Are you Selecting the Right Fridge for you?

Are you looking to change your refrigerator? Or your shifting and need a new one for your home? Selecting the right fridge is comparatively easy if you know what’s best for you. Simply picking the first fridge which appeals to your eyes isn’t the right way you should go ahead with the purchase. There are a few points to consider. You might know the options available to you but do you know which one is really suited for your home and space? All within your needed price range read on to know the right choice for you.

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Fridge Capacity for your Home

Every fridge has different capacities that differs from each model. And this capacity can’t be a one-unit fits all scenario. This is why you need to select the best one for you. Selecting the best capacity depends on how many users of the fridge are present at your home. Which makes it a no-brainer that bigger the family more the capacity.

Now if you are the sole person to use the fridge then a 200 liters capacity should suffice. As for 2 people around 360 liters approximately should be enough. However, around the range of 380 liters and  520 liters should be the best pick for 3 or even 4 members. Lastly, if you are a household of 5 or more then the capacity of around 450 liters is the minimum requirement for your fridge. But do keep in mind, the higher the capacity the higher the price range of the fridge.

Fridge Door Styles for you

The selecting of the right fridge for your home would also depend on the capacity. But besides that, choosing a capacity means you are choosing a style as well. The more the capacity the more choice of a variety of designs you have. Have a look at all the options available for you and do they suit your needs.

Single Door

A common choice for a small home of 1 – 2 members. As you might know from the name it has one door for the fridge and freezer area. They are quite small in size which is why if you are looking for a fridge with a capacity of around 165 and 280 Liters. This is the one for you! They take up lesser space in your home and offer you fewer shelves. And most models need to be manually defrosted. Depending on the features you are offered, these fridge types are the least expensive ones available.

Double Door

These are model types that have a separate door for the fridge area and the freezer space. Furthermore, they have types in these double door fridges. Where you can opt for the freezer at the top or at the bottom. This is to be chosen at your convenience. The best-selling one among these double door fridges is the one where the freezer is at the top. This fridge type is best suited for a household of 3-4 members in a house as it has a capacity of around 234 – 413 Liters. These take a bit more space vertically so you can’t place it under a cupboard or shelf. Either way, you have several features added to it which make it worth the price range.

Side by Side

These are refrigerators that are split into two sides. One is the fridge and the other the freezer; right and left respectively. These are some of the higher-priced fridges. Since this allows you with the convenience of usage in every area of the fridge. Furthermore, these are bigger in capacity around 531-700 liters to be precise. The price is justified as these fridges are much more spacious and have plenty more bins and shelves. Making it the best choice for bigger families of 5 to 6+. These are the fridges that offer additional features like that of built-in ice and water dispensers. Despite the good you also have to consider that these refrigerators are larger in size, therefore, will take much more space which can be an issue if you lack it.

French Doors

A blend of style as well as practicality. Since there are two doors at the top that are allotted for the fridge. And below you have your freezer compartment drawers. This design offers you a spacious area for each compartment. Most practical for bigger families and homes.

Besides these few popular styles of refrigerators, you also have the option to opt for a mini-fridge which is a small 50-90 liters that is suitable for workplaces or even dorm rooms. Or you can try to look into getting a smart fridge for your smart home.

Additional Specifications to Look into

With these mentioned specifications, you might think you are good to go. But wait! There are a few more specifications to consider while selecting the right fridge for you. Therefore read on before you jump right in.

Energy Efficiency

You need to keep an eye out for the energy efficiency of the fridge that you are considering to get. This is the energy that the refrigerator will consume to function. You can determine this with the number of stars in the specification. The higher the number of stars the better will the appliance be with energy consumption. The best case for you would be to go with a 5-star fridge. But also keep in mind that the higher the stars so will the price increase. Yet keep the long run in sight you will be able to save a lot more. Besides this, also note that if the size of the fridge is bigger the power consumed too will be more.


Defrosting is necessary for the working of the fridge. This means you have different types of defrosting methods available as well. And it is your duty to choose the right one for your fridge and your home. Currently you have 4 types of defrosting available:

  • Automatic: Where your refrigeration area stays fresh and has no frost as for the freezer, this needs to be defrosted manually from the formed ice. THe only way to do this is to switch off the fridge and let the ice melt away. This is the cheapest and oldest technology used in a refrigerator.
  • Semi-Automatic: Here too you will have ice build-up in your fridge. But the method of defrosting isn’t that long. As you can defrost the fridge with the push of a button. Where the fridge starts the defrost cycle, which means there are a few cords inside the fridge which heats to loosen the ice build-up.
  • Cyclical: In this technology again you will have some ice build-up but the best part is that you don’t have to do anything about it. As the fridge automatically starts the defrost cycle after every 8 hours. Where it lasts for 20 minutes and then melts and evaporates on its own without you having to do anything.
  • Frost-free: The last and the best type of defrosting refrigerator. Since the technology of this fridge has an inbuilt thermostat, heater, and even a timer which if in case of any frost build-up will start the defrost cycle every 2 hours. Thus not allowing any ice to form in your fridge and causing any trouble with it either.


Getting a larger fridge might seem right for you but you need to keep in mind the availability of space as well. Therefore after considering the placement and the available place only then should you get the most suitable fridge. Besides considering the height, width, and depth you also need to take into consideration nearby objects that could obstruct the fridge. Like if you have a wall or a table that is on the side or directly in front of the fridge this could hinder the opening of the door.


This isn’t necessary yet it is a factor that most will consider. Since selecting the right fridge isn’t just the features but also the outside appearance. If you would like to ensure that your fridge can blend into your kitchen setting you can do so. You have a variety of shades and colors to choose from. Including ones with patterns on them. You can stick to the classics or you can go bold to ensure your kitchen looks the best. Although if you have a smaller kitchen space opt for lighter shades and colors. As for a large and spacious kitchen, the best choice would be one with darker colors and finishing.

Choose your Next Fridge

Now that being said a fridge is one appliance which you do not intend to keep buying every year. Furthermore, considering that it is an expensive appliance you can’t afford to make mistakes in the purchase. Therefore selecting the right fridge for your home is essential. And the topic can be a bit overwhelming if you have no prior knowledge. This is why you now have a breakdown of what you need to look into and how to select the best one for you. Besides this, if you need further assistance in choosing the best fridge for your UAE home make sure to check it out here.

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