9 Ways to Extend your Cooking Range Oven Lifespan

In order to extend the lifespan of your cooking range oven, appropriate routine maintenance from time to time is mandatory. Here are 9 ways that will show you how you can reduce the occurrence of common breakdowns and costly replacements. In other words, how you can make this less likely. We know that each and everyone wants to prolong the life of any appliance that they have invested in But not everyone knows how to do so, what to do, what not to do etc. Save your hard earned money by following all these tips.

9 Ways to Extend your Cooking Range Oven Lifespan

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1. Don’t Allow a Small Spill to Become a Big Mess

When you spill something on your cooking range, wipe it right away. A slight delay in wiping off spills will need more effort and time for cleaning. If anything sugary spills then clean it while it is still warm else it will stick or be glued to the cooking range. This, in turn, will cause pitting or permanent marks on enamel and porcelain finishes. Therefore, as soon as something spills clean that particular cooking range area with hot and soapy, foamy water and then rinse.

2. Clean/Replace Oven Vent Filters and Drip Pans

Oven vents are extremely beneficial since they suck away smoke and also reduce lingering odors. In order to keep your cooking range as well as the oven vent filters running to the fullest and to maximum perfection, cleaning them on a regular basis is mandatory. Additionally, using soapy water, a degreaser and replacing the charcoal filters periodically is also necessary. This is one of the most important ways you should implement to extend the lifespan of your cooking range oven.

Additionally, ensure you keep the drip pans of your stovetop clean at all times like your oven racks. What you need to do for caked-in crusts is cover them with distilled white vinegar for around 30 minutes. Next, sprinkle some baking soda on top of the vinegar. Then, rub it into crusts with the help of your hands. Let it settle for 15 minutes and then start to scrub. Repeat the process as necessary. If you feel that the drip pans look old and worn out then it is time you go ahead replacing them. Here is a good option.

3. Inspect the Oven Door Gasket Regularly

The next thing we need to consider is the gasket of the oven door. This gasket is responsible for keeping the heat inside. After a period of time, the gasket can tear off or become deformed. Unfortunately, this will let the heat escape. Therefore, inspecting the gasket of your oven door regularly is mandatory to ensure that it is in good condition.

4. Clean the Ports Periodically

A tiny clog in the gas burner is more troublesome than you think. Therefore, you need to be very mindful with your gas burners. Ensure you clean the ports periodically in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This will also maintain the cooking efficiency throughout.

5. Take it Easy On Your Glass Cooktop

In order to avoid scratches, ensure you don’t slide cookware. Also, don’t store cans or jars on the glass cooktop as these items are prone to falling or dropping. This, in turn, can crack the glass. If you leave hot pan lids on the cooktop then it can trap the air and also crack the glass cooktop as it cools.

6. Avoid Spraying the Knobs of Your Cooking Range or Oven

Note that if you spray cleaning solution directly on the knobs of your cooking range or oven, it can lead to the burning out of the electrical elements of the oven. This, in turn, can cause corrosion and shorts. Spraying the cleaning solution directly also tends to reduce the life of the oven way too early. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to take a damp cloth, spray some cleaning solution onto it. And then use that cloth to clean the knobs and buttons of your oven.

7. Clean your Cooking Range with the Appropriate Tools

Using a heavy-duty cleaner is fine for cleaning only certain types and brands of cooking range ovens. However, it can ruin the protective coating and the heating elements of other cooking range oven brands. Hence, make use of a lighter cleaning agent such as vinegar or baking soda. These are the safest to use when it comes to cleaning your cooking range oven. NEVER make use of a metal scraper to take off the baked-on food from your oven. You can rather use a silicone scraper or plastic scraper since these are the best and safest tools for this particular task as it doesn’t damage the appliance.

8. Avoid Putting Foil on Your Oven Drip Pans

Never ever put foil on the oven drip pans, under the baking elements or on the stove top. Even if you or any of your family members were putting foil all this while then you should stop doing it. The reason behind this is as follows. When you use foil on your drip pans, the foil tends to melt. This, in turn, can throw too much or too little heat at the temperature sensor. The foil is extremely reflective of heat and can overcook or even undercook the food. Apart from this, it can even damage the oven or create a fire hazard.

Also, never put foil under surface units since it can ruin the drip pans beneath. With regards to a gas oven, the foil can cover up vents and also cause a build-up of carbon monoxide. And if you talk about an electric oven, the foil could short circuit the heating element.

9. Use a Surge Protector

Consider plugging your oven into a surge protector. As a matter of fact, a sudden power surge could even fry your oven. This simple step proves to be a very wise one in prolonging your oven’s lifespan.

Protect Yourself Against the Unexpected

Cooking ranges along with ovens generally last for about 13-15 years on average. If it is a good quality one, then it can work longer than that. If you follow these 9 ways, you will definitely be able to extend the lifespan of your cooking range oven. We want to see you using your appliance for long years. After all, you have spent your hard-earned money. Don’t hesitate from calling a professional home if you are in doubt or if you find something strange with your cooking range. As discussed above that it is of utmost importance to purchase a good quality cooking range, take a look at these. These are equipped with the latest features and enhance your cooking experience.

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