8 Whacky Things on Sale this Prime Day in UAE

The internet can be an oddly alternative universe. This year, Amazon has brought whacky to a new level in its 2020 Prime Day Sale in UAE. The internet in general has really whacky things for you to come across on a daily basis without even looking for it. From cray-cray political news to questionably weird and mind-boggling things which can keep you awake for nights to come. And now Amazon. But hold your horses because Amazon’s whacky is a good whacky. As they have things you never knew you wanted. And now you do!

Prime Day 2020 is Over, Deals may have Changed
Prime Day 2020, the second one in UAE, was on 13th and 14th October 2020. This event is now over and the deals mentioned in the page may have changed back to the original prices.

1. Thicken you Hair for the Evening

Insecure about your premature hair loss or those bald spots? Then this is the product for you. As you can tuck away your insecurities and ensure that you have a good hair day every day. Style your hair however you want without the fear of your scalp showing.

Nanogen Hair Thickening (25% Off)

Say no to baldness with this instant hair thickener. Which covers your scalp giving you perfect looking hair anytime. This product has been made keeping in mind that your scalp can be sensitive. Thus, using 100% natural keratin and it contains no parabens. No matter what gender you are this is the perfect item to hide your premature hair loss. And wave goodbye to your insecurities.

2. Sling Bag to Carry your Dog – Howzzat

For all the doggy moms and dads. Leaving your furry-kids home alone can be a tough choice. Definitely not because you love them too much to leave them alone. And slightly maybe because they could wreck your favourite vase or couch. But, walking them around too can be tiresome to your ‘fur-kids’ as well as yourself. Well here is a solution for that.

ANTOLE Pet Sling Carrier (15% Off)

Getting this bag can be quite handy but make sure your pet would fit in first. As the size is 17 x 5 x 11 inches and can take up to 10lbs. It has an adjustable padded strap for you to feel comfortable. Furthermore, the straps have additional hooks to secure the bag and your pet. The material of this bag is durable since it is made of leather and mesh. And yes, not to worry as it’s completely breathable for your pet. Although it is wide, this product is ideal for smaller pets.

3. Mini Bag for your Sunglasses that Hugs your Bag

Add your own touch of fashion and personality to your fashion with these cool and fancy sunglasses’ bag.

Gneric Glasses Case (15% Off)

Only the best quality PU leather is used in the making of this sunglasses bag. This product has a length of 14cms and is soft not to mention waterproof. This stylish product can be clipped on to your bag or directly to your clothing to add a touch of funk into your wardrobe. The bag is strong with an inner lining to protect any glasses from damage and ensure that your glasses won’t slip as it has a magnetic flap.

4. A Watch Winder for your Automatic Watch

If you do not own an automatic watch this device isn’t for you. An automatic watch is one which doesn’t need a battery replacement or anything of that sort it works with the help of movement. And when not it use can be pretty annoying to wind such watches. Thus this winder, which makes your work easier.

Watch Winder (15% Off)

At first look, this winder gives you a classy look. Since it is made with PU leather and black memory foam. This box has 3 modes namely ‘A’ mode is off, ‘B’ mode suitable for short term use. As it rotates clockwise for 2 minutes followed by a 6 minutes break then rotates counter-clockwise for 2 minutes, rest and repeat. Finally, the mode ‘L’ for long term use which rotates clockwise for 5 minutes then rotates counter-clockwise for 5 minutes. This repeats for three hours and then takes a rest for nine hours and repeats. This winder works with the help of a DC adapter or a USB cable.

5. Trimming at Home? You Need this Self Barber Cape

Conveniences is what is to be looked for in everything. Hence this product to add to your convenience while trimming. So, you can leave no mess behind.

JINN Shave Apron

You can call this a sort of a bib for men. As it prevent any hair from dropping on the floor and messing the area. This apron is made of 100% Polyester. And it has no specific sizes since one size fits all. You won’t have any problem if any water falls on the material as it is waterproof. You have suction cups to hang the ends while shaving to allow easy usage.

6. All you need is these John Lennon Glasses

Imagine all the people, living life in peace; along with these glasses. You may say I’m a dreamer, but these glasses are what the millennials would call LIT!

Vintage Oval Sunglasses (15% Off)

Let’s bring these retro vintage glasses back into the limelight. No, not because they are on sale but because they are actually on fleak. They have a red tint and metal frame. They provide protection against UV lights and have a transparent rubber nose pad. What more can you ask for?

7. Learning the Guitar? Fingers Hurt? Work them

Finger Strengthener (15% Off)

Practice makes perfect and workout makes you stronger. This holds firm for your fingers while playing the guitar as well. This device helps you do just that. As it gives you more practice and a richer fingertip span practice. It is comfortable to use with one hand as it has soft buttons. Yet, it’s lasting because of the copper core. Besides that, you have 2 buckles to hold down and practice specific fingers at a time.

Chill your Drinks in 60 secs

No, there is no mistake in what you read. As you can chill your drinks in a jiffy with this device.

HyperChiller Beverage Cooler

Without the use of gels or chemicals, this cooler cools your drinks using just water. It saves you time and the cost of getting a drink just because you wanted it chill. You can chill any beverage into this chilling glass and get non-diluted content right away. The capacity of this glass is 12.5 fluid ounces.

Catch ’em All!

No sale can get as whacky as this 2020 Prime Day sale in UAE. Offering a variety of products you didn’t know existed until today. And to top that, they are on sale for Prime day 2020 in UAE. So, don’t be left in the dark. Catch-up and make your life more convenient and fancy. Leaving everyone wanting what you have. Make sure you catch all the deals this Prime Day.

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