Air Fryer Cooking Time and Temperature Chart – 60+ Food Items

Presenting to you an air fryer chart containing the cooking time and temperature of your favourite food items. Relishing mouth-watering fried foods and savouries no longer have to be a special occasion treat. Discover the cooking time and temperature at which you need to set your air fryer for your most loved chicken items, veggies, beef items, meat, fish & seafood, lamb, frozen foods, sweet foods, and snacks. We bet you won’t have to go anywhere else as we have mentioned 60+ popular food items here. Excited to explore the air fryer cooking time and temperature chart for all the popular foods? Come on, let’s get started.

Air fryer cooking time and temperature chart

The following is a list of all the food categories for which we have penned down the cooking time and temperature of each food item. This quick list will help you select the category of your choice to save you time and effort. For instance, if you are a vegan, then simply click on veg items in the list and it will directly lead to the chart containing all the veg food items. However, if you are a big time foodie who craves for delicacies and scrumptious meals always. And if you are curious enough to know the cooking time and temperature of each food item belonging to each category, then check each category one by one.

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Air Fryer Food Items – Quick List

Benefits of an Air Fryer

Before you proceed to the most important part of this article, take a look at the picture we have inserted below. This picture depicts the benefits of an air fryer.

Benefits of an Air Fryer

Now you know how the best air fryer can benefit you in so many different ways. Let us take a look at all the items category wise to know the cooking time and temperature.

Air Fryer Chicken Food Items

Chicken ItemCooking TimeTemperature in Fahrenheit and CelsiusQuantity
Wings12 Minutes400°F 204°C2 lbs.
Tenders8-10 Minutes360°F 182°C
Breasts (boneless)12 Minutes380°F 193°C4 oz.
Thighs (boneless)18-20 Minutes380°F 193°C1.5 lbs.
Drumsticks20 Minutes370°F 188°C2.5 lbs.
Whole Chicken75 Minutes360°F 182°C6.5 lbs.
Legs (with bone)30 Minutes380°F 193°C1.75 lbs.
Game Hen20 Minutes390°F 199°Chalved – 2lbs.
Breasts (with bone)25 Minutes370°F 188°C1.25 lbs.
Thighs (with bone)22 Minutes380°F 193°C2 lbs.

Air Fryer Beef Food Items

Beef ItemCooking TimeTemperature in Fahrenheit and CelsiusQuantity
Eye Round Roast45-55 Minutes390°F 199°C4 lbs.
Burger16-20 Minutes370°F 188°C4 oz.
Meatballs7 Minutes
10 Minutes

380°F 193°C
380°F 193°C
Flank Steak12 Minutes400°F 204°C1.5 lbs.
Sirloin Steak9-14 Minutes400°F 204°C1-inch, 12 oz.
Filet Mignon18 Minutes400°F 204°C8 oz.
London Broil20-28 Minutes400°F 204°C2 lbs.
Rib-eye (with bone)10-15 Minutes400°F 204°C1-inch, 8 oz.

Air Fryer Veg Food Items

Veg ItemCooking TimeTemperature in Fahrenheit and CelsiusQuantity
Carrots15 Minutes380°F 193°C1/2-inch (sliced)
Eggplant15 Minutes400°F 204°C1 and 1/2-inch cubes
Broccoli6 Minutes400°F 204°Cflorets
Cauliflower12 Minutes400°F 204°Cflorets
Asparagus5 Minutes400°F 204°C1-inch (sliced)
Fennel15 Minutes370°F 188°Cquartered
Beest40 Minutes400°F 204°Cwhole
Corn on the Cob6 Minutes390°F 199°C
Brussels Sprouts15 Minutes380°F 193°Chalved

Air Fryer Fish and Seafood Items

Fish and Seafood ItemsCooking TimeTemperature in Fahrenheit and CelsiusQuantity
Shrimp5 Minutes400°F 204°C
Tuna Steak7-10 Minutes400°F 204°C
Calamari4 Minutes400°F 204°C8 oz.
Salmon fillet12 Minutes380°F 193°C6 oz.
Scallops5-7 Minutes400°F 204°C
Fish fillet10 Minutes400°F 204°C1-inch, 8oz.
Swordfish steak10 Minutes400°F 204°C

Air Fryer Lamb Foods

Lamb Food ItemCooking TimeTemperature in Fahrenheit and CelsiusQuantity
Loin Chops8-12 Minutes400°F 204°C1-inch thick
Rack of Lamb22 Minutes380°F 193°C1.5-2 lbs.

Air Fryer Frozen Foods

Frozen Food ItemCooking TimeTemperature in Fahrenheit and CelsiusQuantity
Chicken Nuggets10 Minutes400°F 204°C12 oz.
Mozzarella Sticks8 Minutes400°F 204°C11 oz.
Onion Rings8 Minutes400°F 204°C12 oz.
Spring Rolls7 Minutes360°F 180°C4
Fish Sticks10 Minutes400°F 204°C10 oz.
French Fries (Thin)
French Fries (Thick)
14 Minutes
18 Minutes
400°F 204°C
400°F 204°C
20 oz.
17 oz.
Breaded Shrimp9 Minutes400°F 204°C
Pot Stickers8 Minutes400°F 204°C10 oz.

Air Fryer Sweet Food/Dessert Items

Sweet Food/Dessert ItemCooking TimeTemperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
Doughnuts4-5 Minutes360°F 180°C
Chocolate Brownie Cookies40-45 Minutes300°F 150°C
Cinnamon Rolls9 Minutes360°F 180°C
Banana Bread45 Minutes320°F 160°C
Chocolate Chip Cookies15 Minutes360°F 180°C
Churros10 Minutes380°F 195°C
Apple Pie30 Minutes320°F 160°C
Sugar Cookies10 Minutes320°F 160°C
Apple Chips8 Minutes390°F 200°C

Air Fryer Snack Items

Snack ItemCooking TimeTemperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
Crumbed Chicken Tenderloins12 Minutes350°F 175°C
Potato Wedges30 Minutes400°F 204°C
Sweet Potato Fries10 Minutes400°F 204°C
Baked Potatoes40 Minutes400°F 204°C
Pizza9 Minutes360°F 180°C
Empanadas7 Minutes400°F 204°C
Super fries10 Minutes360°F 180°C
Frozen French Fries19 Minutes400°F 200°C

Cook to Perfection

We hope you are sorted out with this air fryer cooking time and temperature chart. We have tried our best to include all the popular food items here. The next time you think of some yummy food or snacks, simply pop the required ingredients in your air fryer and follow this chart. So, you know the ideal cooking time as well as the temperature and you’re stress-free till the dish is ready. Note that cooking times vary depending upon the size and quantity of the food items that you place in the air fryer. Generally, the cooking time for meat depends upon the thickness and desired doneness.

If your quantity differs from what we have mentioned in the chart then consider using a digital food thermometer to check the temperature of the meat. This, in turn, will eliminate guesswork. Also, you may open the air fryer to keep a watch on the ingredients as they cook for your assurance. However, to make all these things work smoothly, you need a good quality air fryer that performs well. Therefore, consider checking out the best air fryer options in UAE.

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