk of the world. Using a mask and sanitizers have become very common. But have you considered the best UV phone sanitizer in UAE? Everyone is doing everything in their ability to not fall prey to the disease. While you keep yourself clean and germ-free who’s going to protect the transmission of the virus via your exposed gadgets. Especially your phone. Your most personalized item and the one thing you would carry everywhere with you. UV phone sanitizer will help give you that extra push towards keeping you safe from any transmitted viruses. Generally, for the sanitizer to work its magic you would only have to keep your phone or any other device in the casing.

Best UV Phone Sanitizer in UAE- Quick List

UV SanitizerClean TimeChargeCheck Price
Momax Q.Power UV Sanitizer18 / 30 minutesWired & WirelessPrice on
Phone Soap 2.0 UV Sanitizer10 minutesWiredPrice on
Generic UV Sanitizer6 minutesWiredPrice on
UKPLUS UV Sanitizer6 minutesWiredPrice on
Smilewx UV Sterilizer8 minutesWirelessPrice on

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How do UV-C Sanitizers Work?

UV-C or as you might commonly know it as the ultraviolet light. This is one method used as a disinfectant. Be it for surfaces, water and even air. Since this is an environment-friendly method why not use it more frequently in the sanitization process of your phones. Actually, this is exactly how the best UV phone sanitizer in UAE works. And it is said to be effective in the novel virus as well. You can read about that here.

The discovery of UV light was made a long time ago. As it is known, UV light reaches the earth from the sun. This light is invisible and has a wavelength which is shorter than that of visible light. The spectrum of the UV light is actually subdivided into four main categories. These are UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and Vacuum UV. This classification is done based on their wavelengths. Where the UV-A and UV-B light can cause sunburns and cancers. UV-C light is worst than the previous ones. The only plus point is, this ray from the sun doesn’t reach us. So, for the working of this UV phone sanitizer, all you need to know is the UV-C which is man-made as a safer disinfectant. This UV-C light has a wavelength of between 280 and 100 nanometers. And so is referred to as the germicidal light.

This light works towards removing any microorganisms, which are present on your device. So, once you place the device into the case. The system reproduces UV radiation; this is done with the help of lamps fixed on the inside of the case. This lamp emits the germicidal UV-C light which sanitizes your phone without the use of any chemicals. In some cases even better than the chemicals. The light has shown to permanently eliminate the number of the microorganisms’ DNA, such as protozoans, viruses and bacteria instantly. Furthermore, rendering them unable to replicate and remain inert.

However, this only works on the area exposed to the light and any grey area will not be disinfected. But you won’t have to worry about this, as the design of the case is such that the light coves the entire phone. Pretty good huh? Read on further for some of the best UV phone sanitizers for you in UAE.

Rank 1: Momax Q.Power UV Sanitizer

Model: QU1

  • Sanitizer: This UV sanitizer kills as well as sterilizes around 99.9% of your exposed devices. Be it your phone, earbuds, watch, anything non- washable and can fit into the case.
  • Charge: If your phone is Qi-enabled then you can get your phone charged as well with the help of the box. All you have to do is place it above the box for wireless charging. Whereas you can opt normal charging as well with the help of USB type- C cable. This cable comes along with the box and is 8mm long for comfortable charging.
  • Aroma Diffuser: While the whole killing of germs process is happening, you can equip the case with your favourite aromatherapy liquid. And let your device be refreshed while it sterilizes.
  • Mode: While you have options to use this box as a sanitizer as well as a power bank. You also have modes to let you choose the time for how long you wish to sterilize your gadgets i.e. 18 minutes fast mode or 30 minutes standard mode. But it would be better to go for the standard mode. This mode lets your device be efficiently rid from all the germs.
  • Dimensions: For you to judge how well your phone would fit into the box here are the dimensions 200mm x 120mm x 48mm.
  • Portable: Whereas the weight of this product is 337g. This makes the box completely portable and easy to carry along, without any much inconvenience.
  • Price: You can get this helpful device at the cost of AED 240.

Rank 2: Phone Soap 2.0 UV Sanitizer

Model: 500-2

  • Sanitizer: Without the use of any liquid or chemicals you can get your phone free from 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria. With the UV ray which has proven to be banishable of all bacteria. And for double protect the case has two of the bulbs to help in the process.
  • Dimension: As the dimensions is 21.6 x 12.7 x 4.6 cm. You can fit almost every phone in this case. Be it an iPhone or even an Android device.
  • Fast Clean: All it needs is a mere ten minutes to spare. As that is all the time this UV sanitizer takes to disinfect your phone.
  • Portability: Now you can roam with this little device anywhere and use it as an when you like as you wouldn’t feel the weight. This is because this small little gadget weighs only up to 454g.
  • Charge: As you are on the go you can charge as well as sanitize your phone at the same time. This is a time-efficient technique for your busy schedule.
  • Audio Amplifier: Do you have a worry that while you connect your phone to the sanitizing box you might miss some important calls or notifications? Well, this device has taken that into consideration as they have come up with the effective audio amplifier. This allows you to hear if your phone rings or you get a ping while connected in the box.
  • Price: You can purchase this device just at the price of AED 330.

Rank 3: Generic UV Sanitizer

  • Sanitizer: The disinfection technology is able to sterilize 99.99% of various pathogens. Keeping your device safe and free from any sickness causing disease.
  • Body Build: This sterilizing box has a unique build for you to get the most of it.
    • With the deeper box, you can simultaneously sanitize more than just your phone at one go. You can fit anything up to seven inches into the box.
    • Designed to sanitize anything which is non-washable and will fit into the box without causing any problem.
    • And for the extra protection of your device, the bottom of the box is with a non-slip silicone mat. Which doesn’t allow your device to slip or even move around too much in the box.
  • Dimensions: The box is with the design so that it can fit anything within the range of 7 x 3.9 x 1 inch. There is no specification to what or which type of phone can be put into the box.
  • Fast Clean: The whole package of the sanitization, charge and aromatherapy would take-up to six to eight minutes only. Within this time you can expect to have the best treatment for your devices.
  • Aroma Diffuser: If you want your device and other items to feel fresh and clean after you sanitize them you can add in a few drops of any essential oil. This process would only take up to eight minutes of your time.
  • Portability: The designs of this device is such that it is ergonomically sleek and compact for you to travel around with it. And to add to the portability of the device you can power this gadget with the help of a laptop, desktop, or power bank whatever is available at the moment.
  • Price: This handy device will cost you around AED 200.

Rank 4: UKPLUS UV Sanitizer

  • Dimension: For this device, you have a dimension of 209 x 110 x 44 mm. While for your phone itself they offer around 176 x 102 x 14mm. So whatever you can fit into this box within this space is sanitizable.
  • Sanitizer: To keep any spreading disease from your phone try sanitizing your phone at least once daily. This keeps your phone free from 99.9 per cent bacteria and germs.
  • Fast Clean: Just six minutes is all you need to spare and keep your phone away for. As this is the time it takes to rid your phone from any harm causing micro-organisms.
  • Aroma Diffuser: For that extra care and effort towards keeping your phone safe you can use the aroma diffuser. With the extra eight minutes, you can have a clean and fresh smelling device which will leave you feeling happy.
  • Indicator: You can opt for both the treatments for your phone together. And this box will indicate which mode is it on. Blue light indicates that it’s on the six minutes sanitization process. Whereas green light indicates that the eight minutes aromatherapy is running.
  • USB Charger: The built-in charging port lets you also charge your device while its in the treatment process. Be it Android or IOS both the phones are covered by this product. As they offer you a cord suitable for both the phones. And so now you can use it interchanging whenever you need.
  • Multifunction: With this device, you don’t have to stick to just sanitizing your phone. As you can sanitize anything you want. Right from earphones, earpods to makeup accessories to knives and forks and even baby toys.
  • Price: How about that? You can make this product yours just at the price of AED 160.

Rank 5: Smilewx UV Sterilizer

  • Sanitizer: This product has its way of impressing you with its sanitizing abilities. As the UV light rids your device of all the germs. And also it works on any device including watches, jewellery, cash and card as well.
  • Fast Clean: How can you ignore fast anything which gives you fast satisfaction. So, keeping this in mind you have this UV sanitization box which lets you sanitize your phone or any other device fast. Within record time of eight minutes.
  • Charge: Besides the purpose of the sanitizer this box works as a power bank as well. As it lets your phone charge wirelessly. But also keep in mind this will work only if your phone supports wireless charging.
  • Aroma Diffuser: A few drops of your favourite scent is all it asks for to give your device the feel of a spa treatment. Leaving your phone smelling as great as ever.
  • Suitability: Anything within the limit of 6.2 inches can fit perfectly within the box. Which are almost all phones.
  • Dimensions: You might think that it is small at 204 x 127 x 43mm. But it can comfortably fit your phone and anything else you wish to sanitize with the help of this box.
  • Portability: This device weighs nothing more then your phone does. That is around 338g which is about 0.75lb. Now, this is something for you to carry around without feeling the weight on you. So, you can sanitize your phone anywhere, anytime on the go.
  • Price: Just at AED 250 you can have this gadget for yourself to use.

With that, we have come to the end of the listing of the best UV phone sanitizer in UAE. With a wide range of feature, you can go and make your choice as to which one is the most suitable for your needs. Now that that is out of the way, read on further to know more about the UV phone sanitizer.

Humans Should not be Exposed to UV Light!

As you might know that UV light isn’t good for humans. Nothing can emphasise this point any more than this section. Knowing the reason and the root cause of most thing is best for us to stay safe. You might think that since the use of UV light on your device removes and kills the germs. It should work just the same way on your skin. Sadly, let me break it to you. UV light does more bad than good to you on various levels.

UV is one of the components of the sun rays. And this light has subdivisions namely UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. In this, the UV-A light causes skin ageing and not to mention certain cancers as well. Whereas the UV-B light is responsible for sunburns and some more and most of the skin cancers. This leaves us with the UV-C light which is considered the most toxic one of them all. Lucky for us this subdivision of the light is cut off by the earth’s atmosphere.

Now as mentioned, this UV-C light is the one which kills of microorganisms mainly by destroying and disrupting their nucleic acids. But something of that capacity can also cause harm to the skin to which it comes in contact with. And if it does it can cause burns which are known as a carcinogen. Thus, any UV light be it from the sun or man-made should be kept away from your skin. Especially your eyes. The usage of these UV lights to disinfect surfaces is on the rise. And these lights are to disinfect only the surfaces and not for the skin of humans. Therefore, making it dangerous and harmful if used improperly.

With this, you might think that it would be best not to use UV phone sanitizer in UAE. But you don’t have to worry about this device as they don’t turn on unless the case is completely shut. Which makes the usage of these cases safe. Any other UV light leakage is not advisable. Now that you know this you can keep this in mind and make a well-advised choice. And stay away from any UV light leakage or otherwise. Taking precaution to not come in contact with these UV light is the best you can do. Read on further to know more about the UV phone sanitizer in UAE.

Useful Features of UV-C Phone Sanitizer

Just as you know how to keep safe from the UV light. You also need to know the product well before going head-on and purchasing the best UV phone sanitizer in UAE. You will get an idea as to what would be good points for you to consider as well as look into the product. Check it out.

Size of sanitizer box

This goes without saying. Check the size of the sanitizer box. Most of these phone sanitizer cases are broad and compatible with almost all phones. It is best to see if your phone and any possible devices you would put into the case would fit in and not leave the box ajar. So if you think you might be sanitizing a tablet in the future then make sure the case is big enough for it. You get such specific purposed and bigger sanitization boxes. Besides this, you would think about portability while purchasing the box. Which size would be convenient and how would you be carrying it around. If you are going to that. With the portability, factor comes the power source. Does it work on battery or must you plug it in?

Fast mode

Fast mode is basically the mode where you would connect your device into the case and it would have an option for you to have a quick sanitization process. This would be a handy feature to have for the times when you are in a hurry. But in some cases, it is also advised against this as well. As the sanitization boxes might not clean your phone thoroughly. Nowadays, most of the cases also work only on this mode enabling you a fast clean every time.

Wireless Charging

If you are given the option to simply sanitize as well as charge your phone at the same time why pass? Pull in some extra funds and get the one which does both simultaneously. For this option, you can have wired ones. But then again if your phone is compatible with the wireless charging why not opt for that one. This is an added feature and convenience as well. So, you can say bye to all those wires you would have to carry around.

What Else Can it Sanitize?

For when you are buying the best UV phone sanitizer in UAE consider the possibility of having dual and more uses. This might sound confusing but actually it is not. Think it of this way if you can get text and calls with a mobile phone why settle for a landline or pager for that matter?

Yes, most of the UV phone sanitizers today can let you sanitizer multiple devices and accessories rather than just a phone or tablet. So, my point here is while you are looking into investing in a UV phone sanitizer check if they let you sanitize more then just your phone. After all, you can’t go ahead and wash everything with water or soap. So, why not UV sanitize them.

Other daily common objects which this sanitizer lets you sterilize are keys, your mask, earphones, earpods, wallet. Your daily accessories like jewellery, watches. Oh, and the most contaminated item you can have is your cash be it pennies or the notes. Ensuring all these items are clean is ensuring that you’re clean and safe from any possible incoming germs and viruses. And this would be a minimum investment towards your health. So, you should consider it.

Keep Calm and Live Germs Free

Now that you have come to know of such a product where you can keep extra safe. Why not invest in it? After all, it will do you more good than harm. Not to mention safe as well. As you are after all sanitizing your hands already with sanitizer why not your phone too, the proper way. Think about it. what good is it to sanitize your hands when you don’t sanitize your other accessories and devices. You are after all touching them constantly. So, go ahead invest in the best UV phone sanitizer. So, you can keep calm and live in a mostly germ-free surrounding. While your at it you can check out some of the best automatic hand sanitizer dispensers in UAE.

KitchenAid Mixer Review for UAE – Feature, Options Explored [2023]

A Stand-Mixer now that’s one underrated kitchen equipment. This KitchenAid mixer in UAE mentioned in this review can perform a wide variety of task. Making your every dish gourmet as it can whisk, mince, juice, dice anything and everything. With a gadget like this, you can cook almost everything with lesser effort and manual work. A KitchenAid mixer would work best for your needs. As they have a choice of different options to choose from. Based on the model, type, price, capacities and many more factors.

Completing a century in its journey in 2019 KitchenAid has been making quality products for all kitchen needs. This American based home appliance company is owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. Traditionally starting of with producing stand mixers back in 1919. Since then the stand mixers and every other product manufactured by them have come to a long journey of evolution. As they look forward to satisfying not just your body with the food prepared but also your soul.

Today this brand has attained the level of pride from their multiple full star reviews. The KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE in this review is definitely to look into if you want a long-lasting mixer with a wide array of attachments, accessories and even customizable equipment.

Why choose KitchenAid over other mixer brands?

Having a good and reputable brand with a variety of features is what is wanted the most by an amateur as well as a professional chef. But besides the brand name, there are a variety of reasons why the KitchenAid mixer is what you need to opt for in the sea of mixer brands. Read on to know more.

With the KitchenAid brand, you can expect a lot of versatility. Moreover, depending on this product to make sure your cooking creations are brought to life. As they allow you the best and easy work experience with their varied attachments. So, if you can experiment with all the different types of pasta, cakes, doughs and even ice-creams with your own durable KitchenAid mixer.

Furthermore, the classic appearance gives it a sophisticated yet modern outlook. Which is still made for the versatility that is required. Depending on your needs you can choose the best one for your kitchen. Right from the array of colours of the stand mixer to the mixing volumes of the bowls. You can choose from the 12 available attachments to the 10 speeds. Everything to suit your needs and tastes. Not to forget KitchenAid even let you choose the type of beater you would prefer either burnished and coated beaters for your cooking adventures.

Promoting only the best for your cooking spree. You can expect a reliable and handy cooking companion. That will even give you that extra push towards experimenting with new dishes and ingredients. KitchenAid will help with your culinary ambitions and inspire you to go ahead with original ideas.

Now that you have clear cut reasons why you should consider opting to review this KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE. It is best if you see the product for yourself. And be the witness to the product. Read on to know more about the KitchenAid stand mixer.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Model: KSM3316XER

  • Outlook: A sophisticated as well as a stylish outlook for your needs. This appliance aims towards making the most of the least. Since the body is of stainless steel your appliance will have a long working life.
  • Dimensions: Like previously mentioned, this appliance will be space-saving so you can adjust it easily into your kitchen. So, for the same, the dimensions are 31.2 x 19.8 x 31.2 cm. And not to mention lighter as compared to other products as well as it weights 7.26 Kgs.
  • Attachments: Your culinary centre is now available for you to experiment with all the ten add on attachments this product has to offer.
  • Speeds: This KitchenAid stand mixer offers you with ten-speed adjustment settings. Which is more than enough for any recipe you wish to create for the day.
  • Bowl Capacity: The bowl capacity for this device is spaciously huge for you to use. And not to forget that the bowl itself is a 3.5-quart entirely stainless steel. Which is a multi-purpose bowl and not just limited to baking.
  • Smart Adjustment: Who wouldn’t want to cook without creating a mess right?
    • So, with the product, you can keep the mess to the minimum as the device is made with an innovative soft start. This means that the device would start off gently which would create little to no puffs or splashes of the contents.
    • Furthermore, the gadget has a tilt-back option. With which you can go ahead and add your ingredients without any much effort and easily.

Important Features that Make KitchenAid Worth Purchasing

No one would go ahead and purchase a product without knowing the speciality or even features. You wouldn’t want to end up with a product which doesn’t fulfil your requirements. To prevent this you go ahead, research and find out what works best for you. Or even does this product have all of the feature you need and more. So, to help you with that process, here are some assured features this product has to offer.

Services Offered

You can purchase this product anywhere be it online and also at supply stores. This makes the accessibility of the product high. They offer great customer support as well as service plans. And you won’t be regretting your choice. This is one of the main reason why the brand has had a successful 100 years of existence. KitchenAid makes all their products user friendly and easy to use. All the while offering you a high-utility despite being simple. They offer full-service product assistance. This adds the accessibility for the ower which in this case is you.


Then you have the physical outlook of the product. You can fit this gadget anywhere even when you are on a pinch of space. This is mainly because they aren’t excessively huge in size. Your KitchenAid mixer would blend in well into your kitchen setup as well. KitchenAid ensures the best of features, with versatility and a durable product to keep you happy. With any product so good you wouldn’t mind spending on it.

Physical Properties

KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE in this review, despite everything, has a few unique features attached to it which you won’t know until you yourself go ahead and use it. This mixer performance is one to be admired at all levels. As it gives you the best performance in all that it does. Be it mixing, kneading, whipping and more effortlessly. The bowl capacity is spacious enough to make a big batch of anything that you are making. And what makes it better is that it is fitted with an ergonomic handle. This makes the handling of the bowl easier. Furthermore, without too much effort or struggle the head locks into place. Making it even easier to operate the stand mixer.

Besides that, you can read the speed settings with ease even after placing the attachments or bowl in place. This enables you to easily use the mixer without scratching your head trying to figure how to get it to work. If all this doesn’t impress you than the variety of attachments which KitchenAid offers is surely going to. With all the accessories such as the blender, pasta maker and grinder you can prepare the best of almost everything.


The cherry on the cake is that KitchenAid accessories are all dishwasher safe. Right from the bowl to the beater and dough hook. No matter if you are a professional baker/ chef or even a beginner. This mixer caters to everyone’s needs and capacities. Especially as they have bowls of many sizes which fits all. Which means you can now bake for your evening tea cravings and for your kid’s school picnics. You can assure that KitchenAid has you covered.

If these features don’t serve as an encouragement enough for you to consider KitchenAid I’m not sure anything can. All these features are available in this review of KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE. So, once you do purchase your own KitchenAid stand mixer in this review for UAE. There is a way for you to get the best and most of it. Following is how you can achieve it.

Ways to Maximise the Lifespan of KitchenAid Mixer

For KitchenAid, durability is already a key feature to its success. Right from the beginning of the brand. With the best of designs and assured quality engineering, you couldn’t expect the fault to be in the hardware itself. As the company itself assures your mixer will live a long 15 years. If used well and in the right way you can use it for around 30 years and more. But considering, after all, it is a gadget so if you don’t use it right or handle with care, you can’t expect the gadget to have a long lifespan. Keeping that in mind in this review here are five main ways you can prolong the usage of your KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE:

Use Frequently

I know this might sound weird as this might be the exact reason which could lead to decreased lifespan. Which is also true but the key is in using it as often as possible. As much as possible within the warranty period especially. Try using all the function within the time that your warranty is covering the mixer. This way you can detect any defects in the product as well and you can bring it to the notice of the company. Better now when under warranty then later when you would have to spend to get it fixed.

Prevent Overheating

Usually, when the mixer is overheated it will shut itself off. But the best thing for your mixer is to not wait for that point. This normally happens on the basis of how the mixer is being used. Using high speeds, loading the mixer with thick mixtures or even prolonged use can lead to the overheating. But you can prevent this by using various different mixing times and speed settings. Try allowing the mixture and the mixer to rest in between sessions. And also by keeping the mixer in a clean environment along with keeping it clean on the inside and out.

Allow Warm-ups

After a long period of non-usage let your mixer warm-up before actually loading it with food. Why you ask? Mainly because when not in use the lubricants inside the mixer solidifies. This happens more frequently in cooler temperatures. So, before you use it for the food, warm-up the lubricants by simply turning it on and shifting the speeds. After that, you can go ahead and continue with your regular usage process.

Right Settings

This is an essential detail to pay a close eye to. Make sure you have the right settings and adjustments down before you go ahead and turn on the device. Check the height for the beater and make sure it is not going to scrape the bowl. Besides this, make sure that you have fitted in the attachments right. If not this all could lead to overheating and even damaging the mixer. So make sure to check this every time.


For the smooth functioning of the mixer the lubricants function to grease the inside of the mixer. It is necessary for the functioning of the mixer that this lubricant needs to be changed from time to time which would most likely be a year. Therefore for the stand mixer to work best for a long time make sure to look into the maintenance.

If you make sure to follow all of the above-mentioned points in this review you can ensure that your KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE will have a long working period. Leaving you a happy and satisfied customer of the product. But before you go ahead or place your order read on further. To know more about how to make your appliance last for a longer time.

Maintenance Tips for KitchenAid Mixer

Although if you seem to follow all of the tips and points to take proper care for your appliance you should be fine. As KitchenAid isn’t a brand which requires frequent or repetitive maintenance. But for your journey to prolong the use of your KitchenAid stand mixer here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Ignore Tell-offs

Make sure to not ignore any visible or audible tell-offs that there might be a problem. Especially if it is on the form of some odd behaviour of the mixer. Chances are there is a small problem which can be quickly fixed. The longer you put it off as nothing the worse it can get.

Keep Your Mixer Clean

While you do everything to keep the interior of the mixer clean you tend to forget about the exterior. By constantly cleaning your mixer from any spilt or dry food stains or particles you can keep your mixer in a good condition. Clean out all those small areas which have a possibility of being clogged. Especially the part where you add the attachments. As this is the most commonly clogged area. You can add a little grease too to this area if you face struggles while connecting or disconnecting the attachments. The cleaning can be done with some water and soap. When the exterior looks clean will the gadget look new as well.

Clean Your Attachments

This has to go without saying that you must always make sure to clean the attachment properly and with care. As they are mostly made of aluminium it is safe to say they aren’t very delicate but make sure to wash them with care. Also, be aware if you can put them into a dishwasher or not. If the aluminium has a solid white coating this is your green signal to put them into your dishwasher. But if not, you are better off washing it manually. If you wash them otherwise it would cause oxidation. Leaving a bad film behind making your attachment seem old.

Re-Grease the Mixer

Re-greasing your mixer should be done at least once a year. This will make sure your appliance will be in top condition from the inside. This re-greasing can be done by yourself or you can get it done by a professional. If you plan on doing it yourself here are the steps for it. All you need to do is get some new grease. Which doesn’t cost too much.

  • Remove the back cover of the mixer. After which you remove the metal band that wraps around the machine. After which you have to carefully remove the mixing assembly as well as the top casing. Once this is done you will be able to access the inner machinery.
  • If you see any dirt and black grease in that area you’ll want to clean it out.
  • And clean all the rest of the remaining parts out as well.
  • Now you have to reapply the new grease to the machine it is advisable to add a lot of it.
  • Once that is done you can go ahead and reassemble every part back to the way it was.

KitchenAid has actually put in enough grease to last the whole lifespan of the mixer. But there is no harm to go ahead and change it. This way you can inspect your mixer on your own for any defects. And in the process prevent any future breakdowns.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer FAQs

How long do KitchenAid mixers last?

KitchenAid mixer is said to last for about 15 years. But since you are talking about a world-renowned brand known for its quality. You have the assurance that this product has lasted for 30 years plus. And you can make your mixer last for as long as well. All you got to do is take a little care of the appliance like it was your own child. Clean it and its attachments regularly, consider re-greasing it from time to time. Don’t overuse it and definitely don’t ignore any signs which might suggest that something is wrong with the mixer. While most importantly make sure that you have set up the appliance and its attachments right. Follow all safety measures and you’ll have your mixer working just fine for a really long time.

Why are KitchenAid stand mixers so expensive?

Yes, KitchenAid stand mixers are a bit on the pricey end. But the price is justifiable since they are after all a brand which is well-known worldwide. Be it among homemakers right up to the professionals. If the brand is well established like this one and has a reputation in the society you can expect the prices to be higher. The general idea, is the more attachments you purchase the more you will have to pay. As each attachment performs a different task and is sold separately.

Furthermore, quality. The better the material used the higher the price. So if you have aluminium or polished aluminium means your mixer is more durable hence the appropriate price. Next is the durability of the product. KitchenAid assures you durability so you have a better warranty offered to you for the product as well. Considering this, the most trusted fanbase of KitchenAid don’t really mind the price of the product. Besides, would you rather opt for the long-lasting tad expensive product or pay twice (or more) on a cheap product?

What is the difference between KitchenAid Classic and KitchenAid Artisan mixers?

While buying the mixer of your choice it is best to consider all your options and so these two KitchenAid products let you choose the best one suited for you. If you go ahead and compare the features generally there is almost everything similar but those minor differences can make it or break it for you.

Firstly, the obvious difference is that the Artisan has a pouring shield and the handle to prevent the contents from splashing back and to allow easy access respectively. And this feature isn’t given by the Classic. Besides that, you have a wider range of colours to choose from as compared to the Classic. But these are minor details which can be overlooked. The biggest game-changer is that of the bowl capacity. Artisan provides a bigger bowl capacity as compared to Classic. But this is really debatable as the different model offers different sizes. There besides these few points, there is nothing different about the two KitchenAid stand mixers.

Is the KitchenAid Artisan and Artisan Mini powerful enough?

Yes, they both are powerful enough for you to use on a regular basis. Whether you are a beginner or you are a professional chef you will find your use in this product. In not just one way but various ways be it for whipping, mixing, mincing and you can even mash potatoes with these KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE.

Both the KitchenAid stand mixers are powerful enough to deal with anything you throw at it. This is because both their mixers have a good and heavy-duty motor to support them. Do not go by the size, smaller does not mean lesser in any way. The only reason for you to choose the mini mixer is in case of space constraints.

Is tilt head or bowl lift better?

In this case, a tilt head mixer would be one which you can tilt the mixer head. Whereas the bowl lift is one where you can’t move the head but you can lift and pull out the bowl. So which one would be better? As both types have their own pros and cons.

When its easier to access the tilt head mixer there could be a problem of the hinge loosening up after some uses. But besides this, there could be no problem at all, in fact, these are the ones which are compressed and so, you save on space vertically. On the other hand with a bowl lift, the only drawback would be that it would vertically consume more space. So with this, it would only come down to your preferences.

Guide on KitchenAid Mixers

There you have it an all you need to know review on the KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE. With this review, you can make your conscious decision to select the KitchenAid mixer in UAE. Once you use it, this product will become your baking companion and a must-have. And even if you aren’t into baking as much this stand mixer has a lot of secondary purposed as well so you can make it your kitchen essential either ways. Also if you like, you can check best stand mixer in UAE for a more varied choice to choose from.

Best Gaming Laptop in Saudi Arabia – Specs & Prices Explained [2023]

Welcome yourself to the alternative reality world with the best gaming laptop available in Saudi Arabia. Since recently gaming laptops to are up-ing their game (no pun intended) to match the level of the desktop PCs. Offering if not better then, as good of a gaming experience with good high-quality features. Which you can’t afford to miss. Especially if you are a gamer. But if you are a newbie why not get on the gaming train and open your horizons to new alternative worlds and even be a hero and save the day! Therefore, make sure to check out some of the best gaming laptops in Saudi Arabia.

Best Gaming Laptop in Saudi Arabia – Quick List

Gaming LaptopsCPUGPUStorageCheck Price
ASUS – ROG Zephyrus G14AMD Ryzen 9 4900HSNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max Q1 TB SSDPrice on
Alienware Area 51mIntel Core i9-9900KNVIDIA GeForce RTX 20801TB Hybrid Drive + 256GB SSD.Price on
ASUS TUF A15AMD Ryzen 7 4800HNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti1TB HDD + 512GB SSDPrice on
Acer Predator Helios 300Intel Core i7-9750HNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060512GB SSDPrice on
Razer Blade 15Intel Core i7-9750HNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q512GB SSDPrice on
MSI GS75 Stealth-205Intel Core i7-8750HNVIDIA RTX 2060512GB SSDPrice on

Jump to Detailed Reviews

Gaming Laptop Features Right for You

Getting any thing eletronics related can be hard. Especially if you do not have much knowledge into the latest technology. Which is understandable because of the constantly updating technology. Which is why here are a few points to consider while getting the best gaming laptop in Saudi Arabia.

GPU & Refresh Rates

GPU or the Graphics Processing Unit as it might be known. For a gaming laptop having a graphics card is necessary so that you can get a worthwhile gaming experience. This feature controls the way any image is displayed on your screen. Since games have images and moving characters the GPU handles this before displaying it out on your screen. As for refresh rate look for a laptop with higher refresh rate. Like that of around 75Hz or above.

More Power or Lighter

This factor would depend on the way you would be using your laptop. Like for example if you plan on getting a laptop to play triple-A demanding games at a home desk or station with little to no movement get a heavy duty (powered) laptop. Although if you plan to roam around with your laptop maybe be multipurpose for work and games then consider a lighter weighted one yet one which can get your job done without any hindrance.

Screen Size

Wider screens are mostly preferred while gaming. In this case you can get the normal 60Hz 1080p panel. Moreover if you plan to use the laptop screen only while playing then maybe consider spending a bit more and get one which has features like anti-tearing and which are easy on the eyes as well as with high refresh rates. But if you plan on extending the display consider the 60Hz full screen display only and not spend on additional features.

Well those are the three main features to look out for on your very own gaming laptop for yourself in Saudi Arabia. Keeping these features in mind carefully go through the features of some of the best gaming laptops picked out especially for you.

Rank 1: ASUS – ROG Zephyrus G14

Model: GA401IV-BR9N6

  • Processor: This Asus laptop uses the 8- core AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS CPU, which has a processor count of 2. Which lets you surpass the competition with its powerful performance.
  • Graphics: As the graphics coprocessor you have a powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max Q. The graphics card is important to look at when considering a gaming laptop.
  • Storage: The storage type of the laptop is DDR DRAM which has a solid-state interface. Along with 1 TB SSD storage. Which is sufficient for large storage space.
  • Dimensions: With the overall size fixed at 32.51 x 22.1 x 1.78 cm it is big yet compact enough for you to carry around if needed. Furthermore, you have the screen size of 14 inches for your display.
  • RAM: Having a RAM of 16 GB you can multi-task as well as play any game without any lags.
  • Resolution: The screen may feel a bit small but it’s packed with a good viewing experience as It has 1920 x 1080 resolution pixels.
  • Sound: Along with the immersive display you have even better sound quality with the Quad speakers. Which uses Dolby Atmos sound for stunning sound quality. Be it for movies or while gaming.
  • Battery: When portability comes in to question battery is sure to follow. Therefore charging has become faster and longer-lasting with this laptop. Since it uses the fast charging type-C charger Which can be used for a long 10 hours with just a single charge.

Rank 2: Alienware Area 51m

  • Processor: Equipping the CPU with 9th Generation Intel Core i9-9900K. Furthermore included with the speed of 3.6 GHz and 8 as the processor count. All for you to have the ultimate gaming experience.
  • Dimensions: While considering the height of this laptop make sure you take note correctly since it has a sloping height. As for front 27.65mm (1.09″), Rear 31.2mm (1.23″) and Peak 42mm (1.7″). Whereas the width is 402.6mm (15.85″) and the length being 319.14mm (12.565″).
  • Graphics: Along with the graphics of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB GD DR6 (OC Ready) and the card interface comprising of PCI-E. Making the display more realistic.
  • RAM: To give you a more realistic desktop vibe and features in a laptop the has a huge 32 GB RAM which makes it really very good for gaming and multi-tasking.
  • Storage: For this laptop, you have a spacious 1TB Hybrid Drive along with 256GB PCIe M.2 SSD. Bringing it closer to a desktop like no other device.
  • Eye safe: In a way that the screen display will not hurt your eyes too much like the regular computer/ laptop screens. Furthermore, the laptop is equipped with the Tobii eye-tracking technology for you to have an even more immersive gaming experience.
  • Resolution: Everything of this laptop is done with the gaming and the desktop features kept in mind. So, why hold back on the resolutions? Thus it has a 17.3″ FHD (1920 x 1080) resolutions.
  • Cooling Technology: The advance thermal cooling technology of Alienware Cryo-Tech v2.0. Has unique cooling optimisation to help your laptop stay cool and cool down faster as well.

Rank 3: ASUS TUF A15

Model: TUF506IU-ES74

  • Graphics: For a gaming computer the first thing to check would be the graphics. Which plays a crucial role in how the image appears on the screen. This is why you will find this gadget having NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660Ti, with 6GB GDDR6 VRAM.
  • Processor: After you consider the graphics you much consider the processor or any laptop or computer. And this one has AMD® Ryzen™ 7 4800H Processor, 2.9 GHz (8 M Cache, up to 4.2 GHz)
  • RAM: As the laptop has a memory type of DDR4 SDRAM. The original RAM useable by this gadget is 32GB. Which makes multitasking easier and you can have no lags.
  • Resolution: With a standing screen dimension of 15.6 inches you have a resolution of 1920 x 1080. And to top it you have an HD 720p CMOS module for your webcam.
  • Connectivity: Besides the 2 HDMI and USB ports you can use the integrated Wi-Fi 5. Along with the Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Storage: This laptop will allow you to have around 1TB 5400 rpm SATA HDD. Whereas for the SSD is 512GB NVMe PCIe® Gen.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of this laptop is 359.8 x 256 x 22.8 ~24.7 mm for WxDxH respectively.
  • Price: You would have to spend around SAR 8800 for this Asus laptop.

Rank 4: Acer Predator Helios 300

Model: PH315-52-75DE

  • Processor: Not holding you back in any way this device is fitted with the 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750H. Which has the processor count of 6 and speed up to 4. 5GHz.
  • Graphics: Not to mention the graphics card has its own 6 GB of GDDR6 VRAM. Added to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060. Sure enough to leave you wanting to play all the more.
  • Display: The standing screen display is of 15.6 inches which is a 15.6″ Full HD display. Furthermore, it has a widescreen LED-backlit IPS display. To give you a clear display of the content with properly lit areas.
  • Storage: Equipped with large storage of  512GB PCIe NVMe SSD. So, you can have and play more than just one type of game on your device.
  • Cooling: Make sure that your gaming laptop doesn’t heat up too much and too fast. To help you with this you have the 4th Gen AeroBlade 3D Fan Technology. To help cool down your device faster.
  • RAM: To ensure the smooth functioning of your apps on your laptop device the RAM is of 16 GB DDR4.
  • Dimensions: If you are thinking terms of portability the dimensions are important enough to keep an eye out for. Therefore this device has the dimensions of around 14.23 x 10.01 x 0.9 inches.
  • Audio: The built-in speakers use Dolby Atmos support to give you the best sound whole you play your gaming. Even why you use your headphones. Which is 7.1 Codec support via HDMI as well.
  • Connectivity: The best gaming laptop in Saudi Arabia must provide you with at least Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), USB 3.2 Gen 2 (USB-A) x 3, Mini DisplayPort 1.4 output, HDMI 2.0B output. And these all features are available in this laptop device.
  • Price: The cost of this Acer gaming laptop will be almost SAR 5590.

Rank 5: Razer Blade 15

Model: RZ09-03287E22-R341

  • Processor: This laptop device functions with the help of a 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H with the core count of 6 and speeds up to 2.6GHz/4.5GHz.
  • Graphics: With NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 with Max-Q (8GB GDDR6 VRAM) as the graphics for a completely swell gaming experience. Moreover, the graphics card interface is PCI-E.
  • RAM: The overall RAM of the device is around 16GB Dual-Channel (8GB x 2) DDR4 2667MHz. From which one is especially for the graphics.
  • Dimensions: This gadget provides you with great features along with the dimensions of 17.8 mm x 235 mm x 355 mm.
  • Storage: Offering storage of 512GB SSD (NVMe) for all your applications as well as games this device works good enough for you.
  • Display: A full HD display of 15.6″ at 240Hz. Along with the stand screen size of 15.6 Inches with 100% sRBG and 4.9mm bezel. What else can you want more than this perfect display for your device.
  • Price: Besides the features of the laptop you have the price which is at approximately SAR 18000.

Rank 6: MSI GS75 Stealth-205

Model: GS75 Stealth-205

  • Processor: Using the processor of the 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H having 2.20GHz speed and 6 core processor count you can you this laptop and relive on it to have a good performance every time.
  • Graphics: For gaming another heavy-duty applications the graphic of this laptop is set with NVIDIA RTX 2060 with 6GB GDDR6 Graphics and is VR Ready. To enjoy even virtual as well as traditional games.
  • RAM: This possibly your device has a 16GB DDR4 SODIMM RAM. From which 6GB is especially dedicated to the graphics of the device.
  • Connectivity: 802.11ac Wifi, Bluetooth 5.0 and Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) it has it all on this laptop. All above and more like 3 USB 3.1 Gen2, HDMI, Thunderbolt3 (Type-C), USB 3.1 Type-C Gen1, and a Micro SD Reader.
  • Display: Consisting of a 17.3″ Full HD (1920×1080) 144Hz Display. And not to forget the 17.3 inches of the screen display.
  • Storage: To compliment all the extra connectivity features you have internal storage of 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD.
  • Dimensions: Keeping the portability factor in mind the dimension of this device is around 39.6 x 25.96 x 1.91 cms.
  • Cooling: Using the Cooler Boost Trinity cooling system is good but having 3 of them is powerful enough to give you a good outcome. These three fans are of 0.2mm whirlwind blades. Moreover, to help the cooling process you have six heat pipes to efficiently cool both the CPU and GPU.
  • Price: You would have to pay around SAR 11820 for this laptop.

AMD Ryzen Vs Intel Core i7 Processors for Gaming

While trying to get the performance of desktop PC into a portable device called as the laptop. Two leading technologies have emerged Intel and AMD. Like most people who might not know the difference between the two and the way they function it can be difficult to choose. Among the two the most powerful laptop chip you can find right now is laptops armed with Ryzen 9 4900HS. But we don’t expect you to go by our words point blank. Have a look for your self:

One of the key points to note is that AMD can lower the battery usage of a laptop while you use it. Which means you can have longer battery hours of usage. This is because AMD’s firmware can adjust the way clock speeds work in consuming battery. Slower the clock speed the lower the power consumption. But that’s general AMD. In terms of the ADM Ryzen the processor, these work by taking lesser time to function and even slower the clock speed faster which means that too much of battery isn’t wasted in this process. This feature makes ADM better at gaming and even to get some workdown without having quick power drainage.

In various processors testing tools the AMD proved to be better in many way then that compared to Intel. Yet despite this Intel seems to have all the top and good brands within their umbrella. In other words almost all high end laptops use Intel. This factor determines the price of these laptops as well. As most high-brand laptops are a bit pricy which makes the Intel processor pricey. Which is not the case with AMD. As they have no restriction and aiming for big brands. That being said this also means that AMD hasn’t reached its real potential as they haven’t been paired with the best of GPUs in the market.

Other Specs to Consider

Choosing the best gaming laptop in Saudi Arabia can be hard. Especially with all the different technologies, features and brands out there to consider. Even so, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you the best available in the market. Informing you so that you can make the right choice for yourself. Which is why here we’ve added another section of features for you to consider. Is it a Nah factor or a Yas for you!

Battery Life

Since you are using laptop device who’s key feature is that is it portable. But with the vigorous processor usage during gaming decreases the battery usage time. Recently this has been taken into consideration and the battery factor has been improved. Therefore you must look for an average or higher battry life laptop. Which is four-five hours, while so far the highest being recorded at 11. Which is why get your own laptop with a longer battery life, because nobody wants to constantly charge their device or have a low battery warning mid-game.

RAM: More the better

Now you might know that the RAM or Random Access Memory. This is the feature which speeds up the functioning of the laptop. The usage of this memory is to save elements which would be needed by apps. The placement of it is here so that your laptop can easily access that information quickly and display the desired results. If you want to save on a little cash you can make do with the 8GB RAM but if you are a hardcore gamer then 16GB is the way to go. And even anything higher is good while gaming. Since this helps in the smooth functioning of the laptop especially while playing.

Backlit Keyboard

A backlit keyboard is those keyboards which consist of lights under the keys. This feature illuminates the keys and the characters even in the absence of light. If your keyboard has the backlight option then there is also a feature to control the brightness of the keyboard lights. You can get not only white light keyboards but multicoloured ones as well. Besides the fact that you can use the keyboard in a lesser light setting and the aesthetic purpose of the lighting keyboard. You can assign certain lights to specific keys also known as zoned backlighting. Which makes it easier to navigate through your keyboard without having to check the character. Which makes the keyboard visually accessible. Especially for gamers, they can change the colour of certain keys to make it easier to use while playing.

Gaming Laptop FAQ

Do Gaming Laptops heat up more?

Gaming laptops are devices which go all-in on the CPU and GPU aspect to ensure you have a good gaming experience. These two crucial parts tend to heat up because they are the main functioning parts which produce the picture and commands the working of the device. In a gaming laptop, these parts heat-up up to 75-80 degrees which is normal enough. If it exceeds then the thermal throttle kicks in which decreases the performance. Luckily enough this doesn’t happen often; unless if you play for hours together.

Is Gaming Laptop performance lower on battery?

The answer to this is no and yes. How, you ask? Simply because games are best played with AC power. Reason being laptops today try to match the performance of a PC. For which a lot of power or in this case battery power is consumed. And if you curb the usage of battery power you get a lower performance and visual output. Constant charging of your fast-draining battery can and will damage the lifespan of the battery of your device. For some people, the drainage of battery power isn’t much of big deal but others will not handle it at all which is why you should consider this for yourself in the best gaming laptop in Saudi Arabia.

Are Gaming Laptops heavy?

A little bit, they can be heavy but not too much. If you thought the reason behind this is the better CPU and GPU then you are partially right. But there are yet other factors to consider like the cooling. While the GPU does it jobs laptops tend to heat up which must be controlled by cooling fans. Hence the incorporating of better airflow and cooling technology adds to the weight. Moreover, the inclusion of better battery power requires weight. And last but not least is the increasing number of different types of ports to a gaming computer adds to the weight.

What is refresh rate in Gaming laptop?

As you would understand from the name that refresh rate is the time taken by the screen to refresh it’s displayed picture. This is measured in hertz (Hz) and the standard one to consider would be 60Hz. Which means the refresh rate is at 60 times per second. Which can be used for gaming but the higher the better so that you do not miss on any action and have no blur-outs. For this case try getting a laptop device with around 120Hz refresh rates.

Your Journey Awaits You

Considering that you’ve taken notes to get your best gaming laptop in Saudi Arabia. That is all you need to know. Finding the best one for you can be difficult but with a little help of this guide, you can clear your stress-out mind to ponder on what feature you would really like. Phew! Bang! Get shooting your opponent in the fictional world of gaming. If you aren’t really a fan of gaming but are keen on knowing what is all the craze about. Explore and embark on the new journey of gaming today with the best gaming laptop in Saudi Arabia. You can even consider trying to check out some of the best gaming PCs in Saudi Arabia.

Best Television in UAE – Smart TV, UHD, OLED Explained [2023]

Getting the best television in UAE to suit your home can be a stressful task. But here is the guide on which is the best television for you and your home in UAE. After doing the tough work of researching the topic for 100+ hours. We have shortlisted a few in each category including brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony. So, read on to choose the best one for you and your home.

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Screen Size – How big should your TV be

Getting the best television in UAE, which is the perfect match for you is what you need. But while deciding on the screen you have to think of the size which would be suitable for your home. And not just base it on ‘because you feel so’. If you have the right size you can have the cinema-type experience at home. Otherwise, if the screen size is too big it can cause neck pain or even can cause a decrease in the clarity of the picture. But on the other hand, if you have a too-small screen this could lead you to squint at smaller details.

So while you are deciding on your screen size make sure to identify two major factors. Especially to make sure you are making the right choice. First is the distance from where you sit and watch the television. So, that becomes the distance from your sitting area to your television screen. And secondly, it is necessary to decide on the resolution size of the screen. For you to identify the best television set in UAE, check out the following table.

Display Type – LED Vs QLED Vs OLED

The display is a part which would be the most important for the best television in UAE. Deciding on this is crucial before you go ahead and finalize your TV set. Within the display, the main thing for you think about is the display type. Display type has a variety of types like LED, QLED and OLED. All of these are technologies used to produce better picture quality by the TV. You can also have LCD or Plasma TVs but these are older technology which was used and is not popular anymore. Hence to make this choice easier here are a few comparative features among the display types.


These are the most popular type of TV displays. This display type uses LEDs on the edge as well as is backlit. Besides this, they are a better option as they are slim so they consume less space. And another point for you to keep in mind is that this television is best for daytime use and/or in well-lit rooms of your UAE home. Also, you can make sure to check the feature of IPS which is only available for the LED screen TV as an option.

IPS is an abbreviation for in-plane switching which in simple words is a technology used in the screen to let you comfortably watch the TV from any angle of the room. So basically they allow you a higher viewing angle which is up to 178 degrees. So now you can watch TV from any part of the room and not have any colour changes or brightness issues. Also, take note this technology feature is only available for LED screen TVs as the QLED and OLED both already have good viewing angles.


With a QLED you have a chance of having a better quality picture output. As it offers a great range of colours and better brightness levels for you to have a good watching experience. This TV display uses quantum dot technology which lets you have a variety of colours that you see. This is because in the quantum dots technology, the TV produces its own red, green and blue lights. This can make up the whole spectrum of colours.


This TV uses pixels to recreate the image on the screen. And the recreation is done in the same colour as the original. Therefore you have great picture quality in comparison with LED TVs. And you will have no more off-shades of black and a blurred picture. To top it off you also have a good viewing angle range.

Screen Resolution – HD Ready Vs. Full HD Vs. 4K or Ultra HD

Another important aspect for you to watch in the best television display in UAE is the resolution. The resolution determines the quality, clarity and sharpness of the image displayed. So, if you are looking for a better quality make sure the resolution is high and the quality will follow. The resolution is made up of pixels which are scaled in both the height and width. And so with the advancement of technology, there are types of resolutions too. HD Ready which is 720p, Full HD is 1080p and the 4K which is made up of 2160p or UHD (ultra-high-definition).

While you are considering to buy the best new television in UAE why would you even think of downgrading from the product you have. So, if you have the bulky CRT TVs consider a budgeted HD TV. With which you will have a better quality than your previous TV. But If you own a Plasma TV or even an HD TV then better if you consider a 4K TV, QLED or either an OLED TV. It would be advisable for you to get the best 4K television in UAE as the future has 4K written all over. As even the phones these days shoot in 4K. Now if you are considering the 4K TV you might come across a 4K Ready TV which is nothing but a TV which can play any 4K content but doesn’t give you the quality of the actual 4K content.

Smart TV – How to choose the right one?

A smart TV would be considered the best television in UAE right now. It is one which connects to your internet connection – your WiFi. And with this, you can have access to any video-on-demand apps. And that’s not it, you can even have access to the games with the help of their apps. Surfing on the internet has never been easier as you can stay connected to your social media site too with this TV. And lastly, you can even cast your photos and videos on the smart TV with the help of the internet connection. So, therefore it is necessary for you to think about all the factors needed to be considered while choosing the smart TV to suit your home needs.

Operating Systems

The operating system (OS) is the whole outlook and the way in which your smart TV will function. This also enables you the ability to determine which all app will you be able to use on the TV. If you are planning to stream videos via Netflix, Hotstar or Amazon Prime then consider the smart TV which has these apps preloaded on it.

There are various OS available like Google-certified Android TVs. This one is considered as a good one as you can use any apps available on Google Play Store. Secondly, you have Android-based smart TVs. These are the ones which have their own preloaded apps and interface. Although this a popular type of interface, it allows a limited number of downloadable apps on it. And lastly, TVs with their own OS. Like Samsung who have their own OS Tizen or LG uses WebOS. Check out the available apps and consider buying the product if it is suitable for your needs.


RAM is the random access memory of a device. This, as you might know, is the way in which you can have quick access to content on the TV like apps and files. Therefore if you have more RAM the better, as it will facilitate towards the fast and smooth functioning of the overall TV performance. The minimum of 2GB RAM would be sufficient enough for a lag-free functioning of the TV.


This would be no brainer as a better storage would be a good thing to have. With this, you will be able to store and download more content on to the smart TV. So, for this, the most prefered storage range would be around 8GB storage. As this will let you store and content be it apps and movies onto your TV for usage whenever convenient.

Remote & Navigation

Consider the method in which you would prefer to operate the TV set at your home. As the most common commanding functions are with voice control, remote control and even mobile phone led control.

For the voice control, you would be given with a special type of remote where you would have to speak into it to open any app or play anything on the TV. As for the remote control one, it would work as an air remote or air mouse. In which you would only have to point onto the TV and you will have a moving cursor which follows. And finally, you have the mobile phone led control. For which you would have to download an app and make use of the app remote. This is done to get rid of the remote control which the company would provide.

Phone Mirroring

The ability to cast or duplicate your phone screen onto your TV screen is a plus point. As with this feature you can play videos and put up images right from your phone straight to your TV screen. There can be a feature where this is in-built into the TV and in other cases, you would manually have to download a mirroring app from the respective app store. Only after this would you be able to use the mirroring feature.

With all that said and done and dusted. We can’t go preaching to you about what to buy and not. But suggestions are always welcome, right? So, here are a few suggestions on what all are the best televisions for you to consider. Starting with the best smart television in UAE.

Best Smart TV in UAE

Rank 2: Xiaomi Mi Smart TV

Model: 6971408151035

  • Dimensions: A 124.2 x 24.5 x 78 cms product dimension and 55 inched screen TV what else would you really want?
  • Technology Used: This smart TV uses Android 9 technology and operating system. So you can browse through and have some of the best features of this operating system.
  • Display: The 4S UHD LED TV allows you to have a rich and vibrant colour experience and 60Hz refresh rate for a smooth watching experience.
    • 4K HDR resolution lets you watch every detail clearly. As you have a sharp image quality.
  • Storage Capacity: Allowing you a storage capacity up to 8GB allows you to store apps as well as movies for quite a long time without having a full storage space.
    • Also, you have a RAM of 2GB allowing you seamless usage off all the apps and usage of the TV.
  • Sound: Firstly this TV is equipped with two 10W speakers which allow Dolby audio and DTS. Which enhance your listening experience and allows complete clarity of every sound.
    • Secondly, you can connect the TV with any external audio Bluetooth speaker and still have the best audio without interruption.
  • Compatibility: This smart TV is smart as it is very much compatible with Google Assitance and Google Play so you can download any applications you like. Furthermore, it also has a Chromecast. So, you have everything you need with this TV.
  • Connectivity: You are going to connect the internet to this TV. But it doesn’t matter what broadband technology you use as it works on 2.5G up to 5G. So, even if you upgrade to 5G you won’t have any worries.
  • Control: Working your way around with this TV has been made easier as you can control it with the help of a remote. But the speciality is that the remote also works on voice commands.
  • Price: This Xiaomi Mi smart TV will cost you approximately AED 1300.

With that, we reached the end of the list of some of the best televisions in UAE. That too in every category for you choose the best for you. But we are not done just yet here are a few more details for you to look into while purchasing the best television suited for your UAE home.

Why we don’t recommend buying 8K TV in 2020

While we are still in the mid-era of the whole best television type in UAE being the 4K technology, the next big thing is already into existence that is 8K television for your UAE home. Which are a good upgrade to a higher-resolution product and a better advancement to the 4K. But still, the whole 8K phase isn’t here yet. In the terms that if you are one of those people to get the best off the market before the others do it will come to your notice that there isn’t too much of variety in the market yet.

At most, you will have around five products on the shelves yet. And if you do not have much of variety you can’t really have the best as per your needs. While you are talking about the few options available and the 8K is a comparatively newer technology. Thus the prices too are a bit on the expensive side. So much so in the sense that you could get the same size LED TV for a 4 – 5 times lesser to the price of the 8K. And all the expenses you need a special converter box to handle the various video formats and codecs to convert the non 8K contents. The fact that you need special and additional technology to view other content says a lot about the TV.

With that, we come to the main problem with getting an 8K TV. That being that there isn’t much 8K content generated in general. You might find a few 8K contents on YouTube and come Japanese content. But other than that you have nothing yet and it’s not guaranteed when will the content popularize either. Since this is the case it is better for you to get the best television in UAE in the 4K compartment. Therefore, you are recommended not to get an 8K TV just yet and wait it out. So, that technology can develop and you can have better, cheaper and more variety in the future.

Television FAQs

What is the difference between OLED and QLED TVs?

Although they might sound the same, both of these TVs are different. QLED stands for Quantum Light-Emitting Diode which means these TVs are close to LED TVs. The only difference is that it uses tiny nanoparticles which are known as quantum. These particles are the reason why you get the brightness and colour that you do with the QLED. Even after this the Tv still uses LED lights hence the name QLED.

Whereas OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. Even if this might sound the same but it isn’t as these TV use LED but not as a backlight as QLED. But in a way that there is thin and tiny LED which forms each pixel in the TV. Which produces its own light as also gives off the colour all in one. So, for any darker scenes, the OLED simply doesn’t turn on some of the LED light while the QLED dims the lights. This makes OLED TV much more flexible.

Can I project my phone or laptop to the TV?

Yes, you can easily project your laptop as well as phone onto your TV screen. This is done with the help of wires but why use wires when you can do it wirelessly. With the help of several mirroring apps and Google Chromecast, you can easily [project audios, videos and images from your laptop or phone onto the TV.

What is the difference between HD, 1080p and UHD?

HD, 1080p and UHD are all the resolutions of an image to be displayed. The number of pixels in an image define the resolution. Therefore higher the better. But it is better for you to stay informed about the technology available. HD also referred to as High Definition or uses 720 rows of pixels to reproduce the image you see. The 1080p often referred to as full HD. So, this formate uses twice more the number of pixels. This format is the standard format used in the media industry nowadays. And lastly, the UHD (Ultra High Definition) also known as 4K. Where it produces 4 times more the number of pixels in 1080p. Which is becoming much more popular among the industry.

What is HRD?

HDR or high-dynamic-range is a feature which gives the range of colour and also brightness highlights better than before. This is a common feature in most of the recent TVs. So with this, the TV allows you with more contrast and depth in the image. Therefore, HDR is a feature which gives you better image quality and is advisable to get a TV with this rather than not.

No More Confusion

Choosing and getting the best television for your UAE home can be a stressful task. With so many models available in the market confusion is surely what you feel. Therefore this guide on the best television in UAE. So, don’t be confused and get on purchasing and having real-life TV experience. If you wish to have a complete cinematic experience you can check out how to set up a home cinema in Dubai here.