8 Succulents Pots to Perk-up your Desk in Dubai

Change your monotonous desk setting by adding a succulent plant with pretty pots to perk-up your desk in Dubai. As we understand your situation to feel fresh with a pop of life and colour to your tabletop. What better way than to have a good distraction for a split second just to admire your plant. And have a better more organised and productive workday.

What is a Succulent

Succulents are plants which are just growing on the popularity scale. As a result, these plants are not known by everyone. But generally, these plants are sort-of close to the cacti family. These plants survive best when in warm temperatures. This is because they have fleshy leaves which store water in them. They can go on for quite a long time without too much water. Succulents do not require too much care but the only thing to keep in mind is the water amount. As too much water can cause them to rot and too less water can cause the plant’s health to deteriorate as well.

There are a various types of succulents. All in different shapes, sizes and even color. And they are a perfect gift as well as a decorative piece for your home. Especially your work area, to give that touch of elegance. But, why have a boring outlook to this fascinating plant. Spice it up with some fancy pots and other accessories. Here, have a look at these pots for your succulent to perk-up your desk in Dubai.

Mandala Style Ceramic

These are a deep detailed and colorful pot to add a hint of color to your desk succulent. The intricate detailed shapes and designs will be the aesthetic depth to your working environment.

Dsben Succulent Plant Pots

These mini pots are perfect for mini plants for display, like the succulent. The ceramic plant holder has dimension of 3.2 inches H x 3.15 inches W. With an additional bamboo tray so that the excess water from the plant doesn’t spill everywhere. This set of 3 pots are available for around AED 90.

Urban Potsy

Add a modern twist to your room and even desk while you work with this urban outlook plant holder. Spelling out elegance and fancy altogether to help brighten your mood. Or should we say desk?

Umbra Potsy Planters for Succulent

These pots come in threes, so you can pair them together or separate them in any room. An elegant design with brass wires to prop the pots on. And even adjust and tilt the pot towards any side giving it an asymmetrical outlook. These small and light-weighted succulent pots will be a good addition to your desk in Dubai. And it cost around only AED 90.

Owl Planters

A touch of fancy and pretty with a this cute little owl pots. For your home indoor garden, desk and even as a gift.

FLORO Owl Planter

These owl pots make for good decorative pieces be it indoor or outdoor. In addition to these, you can fill just enough amount of soil to fit your plant into it. These owl planters are a set of 6 with each different owl face. Made of ceramic material with a strong glaze which will not vanish or fade away. A great bargain deal with these 6 pots just at the cost of approximately AED 50.

Ikea Planters

You can never go wrong with the classic and simple designed pots. As they can blend and match into any setting you put them into.

IKEA Potted Plant

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This classic planter is made of plastic so you can assure that it will last you a very long time. These pots come in a set of 3 and are light weighted to place anywhere around the house. Get them at approximately AED 40.

Tri Hexagon Planters

A little shape, a little asymmetrical definition and a whole lot of elegance. What else can you ask for in a vase decorative piece for your desk.

HowRU Succulent Planter

A set of three strong ceramic pots. Which are stronger then the rest making it durable and easy to clean. Furthermore these pots come with a bamboo tray which when added gives the pots a bit more style. Each of different sizes perfect for any small plants. Get these pot planters for anywhere in your home at the approximate price of AED 80.

Flowing Glaze Ceramic Planters

Brajttt Succulent Planter Pot

A great display item for your home be it on a shelf or a desk. These 2.5 inches pots are of ceramic material. Available in a set of 6. Furthermore, each one of these pots have a different designs. Colourfully glazed with 3 pots of stand base and the others of a flat base. Moreover, these planters come with a drainage hole and a bamboo tray so that there is no leakage of water. These vase can blend in any setting you put them and since they are available for around AED 70 it’s definitely a great bargain.

Hanging Planter

Hanging plants always gives a different outlook to an area. But better is one which can do both hanging as well as stand. Ofcourse hanging succulent pots would make your Dubai desk look less cluttered. Have a look:

VOSAREA Decorative Succulent Plants

This piece can be used as decorative pieces for any part of the house. You would need no much care and maintenance for this plant since it is a faux one. Although you might think its an artificial plant, it looks completely life like. And the planter is made of marble like ceramic vase. Whereas the holder itself is strong iron, making it durable and long lasting. Pay only almost AED 70 for this hanging planter.

White Elephant Planters

If you are looking for something cute to perk-up your work place than look no further. As a perfect animal planter will do just the trick. With minimal effort have an elegant working environment.

Sea Star Elephant Flower Pot

Add this minimalist yet modern elephant pot to your desk and make it more pleasing to work at. These are a set of 2 both of which come in two different sizes. The making is of ceramic white design and is light weighted. Moreover, it is best for living plants as it has a drainage hole at the bottom. Get these cute little planters at only around AED 60.

How to Grow a Succulent in Dubai

Succulents are easy to care for and even easier to grow on your own. All you need is a succulent. You can use the leaves (petals) which fall off of the plant or you can simply gently cut off a petal from the succulent plant. After you get a leaf of the succulent you have to simply place the plant in a dry medium for it to callus. Once that happens you simply place the leaf in the mud with a light sprinkle of water, till it starts to grow out roots. When that happens your succulent is ready to plant. Another way is to simply separate pre-grown baby succulent from the mother plant and re-plant it in another pot. Furthermore, you can check out this video to get in-dept knowledge on how to grow a succulent to perk-up your home and desk.

Nature’s Wonder

Get your own low maintenance table plant for your work desk. Adding a bit of aesthetics to your work area so you can have a healthy attention break from the regular work routine. Either ways nature does work wonders to help you relax a bit from your stressed out and anxious day. But you can’t go out for a nature’s walk every time, now can you? So why not bring the nature to your working environment. Try getting succulent pots and plants and let nature work it’s magic at your desk in Dubai.

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