8 Stylishly Designed Toasters in UAE

Ever imagined how fancy designed toasters in UAE came about? Well, way back, in the eighteenth century, bread was held using a pitchfork over a fire to make what is now known as toast. Not until 1893 did the first toaster exist- named ‘El Tosto’ (don’t hashtag your morning toast that, I already did!). The first electric toaster came to life in 1905 and a fun fact: Slice bread came around in 1933. Personally, I think it was an early marketing strategy to boost toaster sales.

Since the early 21st century the toaster became an indispensable component of most households. With lifestyle trends emerging, today even toasters are keeping themselves up with the latest fashion trends. Coming with futuristic designs and lip-smacking curves able to accommodate bagels and waffles ‘El Tosto’s decedents make quite the statement.

Toasters come packing a wide variety of features and always find themselves caught in the flux of redesign. Right from the standard manual toaster to semi-automatic ones with alerts to when your toast is ready. Toasters come with settings to accommodate preference in the degree of crispiness. Pop-up features wriggled into alert persons on automatic toaster machines. Luckily though, you can now select a toaster that resembles a prop from an episode of the Jetsons or brings back the classics with a retro design.

Take a look at some unconventionally designed toasters that are sure to turn heads. Packed with all the latest features you won’t compromise on the quality of your scrambled eggs on toast or risk burning grilled cheese.

BOSCH Private Collection 2 Slice Toaster

This toaster carries a retro touch along with its quality brushed stainless steel finish. The semi-circle designed toaster fits two slices of bread at a time. Additionally, with the atop warming stainless steel rack one can heat croissants, bagels, or buns with great ease. The toaster comes with a frozen bread setting making sure you do not have a chomp on a cold loaf. The machine holds a removable crumb tray simplifying the cleaning process. The toaster does not only look good but features a cool-touch exterior making it safe even for children. Also, packing an integrated cable storage system stays free from dealing with curling wires. It weighs 2.07 Kgs and features a variable electronic browning control. Purchase this toaster for approximately AED 200.

Philips Daily Collection

At first glance, it is easy to confuse this toaster with a handbag! The hip toaster with a pearly white finish toasts bread to golden brown perfection. An integrated bread roll attachment makes warming up bread rolls and croissants simple without having to reach into your microwave. Packed with an auto-off mode the toaster protects itself from short circuits- pretty smart right? Packing 8 setting features its easy to fall in love with this chic machine. It’s classy, compact, convenient and easy to carry about. Just don’t pick it up on your way out of the house! It is available for an estimated cost of AED 100.

Kenwood 2-Slice Toaster

Kenwood Stainless Steel Toaster

This designed toaster is ideal for people who enjoy a simple yet modern design. The Kenwood appliance features a stainless steel body making it as sturdy as it looks. Cleaning the toaster is simple and easy with the steel body and removable crumb tray. What’s more, adjustable browning control and bread chute mean you get superior control. You can brown your toast according to your preference irrespective of the slice thickness. Storage made simple with a dedicated cord space provided, meaning the toaster looks tidy from every angle.

Smeg Toaster

This designed toaster brings back the 50’s with style. The powder-coated steel body radiates style and leaves an impression. In addition to its aesthetics, the Smeg appliance (yes that was wordplay) features a backlit chrome knob that resembles the dial on an old car radio. Anti-slip feet on the base ensure your toaster does move about. While the automatic slice pop up feature ensures you won’t burn your toast. In addition to its loud personality, the Smeg toaster comes with 6 browning levels and 3 pre-set programs. Namely, reheat, defrost, and bagel. You can choose to add a sandwich rack or bun warmer and slice tray to your purchase and toast up to 4 slices at a time. The toaster comes in 7 dazzling colors from cream to baby pink.

BOSCH ComfortLine Compact

BOSCH Toaster

Easy to mistake this neatly designed toaster for a mini suitcase. This ComfortLine toaster from BOSCH gives your toast an even wave of heat with automatic bread centering. Featuring a plastic body the high lift toaster allows easy removal of small slices, which otherwise could become a nuisance to clean. Functional with defrost and warm-up settings up to two slices at a time you can brown your bread to perfection. An integrated warming rack allows you to heat up your croissants to the perfect temperate before the first bite.

Kenwood Scene Toaster

Kenwood 4 Slice Toaster

Among all the designed toasters, this Kenwood toaster looks like industrial machinery but is simple and easy to operate. The fully brushed stainless steel body makes it as sturdy as it looks. The 1800W powerhouse weighing 3kg toasts up to 4 slices at a time. The built-in centering system ensures even distribution of heat giving you superior browning. The grip controls give it a very traditional touch while buttons plague the market. Release your toast manually if you’ve simply changed your mind on how you’d like your taste.

Crownline 4 Slices Stainless Steel Toaster

This Crownline toaster accommodates 4 slices of bread at a time. The rectangular design gives the appliance a rustic touch. Equipped with 6 even toasting settings you can select how you like your toast. From golden highlights all the way to a charred honey deep brown. 1/2 an inch to 1-inch slots with rail support adjust themselves ensuring your bread is centered. The classic looking machine features independent panels with indicator lights. This allows you to reheat, defrost or use the cancel button at any time.

Nikai Sandwich Toaster

To finish up the list of unconventional and tastefully designed toasters comes Nikai’s sandwich toaster. Capable of toasting 4 sandwiches at a time even large families can eat together. The non-stick coating plate makes cleaning up meat or cheese simple and quick. Also, your bread won’t get stuck to the plate while cooking. The briefcase designed toaster comes with an easy-open handle. Fitted in is a light indicator signaling when the device is operational. Weighing only 3kg the appliance is light, spacious and prompt with your sandwiches. Simply cut them into triangles and set them in for the best results.

Happy Toasting!

In the end, most of the offerings are the same. Brown your bread to absolute perfection with one of these designed toasters. Choose a well-designed toaster that can accommodate the number of slices needed. Your belongings speak volumes about you and represent your style. So naturally, a toaster like your toast should match your taste! Indulge yourself with an aromatic cup of authentic Turkish coffee with the help of the Beko Turkish coffee machine. Consider reading the best coffee machine in UAE for connoisseur. Or, you can learn how to brew a cup of Turkish coffee with your own hands.

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