8 Key Technologies that have Improved Washing Machines

A big thanks to the 8 key technologies that have made a significant improvement in the functionality and quality of washing machines. From top-loaders to front-loaders and semi-automatic to fully automatic, washing machines are a necessary appliance in every household these days. Indeed, washing machines are a blessing. Since the last few years, these latest improved technologies have made possible the improvement of washing machines gradually. To help you cope up with your busy schedule in UAE, these key technologies have done a great job in making the wash process all the easier, quicker and better. Hence, you don’t have to stress over your laundry chores.

Key Technologies that have Improved Washing Machines

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Read on to know all the key washing machine technologies. We have penned them down for you with an explanation of each of these to give you a better understanding.

1. Double Drive Technology

One of the 8 key technologies responsible for the improvement of washing machines is the Double Drive Technology. This washing machine technology causes the pulsator and the drum to rotate simultaneously in the opposite direction and not in the same direction. New washing machines that are equipped with this technology ensures uniform and complete cleaning.

2. 6 Motion DD Technology & Wave Motion

As a matter of fact, various washing machine manufacturers have put forward several technologies for wash motions. One of these technologies include the 6 Motion DD technology that is introduced by LG. The 6 Motion DD technology provides optimized motion combination for each type of fabric. Here is something interesting and exciting for you. The superior quality range of LG washing machines is equipped with the 6 Motion DD technology which is why they are capable of repeating 6 wash motions.

3. Soak Wash Technology

Most of the washing machine brands have developed soaking technologies for the purpose of performing the soaking task. Some of the soaking technologies in washing machines include Bubble soak, Super soak and Soak wash. Coming back, the soak wash technology soaks the clothes in a detergent solution before the wash process begins. Thereby aiding in keeping off tough stains.

4. Digital Inverter Technology

Through technological innovation, comes another key technology known as the digital inverter technology. This technology helps the washing machine motor to detect the amount of load and also operate at the best speed. You will find the digital inverter technology in all the new washing machine models since the manufacturers designed this technology for the improvement of their washing machine models.

So, now you know why you should thank this technology. Due to the fact that it makes the washing machine motors to be able to run at a variable speed in accordance with the load. Secondly, since it makes the washing machines more energy efficient. This technology also helps the washing machine not to make much noise.

5. Built-in Heaters

Another amazing key technologies present in the latest washing machines is the built-in heaters. Well, when it comes to premium front loaders, they are equipped with ceramic heaters. These prevent the build-up of a very stubborn compounds which is none other than calcium. Moreover, ceramic heaters also prove great for less consumption of energy.

6. Smart Control with the Help of Apps and Sensors

Like smartphones and televisions, even washing machines have become and are still getting smarter. All thanks to the smart apps and sensors. By using a mobile app, you can control your washing machine without any hassle. Nowadays, numerous Wi-Fi enabled washing machines are available easily. As discussed in the previous sentence, you can easily use the app on your smartphone to identify and control the status of your washing machine. That too, this identifying and controlling can be done with one-touch on your smartphone itself. without the need for another device.

7. Aqua Energie Technology

Although most of the areas in UAE get desalinated (soft) water by now, there are some areas that still have access to only hard water that is pumped with a lot of chlorine. As you know, soap doesn’t lather properly in hard water thus making it very difficult for your clothes to come out clean from the washing machine. In order to tackle this, many washing machine brands have come up with a hard water treatment technology. This technology is none other than Aqua Energie technology that converts hard water into soft water. So, you see how much technology benefits you. However, certain brands manufacture washing machines models that are capable of adjusting their performance in accordance with the hardness of the water.

8. VRT+ and Antivibration Technology

You might have noticed that you experience whirring and vibration problems while using a washing machine. Washing machine manufacturers of today have introduced the VRT+ (Vibration Reduction Technology Plus) technology to solve these problems. Additionally, they have also contributed to quieter washing machines. VRT+ technology does its best in keeping the washer balance stable and noise level at the lowest. Another technology that you should be aware of is the Anti-vibration technology. This technology reduces vibrations that occur during the spin cycle. Additionally, this technology impedes vibrations by integrating high-tech sensors. Moreover, these sensors regulate the drum motion to uphold the stability of the load.

Latest Technologies Used in Washing Machines in UAE

Brilliant Performance Offering Quality Cleaning

Phewwww!!! You’ve seen how these key technologies have contributed to making washing machines perform better. Brilliant performance, quality cleaning, low energy consumption and a lot more is possible due to these key technologies. Now that you are aware of all the latest key technologies, you can choose and purchase the appropriate washing machine for you depending upon your family size and other requirements. To help you get started, we have a complete washing machine guide with the best brands for you. Additionally, we have also included all the important details about a washing machine in one place, so you’ve got to check it out.

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