Amazon Prime Day UAE Coming in October. Are You Ready?

UAE is no stranger to flash sales. And Amazon Prime Day in UAE also popularly known as Prime day is another such poplar worldwide event. But what really is this ‘Prime Day’? Well, for Amazon it is the day of their anniversary. The day they came into being. Whereas for the Amazon customers, especially the prime users, this day is a the most awaited day to grab great deals.

This two day event is the one to look forward to every year. To grab high discounts on almost all products. Right from apparels to electronics to edible items. But, the only catch being that you can avail these high discounts and deals if you are a Amazon Prime Member. Wait! Don’t lose hope and click out just yet. As being a prime member has its own perks way more than what you think there are. Have a look and make sure to sign-up for the exciting offers.

10 Benefits of the Prime Membership

You might be thinking, what if you do get a prime Membership then what? It will be used once a year during the Amazon Prime Day in UAE. But no, here are a few points of why you should get yourself the Amazon prime membership.

Free 1-Day Domestic Delivery

With a prime membership you can get one of the most wanted feature while shopping online. Free delivery! Exciting right? Domestic delivery options are made available for you to shop more without thinking of the delivery charges. Therefore, last minute gifting and even shopping is made possible with this membership pass.

Free International Delivery

What’s better then free domestic delivery, is that you can have free international delivery! Yes, you can travel anywhere and still order anything off amazon. Only to have the delivery cost as low as nil. Besides, gifting your overseas family and friends has never been easier and affordable with online shopping.

FREE Shipping on International orders over AED 100

Amazon Prime Videos

One of amazon’s most well known feature is at your fingertip, just a click away. As you have access to Amazon Prime Videos for your daily dose of movies and TV show entertainment. Without any limitations.

Original Video Content

Just like the poplar video streaming platform Netflix. Is Amazon’s Prime videos. Which has and makes its very own and exclusive shows programs and movies. That you can have access to from no where else. All for your watching pleasure on any device. Only with the amazon prime membership.

Peek into Deals

Amazon allows its prime members with a sneak peek into the lightning deal which are suppose to happen before they actually happen. This is in case of most price drops and discounts. So that you have enough time to check out the product and decide weather you would buy it or not.

Game Pass

With amazon prime membership you have access to more games and if you also have Twitch, a gaming application where you can play, watch and share recorded game videos. You can avail more game options and in-game loots. Just by linking your prime and twitch account.

Exclusive Discounts

Yes! You heard me right you get exclusive discounts with the membership. Right from apparels to groceries to other deals. If you are a prime member you can avail all these exclusive discounts and more for everyone in your family. Despite the heavy discounts you can still be assured to get quality products at a reasonable rate.

Reading Services

You now have access to Amazon Prime Reading for e-books and magazines with no additional charges. Making it your own personal library. Furthermore, you have access to Amazon First Reads. Where you have access to not yet published books and you can choose one for keeps sake. And last but definitely not the least, Audible too is owned by Amazon which you get to use. This is a audio book platform. All this only for your entertainment purpose.

Prime Wordrobe

Your prime membership lets you have a special feature. Where you can order a few desired clothing options and return the ones not up to your liking within 7 days with a full refund system. Pretty cool right? Getting options to your doorsteps for you to select from is a pretty good option to choose from. Basically making it like your very own shopping centre at your doorstep.

Storage Services

At this point really what does Amazon not offer? Especially in your prime membership package. As they also let you use their Amazon Drive App. To store files, photos, videos. Where you can have unlimited photo storage and up to 5GB of file and video storage.

How to get Amazon Prime Membership

As you know of almost everything the prime membership has to offer you. Get on the membership bus before you miss the big upcoming Amazon Prime Day Sale in UAE. So, you can avail exciting offers and benefits. But wait… How can you do that?

This is an easy task. Simply sign-up to be a prime member at the amazon site. But we went ahead to make it a step easier for you. Therefore, you can sign up at the click of the button below. When you do you will get a free 30 days trial period. You can use that or you can directly upgrade to the paid version. Whose payment isn’t too much considering the many benefits you can reap from the membership.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

With October here, so is the fourth quarter of the year. Which means its almost time for Amazon Prime Day 2020. The dates are out and this yearly bonanza is scheduled to happen in the second week of the quarter. Which is 13th – 14th October 2020. Everything well planned and spaced out for Black Friday and the holiday season. So, gear up, mark your calendar and get ready for the best lightning deals of the year. As the countdown to Prime Day 2020 begins!

As a way to celebrate their anniversary, Amazon Prime Day in UAE was introduced. Originally held in July every year for quite some time now. But, due to the on-going pandemic this year, this massive event was postponed. Due to the surge in online shopping. But your wait is finally almost over with now, as the Prime Day 2020 is happening soon.


Sign-up now for the Amazon Prime Membership to avail exclusive prime benefits. Especially because the biggest sale Amazon Prime Day is almost here in UAE. Sign-up and make sure to get your fingers into the practice of quickly clicking and buying the various lightning deals for the upcoming sale. Make sure you get them before they sell out. You don’t want to miss out or be left behind in the marketing trend once they disappear. After all, they are called lightning deals for a reason. Ready. Set. Gear-up!

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