9 Stand Mixer Hacks You Need to Know in UAE

If you own a stand mixer in UAE, then here are 9 hacks that you can’t afford to miss regarding this valuable kitchen appliance. Through this article, you will discover smart and easy ways to minimize mess, get the work done faster, store attachments and much more. We bet, after going through these hacks, you will love your stand mixer more than before. Especially those individuals who allowed this versatile appliance to collect dust all these months or years, won’t imagine their kitchen without a stand mixer anymore. Excited?! You are all set to begin reading these 9 stand mixer hacks that are specially penned down for you.

9 stand mixer hacks UAE

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1. Store the Attachments in the Bowl

Of course, you may have received a few attachments such as a whisk, paddle and dough hook along with your stand mixer. Although these attachments are extremely beneficial and make your life simple, storing them is a pain sometimes. We understand that the different shapes and sizes of these attachments make them difficult to store. Don’t fret, you can get through this storage issue with an easy solution. Out of the 9 stand mixer hacks that we have come up with, here is the main ones as the majority of the users face this.

Simply keep all these attachments in the big mixing bowl of the stand mixer. There you go. Believe it or not, but the bowl is an ideal place to store the attachments. If you feel that these attachments will scratch or damage the bowl, then simply line the bowl with a kitchen towel before you put all the attachments in. The kitchen towel will also make it easier for you to pull out these attachments from the bowl when you want to use them. You see, you’re problem is solved with this easy storage solution. 

2. Shred Chicken Quickly

In the mood for a casserole or enchiladas for some shredded chicken? Your stand mixer is your best friend as it can do the work for you. Once you’re done cooking the chicken, place it in the bowl of your stand mixer (do this while it is still warm). With the help of the paddle attachment, turn the stand mixer on low speed. Do this until the chicken starts breaking into small pieces. As you notice the chicken start to break into smaller and smaller pieces, increase the speed of the stand mixer and let it run till the chicken is shredded totally to your preference. 

3. Warm Up your Stand Mixer After Periods of Non-Use

Most of the stand mixers are lubricated with a food-grade lubricant. A food-grade lubricant is a good thing. But, on the other hand, it may end up in your food (although this is unlikely to happen). If you haven’t used your stand mixer in a while, then the food-grade lubricant tends to separate which in turn can lead to the leaking of the liquid part. Thankfully, this issue has got an easy-breezy fix. So, the next time you’re starting your stand mixer after a period of non-use, all you need to do is allow it to run at low speed for a few minutes. This, in turn, will warm up the lubricant and the solid and liquid parts of the lubricant that were separated will remix. And there you go, your stand mixer is ready to use.

4. Slide your Stand Mixer Around

If you are fed up scraping your stand mixer to move it across your countertop or tired of raising/lifting it off the countertop with force. Then simply set your stand mixer on a towel preferably a folded dish towel. Once you do this, you will be able to slide this appliance around easily. Besides a dish towel, other suitable options include a placemat, tray or cutting board. 

5. Not Just Mixing, You Can Do a Lot More

Folks, don’t go by the term “stand mixer”. Besides mixing, you can do a lot more on your stand mixer. Don’t forget to thank the wide variety of attachments that come along with this appliance that helps you perform all the tasks. Each attachment is meant for a specific task. For instance, one of the attachments is specially designed to help you extract fresh fruit juice, another attachment to make pasta. Similarly, you can chop vegetables, grind meat, shred cheese and a lot more with the help of the different attachments provided with the stand mixer. Hence, don’t just stick to mixing when you can do so much more. 

6. Gather Up the Cord

You might be facing trouble with the cord of the stand mixer while using it. It’s kind of an obstacle sometimes and not only this, but it also looks messy on the countertop. Yet again, we have a mind-blowing solution to your problem. With the help of a cord bundler or cord organizer, you can gather up the cord. Simply stick the cord bundler to the back of the appliance, then loop up the cord and hook it into place. So, you see how beneficial this cord bundler is. 

7. Prevent the Mess/Contain It

While using a stand mixer, you can expect quite a bit of mess. Splatters and splashing of stuff that involves a lot of liquid or flour are common. So, whenever you are mixing anything with a lot of liquid or flour, there is a higher chance for splashes and splatters to occur. Hence, before you mix things like these or anything similar, simply drape a kitchen towel over the bowl (over the top of it). This helps prevent all the mess. 

8. Extra Light and Fluffy Whipped Cream

When it comes to whipping cream, you can depend totally on your stand mixer as it does the work for you excellently. However, you need to perform that one additional step for getting that extra fluffy and light whipped cream. Without further ado, let’s move on to this hack. An hour before whipping cream, you need to place your bowl and the whisk attachment of your stand mixer in the refrigerator. It is crucial to use chilled cream. However, when you also add in a chilled bowl and whisk, believe it or not, the whipped cream that you get will be so light (with a lower density than that of air). That too in record time.

9. Replace Upto 25 Kitchen Tools With Your Stand Mixer

With the help of a few attachments, you can use your stand mixer to replace around 25 kitchen tools. You can’t beat that. For instance, the slicer/shredder is a hands-off accessory that replaces your cutting boards, knives and graters. Next, the wire whip replaces both, your whisks as well as your aching wrists. The wire whip can whisk eggs as well as light ingredients and you can also whisk into a whip. Additionally, the fruit and vegetable strainer/grinder replaces your strainer, juicer, masher, blender, food processor, and your aching arms of course. Your stand mixer can even replace your ice cream maker. Further, if you own a stand mixer, you don’t need to purchase a separate meat grinder. Similarly, your stand mixer can replace some more kitchen tools.

Your Best Friend in the Kitchen!

stand mixer hacks and tips for UAE

We are extremely happy since you have read through the entire article. We hope you found these 9 stand mixer hacks beneficial. Make the most out of your stand mixer and never regret purchasing it. It is an all-rounder that caters not only to your mixing tasks but also to cooking, baking, juicing and more. Moreover, even your kids can make use of the stand mixer to assist you in your baking and cooking tasks if your train them well. However, you need to keep a watch on them while they use it. Lastly, we would advise you to check out the best stand mixer options in UAE if you’re planning to gift a stand mixer to your loved ones. Or, if you are intending to purchase a new one for yourself.

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