9 Practical Use Cases for External Hard Drives

When one talks about huge storage devices, I’m sure the first thing which comes to your mind is an external hard drive. Now in case, you don’t know what is an external hard drive. Firstly, external hard drives are portable storage devices. Which can be connected to almost any computing device to store anything and everything. With that being said, are you considering to get an external hard drive? If not you should.

Picture this… you, as usual, go ahead and switch on your laptop or computer and it doesn’t log on? What then?! But if you have your important matter backed on an external hard drive you wouldn’t be in so much panic. I don’t hope it to happen but after all, technology isn’t reliable every time. Do you still think you don’t need it? Well have a look of the many reasons you do:

1) Regular Backup of work files

One of the main reasons you should consider investing in a hard drive is to back up your work files regularly. It is of utmost importance to back-up your data once a week if not regularly. By doing this you prevent yourself from losing too much important data in case of a system failure or crash. Besides, if you did backup the data already it is better to have additional backups as well.

Also in case of a business, the audits and tax reports need to be backed-up for future reference purposes. Besides this when you are dealing with clients, to be on the safer side always have a backup of their details. By doing this you put yourself in a much more professional situation as compared to any other competition which doesn’t. Moreover, that’s not it, by backing up information your business can improve productivity. As you can refer back to the audits and rectify any error in the daily working of the business.

2) Saving your CD & DVD collection for posterity

Who wouldn’t like a good laugh with your near and dear ones? And what better way to do it than with some time spent together reminiscing over some fond memories. Looking over pictures and videos maybe even displaying your life to your kids. How fun! it’s like you’re building your very own time capsule.

All this will not be possible if you plan on storing all these priceless memories in CDs or DVDs. CDs or DVDs are trustworthy little storage devices but not something which can last for a long period of time. This is when an external hard drive can come into the picture. By saving all your content for a CD or DVD into a hard drive you can ensure that you can use your collection for posterity anytime and anywhere you wish. And rest assured that your memories will live through time.

3) Extra Storage for Light Laptops

Do you ever find your computing system lagging or even running slow? Well, that could be because of the data stored on it. Or does your laptop constantly give you the ‘storage full’ warning? Then it’s most definitely time for you to invest in an external hard drive for this matter in particular. So, you can lighten the load of your laptop and make sure for the optimum and smooth functioning of the laptop. Leaving you with more storage space to work with.

4) Gaming External Hard Drives

So are you a gamer? or you’ve always wanted to play video games but the storage space and the working RAM of your computer are holding you back? If you get an external hard drive this wouldn’t be a problem. I’ll tell you why. The reason is that a hard drive has much more storage space than you can ask for. The hard drive will take the storage pressure off your computing machine so you can live a life without the tension of the device crashing.

This feature applies not only for gamers but also for designers, developers and any other job which requires the installation of any huge working software. And that’s not it if you save your files or just use an external hard drive you make another feature available for yourself. The feature of accessibility. As you can access your document or any software be it gaming or work-related anywhere, anytime and on the go. With the only requirement being your hard drive and a laptop.

5) Encrypt and Store your Private Files

At some point of time, you have lost something or another out of the human tendency to forget or misplace things. And if you have not then you might have witnessed a robbery? So, to keep all your precious and important data safe at this time will be a concern. But not to fret as hard drives have solved this problem as well. By enabling encryption and password protection to your drive and to individual files. This can keep anyone who doesn’t have the password at bay and ensure your data is safe from prying eyes of the world.

6) Carry your Music collections with you for offline access

There have been times when you lose internet connectivity due to various reasons. In times like these, what can you do? Anything and everything which is 90 per cent of your pass time would involve the usage of the Internet. Well to solve this problem I’ll tell you what you can do. Download and save all those awesome music soundtracks of yours. So you can save and play them and brighten up your time. Now you can entertain yourself and your near and dear ones with your brilliant taste in music anywhere. Be it in a car journey, picnics and even those boring family gatherings which you might have to endure at least once in your life.

You wouldn’t have to worry about losing battery, neither space on your smartphone anymore. You can instantly share your music playlist with anyone you wish to, all this without using up your data as well.

7) Ditch Google Photos for Privacy

Considering your priority towards an encrypted and password protected drive. This means you obviously will be looking to maintain your privacy. Privacy over web browsers and other browser-related applications or anything connected to your email can be sketchy. No one bothers to read the fine print before accepting the terms and conditions. And so you can never be sure when your details are being shared to any third-party application. This, in turn, is a breach of your privacy and security.

To keep yourself safe from all this, your best bet would be to invest in an external hard drive. As you can be sure that no one other then you and if someone else has your password can have access to your data. Keeping your photos, videos and any other matter safe and which can never be used against you or sold to any other third-party application.

8) Save Money on Cloud Storage

Do you have a lot of data that you have to opt for extra storage space on cloud? Well, what if I tell you, you no longer need to pay extra for the storage space you use. Sounds good right? If you invest in an external hard drive you no longer have to pay for extra cloud storage for all your data. As hard drives offer a large storage space technically free of cost as you only have to pay once for the overall purchase of the drive itself. And after that, you can use it until you run out of space in it. Which is sure going to take quite some time. So, investing in a hard drive is going to be light on your pocket and save you all the extra hassle of making a payment for the cloud storage.

9) Common File Repository for your Office

A common repository, in this term, is one central place to save all the data related to your work. While having your own business, it is in the best interest of the firm to have all and any data matter in one place. So as to reduce any misplacement of data and ensure that the business can function smoothly without any hiccup. This, in turn, would build up a good image of your business and fetch more profits towards the overall working of the business. And for this, you need to invest in an external hard drive.

Make the Most

Now with that, you know all the reasons why to get your very own external hard drive. There is no reason you should not. All you have to do is make the most of your time. And spend your time effectively and with a less overall cost too. In case you have made up your mind to purchase one, make sure to check out the best external hard drives in UAE.

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