Are Humidifiers Safe for your Kids?

Using a humidifier in your home is not much of a thinking process. But when you have kids around you think, if humidifiers are really safe and good for the kids? Will it cause any problem? Is it beneficial? If so which kind would be the most suitable? And many more questions on this topic. Now we have an answer to all your questions. Read on to know if your choice of humidifiers are safe for your kids.

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Why you Need a Humidifier for your Kids?

A humidifier works wonders for your babies and younger kids as well.  For young kids keeping them hydrated is important and with the humidifier, you can help to do that. As it keeps the air moist, which in turn keeps their lips, skin, throat, and even nasal passage wet. Therefore, keeping your kids comfortable and healthy.

When they are breathing well and are comfortable this allows them to relax and even sleep soundly. And sleep is another essential point for your young kids. Moreover, in this all it should also be your duty to clean the humidifying device used for your kids frequently; if not this could be the reason your kids might be sick. That being said, humidifiers are completely safe for your use around your kids if used properly.

Benefits of a Humidifier for your Kids

 As you now know that humidifiers are actually safe for your kids, you should also know in which ways. More in-depth knowledge on this topic will help you decide that you need a humidifying device for your baby’s room.

Keeps your kids from Snoring

Snoring for kids, especially young toddlers or newborn is natural. This happens due to congestion, clogged, or dry nasal passages. Although you have nothing to worry about, the sound mostly frightens or startles the newborns causing them to wake up crying. If you add a little humidity into the room you can prevent this with the added moisture to decongest their nasal passage. Completely preventing the snores and helping them to breathe easy and sleep.

Soothes Chapped Lips

Babies tend to get chapped lips really fast since they are very sensitive to dry air. Causing the delicate skin on the lips to crack thus causing pain and discomfort and even sometimes bleeding in the little ones. With these chapped lips feeding the child be it with a bottle or breastfeeding can be painful and hard. Therefore having a humidifier around can help soothe and moisturize the air keep your baby’s happy.

Helps with a Cold

 Newborns are very susceptible to catching a cold and there is nothing you can do about it. Eventually, your little one will catch a cold. So in this case your baby might just get cranky, or cough causing them to struggle. In such a situation your humidifier can help soothe out these problems a little. Especially help with a blocked nasal passage, therefore, making it easier for them to breathe.

Prevents and softens dry skin

Your newborn out of the womb wouldn’t straight out be able to deal with the harsh weather and air conditions. Having sensitive skin can cause the skin to flake and go dry very easily. This can be beside the regular moisturizing cream and baths, more so during the winter and summer. Hence this device can add moisture and prevent dry, peeling skin.

Keeps viruses and bacteria at bay

Your kid’s immunity isn’t at its full potential and developed when they are young. This is how they are bound to catch some virus or bacteria from the air getting them sick. The colds and flu go on a rise when the weather begins to get cooler. For which you might turn up the heater, the heat adds to the virus and bacteria growth as the moisture is removed from the air. Adding a healthy amount of moisture back into the air with your humidifier can help get rid of viruses and bacteria. Therefore keeping your baby a bit safer from the elements of the weather.

 Help fall asleep

Despite the fact that it helps to breathe easily, some babies or kids just have a problem with falling asleep or staying asleep. But now if you add a humidifier not only does it add moisture but also has a low white noise emitted. This sounds very comforting to most kids and also helps lull them back to sleep.

Baby skin condition

Like previously mentioned the delicate and sensitive skin of the babies is the reason they suffer from cradle cap, eczema, and several other irritating skin conditions. Besides the recommendation of your doctor of baths and creams, you can take a step further and help add moisture to the air.  As the humidifier will soften the rough and dry patches of any skin conditions of cradle cap and eczema. Furthermore, you would be reducing the side effects like redness, itching, and irritation of the skin along the way.

Comfort your young ones

There are times when you’re dealing with young kids they seem to get really fussy and moody. And you might not even know what is the problem. Sometimes they just need a little comforting and sometimes it might the air causing them to get frustrated. So next time you find your baby fussy for no apparent reason try turning on the humidifier.

By doing this you will be regulating the body temperature and relax the kid a bit. Not to mention the lower hum too comforts them since this is the sound that they can hear when they are in the womb. Removing away any agitation or nervous feeling reminding them they are comforted and therefore, can fall asleep.

Type of Child Safe Humidifiers

After knowing that using a humidifier is safe, you need to consider, are all the humidifiers safe for your kids? You come across many filters all claiming to work wonders and be beneficial even for kids. But here are few points to consider regarding the type of humidifiers:

Cool Mist Humidifiers

The working of this type of humidifier is by applying pressure onto the water for it to break down into tiny little particles. After which it is left onto the air. This is done with the use of heat, which can put your child at a slight risk. Since this cool water could be carrying germs that can be circulated into the air. This could cause your child to fall sick.

Besides that, you need to keep in mind the type of cool mist humidifier you choose as well. As some use chemicals to disinfect the water as other use ultrasonic sounds for the same process. The possibility of your humidifier to be spreading germs around might be because your humidifier isn’t cleaned too. This is why while you use this device for your kids ensure that it is cleaned much more often and as advised by the manufactures.

Warm Mist Humidifiers

While this kind heats the water turning it into steam while it adds humidity to the air. These warm mist humidifiers or vaporizers kill off any virus or germs through the heating process making it safe for your kids of any age. Although this type is a bit more delicate and not to mention higher priced as compared to the cool mist humidifiers. Therefore need to be kept away from the reach of your kids. Since not only can they damage the device but also hurt themselves, since after all, this device does heat up the water with the help of electricity. However, on the bright side, it does use lesser electric power than other humidifiers.


More recent types of filters are the ones that use filters that ensure that the water is passed through a filter before it is released into the air. This removes away any harm causing bacteria or germs. Although this could be a problem since it could add to the overall cost of the humidifier itself. As you would have to change and replace the filter often to ensure the safety of your kids. This would be around twice a month or even every week depending on the usage of the humidifier. This is why you could try to get yourself a reusable filter. That can simply be washed and re-fixed in its place. The downside is these are slightly more expensive than the changeable filter ones.

Precautions to be Taken While you Use a Humidifier for Kids

By using a humidifier for your kids you would be getting the best use out of it. Even so, there are a few precautionary points for you to keep in your mind while you use this device. Considering this your child can be out of harm’s way.

Water type

Using tap water cause minerals present in the water to be spread around your house or room. This can cause a build-up of extra dust in your room and also be the reason why your purifier is forming scales. Therefore, making it a comfortable environment for microorganisms to breed in. But if you replace your normal tap water with distilled water you can avoid the build-up and have no additional particles in your air. Although not a compulsion for the working, but a recommendation.

Sanitizing the device

Sanitizing and cleaning your device is needed on an almost regular basis. In an effort to reduce the growth and spread of any mold, bacteria, and mildew. You need to follow the instructions as informed by the manufacturer. It only takes around 48 hours for molds to form on any damp surface.


It would be advisable for you to clean and even air-dry the humidifier when not in use. This would give the humidifier time to cool and dry off. If you store it without drying it, you could just end up with fungus and bacteria. As for wiping it dry, this could leave behind fiber or lint which could damage the device.

Physical dangers

You have to understand the risk of having your child around a humidifier. As there could be an instance where they could electrocute or burn themselves. Burns can be especially caused if you have a warm mist humidifier. This is why you need to keep this device away from the reach of your kids.

Consult your doctor

In case if your child has any respiratory-related issues including asthma it would be recommended to consult with your doctor before using the device. If allowed by your doctor, it would be advisable to keep the humidity level around 30 percent to 50 percent.

Comfortable Baby, Happy Baby!

You now have a straight answer that humidifiers are safe for your kids. Helping your kid in breathing as well as resting well. If you still are a bit skeptical about which type of humidifier you should get, you can reach out to your pediatrician for further help. Having a humidifier would be one natural way to help your kids feel less sick and make them feel comfortable. Remember to keep your device clean and your family will be much healthy and happier. If you want a variety of the best humidifiers to choose from head-on to check the best air humidifier in Dubai here.

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